Daily Dua in the Last 10 of Ramadan

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Along with suddenly Allah Mohammed many more anymore Have you met

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along more suddenly on many one other early Mohammed, Allah ma suddenly either Mohammed

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a lot of Muslim era Mohamed Anwar

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along Muslim Jana Mohammad Umar

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Bonamassa Liana Mohammed, Mohammed income as of late Roth Ivana early EBRD along with Eric Matthews

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medical doctor, Rahim Allah, Brahim.

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Allahumma Salli ala Mohan marihuana Mohammed in Carmel sunlight on

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cameras on

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eBay him on

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IG a lot more Sanjana marihuana cameras online Tada Ibrahima overall me

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along masala marihuana

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rely on me in Nikka hamidou Maggi along with Erica.

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Anyone compelling you can

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me make me do

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a lot more Sanjana Mohammed in

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Lima Malinka soulmate Tada email

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along with Ricardo Mohammed you wanna

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rock the rock early you brought

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along masala Allah Muhammad Humala, Lima

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gras Hema, Rahim along with Eric Allah, Mohammed Matthew Juana and

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the other Ibrahima.

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Along my Sanjana many

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many cameras on late on

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the alarm of Eric Allah Mohammed you wanna come back combating

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the Philomena nicomedes machi along masala marijuana. I'm adding cameras on later on. Email.

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A lot of maverick either ala

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gras, Hema, Wanda. The

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neck I mean Maggi

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Yeah, I'll come on raw Haiming Yeah, well el mas Salatin, oh boy, you're the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. You are the protector of those who are weakened Allah.

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Allah Medina of human headache. Oh Allah guide us amongst those who you chi why a female female?

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Oh Allah protect us amongst those who protect

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Aloma men had a wife in human face a wetter world and if humans were late oh Allah support this along with those who support well that it can learn Meloneras email by Oh Allah please borrow a cane everything that you've provided us.

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Paula, we ask you because you are you are you are me the only one that we turn to in support and help all Hola. Hola. Hola. In Nikka APU wound to end Bula for that one. Oh Allah you are the one who pardoned sins you love to pardon sins pardon our sins Allah. Allah whom the niqab who wouldn't be able to live without four? Oh Allah you are the partner of scenes the Forgiver of mistakes Oh ALLAH you'd love to pardon and forgive sins forgive us our sins. Yeah, Allah. Allah met Nick if a wound on the moon can even carry it on to him would ask for that for him. Oh Allah you are the most generous you are the most giving you are the most loving you love to forgive you love the Parkinson's over

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love countless amongst those whose sins are forgiven Yeah.

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Oh Allah as we enter these last 10 days our hammer blocking me make us from those who are forgiving their sins. Yeah. Criminal Academy. Yeah, well, Ian was told our team along the Ines and Raquel who there were too far. Well, if I were Lena, oh Allah we ask you for your guidance. We asked you to increase us in our piety. We asked you to increase and protect us in our chastity and now we're covetousness of that which is right over Allah we protect we ask you to protect us and provide for us and make us self sufficient and reliant only upon you via

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Allah who may not automatically not to, Oh Allah, it is your mercy that we seek help.

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Law in all of the deeds that were performing this blessed month of Ramadan all of it is seeking your mercy and your forgiveness and Toba to you yell from a rocky mean Falletta Kinette fusina tougher terrain and

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roaming they're like what I call them in Valley

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Oh Allah don't let us rely on our own sales not even for the blink of an eye yeah a lot make all of our reliance into what call upon you er.

