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deja vu colavita tala wakulla de la infinity mama bada bada la MADI brothers and sisters, as I was trying to prepare for introduction for the topic I would like to share with you today, kind of wondering how can I make it so easy? How can I make it so simple? How can I make it appealing but will lie, there is nothing so pleasing about dealing with the wounds of the Muslim Ummah, and particularly what's happening as we speak today in the eastern hota in Syria. So how are thinking about which wound to begin to speak about which one of them earlier we talked about the Rohingya, what's happening for the Muslims in Myanmar, it's Paula and Burma. And the the cleansing, whether

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it's actually racial, or religious, or whatever, you name it, of an entire minority, just because they're Muslims. That itself is an unbelievable things power law. I mean, Alhamdulillah for the blessings of the Internet, and social media, and the ability for people to see firsthand, you know, what's going on there, it was brought attention to their to their plight under under genocide. But then we thought we're done with that, only to start hearing about what's going on right now in Sri Lanka. And now it's like a repetition of the thing that is happening, you know, to Muslims in Myanmar.

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And then Panama, as everybody's busy with other things in the world, there has to be some sort of like political agreement that was done between the superpowers in the Middle East, that they gave up on the Muslims and the civilians in Syria. And now a systematic bombing and shelling and killing to over 400,000 people who stays there underwater. In just indiscriminate bombing, and shelling and so forth. These people will just whether you leave, or you die, all of this for some political game that needs to be done and Givens parallel by one superpower to the other one hour. So, so sad. And so problematic is when you look at who's who's gonna stand for the rights of these people, who's

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supposed to be the one standing for the hukou, and help and give and just give a hand and helping helping hand to these people who's going to do that. You think that those who are nearest to them supposed to be the people to support and help and bring their their case to the international world and bring the attention to the peoples of how do you think that that would be the case. But we see that the Muslim countries and societies around them, instead of standing for their values, and for the, for the brothers and sisters in that region, they themselves are given up on it and changing their own values

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is like saying, We have nothing to do with this, thinking that they're going to be saved from this fitna. But when it happens, it's going to take probably everybody May Allah protect us from this horrible I mean, so people, and truly specifically the situation, and then a lot of people are looking now for the Muslims who live in the West, they looking at us the saying, you know what, we'll give up on these people who are they're supposed to be our nearest neighbors to help us and support us. So the liquid at us, what can we do? And how can we bring hope to the people in that region? I can't even give you the statistics, partly because we lost track of how many people are

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dying on daily basis, how many houses being destroyed territories, you know, being completely wiped out of the earth. Why? Because it's a deliberate and systematic way of cleaning that region completely from the civilians living in that area.

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And the international world is just watching. Paula, I don't like to talk politics on the member agenda. But when you things like this kind of injustice, and no one is doing anything, including the so called, you know, the Security Council that's supposed to be helping and supporting the civilians in times of war. And when you have one of those people and one of those countries in that Council and, and Subhanallah coming to claim that they're now trying like Russia, for example, that they're deliberately and openly saying, they've been trying all kinds of modern, you know, weapons, they're developing, you know, in Syria, like they're preparing for the next war by destroying Syria and the

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people of Syria.

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That's what they're telling us. They've been trying everything. They'd be putting everything on hold, and that's an opportunity for them to try everything. And who's paying for this alarm, Stan? The civilians, the individuals who are dying in daily basis, the brothers and sisters in the water and in Syria and elsewhere, they keep looking at us the Muslims what can we do for them and that's when the subject of being for people and being there for their needs and helping and given people who are in need. It comes to us as Muslims as a priority in timeline this, what is it that we can do for them the first thing I want you to understand that being there for those who are in need, giving

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those who are in need and helping those who are in need is a great principle a great a novel trait of the Muslim standard of character. Allah subhanho wa Taala says at the beginning of Surah tilma

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Wollaton or less moderate one, that you assist each other you assist and help each other for taqwa for righteousness, better and taqwa so that you become more righteous and helping assist each other in reforming that which is good. While at our no one don't help and assist each other in committing the sin and the Haram anti transgression. And what we see over there, there is a huge amount of injustice, oppression, indiscriminate again, killing of civilians, men, women, children, how many orphans along with Stan became, you know, orphans because of what's going on over there? Who was there to stand for the rights? One day they are living in their house with their families, all of a

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sudden the house is gone, parents are gone. And they left on their own right now to try to figure out what's happening and why is this happening to us? What crime did they commit? What country did we commit to become, you know, victims of this situation. And then some people they have their own agendas they would like to establish in the region, and civilians pay the price unfortunately, as Muslim oma, when it comes to helping those who are in need, and giving those who are in need, I don't want you to think of just money. I don't want you to think of this money. No, helping those who are in need can go beyond just giving your cash and your money. Maybe some of us don't have that

