Ramadan 2019 – Therapy – Dua 22

Yahya Ibrahim


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The Prayer of Acceptance of our Deeds

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set them on equal enough mental life okay, so it's your brother Hey Ibrahim with another Ramadan therapy and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen this is Ramadan therapy number 22 do at number 22 This rock comes to us from sunon mm Ibiza, the Hadith is guarded by contemporary and past scholars. Now this is a powerful draft of the prophets I send them this is under the chapter of what to say when you said your Salaam after you finished your prayers. So one of the drops that you can make after your slaughter. And it's become a habit of mine and others to follow this tradition of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And there's always been this misconception. Do you mean after

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all? And of course the answer is yes. And there's a lot of evidence for this

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shift happening every incremental lyerly is actually got a book about the drug that you make after the solid there's this misconception that scholars that come from the perspective of the mother will ama than others don't follow this tradition. In fact, it is something that is practiced and it is from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that we elevate our art in the form of Vic, and also in the form of petition to Allah subhanho wa Taala when there is a need. This Hadith is from underlying now basadi Allahu Allahu Allah. He says that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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when he would make his Salaam Can I edit or he would make this draft and it's such a beautiful, beautiful day. And I will include the text of it in the translation of it in the comments, there'll be a link to pseudoknot calm which has the door for you to verify and follow up on your own. The prophets I seldom would say and I recommend you say this not just after your slaughter but anytime that you feel that there's a need something that you have, and this is from the Joe armor of the prophets. I send them to such a comprehensive draft as you will soon see prophets I seldom would say or B any lottery knowledge. Oh Allah grant me your assistance and don't help others against me Help

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me and don't let others be help others against me when suddenly will automatically grant me victory and don't give victory to others over me. While I'm currently while I temporarily know Allah I asked you to plan for me success and don't make a plan for others to be successful against me where Dini where sir Who de la Oh Allah grant me guidance and make it easy for me to be receptive and practicing of that guidance. Whether and then he continues

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he would say it's a little later on he was seldom well yes sir Who de la one sodomy Allah membaca Allah O Allah grant me ascendancy and conquest and ability and victory over the one who seeks to harm me on Sonia lm and bizarrely over the one who's wronged me along my journey allama Gianni laka Shakira, Allah make me from those who are thankful to you to make sure that you are La Liga that Kira Oh Allah allow me to be one who makes the crew of you remembering often of you. Oh, Allah liqueur ah Heba Oh Allah let me be one who has turned to you devoted and he in humiliation as a as one who would has given his whole life towards you. Let can move to LA or LA let me be one who is

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devoted in obedience to you that whatever you asked me to do a thought to cabinet plan always in your obedience? Oh Allah, La comunidad de la comunidad LA or LA let me be from those who are humbled and cast down in their humility before you Oh Allah. Or be takot belt Oh Betty oh my lord except my return and repentance to you. What a subtle how Betty and Oh Allah wash away my sins from me.

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What did you vow to Allah enter my da with a bit hood jetty and Oh Allah give me clear established evidence when I need to present my case. Why because it be Oh Allah lead my heart to you guide my heart to that which is right, make my intentions pure. When said did listening, Oh Allah make my tongue straightforward and true. Western Sufi metta calbee I know a lot draw out and removed from my heart any malice that I have towards others Sal, Allahu Allah, Mohammed. May Allah grant the bliss choices blessings upon our nebia Salalah what he was saying, This is from the Joe ama as I said, so comprehensive are on behind me when I turn I Li O Allah grant me assistance and donor sisters are

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against me when suddenly when Athens rally give me victory and salvation and don't give it others an ability to conquer me over law, when clearly will attempt to have a plan for my success or law. Allow me to see the plan of my success and what your ultimate plan is for me or law and don't make a plan for others to subdue me. We had anyway a sinner who die and oh la, la. Grant me guidance and make me willing to accept that guidance. One sodomy element de la

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overleg give me ascendancy and victory over the one who seeks to oppress me and wrong me. Oh Allah. Allah homage Anika Shakira laka laka rah he been like me and overlord let me be from those who are thankful to you a lot remembering of you all Allah devoted to you Oh Allah obedient to you. Oh Allah ilica Mohammedan la comunidad O Allah let me be from those who have given themselves in humility and penitence to you Oh Allah, or beta delta t over la except my repentance. Well, we'll see how Betty and Oh Allah, wash away my sins. Were as you've done it, or law ends or my draw to you with a bitter jetty, or law give me a clear and established evidence when I need to show my case where the

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honeybee our law lead my heart to you were said to sunny and make my tongue straightforward and true. What's the Sufi metta? Calibri I know Allah, let any malice be drawn out of my heart alone. I mean, may Allah make this month a month of refinement and therapy and healing for all of us. May Allah remove malice from our hearts lead our heart to truthfulness and guidance of Allah make us from those who have clear establish evidence and and a burden of hoodia when it's necessary and Oh Allah, enter I will wash away our sins or lawmakers from those who are devoted to you penitent to you, humbled to you, Oh Allah, let us be from those who are turned to you in servitude and in

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worship and in remembrance and in thankfulness or law or law give us victory against those who wronged us or law or like guide us and guide our hearts to accept you and to be from those who follow the truth once we have heard it or law or law make a plan for us and not a plan against us. Yeah, Allah. Allah give us assistance in victory and conquest Allahumma inni are on behind me whether Turin la Oh Allah assist me and don't assist again others against us. May Allah subhana wa Taala except from us this blessing month of Ramadan. This Hadith are really meant to be the award from the words of the prophets I send them especially after I saw that are very important. May Allah

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make it a healing and a cure and a light and a guidance for us a llama I mean, your brother you're here with another Ramadan therapy and your art from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah grant us it's like on the day of judgment or Salaam alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakatu this was number 22 overall move on therapy.