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Allah monochromatic in order to fella to kidnap them fusina photographer I was chatting in hula hula Illa

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perfect and rectify and fix all of our affairs here Allah there is none that we turn to in worship and ask this up except you are what? Oh Allah, I will never be a sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us to ask if we are not able to ask him the best ways to ask of what he asked for you. But Allah whom in Ennis Alucobond havy Mehta Elekk I mean what took our pseudocode whenever you can, oh Allah we ask you for the best of all the good things that the prophets I tell them your messenger your Nebby our NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked you for the good that he asked us we were selves. Yeah, well that was coming shortly Mustad that can be wiped out we're also looking in a video camera

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camera commandments Allah Allah, salam, O Allah we ask you to protect us and to seek refuge with you from all of that which the Prophet asked them to be protected from some of our audio and send them well I mean get one demo Stan, it is upon you that we put our iStan that we only turn to requesting help from or unequal biller and it's upon you Yeah, Allah. It is only with you. Yeah, we will attain our goals and our aims were to hold our food where to eat davek la hola whatever we're taking that'd be La La La La La Quwata 11 dat La hawla wala Quwata Elisabetha la how hola fool with that there is no mind no power no ability no way to turn or to stand or to sit except by the power you provide.

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You know Allah Lau know Allah with it. Levy La La La La La La Quwata

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Leakey and Alim O Allah

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from the eye net when entering Alinea Oh ALLAH assist us and don't assist others against us one so now what happens for Alia supporters and don't support others against us? Yeah, a lot. We could learn that one item for Alina plan Yeah, Allah give us the plan for our victory Allah and don't give a plan against us. Yeah, Allah. We're heading our way yesterday and who the Elaina what guidance Yeah. Are you mean and don't guide others against us? Yeah, Allah one. So now I am embezzler Ali Khan Academy on sadhana lemon Baba I know.

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From a rock I mean give victory and support against those who seek to annihilate. And this disunite the owner of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Robina Johanna

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miniature green Oh ALLAH Minkus from those who are thankful and acknowledging of the many blessings that you provided this year locked Lika there Corinne ever remindful and remembering of you Yeah, but

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that we are from those who are seeking you Yeah, Allah midwife you know, I mean that we are humbled and and turning to you yeah. crummy

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Medina, Mooney v net, aka Allah, that we are subdued before you Allah humbled before you mean robbing a Taco Bell tapa tena, oh Allah accept our Toba in these hours and days in the Merced month of Ramadan. Allah. Allah on the Humboldt Albertina, what is it? How betternet cleanse us of our errors and our mistakes? Well as you've dealt with in a hammock, well I mean Oh Allah except that we're dry Yeah, a comment coming in. Allah how many there now that becoming a big day? Yes. Oh Allah we asked you to protect us from knowledge that doesn't benefit us. worming hadn't been Lakeisha and from a heart that can't find it humility and humbleness before Yeah, a lot. women that were in law

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used to jab Allah protect us from not being entered by you Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah we ask you to protect us from Liberty daily positive return or law protects us from being overwhelmed by debt Yahama rahimian and being subdued by other men? Yeah. Hola. Hola. Hola and Tina for cetana Oh Allah help us to attain a greater level of Taqwa in this pleasant month of Ramadan. Oh Allah you invited us in this blessed month of Ramadan you gave us life in this blessed month Lala content the whole of Allah assistance against our own souls here. Again assistance against our own evil habitat Allah Oh ALLAH There are some of us who are seeking to quit smoking Allah Asst. Oh Allah there are some of us

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who are seeking to quit quit watching that which is filthy Allah assist us in that Yet Allah. Allah Allah there are some of us who are seeking to assist to restrain their tongue from speaking vulgarity to their loved ones.

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and their spouses, the children assistants here Allah Oh ALLAH there's some of us who crave that which is haram. Oh Allah protect us from Allah. Oh Allah there's some of us who are finding it difficult to part with our wealth and to pay Oh, it's a cat and to keep our Salah help us against our souls. Yeah Allah. Oh Allah there's some of us who are overwhelmed with the whisperings of the sheep on protect us. Yeah, from abroad. I mean, oh Allah Zakia and the Haberman said, purify our souls, Allah, you are the one who purifies yeah Allah. And then when you have one Allah, you are the master of our souls. You are the one whose heart who holds our hearts in his hand. Yeah, Allah.

