Yahya Ibrahim – Life Lessons Tafseer Surah Taha

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The 20th 20th 20th 20th 20th 20th 20th 20th 20th 20th 20th 20th 20th 20th 20th 20th 20th 20th 20th 20th 20th 20th. A group of people discusses the importance of praying for the Lord, showing proper behavior, and prioritizing success. They also address the topic of the use of signs and symbols to indicate the presence of the Lord and the importance of praying for the Lord's. The segment highlights the importance of life lessons in managing behavior and decision making, emphasizing avoiding danger, maximizing benefit from assumptions, and taking responsibility for one's decisions.
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In the name of Allah, most Gracious, Most Merciful. On behalf of the listener, the author and myself. I would like to make a prayer to the most merciful to send his most choices, blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad, his family and his companions in abundance, God willing, am I. The following is a reading of the article entitled life's lessons and exegesis of chapter number 20 of the Quran. By szekely ie Brahim. This article was first posted on the sheiks Facebook page, as well as on the website in titled Muslim matters on December the 10th 2012. Please note that I am unable to pronounce some Arabic words, and hence, you will hear a strange pronunciation of that word. Moving

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on. The Quran is not a storybook of wondrous tales and ancient fables, isolated from the realities and complexities of real life. Each verse in fact, each letter is miraculously endowed with precision of meaning succinctness of message and purity of sound. The life lessons that can be taken from any chapter in the Quran are amazing, but chapter number 20, in particular is unique in this regard. The 20th chapter of the Quran chronicles the life of Prophet Moses. commentators have pointed out that apart from the following verses, which are short references to Prophet Moses appearing in the earlier chapters of the Quran, they are chapter number 53, verse 36, and chapter

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87, verse 19,

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or has he not been informed of what was in the scriptures of Moses, so forth the email on

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the scriptures of Abraham and Moses, the narrative appearing in chapter number 20, verse nine through 98, are undoubtedly the earliest Quranic exposition of the story of Prophet Moses. They are as follows this

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In the name of Allah be Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful

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and has the story of Moses reached you in

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mi una.

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De de la de to

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be partners in urgent Juana

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when he saw a fire and say to his family, stay here, indeed, I have perceived a fire. Perhaps I can bring you a torch or find at the fire some guidance felon.

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And when he came to it, he was called, oh, Moses

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in the

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Indeed, I am your Lord. So remove your sandals. Indeed. You're in the sacred valley of do wha, wha, wha. De

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Lima you.

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I have chosen you. So listen to what is revealed to you.

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Is Paula Turley Cree, indeed, I am Allah. There is no Day to you accept me. So worship Me and established prayer for my remembrance. in this

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field, to colonna.

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Indeed, the hour is coming. I almost conceal it, so that every soul may be recompensed according to that for which it strives

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so do not let one of

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Do you from it, who does not believe in it, and follows his desire for you then would perish want to be me?

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And what is that in your right hand? Oh Moses, all

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He said it is my staff, I lean upon it and I bring down leaves for my sheep and I have there in other uses. All

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Allah said throw it down, oh Moses.

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so he threw it down and thereupon It was a snake moving swiftly

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Allah said seize it and fear not. We will return it to its former condition.

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Isla Jana

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in turn

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and draw in your hand to your side. It will come out quite without disease and other sign.

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Lino reaction I mean,

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that we may show you some of our greater signs in ala

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go to Ferrum indeed he has transgressed all along

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for the Moses said my lord expand for me my breast with assurance Well, yes, see me

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and ease for me my task Well hello loboda

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and untie the knot from my tongue.

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Yes, only that they may understand my speech. What

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was a mean

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and a point for me a minister from my family

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Aaron my brother

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increased through him my strength well, Ashley, Kofi

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and let him share my task. Go you know, send me hacker coffee.

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That we may exalt you much on a core aka Cassie.

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And remember you much

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indeed you are of us ever seeing.

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Allah said, You have been granted your request, oh, Moses.

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And we had already conferred favor upon you another time.

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When we inspired to your mother what we inspired.

