The Gates Of Heaven Open For Tawbah

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Jalota right okay, so am I gonna love Ricardo

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Alhamdulillah Allah Allah means that Allah wa salam Baraka, Vienna Muhammad and while earlier so he will sell them to Sleeman Kathira So Mama bad our Hadith tonight a little bit longer than usual and has different subjects in the same the same Hadith are different actually topic you could say. One of them is related to our subject of the chapter which is on Toba repentance. So the subject on Topol Silva speaks about how wide the gates of Jannah are opened for for repentance, that when you make a mistake,

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what would the gates of heaven ever close against you or not? Let's see, but there's some other subject before we get to that point in sha Allah, Allah Hadith number 19. And the other side of hand on the chapter of Toba repentance style, one zero revenue probation Karla potato software of NASA al Radi Allahu Anhu has anyone who must help you fine. So the reason why she came to Savannah Vanessa so far when I said one of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam so he said, I came to Sephora Vanessa to inquire about wiping with wet hands over the light boots or socks while performing voodoo Alpha fine. So is it okay to wipe over the whole flight when you don't have when

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you have

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and you want to wipe over the socks instead of washing your feet? Since I want to ask you about this because that's a subject that was you know, at the time of the Prophet SAW Selim practice for kala So when he says when I came to so far, he asked me a file manager because what are you doing here? For Karla pulled up the hall and I'm Carrie came here to seek knowledge from you. I want to learn from you. For Carla who in El melodica, todo Virginia Hatta data Levy, the Alameda County myotube said,

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the angels spread their wings for the seekers of knowledge, out of joy for what he seeks. Obviously, these words are the words of whom is your man, the prophets of Allah salah, He quoted the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and this day, but that's what the messenger of Allah said, about the seekers of knowledge, ALLAH SubhanA wa will assign the angels to come over them and spread their wings over them. And we arrived at this hurry today, as a matter of fact, a treasure Subhanallah that the angel will come spread their wings, bring mercy with them, put tranquility and peace in the hearts of the people and Allah will remember them in a better place than this. So I hope that this guy that is

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this guy that is witnessed by the industry or banana, and ask Allah to bring down his mercy as Rama Sakina upon all of us here. He says, I want you to know that the angels spread their wings for those who seek knowledge, like rejoice, you're on a good path right now. Then it says call for call to invoke ad hoc if you saw the LMS Falco Fany badolato It will vote because you know,

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I have some doubts in my mind. The translation of the Arabic

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words like something was scratching and in my heart, that's the literal translation, which means I had doubts, kind of like have some issues with wiping over the hoof after using the bathroom. When Bolden and Muhammad was he would have to use the bathroom from defecation or urinating. For God I will quantum run minutes habanero be Salalah sirloin, veggie to SL look. And I know that you are from the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So I'm here to ask you.

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I want to hear from you. What did you hear from the Prophet Salla Selma regard to this matter? For Carla? Tell Samantha Who you are cool. Fidelia kashaya Have you heard the Prophet SAW Allah Sam saying anything about that?

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For Karla Nam? Yes indeed. It says current Morana either Hakuna Sephora amo Saifuddin. He used to order us when if you were if we are on a journey during the journey,

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Carla Allah Nunzia Keifa Anna Salah Tata Yemen, wala Lian, a lemon Genova, he said that he used to order a Salah Salem not to take off our boots or our hoof, in this case, for washing the feet up to three days and three nights if you're traveling.

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Obviously traveled today for us is different, right? We go by planes, we take our shoes off at the airport, even right now. So there are many things different. But back then they were in the desert so they keep traveling and they keep their shoes on their boots, their socks, probably the days and the nights on that journey. So he says he orders not to take them off. Not to take them off mean to Washington for although it says called a lemon Genova except when someone has an issue of Geneva which is the major ritual impurity. And that happens after intercourse for example or wet dream. He said if this is the case, you have to take them off and take a full shower for caught off a call to

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Karla Kim and rotten verboten one on said except this is the case in the case of sleeping, relieving oneself by urinating or the vacation

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And then you can wipe over your cough. If you make although in that situation in that case, like I said, Yes, you can do that. And then he says call Nam

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helps me I thought we had Kuru filha Cheyenne. Have you heard the Prophet sallallahu Sallam speaking about love and affection?