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much to give in terms of financial support, but you still have to rely. You have your mind you have your words, you have your connections, you have your social media, you have the people that you work with, you can write you can speak you can bring you know some there cause to other people who maybe you can't give yourself, but probably you could reach out to somebody who has very big heart and compassionate heart and nature, who can be given to other people in Sharla hota Baraka Allah, you see the Muslim Ummah from the very beginning, the very famous for this and he thought altruism may prefer and those are need over their own needs when Allah Subhana what Allah spoke of the early

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generation of the Muslims, Al Mahajan will answer when the Maha jurien Mahajan is the immigrants and there are so many of these refugees considered immigrants from their hometown somewhere else in the world. Many of these people when they left and that some of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam they knew that their only destination where they can find peace and tranquility is with their brothers and sisters in Medina and OnSong. The supporters so when they left mango they left Mecca they left Mecca with nothing some of them they left with a shirt on their back That's it. They just wanted to survive. And they did and when they arrived into Medina, the answer or the love to run home or the

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home they took them in. And Allah subhana wa tada praise him for this and similar to the spirit of Hashem, Allah azza wa jal says Lil fukada l Mahajan, Latino human Dr. m.

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Luna phenomena Allah for those for Korra of the Mahajan, the poor immigrants who left their hometowns in Mecca. They went out and they left traveling in the desert going to Medina for what they're seeking the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala and for the boundaries and blessings of Allah azza wa jal when surah la hora Sula and they will go on there to support their faith and their dinner dinner of Allah subhanho wa Taala hola como sada Hoon Allah testified that these people were the solid one truthful about their faith and their Eman. And then he spoke about those who received them, while Athena turbo dharawal, Eman koblin, and those who resided in Medina and that home and

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they had their faith in their hearts and the land that they lived in. You have buena Manhattan or Elysium. They love those who came to them. They didn't call them refugees. They call them the brothers and their sisters. They took them in right away. You have boredom and Hydra elation. And the loss of hunter says about them. While I urge you do not use sodium hajima. They don't put anything in their hearts in regard to what they're given to these people. Like when they don't do them any favors. They don't consider this a favor. When they help them out with food with shelter when they give them place. They don't even think that I'm doing them any favors. No. There is

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nothing in their hearts when it comes to giving people because they know they don't do anybody a favor but themselves. Why so because when you give you get the benefit and before anybody else from Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah says about them. Well, you know, Allah unfussy him well, Canada kasasa they don't just give. They give that thing that they love.

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They give the thing that they prefer. So they don't look for the whatever is left over to give it away. Now they make something fresh. They go and they give them the best of what they own. Why? Because they're looking for the reward from Allah soprano that even if they their eyes and their hearts pursued that what they have, they will still give it for the sake of Allah azza wa jal because they know their brothers and sisters, they're more in need of this.

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When it comes to helping people, again, it's not just about money as your man even with your knowledge, in your power, what do you name with your fame with the endorsement whatever caused that you can do? And Hadith unofficial Allah sallallahu Sallam said

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Saudi Arabia Allahu wa in Sudan have been major Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam says, In the end the law has no halal shop that Allah subhanho wa Taala has the Hazara and overheid was shot with a hand in the hands of Allah azza wa jal. These are the vaults of good and the vaults of evil.

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Everything is stored there with the last surgeon, because he's the one who rules its pinata as part of the test. And then he said, Carlos, Allah wa salam, Maserati who had originally

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the keys to this to these vaults are people he said the region means men but it means people what does that exactly mean? He said Salalah Sal and for tuba lemon Jalla hula home of the handle higher muscle as Alicia said for tuba which means may Jenna be for the person may that tree in agenda before the person whom Allah subhana wa Taala blessed to be keys for goodness locks against all evil.

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And that's the meaning of be the key for goodness mytho handle higher whenever there is a door for higher you open it when it is somebody that they need something you don't close you open a gate for this. You don't stand against anything that might lead to harm to anybody instead, you open venues and places for people and the prophets Allah Sam says, Well, why alone means major Hannon before somebody who would be mythological a little higher, Mr. Sharp, we'd be locked against good and, and the open keys for for the for the, for the evil. So when it comes to helping people again, I don't want you to think of just giving money. It's much more than that, with all kinds of assistance and

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah, He gave us the best example in this field. In the hadith of Anasazi allowed Ron Paul didn't say Muslim, that the prophet SAW he said there was a lady in Medina, an old lady in Medina, and one of Atlanta Jews in Medina, kind of a cliche, which means she has actually some mental challenge. So she wasn't she wasn't always there. But then when she says the Prophet sallahu, wa salam, Fatah cool Yasuda, la la la la hija. Every time she she's a professor, so I want you to help me.

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Like I need you for something.