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Haley was

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saying, cast him into the chest and cast it into the river and the river will throw it onto the bank. There will take him an enemy to me and an enemy to him. And I bestowed upon you love from me that you would be brought up under my eye. If she toccata

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Jaina coming along

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And we favored you when your sister went and said, shall I direct you to someone who will be responsible for him? So we restored you to your mother that she might be content and not grieve.

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And you killed someone. But we saved you from retaliation and tried you with a severe trial.

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And you remained some years among the people of madeon.

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Then you came here at the decreed time, oh, Moses,

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was flown out to Catalina sea, and I produced you for myself

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go you and your brother with my signs and do not slack in my remembrance.

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Go both of you to Pharaoh, indeed, he has transgressed.

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And speak to him with gentle speech that perhaps he may be reminded or fear Allah ball.

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They said, Our Lord, indeed we are afraid that he will hasten punishment against us, or that he will transgress.

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Hello said,

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Indeed, I am with you both. I hear and I see.

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So now because

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Bernie is

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Kirby, I

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think was

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So go to him and say, indeed, we are messengers of your Lord, so sent with us the children of Israel and do not torment them. We have come to you with a sign from your Lord, and peace will be upon him who follows the guidance in

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indeed, it has been revealed to us that the punishment will be upon whoever denies and turns away.

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Pharaoh said, so who is the Lord of YouTube? Oh, Moses, on Oh.

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He said, Our Lord is He who gave each thing its form and then guided it

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Pharaoh said that what is the case of the former generations

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Moses said, the knowledge thereof is with my lord in a record, my lord neither ers nor forgets.

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It is he who has made for you the earth as a bad spread out and inserted there in for you roadways, and sent down from the sky rain, and produced there by categories of various plants kulu

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in the field,

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eat there from and pasture your livestock, indeed in that Arsenal

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For those of intelligence, I mean, call upon a

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from the earth, we created you and Intuit we will return you. And from it, we will extract you another time. Well,

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Tina Kula.

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And we certainly showed Pharaoh our signs, all of them. But he denied and refused. All I

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he said, Have you come to us to drive us out of our land with your magic, oh, Moses,

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then we will surely bring you magic like it. So make between us and you an appointment, which we will not fail to keep, and neither will you in a place assign

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Xena to

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Moses said, your appointment is on the day of the festival when the people assemble at mid morning, morning. But

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so Pharaoh went away, put together his plan, and then came to Moses.

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Moses said to the magician summoned by Pharaoh, Woe to you do not invent a lie against Allah or he will exterminate you with a punishment, and he has failed to invent such false hood.

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So they disputed over their affair among themselves and concealed their private conversation. Although in NASA,

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you read any I

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They said, Indeed, these are two magicians who want to drive you out of your land with their magic, do away with your most exemplary way

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to resolve upon your plan and then come forward in line. And he has succeeded today who overcomes all

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they said, Oh, Moses, either you throw or we will be the first to throw

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a meeting.

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He said rather you throw and suddenly their ropes and stacks seem to him from their magic that they were moving like snakes. But I will just as he

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and he says within himself apprehension did Moses.

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Allah, Allah said

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indeed it is you who are superior

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and throw what is in your right hand will swallow up what they have crafted. What they have crafted is But the trick of a magician and the magician will not

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succeed wherever he is.

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So the magician's fell down in frustration. They said, We have believed in the Lord of Aaron and Moses,

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lane, Walla

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Pharaoh said, You believed him before I gave you permission. Indeed, he is your leader who has taught you magic magic. So I will surely cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides. And I will crucify you on the trunks of palm trees. And you will surely know which of us is more severe in giving punishment and more enduring.

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they said, Never will we prefer you over what has come to us clear proofs, and over here who created us. So decree whatever you are to decree, you can only decree for this worldly life.

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Mina, see. Whoa, whoa.

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Indeed, we have believed in our Lord that He may forgive us our sins, and what you compelled us to do of magic magic and Allah is better and more enduring.

