The 6 Days Of Shawwal

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Laravel Alameen sola sunnova conundrum Hamid philosopher said understatement Katha mama bad so Who's ready for Ramadan? Round two?

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Ready mashallah

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Harris Muslim, I believe will answer the ultra Anwar Dakar Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, Osama Ramadan might have I'll sit them and Sure, well Kanika See, I'm a doctor, if you first Ramadan, and then you follow that with six days of show while it will count as if you'd be fasting your entire life. How is that so there are my they give them to petition to this odyssey I'm gonna move on. If you count the full Ramadan, it's 30 days or 29 days you get the reward for 300 Hassan and then add those 66 days times, then obviously that's 60 that's 360 merits by for every extra day, which means like a full year. And if you keep doing that every single year, it will count as if you've been

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fasting your entire lifetime.

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So that's in terms of the reward, obviously, you get the reward as if you've been fasting your entire lifetime. There is so many virtues for the fast of the fasting in general. And we mentioned that in the hotbar Allah subhanho wa Taala he says Kulu hamlib na Mara hula song fan of Zb for nearly one as everything that you do belongs to you. Meaning you can get something out of it for yourself. Like what when people give charity publicly they show off. When they pray people can see and people can count them among those who pray, they come to the mercy that it's visible. But fasting, you will be fasting and the day will pass by day after day after day, and no one would know

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that you're fasting unless of course you tell them so eventually, it counts as an exclusive ibadah. And you get the full reward from Allah subhanaw taala because one of those most sincere acts of worship. Now people ask about six of Chawan. Okay, a few questions. Right now. I have few days that I missed from Ramadan. I was traveling, Sister Selma was on my period. Can I count those days together? Like I fast my three days make up from Ramadan, or six days making up from Ramadan with the intention of six social why would that count? The answer is no. They don't count. Because the six days of Chawan are exclusive, exclusive occasion that you cannot duplicate the intention with

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it. Just like if you want to make up your day from Ramadan on Arafa. For example, it doesn't count like that. Why? Because our offers an exclusive fast. That needs to be done exclusively however. Can I do my six days of Chawan? On Mondays and Thursdays? The answer is yes. Can I do the on the three days of the middle days of the of the month? The 13th 14th 15th Day of show of Chawan? The answer is yes. That counts. Why because Mondays and Thursdays are reoccurring occasions is not exclusive. So you can duplicate the intention by making the intention to Fast Six out of Chawan and Mondays and Thursdays. Okay, can I then start my six days of show one? Before making up my days from Ramadan? I

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missed six days, seven days or five days? Or do I need to first of all first fast my first five or six days of Ramadan? Then Then I need to do my sister live show one. Now that's where there's the controversy among dilemma. The majority's opinion, I want to repeat the majority's opinion, they say you need to do first of all to make up the days of show on the days of Ramadan. And then you pass first that is a show one. That's the kind of like if you say majority, we're talking about relative majority not exclusive majority or complete majority. So why they say because you wouldn't count as some Ramadan, you fasted Ramadan until you have all the days complete. Now that's their

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interpretation. However, other elements, they say no, you are allowed to do your six days of Shabba Chawan first, and then you can fast the rest of Ramadan throughout the whole year. Which is what is obvious because you have an entire year to make up the days of Ramadan from the video from this Ramadan to the next Ramadan. And if you're going to mandate that people need to first make up these days before they can do their six of Chawan What if someone has 10 days and then the first 10 days and then six days that count 16 days of Shabbat

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that's not what is intended to happen. So in addition to that what support this opinion actually is the opinion but I showed the love Tirana among when I showed Alana they reported that she used to make up her days from Ramadan in Shabbat

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when Shabana Gemma, do you know what Shabbat is?

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Is the day before Ramadan, or the month before Ramadan, which means she will wait the whole year before she makes up for this form.

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From Ramadan, I want you to ask when she was asked about it

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They give different deputations. Some they say that she wanted to observe that out of respect for the Prophet Salah Salem Stein, during of course her time with him,

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which can be defined by the fact that the Prophet SAW Selim, maybe he wasn't always everyday with her. Either that some They say she did that simply because she wants to give the allowance and explain to the people, especially the ladies that you are allowed today to delay your fasting from Ramadan until Shabbat right before the next summer so you have the whole year. To do that. I showed Alana was known for Riba and devotions use the first a lot. And if you say that she wouldn't last the whole year until there was Sharon Sharon. That's not what the story about Ayesha Delana tell us about her. So therefore it's okay it's okay that you start with your six days of Shabbat Sure well,

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because that's a very limited time that you have and then you can make up your this former Milan throughout the whole year in shallow water credit choice is yours. If you would like to do them all on Shark and Chawan Bismillah mela accept from you. But don't put too much

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burden on yourself if you can make it easier for you and shall throw the yield in the line as it was and now

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do I have to make them back to back? Or can I separate these days? The answer you can separate them like this. You can do Mondays and Thursdays. You can do you can do weekends. If you want to. You can do any other days of of the month. You don't have to do it on Mondays and Thursdays. Any day will suffice you insha Allah Tala as long as you do six days. What if I do seven? Can I do seven Smilla can I do nine

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Bismillah How about 10 It's up to you. How about five guns just five

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I mean try try to make them six but if you fall short, and you end up with five mallets Atomium The idea is that you need to do six days a show of Shavon inshallah Tabata Katana so make some effort then Allah this month of Chawan so you keep commemorating the beautiful journey in the month of Ramadan May Allah tomato banana allow any question in your mind

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yes he's number six doesn't show up in the exhibit any reason why it's

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so very good. Question. Number six is not very common in the in the in the culture of the Prophet SAW Selim II oh seven right. So why six this time? Nobody said that. 30 days plus six so they make them 360. Right. And if you do seven will pass over the year. Allahu Anna, that will be the meaning for it while Oh, Tirana. Now can we post on Monday through Friday? Can you fast Monday, Thursday Friday? The answer is yes. Because if as a day before Friday, as long as your first one day before one day after should be okay. Now

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