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Alhamdulillah Allah means that Allah Subhan Allah kind of era Muhammad and Mata it was time to celebrate the Sleeman Kathira from my bad. May Allah subhana wa Taala love to meet you on the Day of Judgement seminary man. You know why? Because that's the testimony that you love Allah azza wa jal. Let's see what the prophet Salah Sam says in this hadith, Hadith number 1848 And the other Saudi Hain Palawan I shall be allowed Tirana Carla Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Manohar bellecote Allah Akbar Allahu Allah for men curry Holika Allah, Karim Allah Who LUCA

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in this hadith, Aisha Radi Allahu wa she heard the messenger of allah sallallahu wasallam saying, He who loves to meet Allah, Allah loves to meet him, and he who dislikes to meet Allah. Allah abhors to meet him.

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For Aisha, Hello Anna, she was kind of like surprised by that statement. I mean, if you love Allah, Allah will love to meet you. And if you dislike to meet Allah azza wa jal, Allah will not you know be happy to meet you. Right? So the question the logical question came to her mind was what anyone can expect what question comes out of this conversation now? What would you ask the Prophet salaallah? Salah

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who likes that?

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Who likes death? Exactly? She goes you're a surah but what about death? I mean no one likes to die

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I mean, some of the majority everybody says like still I if I can have few more years inshallah I haven't done this I still need to do this investment or help with this or write this book or make this project we always have an excuse to start to live longer for caught Caught ya rasool Allah ACARA here to remote What about hearing death? I mean, if you hit death does that mean that you dislike to meet Allah so that's the whole question. If you dislike that, does that mean you dislike meeting ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala Acharya to mouth for coluna Anika halmos. We all dislike death for Castilla la semblait psychedelic, that's not what I'm talking about. That's not what I can. I'll

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movement either Bucha Rahmatullah haldwani He will Jannetty hablar con la, for habila Holika will care for either bushwa de la he was Socrata he carry heavy for Allah will carry Allah Holika and our hope Muslim. He said to her that's not what that's not what it is. So this is not because that's an actual Of course, you know, a version of feeling and we don't want like the call. He said no, I don't mean that. What I meant is that when a true believer is given the glad tidings of the Mercy of Allah, His pleasure and his paradise at the time of death, he loves to be the last panel data. And Allah also loves to meet him. When a disbeliever is given the news of the torment of Allah and His

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wrath. He said that he dislikes to meet Allah and Allah also, this dislikes and abhors to meet him Raha Muslim. So what does that mean? So here the translation says, On the moment of death, on the moment of death, how is that possible? Because the prophets of Allah Sam says in the Hadith, that when that long hurry the journey of the soul, he says, when a person is on their deathbed, and their soul is about to leave, the angels will come to take that soul out, if it wasn't believing, so it would call that soul color. Yeah. In all your serene and tranquil soul, come to the mark, fear of Allah Wadhwani come out to the forgiveness of Allah and the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa taala. And

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the believer obviously, get excited to good news from the angels in a moment like this. And that's why sometimes the believer when they die Subhanallah with a smile,

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because of the good news and the sight of the angels in that moment. And he says, and also means that when the disbelievers comes or a disobedient Allah azza wa jal, when the soul is about to depart, the angel of death will come says a year to enough saveetha Awful wicked soul come out. Come over here to this is this case, arrived from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tiana, and the displeasure of Allah azza wa jal. And of course, it says that the soul as a man, as a result of that scattered all over the body that's trying to hide and escape, it's another that will come out. So the angel of death come and snatch that soul forcefully from the body of that individual, may Allah protect us from a

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moment like this.

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So that's one of the interpretation of the hadith is that it's in the moment of death, it's a testimony for the individual in the last moment in this life. So that is one of the most crucial moments of course for you. So if you don't like to live from this world to the name of Allah one has been given to you, and that's a disaster.

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So there's another meaning to it. And that other meaning is that while we are in the dunya

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if someone tells you about Jen and aim and the head of Allah subhanaw taala, and this person still prefers

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is to be in the dunya. eating donuts and coffee in the morning, then being treated for those OLALIA. And if that is the case, enjoy your doughnuts.

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So if you don't like to meet Allah subhana wa then a better place to disaster. Or someone went there now we're talking about Jehan naman SubhanAllah. It's a it's a disastrous situation culture of our time right now we're so much attached to the dunya. We don't like to meet Alonzo.

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Some of us I say, actually, it's a testimony in the heart for how good or bad we are.

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It could be how good you're bad you are. Meaning if you don't want to meet Allah subhanaw taala. What does that mean? What is what does it say about yourself? I'm not there yet. I'm still in trouble. I haven't done enough to be confident or at least satisfied.