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Indeed, whoever comes to his Lord as a criminal, indeed for him as *, he will neither die therein nor live.

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Mina Potter Amina Swanee.

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But whoever comes to him as a believer having done righteous deeds, for those will be the highest degrees in position.

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gardens have perpetual residence beneath which rivers flow wherein they abide eternally, and that is the reward of one who purifies himself.

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And we had inspired to Moses traveled by night with my servants and strike for them a dry path through the sea. You will not fear being overtaken by Pharaoh, nor be afraid of drowning

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that fear

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so Pharaoh pursued them with his soldiers, and they're covered them from the sea that which covered them.

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and Pharaoh led his people astray and did not guide them.

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Yeah, Benny.

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Oh children of Israel, we delivered you from your enemy, and we made an appointment with you at the right side amount. And we sent down to you man and quails.

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kumala taco v.

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Bobby one.

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Bobby Potter,

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saying, eat from the good things with which we have provided you, and do not transgress or oppress others there in less my anger should descend upon you. And he upon whom my anger descends, has certainly fallen.

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But indeed, I am the Perpetual Forgiver of whoever repents and believes and does righteousness and then continues in guidance. When

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Allah said, and what made you hasten from your people, oh, Moses, Bala, Allah.

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He said, they are close upon my tracks. And I hasten to you, My Lord, that you'll be pleased.

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Allah said, but indeed, we have tried your people after you departed. And the summary has led them astray.

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Why don't you

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follow me?

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Follow me Alameda

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Santa. Paula, you

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como Babu.

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So Moses returned to his people angry and grieved. He said, Oh my people, did your Lord not make you a good promise? Then was the time of its fulfillment too long for you? Or did you wish that wrath from your Lord descend upon you? So you broke your promise of obedience to me?

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They said, We did not break our promise to you by our will. But we were made to carry burdens from the ornaments of the people of Pharaoh. So we threw them into the fire, and thus to disarm Mary throw.

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And he extracted for them the statue of a calf, which had a lowing sound, and they said, this is your God and the God of Moses, but he forgot.

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Did they not see that it could not return to them any speech, and that it did not possess for them any harm or benefit?

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And Aaron had already told them before the return of Moses, oh my people, you are only being tested by it. And indeed, your Lord is the Most Merciful. So follow me and obey my order.

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On Oh,

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cofina Han.

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They said we will never cease being devoted to the calf until Moses returns to us all.

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Moses said, Oh, Aaron, what prevented you when you saw them going astray

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from following me, then have you disobeyed my order?

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Aaron said, Oh son of my mother, mother do not sees me by my beard or by my head. Indeed, I feared that you would say you cause division among the children of Israel. And you did not observe or await my word.

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Moses said, and what is your case?

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Toma burnable toma de casa wallet cleaner See, he said, I saw what they did not see. So I took a handful of dust from the track of the messenger and through it and dusted my soul entice me.

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Whoa, whoa Illa Allah,

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tala Yakuza.

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Moses said, then go and indeed it is decreed for you in this life to say no contact. And indeed you have an appointment in the hereafter we will not fail to to

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and look at your God to which you remain devoted. We will surely burn it and blow it into the sea with a blast.

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Your God is only Allah, except for whom there is no deity. He has encompassed all things in knowledge. Life's lessons from the Quran are infinite. And the more you look into the Quran, and approach it with a sincere heart, give it your attention, while assuming its magnificence, the more your heart connects with the Almighty

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and has a story of Moses reached you,

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footballer Li, Li him

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in mi

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v t.

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the when he saw a fire and said to his family stay here. Indeed I have perceived a fire. Perhaps I can bring you a torch or find at the fire some guidance.

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The previous why the verses nine and 10 from chapter 20. They contain many important lessons that I think we can all benefit from. In particular, we can focus on 10 important lessons that impact our family life. This does not limit of course, Business and Management applications, educational considerations, and other professional dimensions. First, I will begin by listing out the 10 important lessons which we will be focusing on then there will be a brief explanation of each lesson. They are as follows. life lesson number one family comes first. life lesson number two present danger is better than hidden danger.

