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AI: Summary © The importance of finding the purpose for oneself in the final stages of a busy month is emphasized, along with the need to develop a sense of pleasure and satisfaction to achieve goals. diversification of one's deeds and staying true to one's spiritual plans are also emphasized. The importance of staying true to one's spiritual plans and not letting anyone convince them to do so is also emphasized. The segment emphasizes the need to practice mindfulness and not just focus on short-term goals, as well as preparing for events like Easter month and fundraising for the month ofantedays.
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Alhamdulillah nama don't wanna stay no wanna study you wanna stop? When Allah haematuria fusina Jose Medina, Maria de la la moda La La MaMa, you little fella, Haji Allah wa Chateau La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika Allah wa Sharona Muhammad Abdul Allah Sulu. Yeah you Allah Deena I'm gonna topple la casa de la mattina. Ella one two Muslim moon. Yeah you Anna sutopo Bakula de la comida wahala caminhada over seven humara Jahren kathira manisa wa Taala holiday or ham in Allah and Allah Kumara Kiba yeah you Allah Dena Amira Taka la kulu Colin said either use the Hello Kamala Kamala come the robot Kumamoto, Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah for her Alhaji Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or Sharon ohmori Matata Hakuna Matata Tabitha wakulla tindora wakulla Dalton phenomenal mama mother by the law My dear brothers and sisters

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in this final Juma and final hookah and this blessed month of Ramadan. My message for all of you is very simple and clear. Ramadan is not over yet.

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Ramadan is not over yet because I know most people once they pray the last Juma and Ramadan that's it. They start getting ready for their aid and forget about getting the best out of Ramadan. Allah Allah Allah will have a team as a prophet sallallahu Sallam said, means the best of the good deeds are always those at the end. The seal of your deeds are always the best. Just like in any race, if you ever done a five k race or a marathon or anything of that sort, you realize that the most important stretch of that race is the last portion of it.

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You build up until that moment, and that is the time when you start you know getting faster and faster and faster. There is the agenda Gemma is now becoming intense. The opportunity is about to close. And the prophets of Allah Allah was Allah mentioned in the Hadith, Rama amphu me his nose be rubbed in the dust who lives until witness Ramadan and won't be forgiven since

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May Allah make us among those who forgiven me. In this hope I would like to share with you seven points in sha Allah to Allah, how to keep your momentum until the end of Ramadan. Remember, Ramadan is not over yet. This is not the time to relax, it is not the time to take the break. This is the time to put more effort in shallow data so that we can see this month of Ramadan with the best of our deeds number one, find the purpose for the next few days but five, six days until the end of the month of Ramadan. I want you to develop a new purpose for your fasting hamdulillah for the last three weeks, we've been fasting like everybody else now look for something personal.

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Look for something you need to get out of the month of Ramadan. What is it? What are you trying to achieve? You need to find the purpose. Allah subhana wa Taala gave us the ultimate purpose from fasting to be what become righteous piety taqwa. Yeah you alladhina amanu quotevalet como su yamaoka makuti Valentina macabre comme la la quinta de boon, with the professing was prescribed for those will be for you, just like those will be for you so that you will become righteous. So the ultimate goal and the ultimate purpose is to become more pious. have you achieved this so far? If you see yourself not there yet, then maybe for the next few days inshallah Allah put more focus on that self

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consciousness. That sense of piety and taqwa that you observe the purpose of Ramadan, I need to make sure before Ramadan is over, I do understand my position before the last version. I need to develop that sense of piety, that sense of righteousness. Even if you start thinking of yourself, I'm not worthy of being righteous, don't they don't say that. And don't do this. This is not the time to start you know, self loading. This is the time right now to start making sure that I do the best out of my bad and shallow to barakaatuh what else repentance make this as a purpose. Maybe I tried everything in the past three weeks, but Subhanallah I'm still falling behind on that. I'm still

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making some mistakes. Maybe not as great as they used to be before Ramadan. But if I continue like this the moment Ramadan is over, probably the flood of cinema, the villa might be open for some people. So therefore I need to make sure that I do my repentance. I want you to choose a purpose for yourself for the next few days. What is your purpose? Do you want to repent? And make sure you do that right and learn how to do it. You would like to become righteous of sin that develop that sense of piety learn more about it, do something about it. Have a new start for the next few days and shallow data of the month of Ramadan number two

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set yourself a goal

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just finding a purpose is one thing but now making it a goal that's another thing like what I want something practical right now some of us might say you know what, I haven't finished on the Quran yet. I still have five more days inshallah to go. That means if I need to recite the entire Quran, I mean to put much effort

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In this, can I do six jobs in one day?