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Allah Who method bid alumina and dini. Oh Allah make our hearts firm and established upon your feet. Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah main because from those who are established upon the deed of Allah, Allah Medina narrow that

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mean anything like that, Oh Allah protect us from knowledge that doesn't benefit us. Oh Allah don't let us hear of the truth and that we turn away from eternal law. Oh Allah don't let us hear of an eye and a hadith that we reject in our actions Yet Allah Oh ALLAH in Trinus to the sunnah of our interview Mohammed Salah Allah,

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Allah, Allah Allah Inanna Danis advocate who then went to our

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Allah, Allah management technology we are Allah, O Allah, we seek your Rockmount Allah, O Allah we acknowledge allotment now then want to be the venue ematic O Allah we acknowledge that you were nothing more than your slaves, Allah. We are the sons and daughters of your slaves here Allah na see Athena via dickeya Allah Our heads are bowed and your hand Allah melden fina home okay Allah whatever judgment you give it is a valid for us yeah Allah whatever other you have destined for us we are accepting my Bucha Allah. Adnan fina Allah. Allah Miss alchemy Creo SMIL who were lucky I mean, we asked you by each and every one of your blessings names Yeah, Allah all of the names that

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you have sent us in your Quran yeah Allah that you have referred Yourself to us with the Allah your beautiful names and attributes Yeah, I mean yeah 100 and Yemen that yeah, that your daddy what crop? Yeah, how you Yeah, are you Yeah, where do we see ya here we are voting Yeah, and what luck

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in the womb and medical producer center and we'll move on why Emanuela Aziz with Jeptha Oh Allah make us from those who are blessing in our approach to your names yet Allah that we seek to practice the best of them in our own conduct and manners Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah with these blessing names we turn to you in our drop the names that we are aware of the names that you have kept with you in your havia Allah Allah homage I'll begin with Mr. Ravi alumina on account of this to make the Quran the spring of our heart the delight and irrigation of our soul Yet Allah when Nora salud in illuminate our chest with a walk, which Allah has said you know where there have been warming a lot make it the

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reason for the departure of our sorrow and sadness. Oh Allah make it reason for the departure of our ailments Yet Allah Oh Allah grant us the baraka of the Quran in the month of Ramadan allow those of us who intend to finish it once and twice and more to complete it Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah assists those who are struggling with its leftovers to recite it better and better as the days go by law. or Allah make the Quran a part of our children's lives. Yeah, I mean, oh Allah allow us to practice the Quran in secret and in private to Allah make our privacy better than what we seek to show each other publicly. I mean, oh Allah if the opener Oh Allah grant us forgiveness from our sins. What was

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saralyn Effie there? You know Yeah, the air. Allah. Oh Allah expand for us, our estate and our homes. Yeah, Allah increase us in our risk whether it can fit ourselves you know, put back in our recipe Allah whatever little we have, make it greater than we anticipate it to be Allah please bollocky network welfare Allah please Baraka in our healthier Allah Allah on my Berbick Linda Esma in our applauding now we're waiting for Baraka you know, we're hearing now we're saying it in the strength of our body yeah, Allah. Oh Allah we ask you not right he mean that you support us in all that we seek that is pleasing to you. Yeah, Allah and that you turn us away from all that which is

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displeasing to you, Allah. We ask Allah to enter the drought of the Sahara of those who have asked for your help. Yeah, but Oh Allah, we ask you to answer I would run it Yeah. I mean, Allah protect us from the ailments in this dunya and after Allah. Allah Mara bene Oh Allah You are our Lord Robin upon him net fusina We made to you that how wet Robin are vaanam Nam for Santa we've wronged ourself gal la waiting them tough.

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fill them out what's gonna cost him if you don't forgive us and show us your mercy and remove our sins yeah Allah we were ever remain as losers yeah Allah. Oh Allah we turn to you with a dua Okay, Brahim, and this may

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mean that in NACA into Semyon Eileen, oh Allah we turn to you with the DUA Musa Allah from the natural, Allah, Masha. So do Rana Yahama Rahimi? Rubbish lovely soldering wire Sidley Emery Well hello there opendata Melissa and EF bajo holy Oh ALLAH expand for us our chests give us confidence in that which is good to do Allah make our hearts and easier Allah removed from it trepidation and fear yeah Allah Allah make easy our journeys in life a lot are short of sudo Rana wasl more on a rocky mean oh Allah we turn to you with the dua of unis Allah His Sudan