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Like it's the jump from one sub to the other. Right? It's talking about wiping over the socks and now tell me about love. Thereby about inclination of the heart.

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He says, Of course I did. And he gave a story. He says one time we were the prophets, Allah some Cananda Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is nada who Arabi Yun besought Allahu jehadi a Bedouin comes from somewhere from outside. And he says calling the Prophet sallallahu Sallam with a deep loud deep voice. Yah Muhammad.

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These veterans don't have adequate it's not like a Saramonic Rahmatullah. I want to talk to Nona, ya Mohammed. Just like that. A Sahaba don't do this with a prophet said listen. For a job. Oh, Rasulullah sallallahu one min salty. He the Prophet Salah Salem answered him at the exact same tone.

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Because how,

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like, here, I'm here.

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Like he's matching him.

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Again, he wants to, you know, come first of all soften the heart of the Sahaba against this man. Because if they heard the messenger that this man is speaking out loud like this, they will be offended. How could How dare you speak to the prophet like this? But the Prophet he wants to let them know that it's okay. This man doesn't know. So he matched him so you can feel okay, so you can speak like this, then you can raise your voice like that. So that's just to show them how to take it easy on this man. And then he says, I'm here. I mean,

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and then for kind of a cool Tula. Why hacker woman salted Fennec and interview Salah Salem, so far, and he says, I told this guy easy.

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Lower your voice. Speaking of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam right now don't do this. For California can't interview Salah Sam Walker, no heater and hada and you've been you've been forbidden from doing that. When I was worried that the prohibition is a Gemma and what surah is, and her gerat Right. You're not allowed to raise your voice. When you speak to the prophets Allah Sana for carvaka Rita and had I been forbidden from speaking like this. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for call Arabi will Allahu Allah Allah.

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The veteran says, I swear am I gonna do this? I will speak loud.

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Like no, I'm not gonna do this. I'm gonna speak loud. There's our speakers that way talk. What are you gonna do with this guy? So, fertile Arabi. Then the Bedouin come to the professor's and look at this question. So simple, but it's coming from the heart. The man says the Prophet SAW Selim Carl Alma Oh, you're welcome. Well, I'm Mel Huckabee, him. You love people, but you can't catch up with them in terms of good deeds. Like I love these guys but I'm not as good as they are. I'm not as good in the citation in worship and

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I can't I'm a simple person I barely could read even right isn't that sometimes be the question our mind and our hearts ajumma

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especially if you if you come to Islam, and you realize these people mashallah they're professionals. They the way they recite they were they pray way the way ahead of me, how am I going to catch up with these people?

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Or you come back after a long separation from the community of the masjid and now you realize I fell behind? Wow. But you know what, I love these guys. So good. There's a beautiful mashallah they're sincere. I love this gathering. Your heart is working, but I cannot catch up with them. So what did he say?

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For Karla Salalah Salam, Al maru. Muhammad Hubei Omar Tiana, the prophet service MC the said said that a person will be the person will be with those whom he loved on the Day of Judgment.

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Like Allah will bring you with those who you love in this dunya

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in other narration, and so the line said about this call. I've never we've never felt so happy. We never felt so happy. The way we felt so happy with the statement of the prophets of Allah Salah that you are going to be joined with those whom you love on the day of judgment. He goes on and honestly says and I love rasool Allah, I love over custody. And I love Omar and I wish and I hope that one day I will be with them and Jana

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Hussein this ajumma us and Allah I love Rasul Allah Abubaker, Rama and Anna's and I ask Allah for all of us to be with them in general Bananaman so that when he said that confirm as Allah, you had the tuna hat dakara Baba minion mother OB Masirah two out of the obvious zero right with you out of the Urbino Severina. Center. He started speaking to us more and he started talking to us more than the man asked in the private answering until he came and he talked about a gate

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against in heaven, that the width of which is just like traveling the distance of 47 tears.