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I don't know. Maybe you can. Maybe you finish your Hotmail handle or umbrella mean, make the next now goal that you achieve is to memorize a new sutra that you haven't memorized before. Or maybe you forgot a suit, I want to review it. I've known this sort of for so long, but somehow I missed it. I can't even recall. Remember that surah let me review it. Make a new goal for yourself. Set a goal, something that you can achieve you can measure so that at least I will focus on this. Maybe if you focus on reviewing one surah you forgot, you will find yourself read the Quran probably 50 times more than usual. Why? Because you're reviewing right now, even while you're driving, even while

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you're walking, set yourself another goal some that you can achieve in shallow data. Some people might say well, maybe this is not my thing. How about for the next few nights a shout out about a co talent Make sure to attend every single Tara we

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don't miss anything. There are a few days left. So I'm going to do it in shallow Donna. Some people might say well, I need more than this. 100 I've been doing this so far in the month of Ramadan. How about that you commit for this weekend to do a decaf? You know what, I'm not going to get live the method for the weekend. I'll stay in shallow tan day and night. What do I do? I catch up on the thing that I wanted to do throughout the month of Ramadan, maybe I'm falling behind in my heaven in my recitation of the Quran, put something new that you can achieve and you can acquire and shallow Thailand. Another goal something that's preventive, maybe you would say for the next five days

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inshallah to Allah, I will unplug.

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It's hard these days to do that as your man like turning off your cell phone, leave it at home, and live for the next five days, you know without a phone, Allahu Akbar. That would be a great Jihad feasterville Allah, this is a Juma

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unplug for the weekend, at least you rent TV on the phone, I will turn it off and stay away from it. Why? Because I know if the phone is in my pocket every 510 minutes, I'll pull it out for no reason.

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Absolutely no reason other judges find a distraction Subhanallah our life is now based on distractions. So we're losing focus, we're using our goals, make this as a goal. And I want you to set that goal to be something that you can measure, and you can achieve. So the first thing is to find the purpose. And the second thing to set a goal that you can achieve and measure is shallow terracotta. Number three, now that I set my goal, right Sharla Xhosa? What do I need to do plan for it? You need to plan for that goal. Because without planning is not going to happen.

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What can I do to plan for these for these days, some of us have handled I've been blessed with being self employed, I'll take few days off.

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I'll take days off. And I'll make the last five days in shallow to dedicate for Reba. And for worship, I can do that. Other they would say you know what? I'll switch my work hours. Maybe I can switch my work I was with a colleague. So why don't you do this while you do that. So therefore, I will take these days from you. You take these days for me and then I will spend more days over here. plan for it. It's not just about wishful thinking and then you start getting stuck with your schedule. No plan for it right in shallow terracotta. move things around in your schedule, in your time in your life in your space, wherever that is and make sure that you plan for whatever that you

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plan to achieve. You would like to know more as a new student, then check with someone else who can help you memorize. Maybe you go online and find a website or an app that can help you memorize and properly plan for whatever goal that you're setting for the last few days of the month of Ramadan in sha Allah who Tabata Katana number four.

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After you plan for this, what do I do? diversify your good deeds, diversify your good deeds, why? we human beings. Once we build the routine, at some point it becomes boring, no matter what what a dream that is even after loving our boss or the law of the land one day as he was teaching how he was teaching the stuff. Then in some at some moment in the session, he stopped and he goes, let's take a break. He said, Does anyone know any beautiful poetry that we can hear from him? So some of the students who are eager, you know, students who wanted to learn more about cardiac nobis I mean, we didn't travel all the way from home to come to us so you can listen to Porter. Like we don't want

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to waste our time on this. He said this could also be quiet is in the huddle. kulu Caleb danta maluca mata mal have done these hearts also can get exhausted just like the bodies, which means you can have that emotional and spiritual fatigue. Therefore he says we have to do that or we're the root which means recreational spiritual recreation every now and then. So indeed, as we try to achieve the best of what we can in the month of Ramadan, we'll get into that moment of spiritual fatigue or emotional fatigue. What do I need to do? Take a break that break doesn't mean you don't do good deeds anymore. No, diversify that. So if I if I've been reading the Quran for five, six