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So the prophets Allah said Anna says the prophets Allah said and he would actually stop everything he's doing.

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Well, taffy to Allah and he looks at her. Paloma Fulani

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also also only Isla De Sica kill Medina to *ty model to market. Whatever you need is you tell me I'll go the

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color photo, the beard interview, sola salam, she grabs the professor Sam, she takes him water and the problem will go there.

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And he helped her whatever she wanted from him, even if it was something considered trivial for us, even if it's trivial, but for the Prophet sallallahu wasallam it's Pamela. She's a believer, she is a member of the oma of the community, he will help and assist the Lord to allow ceremony. For then when he is done, he comes back Salalah Hollywood sell them to the to the people and to the community. Now that's the son of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he was always consistent in that will lie Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam because again, when it comes to being a true believer and faithful to your faith and your deen it's when you are there for the needs of others when you when

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you give attention to the needs of others, not just about you know follow to fulfilling certain rituals and that it's much more than that's one of the best divided Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam according to Hadith

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and assadullah Houghton wardha in Muslim Imam Ahmed he said Carla for an abuse also cannot do como Salam sometimes the iqama will be called for Salah Khan in Canada Salah to to come. So you call him a Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or Raja

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Raja Ravi hydatid. So someone grabs the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as his government at the salon. As he's going to lead salon Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, someone grabs a profit salon for something, you're a solo quickly. I want you for something goodly for your good Anasazi lavon Anna says after that, for Kobe Nahuatl Qibla. The Prophet salla said we'll be standing between the people and the Qibla which means in front of the the front line, not even starting solaia talking to the person listening to him from Isaiah Luca limoux. Call him in and he will still be standing for him. Listen to this person, Your Holiness or the law of the land. It seems that it was historical about the

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night person miserable Russia call for Obama to call me Leanna zoom in to the ATM in Abuja salallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah. He said sometimes I see some people start kind of like dozing off, which means getting sleepy. From the length of how long the professor was standing for this man. Before starting a salon.

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What does that mean? It's one of the greatest a buy that that you help other people and also realize sallallahu wasallam

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In the Hadith, he says Khalid Abu Nazir, ilaha illallah wa Taala and found him leanness that the most beloved people to Allah azza wa jal, the most beloved people to Allah subhanho wa Taala are those who are most beneficial to others. And that's what it means to be a true believer. What does it mean if you if you really believe in the afterlife, you believe in the reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala you believe that Allah Subhana is the one who gives back whatever that you spend you believe that Allah Subhana will take your charity, and he will grow it for you until we meet you lots of hands on water and get all the maximum reward. What does it mean if you have all this that

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you believe in your heart? But what comes to take an action? We fall so much we fall short, from fulfilling that obligation? What does it mean? What does it mean? If Allah blessed and hamdulillah? with physical strength and power? hamdulillah you're healthy, you're strong, you can help other people what does it mean? If you don't go and lend a hand and help other people when they are in need? What does it mean? When also la de la Sam was talking about a sadhaka? What does it what are the different kind of the doors to do hire in Hollywood Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that everyday in the morning, use behala kusudama honeycomb sadhaka that you're responsible to give charity

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everyday in the morning. Every day you need to give charity on behalf of every single joint that you have in your body. And the prophets Allah somos asked Yasser Allah, what if someone didn't have money to give charity? So Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he said, Carla in the endowment and Baba sada because some of the gates to charity or the means of charities, it's a lesson could be what lean what the mean, which means saying Allahu Akbar saying Al Hamdulillah sainshand Allah saying La ilaha illallah wa salam ala, and what he mentioned Salawat de la he was Salaam Ali called what a doula Mr. della Allah Hagerty, and you guide people to where they want to go. Even if someone asks you for

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directions. That's an act of charity. People ask them for direction for help. That's an act of charity. Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. He said, What does I be sure that is our take, and you use your strong feet, because a lot less than handler to be able to stand and walk? And what does she that is aka you go use the strength of your feet to help and walk with people in a phantom mystery to somebody who's destitute somebody in need, in dire necessity, dire need. So you run basically, to help other people what that's what it means you run physically, to go on heart and help other people. Why? Because you truly believe that is my duty as a Muslim. It is my responsibility to help

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and assist people who are in need. The situation today, as I'm speaking to you will lie cannot be described by anybody anything other than just the entire world, the entire world, just kind of like let go of all their guards and allowed all this aggression to happen against the civilians. And the need is in Syria. So how it seems that people when they are flooded with with all the news, when you keep watching things over and over again, over and over again, you get to synthesize and you think that you know, what is the new norm now

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it's becoming the new the new norm watching this destruction, and watching bloodshed. And people flooding out of their hometowns living in the desert, it's becoming a new norm.

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We could use this,

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we could use this so much so that we reach in comfort zone with looking at it or not even actually flinching even thinking that it requires taking action from you.