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Imagine you riding a horse or driving a car as fast as you want on a highway for 70 years. How wide that gate is going to be?

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Isn't it good to have Jana? The gates of heaven, they're so wide open. For what? For Karla had the RWA call Calaca Hola, Jota Anna Yo Ma halacha sama what you will or Allah Azza had created this gate and made it kept it open, since he created the heavens and the earth. Why so called MF 200 tilbyr this gate will be always open for repentance. Like that is the gate of repentance will remain open con la jolla co Shem Soo Min, it says this gate is not going to be closed until the sun comes from the west. From there

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because when the sun comes from the West, that's what's the end of time and this is it, then the good the doors will be closed. So what does that mean?

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There is no excuse not to repent from your sins and mistakes and faults and errors.

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How often

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as often as you can.

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For every mistake I made for every mistake you made. As long as it's comes genuine, and you're sincere about that, ALLAH SubhanA wa Donna is willing to accept and that is the meaning of keeping these doors open wide open for us. So make sure that you take advantage of that as your man and seek Allah's forgiveness day and night. So that if you made any mistake during the day, at least you seek forgiveness for them during the night. And if you admit they made mistakes during the night, you make we seek forgiveness during the day and that those will always be open May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the ability to repent to Him in the way that is most pleasing to Him. We ask Allah

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Subhana Allah to make us among those who always seek his forgiveness, day and night and we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to protect us from falling into that which is which is displeasing to Him. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to guide our hearts to the things that are pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala We ask Allah to show us that which is right and make it easy for us to follow it. And to show us that which is wrong and make it easy for us to stay away from it. We ask Allah Subhana Allah the way we all gathered in this place, that we all gather together in Jannetty referido Solana with the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Sahaba was Saudi Han Allah sudomotor Karbolyn wala

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Huhtala Anna and a question Gemma?

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Islamic knowledge

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in general,

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very good question.

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Is that that seeking knowledge? Does that mean seeking Islamic knowledge or any knowledge like math or science or whatever that is? Well, Allahu Allah, when the Hadith speak here about knowledge, primarily they talk about the knowledge that brings a person closer to Allah subhana wa Tala primary the shadow knowledge in general, right. But if there were certain circumstances where someone, the only person qualified to study that particular dunya knowledge, but it brings them to closer to Allah subhana wa Taala it counts for them.

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Like someone for example, studies medicine, and they marvel about the beauty of the creation of Allah to the human anatomy, for example, versus somebody studying medicine and denying Allah azza wa jal because it attributes and all that stuff to the human body and evolution all that kind of stuff. Two different things. Allah

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so when the Prophet SAW Allah Selim, he forbade him from taking off their shoes or taking off their socks didn't want the traveling? Was that a prohibition of the hurryin You're not allowed to take them off? Or shed What do you call it? A shared means guidance, just as a suggestion, well Allahu Allah, Allah they say it is suggestion. It's not up as an obligation to wipe over your socks when you're traveling. Just a suggestion from the Prophet SAW Allah sent to make it easy on them. Now

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you just mentioned is it

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okay, we're gonna talk about now socks and what type of socks and all that kind of stuff right? So the question Does that also apply to the traveler or the residents? The residents 24 hours one day a night, but the travelers three days and three nights now. Yes

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leather socks a leather, you know material or anything else. Anything else doesn't have to be leather. Doesn't have to be that

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As long as it's covered the foot and it's solid then you'll find Allah. Yes

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I hope so Allah. So while we're sitting here studying this doesn't mean that this place was was witnessed by the angels. Allah Hammami I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala that this place and this this gathering is witnessed by the angels, Allah Spano, Cologne, Bahama Estrella and estava Tober, extra monochromator loca