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hours, and then I get tired and exhausted

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What do I do next, I will sit down and reflection for another half an hour, or even an hour, just sitting down there, focusing and reflecting on what I've decided, what I read what I learned from what I saw in the Quran, that is the double. And that's a battle in itself as well. Maybe instead of doing that, I raised my hand as American law, because our original Khurana now I would like to ask Allah subhanaw taala things for me, I want you to diversify your ibadah so that you don't feel bored and you don't feel fatigued as we try to achieve these good deeds. So basically, do not get stuck on one thing, make sure to do something shallow to Allah. And the least you could do really, is to

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learn something new. Like what a new da, da, da da I've been trying to memorize for the whole year, I've never had a chance to do that. It's the time right now to pull that up and start getting that data and read the data and memorize or learn something new. Maybe I need to learn to read or need to do something else on my badass palette. learn something new and shallow down diversify your activity via a new Act of good deeds. Number five,

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do not forget the rights of others. As we get so busy, so busy our ibadah we sometimes tend to forget about our family about our work. And even what about ourselves our bodies Jamar he dressed as one, you need dressed when we say that you put the extra energy there. It has to be planned and charted very well. You don't use throw yourself in there and then expect your body to carry all the load and all the way that you put on it. Especially if you're not used to that. Make sure that you don't break yourself and you don't break your body. Learn to do what's right in shallow Tabata codata family have time on you as well. And being with your family for the sake of Allah zone can

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also be considered an act of rebellion. Even if you have to work. You do your work with the intention of doing it perfectly and doing it right. That's an act of rebellion as well. Taking a break to take a nap so you can be able to afford standing up at night for a bed on top. Even while you're sleeping. You will be doing an activity by the Mahabharata Allahu Allahu Allah. He says Kala in Nila festival Allah Noma Tikka Masala komati that I hope for reward from Allah subhana wa tada while I'm sleeping as much as I'm hoping reward from I'm standing in pm at night. Like my bed at night, it's great. But also when I take class during the day when I take a nap, because I'm

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preparing for the night or by the night prayer. That in itself is also an activity but tomorrow, the Allahu Allahu wa dawn number six. Now as I tried to do all of this, I plan for things and I set a goal, I have a purpose for it, and I'm giving a shout out to Allah, you know, eagerly and I diversify my time and rabada you, I'm gonna try to keep balanced right now. So what do I need to do next? Maybe you need some help. Allah Subhana Allah says Elon letting me know where I'm going to solve it. But also we'll have to wait also the subject of the lawsuit in which Allah subhanho wa Taala is swearing by time, which is what we were talking about, about right now, the precious time

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of Ramadan is specifically in incentive because Allah says that insan is indeed is a constant state of loss. We are losing. Why because we're not using every breath maybe the way we should. So Allah Subhana Allah says, except for those who have faith, those who act upon this faith, and then he says, what a while. So Bill, Huck, they assist each other in regards to achieving that heart and the truth. What are some of the sub and also the do that will suffer and patience? So what we need probably in the last few days, if you see yourself individually, weak, distracted, under achieving, maybe you need a booster. And that booster can be a form of reinforcement. You call a friend, you

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call a brother, you call your sister you call your spouse, someone within the family outside of the family says hey, for the next few days, how about we do such and such tema put somebody maybe you'd like to recite few suitors or reviews few sort of that you memorize before or anything at least come together to the salah and do a better and hold yourself accountable for once in the month of Ramadan. Find somebody who will hold you accountable for something that you've committed for during the month of Ramadan, read together remind each other had a spiritual moment and enforcement that you looking forward so you could stay and keep motivated until the end of the month of Ramadan.

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Mother brothers and sisters. Ramadan is not over yet and I repeat. For those who thought Ramadan is coming to an end by the time we pray the final Juma and it's so strange because some people they call this Juma Ahluwalia team. I like the orphan Friday.