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And I know, a lot of branding people they've done a lot before. And I'm sure that each and every one of us have handled given their share in helping and assisting other people and rewarded for what you've done before. But this is a time requires that you do all your attention to it, whether it's financial, whether it's political power that you own, and you have or influence in the circles of friends and organizations and whatever that is bring awareness to the situation that is there right now. These people have been in such power such a terrible situation for years now. Four years, six years and going into seventh year right now as Paula and no one is realizing it has been that long.

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And it becomes normal that some of the children I don't know if you know that some of these children that we're trying to help today and we'd like to ask you to help them today. They were born in these conditions. In what does that mean? That means the reality of the world is nothing but war.

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They know nothing about the beauty of this world. They know nothing about playing. They know nothing about being peaceful. They know nothing about sleeping without having to fear and hear the bombing and so on. They know nothing about living you know just a normal life because they always live between being somewhere there and dungeons and tunnels and and hiding power and the darkness of the night that becomes the norm for them. And I'm sure many of you have watched

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These images in this picture in this video is coming from out from Syria, men, women, children that are in shelters underground for 18 days, 15 days, Paula will lie one of the images broke my heart because it was just a group of children, just a group of children and they're just paying attention to the sounds of bombing and shelling. And I was looking at them, I could see that they really did. It did not even

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they're not even afraid anymore.

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It's they got to this level, that it just becomes the norm to them, like whatever is going to happen is going to happen anyway. So they're just waiting for the moment. And one of them had an as an a gallon of water does maybe have one inch left of water for them

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and was holding in his hand. dissuading you know, if they're going to use their nuts Paula, looking at this situation with the grid Nam and the blessing that Allah subhana wa has put in our hand makes it a huge amount of ally. It's a mana it's a trust that we have in our hands right now. Our influence, our knowledge, our political power, our ability to bring awareness to their cause. It's a huge amount on our hand. I asked him each and every one of you to take responsibility today ventilator Baraka wadala aku cola was tough for me to welcome what is MC universal through in

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam o Barak, Anna Vienna Mohammed, while early wasabia selama Sleeman kathira some

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mighty brothers and sisters when it comes to helping those who are in need, and given to those who are in need, even in our ibaadat in our in our worship, there is a salon called Salatu Hajj I'm not sure how many of you are aware of it. And the Hadith and Sunnah telemedia the prophets of Allah, Allah and even imagine the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah, He said men cannot luchador if anyone has any special need, you need something from Allah Xhosa. He said so Allah Selim, whether that need is to Allah azza wa jal or you need something from other people. Rasul Allah has Salah Samson folia tomato that this person make will do. What you saw the rakata and you pray to Raka and

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then ask Allah Subhana Allah then a special you ask Allah azza wa jal that to US, Europe, fulfill my need.

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Nada and the book of sunon but just the fact that we have a better Will you approach Allah subhana wa Do you need that tells you how much helping other peoples upon a need is amazing. Why? Because when it comes to helping those who need we know that Allah Subhana Allah is the one who gives a loved one who protects a loved one who provides Hannah with Allah. But how is this going to happen as your man? It happens through us people?

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Those people somewhere are asking Allah Subhana Allah to fulfill their needs.

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They're making the law as we now present Salatu Juma they're making that Allah Zahra help us Yala. provide for us, yeah, Allah take care of our needs. How do you think a lot of Hannah's gonna answer their da through people like me and you?

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Because they're not going to happen, unless Alaska use us as means to provide that NEMA. And that blessings as hon hopped over the last run, when he wrote to Abu Musa Shari, and

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how to deal with the people there. And he asked he told him that Allah subhanho wa Taala has designated people, Allah designated people for cada Hauer edginess, he selected people to fulfill the needs of others. They've been selected as a blessing.

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Why Because Allah the prophet SAW some says woman cannot be the kind of love if you fulfill someone else's need Allah will take care of your needs for you. And if you alleviate the suffering of other people, Allah subhana wa tada on the most important day on the day of judgment will help you to remove some of the hardships you might other people might go through on a day of judgment. This is the time in Charlotte about a thought Allah to give our support or brothers and sisters didn't show Eliza gel and I asked you all to stay for a few more minutes after Juma inshallah, to hear about the situation and so forth inshallah the cause that they will call them for ventilator Baraka, Donna

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along molybdenum and Phantom, when finally my alum Tina in the cantle alleman Hakeem Allah Martin fusina taqwa was Jackie anti-romantic Antonio Mola about the law in the law maloca to saloon Allenby yeah you alladhina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Ali was a big marine or de la Mancha. Raja Deena BBQ, mamajuana Valley, Kwanzaa, Sahaba. Jasmine woman who, sadly oma Dean, welcome, Salam