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a life lesson number three danger to one is better than exposing too many. life lesson number four, one person takes the final decision. life lesson number five leaders consult and explain their decision making process. life lesson number six, speak to all whom your decision impacts life lesson number seven, do not promise what is not assured. life lesson number eight maximize your benefit from danger. life lesson number nine prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. life lesson number 10 take responsibility.

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life lesson number one, family comes first prioritization. Prophet Moses seeks to ensure his family's safety and comfort by asking them to wait for him in the cold darkness of the night. While he departs to investigate the source of the fire at a distance from them. never compromise your family and lead them into the unknown. life lesson number two, present danger is better than hidden danger. Assessing the odds, Prophet Moses knows that is dangerous to leave his family in the dark expanse of the desert in which they will last. Yet that is a less danger than walking into a campfire of what could possibly be a group of vegans, who would be a source of harm for the family.

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The known danger is clear and evident. But at least this is predictable. life lesson number three, danger to one is better than exposing too many risk management profit Moses instinctively decides that the danger faced by Him alone is worth the risk of warmth and guidance to safety. Judgment is imperative when a possibility of danger exists. And the less exposure whether financially psychologically, spiritually and physically is better. life lesson number four, one person takes the final decision. effective leadership. In trying circumstances defined clear and unambiguous directions can be the difference between life and death, health and sickness, safety and tragedy. In

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all decisions, especially within the household, a unified singular voice needs to provide leadership and direction. life lesson number five. Leaders consultant explain their decision making process. clarity. Prophet Moses explains in detail why he has made the decision to investigate the fire and to leave his family behind. It is reasoned, rationale and explicit. Often complaints arise about a decision being made without consultation and explanation that contradicts the established prophetic model. Decisions are not demands, and the authority to make them is not inherent to one party over another except by the virtue of trust. Trust is lost not by poor decisions, but by poor

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consultation. life lesson number six. Speak to all whom your decisions impact communication. Prophet Moses spoke to Ali all his family and people, not just his wife. Taking counsel with your children in important decisions is a way of ensuring reciprocation when they reach and age of decision making ability for themselves. If you ignore their voices, then expect them to not to share it with you later. life lesson number seven do not promise what is not assured false assurances. Profit noses says maybe perhaps I can bring you and does not speak in the definitive nothing undermines the credibility of a parent with their children more than unfulfilled promises. The greatest wedge or

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barrier between a husband and wife are vows that are not maintained and assurances that are not met. Speak the truth and do not embellish life lesson number eight. Maximize your benefit from assumes danger. Leveraging risk. Profit noses calculates what he stands to gain, warmth, light guidance out of the desert, returning with a flaming brand and more. Always seek maximum benefit even from precarious situations that others may view as a complete loss. life lesson number nine prioritize ranking needs Prophet Moses

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speaks about warmth and a flaming brand to return with and provide comfort and light for his family. Before he speaks about finding their way, he understands the greatest need and seeks to fulfill it before other essentials. life lesson number 10. Taking responsibility, Prophet Moses says I can to legitimize his decision. He assumes responsibility for the decision and intends a positive outcome. Even though he does not guarantee it. family's decision disintegrate due to a lack of responsibility, standing up and assuming leadership equally necessitates being responsible when things go bad.

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The Quran alludes to all human experiences and seeks to enrich the finite time we spend on this earth before returning to our maker, our Creator Most High. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was commanded to follow his predecessors and take heed from their trials, while finding inspiration in their eventual divinely ordained triumph. Allah the Most High encourages us to look into the final word, the Quran, and take heed of its lessons and parables.

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And We have certainly diversified in this Quran for the people from every kind of example, but man has ever been most of anything prone to dispute, Chapter 18 verse 54.

00:41:59 --> 00:42:23

Thank you for taking the time to listen to this audio article in the future as and when time permits, I will try to make more of these Peace and blessings of the Most Merciful be upon you, your families and loved ones. May all your sins be forgiven. May your good deeds be accepted and may you will be granted the highest paradise amen

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