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If it's like, somehow that's it has override now, it's wrong way of him calling this Juma. This is supposed to be a celebration of joy and happiness and everybody on par right now. That's a blessing that Allah subhana wa tada gave us the opportunity to survive and live until we witness another Friday. a blessed day. There is a there's an hour in this day that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says maiolica abdomen dial up the movement there is no servant of Allah subhana wa The believer who is witnessing that hour raising his hand making that Allah subhanho wa Taala but Allah xojo would answer the call. We don't know where that would that hours, maybe it's before Juma. Maybe

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it's right after Juma and many Allah they say it's sometime between us or until sunset. So make sure that you spend this time in a bed on top. Ramadan is not over yet. And as you do this ever in Ramadan, and also in on Friday or on Friday, some holiday reward is even multiplied more and more and more over the law Madiba sisters Ramadan is not over yet. Do not start slacking right now this is not the time to take the break or just get ready for this is the time to finish in sha Allah tala strong and finish first and finish on the top May Allah Subhana Allah make us among those winners of Armando Madonna but I mean, I asked a lot of hard to make us among those who will be forgiven at the

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end of the month of Ramadan and asked a lot of hard to accept our about our bar or festival the month of Ramadan. Koo Kumba Mostafa la de Mary welcome. What is the Muslim universe through in order for Rahim

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Alhamdulillah herbalist alameen wa sallahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira, the mama bud river The LA MADI brothers and sisters. A last point I would like to share with you in regards to knowing that Ramadan is not over yet and what can we do to make the maximum benefit from it in Charlotte's Island is to prepare a follow up plan. You build a great momentum. You know, when you build something and you start watching it collapse in front of your eyes. What a shames Panama.

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What a sad moment. You know, people specifically kids when they go to the beach, and they build the beach castles on sand castle. And then the waves come and start eating it up. You know, slowly graduates are eroding in front of their eyes. And today we have cameras and videos to capture that moment. But if you didn't have that to keep memories of it, you feel guilty like wow, after all this effort is just disappearing right now in front of my own eyes. This is it. This is the moment right now. You build a huge castle. It's up to you if you would like to consider this castle a sand castle that will just disappear right after Ramadan is over with the first surge of power and fitna and

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desires or you build a monument, you will really a fortress that no one and nothing will knock you down. The choice is yours. You're the builder by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala you can make it strong fortified. We can just make it so simple to be destroyed. Plan ahead and start making a follow up plan. Like what whatever that you've done and you've seen yourself to Pamela you've seen from yourself things you would not even imagine that you could achieve. like wow, I could really stay up at night Subhanallah and do something something useful omashola I can have time to come to the masjid regularly so maybe we should I should keep that up in sha Allah Allah or fasting even

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Mondays and Thursdays or doing whatever that you think you need to do in order for you to keep that momentum and shout louder waterco to Allah, I want you to remember that the message is going nowhere.

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That means inshallah out of the places here for you. And you need to plan for yourself to be here on a regular basis in shallow Nevada Gordana. also would like to attend, I would like to invite you all in Charlotte to come and join us tonight when the last surgeon as part of our plan for the future, not just for the short term, not for the long term. Michelle isodiol. I want you to participate in a very shallow, important event that we have in this community, which is our annual fundraising for the month of Ramadan, that we have it tonight but Allah hit about a quarter after Salah delicia many of you handler have been coming here on regular basis. You've seen the benefit martial of being in

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this community for the light of Baraka Allah. But if you look around you, this is the second hotbar and we have the houses full of hands a lot of blood, I mean, that means we're growing. And we need to move on charlo to Allah with our project and finish it as soon as possible. We need your support. We would like to give you the opportunity to build your own fortress in the dunya and I feel that's a fortress of faith and Eman. So I invite you all in Sharla to come tonight with the light of Baraka with Allah for those brothers and sisters who probably might not be living in the area.

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won't be able to come tonight we'd like to give a chance to shout out to Jim if you stay with us for a few minutes within the last sojourn to share with us and show us some of your DNA and that Allah bless you. We'll see you can support your community, build a legacy and start running charity in shallow dialogue, along with Taco Bell minasi Eminem, llama Taco Bell Manasa mana, Taco Bell minute yamana Aloma Taco Bell, Managua, Anna Wadi Corona, voto, Latino, Taco Bell, Mina de Laval Quran, Allah takahama Xena world Argentina worktag nephew allein Allah Masha mana bien was the Dean was sure that it was solid in La la la, la la mean by the law in the law Malika to saloon lnav Yeah,

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you're Latina? amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallahu man holla Farah Sheena Amara was manually one sir, so habitus main woman, Bianca celluma, Dean of the masala