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Memorise Tabarak #27

Yahya Ibrahim


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The 27th verse of Psalm

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chapter 67. For lm Merah, l who fell M L or L who noticed that there's a shadow on the mean fell m narrow l who fell m narrow l whose will fatten Zhu it says Zed not a zap. Zap your teeth are closed and your tongue is behind them does not emerge between the gap of your teeth. Fell em out or l Zul fatten zu fell m narrow.

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Si Si

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Si at Phelim

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see at Whoo hoo, fella

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see at Whoo hoo la Vina Kappa de la si at will do Hoo levina cafa de la Vela

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c et Whoo hoo Levine cafaro Waukee La Habra levy Waukee La Habra Lavie Waukee La Habra levy

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to be down while Kayla had the levy

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to be down that down rune tat dat rune fellow mt o

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see at Whoo hoo levena cafaro wakulla has a levy to be heated down

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see at Whoo hoo Levine cafaro Welcome Neela had a lovely to be here.

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See at will do Lavina cafaro joaquina have a lovey

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be down while Kayla hi lovey to be down

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see at Whoo hoo la Vina cafaro Waukee La Habra levy to be down and

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see at Whoo hoo levena cafaro Joaquin Ilaha levy

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be down. Palomar o.

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c at Woohoo. levina cafaro Waukee La Habra levy

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be down.

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See at Whoo hoo levena cafaro

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de la de la v to be heated down.

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See at Whoo hoo la Vina cafaro working Ilaha Lavie can be down.

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See at wuhou la Vina cafaro wa karela have a lovey

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fancy at Whoo hoo Levine acabo de La Habra levy to be down