Showing Compassion in Cruel Times

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2024 And I wish I could actually speak on some things panela that's very positive and optimistic. But unfortunately, we're living in a world that is very cruel. The principle of compassion, the pursuit of Rama and mercy is forgotten. And as we lead from 2023 to 2024, this cruelty of this world, unfortunately is increasing. And it seems to be there is no way to get out of it anytime soon. Brothers and sisters, as we start increasingly seeing how the world is turning cruel against each other, we realize how important showing mercy and compassion it is to you as a believer, and as a matter of fact for us Subhanallah as a Muslim, as a believer, it's in the in the essence of your

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faith, to be compassionate, and to be merciful. Some people started this year with more with dark hearts. And you go on social media, you go on is in the news or what you see just hate spoon word. Subhan Allah just shows you how the villa how dark their hearts are.

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And Mercy is at the essence of your belief and your faith, my dear brothers and sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala named himself a Rahman r Rahim. The Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. This is one of the essential names and attributes of the Lords of Hana who Wattana R Rahman r Rahim we repeat that regularly, many many times every single day in every single prayer Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim and the name of the Lord in the name of the Lord the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful Subhana wa Tada Rasulullah has Salah Salem, the Messenger of Allah came to be the manifestation of that mercy. His way of living. His dealing with the people was manifestation of this mercy as Allah

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subhanho wa Taala described him and the Quran wama Arsa NACA Ihlara material Allah mean, we have sent you but as mercy to the world, mercy to mankind, mercy even to the animals Salawat Allahu wa salam O Allah, brothers and sisters, when there is no responsibility to God, people they become monsters.

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When you have no responsibility, you don't think of the consequences become monsters, the jungle law takes over. But when we realize that we're going to be standing before our loads of hunted on water, Anna, and we are going to be answering for actions. That's when that element of fear of Allah subhanho wa taala. And then following the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal, in our dealings with the people

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will see what's happened for our brothers and sisters in Gaza.

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And it's still continuous. Even when you think people are going to come back to their senses and realize that what's happening is completely completely completed. Shows of barbaric genocide, we're still hearing people calling for more and more of showing no mercy to the innocent people, men and women and children.

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Now, that's an unfortunate thing that we're seeing the injustice is happening there. But again, we need to learn how to become merciful. For us as Muslims, we believe it's in the base of our faith, or Eman over the without that as a matter of fact, if we don't have that concept of mercy, and Rama and compassion, then we will never be able to even recognize recognize people's dignity. We become very selfish, very individualistic. And as a result, we just care about nobody but ourselves. But if you have that compassion, you care about people dignity, you care about justice, you cared about, you know, peace and tranquility, you care about your community and those around you as well too. And

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if you don't have that faith, why would you even want to care about that? We've seen that to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam instructions when he taught us Salawat Allah wa salam ala methyl Macmillian if Etowah de Matera Hammond the example of the believers in terms of their in joining among themselves, compassion and mercy and taking care of each other can matter we'll just adjust like one body.

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If one part aches the whole body now reflect with fever and sleepless nights. Why because you're all feel the same pain right now. Rasul Allah has Salah Sam says, well let enough CBD love that whole agenda to Hatha Tara hammer. He says you not going to enter paradise until you become you, you show compassion and mercy towards one another. The Sahaba della Dirham, they ask the prophets Allah Samuel rasool Allah

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don't we do that? Like we are showing Rama you know to each other? He said no, no Rahmatullah Amma, beyond the people that you know, love with your friends and with your relatives. Yeah, you might show that compassion and mercy. But he was beyond that. That's when the Mercy counts when you're actually way beyond even the people that you recognize and you know, which means even when I see something happening somewhere else, like what's happened across the globe, as a believer that mercy and compassion should move me to do something about this stands for justice, support the dignity of the people, making sure that stand for the innocent ones, because that's part of my Rama and mercy,

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and do whatever you can in your power to restore that peace and tranquility into their lives. We've seen this even in the teachers of our faith. It's all about compassion. When you have what am I

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Ron comes in what do we do we fast? What the reason why you're faster 30 consecutive days why? So that you feel with those who don't have you go hungry but you still expect a meal a fresh, warm meal at the end of the day? Because you can. Some people like what's happening right now and let them Allah make it easy for them. You're a banal I mean, they go days and nights and now even weeks without food, and the whole world is watching. Where's that compassion without mercy of that world?

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We have seen in our deen as well, ALLAH SubhanA wa the Prophet saw some commanding us to show beautifulness to our parents, especially as they become of old age right now. It's our duty that we take care of them. That's rough man, mercy and compassion because Subhanallah we get busy as we start becoming mashallah stronger and stronger and become busier in our life within we seem to be neglecting our parents. That's why there was a religious command from Allah subhanho wa taala. To take care of your parents. There is no commandments to worry about your children because that's natural to you.