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And if you feel hamdulillah good, hopefully, it's a good testimony. But don't be deceived by that. Do not be deceived by that. Because your thought might come and tell you, you're good. You're good. You'd have to pray.

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Prayers for the older people. When you start becoming 60 and 70. You can start praying inshallah Dan shaitan can deceive you that. So the most appropriate interpretation of the hadith is what we mentioned at the very beginning, that this is actually the right moment of death. When the last one in this life is a joyful moment comes from the angels of testimony that Allah Subhan loves to meet you.

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And if it was the other way along, Stan, then that's going to be the destination of the wicked soul. One last thing over here. What about the other hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, when he came to a young man who was on his deathbed

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and he was he was struggling so the Prophet saw some system called K factors you look how do you see your so how do you find yourself? caught out Rasul? Allah, Allah He didn't need the urge Allah who are half of the newbie. I'm so hopeful. I'm so hopeful in regards to meeting ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. But I'm still so fearful for my sense.

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And the Prophet says, and give this young man good news. Call Mr. Motta, if you fall behind the movement, famously has a mountain in the amygdala, that these two qualities don't come in the heart of a believing person in a moment like this, but Allah will give him safety.

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Why is that because that's the reality of ourselves.

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No matter how good we are, we can never do enough to compensate for the name of Allah subhana wa Tada, of course, you're going to be fearful.

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You're going to be fearful right now. Not meeting Allah as much as feeling what I missed. Because I'm still hopeful that ALLAH SubhanA wa Bucha will accept me will forgive me. But I'm still stressed out about my own wrongdoings. So as long as you keep this balance, as long as you keep this balance in your life, when you do something other Hamdulillah you be joyful about it. We do something bad you need to be remorseful about it. As long as your heart is between these two qualities. You're good. The problem is when you start messing up in your life and see Allah for rahang hamdulillah and Allah is awful, so he doesn't gonna He's gonna forgive me. Who are you to? Come on? Yeah, kinda like

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impose on Allah subhanho wa Taala what is he going to do to you? So make sure to balance this by having always hope and Allah's mercy. At the same time fear for what you've done wrong in this life may Allah Subhana Allah forgive us our shortcomings are a banana when we ask Allah subhanaw taala to overcome our mistakes or errors or banana mean and to reward us for the best of our good deeds were generated for those Adana Wallah. And the question is yes.

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Very good point if someone doesn't believe they're going to ever meet Allah azza wa jal or they don't believe that the ACA is better than the dunya. Well, that person is going to it is a zero concern from a Muslim to begin with. Now, it's a very dangerous Of course, yeah. And you kind of notion, I don't know to what level they believe in that but if they truly believe that, you know, there is no akhira there is no resurrection, so it's not a Muslim at all. Why? Because of all the six articles of faith that we know of. When Islam came first in Mecca, what were the two things that Allah subhanho wa Taala emphasized so much in the Quran, to believe in Allah and to believe in

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darker the first two things you will of Allah he will Yamanaka terminal below the alpha so because what's the point of believing in Allah subhana wa Taala that you're going to have to stand before Him and you're gonna answer for your call. Mala so if that person doesn't believe in the Acura or says what la Aquila I think the dunya is the agenda for the for the believer. Definitely does not does not have the

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belief of the Muslim Mala. Ha

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what's the difference between have an fascia of Allah and the house of Allah azza wa jal if you look at the English translation, they're probably going to use the exact same word for it which is called meaning

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fear fear of Allah azza wa jal, but in the Arabic language there is a subtle difference here. How is the basic, basic instinct of fear? And a specific one you fear something that you don't know. You're afraid of something because I don't know the outcome. I don't know the interactions are gonna look like but Harsha is there's an element of fear that comes combined with all meaning somehow has to do with the aura of love or of respect, or of reverence that makes a person's fear is a conscious fear. How is an instinct? I don't know what's going on here. I don't know what this is how it's gonna hurt me. You're scared of it. But Harsha. You know who Allah subhanaw taala is, you know, he's beautiful

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names and attributes. You know that his greatness. So you have this love and reverence and awe of Allah azza wa jal, but at the same time, you're you feel to to underperform in terms of really, really bad and showing Allah subhanho wa Taala what he deserves from you and so on. So you're always in that level of kasha. That's what Allah describes about the believers. He used both terms Crusher and half obviously. But when he could talk about Allah Markel in them, if Shala homenaje vadra Lemma those who truly fear Allah again fear Allah among the servants, the best form of fear, those who have the knowledge while Allahu Taala now

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I don't want to say part of the negative because Allah it was also about the believers also in the Quran. So it's just like saying Muslim and moment if you say if you bring Cove and Harsha together in one sentence, they mean different but if you speak about them differently, or separately, they they're intertwined as one meaning hola

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