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The inclination to care for our children is very natural. But your parents require divine intervention. Allah subhanaw taala commands us that we care for our parents. So that's compassion. That's Rama and mercy worked with Lahoma Donna has done Jenna has done that you lower the wing of humility and humbleness out of mercy for the parents. That's what Allah subhanaw taala mentioned to us in the Quran. We've seen from our deen as well, too, I'll walk even when we do our kickoff. What does that mean? When you put endowment is probably one of the completely neglected and ignored principles or faith when you put endowment and this endowment dividend in the history of endowments

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in Islam. For every element of the society, there is the endowment for the orphans, for the widows, for the animals, even every aspect of our life, someone to take care of the other person. That's part of our deen as well, too. Even when you interact with each other and business transactions, you're required to show mercy to one another, to be fair, not to choose all of this to show compassion and mercy towards one another. Because without that, the society will never function. And as we can see in this world, it's actually it's crumbling. Everybody's thinking about doomsday right now. Why? Because people not showing an emergency no matter what. And even when you bring all what's

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happening in the Gaza, still people bring in justification to this merciless killing, and show absolutely no mercy to the innocent ones and people just having justification for all of that and calling even all the villa for more of this. Brothers and sisters Allah Subhana Allah says Rama T was articulacy. My Mercy encompasses everything. That's the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. And you're supposed to be acting on behalf of the Lords of hundreds Earth. And if you're not showing that mercy, they will not act in upon Allah subhana waters commandments. And where does it start? How can we do this? The reading starts from home. It starts from home, how do we raise our children?

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How do we interact with one another? As a husband, wife? How do you interact with each other? How do you interact with your children? What's the relationship between you and your and your and your parents? If you don't have that element of mercy on Brahma? How are we going to transfer that to our children and to the next generations? How can we transmit that to the outside world, if you don't even have that at home to begin with? And it's very, extremely important. And our deen begins from there from home as Allah Subhan commanded to take care of our children, our parents, our spouse, and show mercy or Rama towards one another. And then also goes beyond that to the society altogether

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when the prophets Allah Sam first arrived in Medina, what are the oral Sahaba? To do? He started with the bond of brother and sister. And he ordered them to care for one another, making sure that you're not a true believer until you do these things. And he counted many of the actions delayed him today, social interaction the society, because that's a sign of mercy. If you don't have that, that means that our Eman is not that strong. Brothers and sisters,

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the subject of faith is extremely, extremely important in this time, and as you start falling 24 I want you to think about that. The fundamental elements of compassion, Rama and mercy

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needs to be observed in our personal life, in our communities, and beyond. What are you going to do in order for you to show that Rasulullah has Salah Sam says Malay or Hamlet or hum, if you don't show mercy to people, Allah subhana wa is not going to show mercy to you.

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Live you need to act upon those attributes of Allah azza wa jal being compassionate and merciful. So you can get that Mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. And he says are harmful, that you have shown mercy on the people of the earth, and the one on heavens will show mercy upon you. That is our duty. How can we do this? There are a few things that we can do to develop that sense of compassion, mercy in our life. Number one, observe patients. Why because many people right now just stay

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react. You hear something, you see something you react to it immediately. We've been ordered to show patience and perseverance and patience and even to the extent that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala plays specific reward for everything. When it comes to patience. He says in the manual for Cibona, agile home Bellary hisab. He says those who persevere and patients shall get the reward with absolutely no matter. What does that mean? There is no price tag on showing patients in a moment of difficulty. That's how valuable that is. Because once you come down, then you can think of you have that kind of compassion, and you respond in the right way in sha Allah Baraka with Allah. The second thing,

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thinking about the community to collectively not just a community as an as a masjid, or as a, as an area actually globally. And that's very important for us. Because otherwise, we'll see that individualism, which is what's killing our society today becomes a competition. And there'll be no mercy, no Rama, Unforgiven word, unfortunately, thinking about resolving such the situation, finding a solution, what's happened there, I'm not just here to kind of keep talking about it and just go into completely just repeating the same thing over and over again. And that's how you bring that drama and mercy into that equation. And of course, at the end, it's from the inside. Am I satisfied

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with my standing before Allah subhanho wa Taala when he stepped when he asked me what have you done? What have you done about this situation?

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Do you have the answer to this when Allah asked you, what did you do to help the brothers and the sisters in that situation? Because right now what have we done? What have we done to the world to bring that peace and tranquility? We all are going to be standing before Allah subhanho wa Taala so we better have a better answer a cooler COLA that was taught for Allah the money welcome. Well, sir, Mr. Minister, Pharaoh in the Horn of the photo Rahim.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam Barak Anabaena, Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira, to my bad brothers and sisters. I don't want anyone to mix being merciful and compassionate being weak. Because sometimes in our society, we think that compassion being merciful be is weak. No, no. If you look at the life of the prophet Sallallahu wasallam discipline is required as well as sometimes part of the mercy.

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Look at the parents, for example, how are you going to how are you going to have show mercy to your children, sometimes you're gonna have to discipline them. But that's at the mercy. Because if you let them do whatever they want to do, they're going to misbehave and they're going to backfire on them. So sometimes, yes, you have to have a strong stance. And there is nothing wrong with that. I don't want people to think that mercy means weakness, and you have absolutely no response. Even Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam was the man of mercy. When it was time to discipline that committee. This is for the individuals who would do it Salawat Allah wa salam ala. Why because he knows that

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Rama for the collective OMA and collective community is much more important. So never ever think of being compassionate, being actually patient, that you being weak. So that strength as long as coming from the heart, and again, connecting to the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the names of Allah azza wa jal R Rahman, r Rahim. Allahu Allah, Allah and finally, one final bit, my alumna in that Cantera lemon Hakeem Allah Martin fossa Taqwa was the head of mazurka until you harmala about Allah in Allah Malika saloon Allah and maybe yeah you Allah Deena mo Salah Selim Otis Lima Allahumma salli wa sallam America and a b&m Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marian, what Allahu Madhava Ross you

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didn't know the book and llamada was mine and Wiley once our Sahaba Jasmine woman, Tabby and we're selling with Jean welcome