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that removes that was seems those that we know of it those that we have forgotten those that are public and those that are private

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mean oh Allah we turn to you with the money and Allah protection against those who seek as harm now who do good man yeah Allah we turn to you asking you protection yada man from all of those who seek as Horomia Allah Oh Allah we turn to you with the dua

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of Ibrahim Ali has said probably Jandy mochi Masada to get into reality Oh Allah make us regular in our prayers and our children and children's children and progeny important and offspring Yet Allah Robin and with a content to Robin officially when he when they Oh Allah forgive us. And our parents Yeah, Allah will mean and all of the believers yelled me or pulled with his hat on the day that the day of judgment is established a lot. Oh Allah, we turn to you with the dua of the righteous Yeah, Ma, we turned to you with the dua that would Allah insula, Allahu magnanimous and we'll come back Oh Allah, we ask you for your love. Wow. That be your handbook and the love of those who love you.

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Yeah, Allah. Well, Anna and let the economy buena de la Herbig Oh Allah, we ask you for the love of those who love you and ask you to put in our hearts love for the deeds that make us love by you. Yeah, I mean, all loving the love of our nebbia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam more dear to us than the love we have for our families, our parents, our wives and our husbands and children. Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah we ask you to make better use of Allah why do you send them more beloved to us than our souls? Yeah, Allah. We ask you to make us committed to as soon as Allah as a sign of our love to him Yeah, but Allah don't let our heart have any variance or distraction from what He has called us to Allah.

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O Allah living today is difficulty or Allah upon the Sunnah Allah keep us maintaining the tradition in the way of the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam Yeah, love. Oh Allah feel our homes with his sunnah Allah allow us to be from those who are establishing it in our privacy and publicly pay a lot. Make our hearts full of love for what he loved. Yeah, Allah make our hearts turn away and despise when he hated and turned away from Allah. Oh Allah we ask you to protect the youth of the ummah of the prophets of Allah when he was salam. Yeah, our hammer Rahimi and turn their hearts to Allah. Oh Allah protect him from the fitna of dunya and Checkweigher. Allah protect him from the dunya and

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from the sinful desires. Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah protect our children from the scourge of drugs and morality, Allah. Oh Allah assist our young daughters to maintain their hijab assist our sons to have the best of love and to turn their eyes away from pornography and harm. Yeah, a lot of what Allah cleanse our hearts. Yeah. I mean, protect us. Yeah. Acrovyn carabin protect our homes from the sinfulness that is injected through it through these devices. Yeah, Allah. We asked you to protect our homes and our families. Yeah, I mean, Oh Allah, we asked you to make your Kadima of La Isla de la oh we supreme in our homes and you know what behavior Yeah, Allah.

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Oh Allah we have brothers and sisters who are under strife and under oppression in different parts of the world. Dr. Luck, Allahu Allah.

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Oh Allah we have these brothers and sisters who are under oppression. Yeah, Allah, Allah Hunan sort of Oneness

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of Allah give them a great support from you. Yeah, Allah, Allah hoomans. When and if he beat and matter this year, Allah O Allah give your victory to our brothers and sisters in their support in beta this year Allah Oh ALLAH a system administrator of saya or hamirpur AIMIM O Allah allow them to complete the month of Ramadan without having any more arrests against them. Yeah, Allah any more violence perpetrated against them Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah open the eyes of the world to see the injustice that they experience how Allah O Allah keep Majid Al Aqsa free from those who seek to turn it away from your Delphia Allah

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Oh alarming Tane at Yahama Rafi mean and allow us another prayer in it before I would fer Allah. Oh Allah protect the ummah of Mohamed Salah Allah Allah he was sending him assistance Yeah or Pamela I mean to assist those who are weaker Allah. Oh ALLAH There are those of us who intend to commit to charity Allah who intend to give their charity and sometimes okay Allah, Oh Allah allow us to complete it. Yeah Allah, Oh Allah give a man into the hearts of those who are delivering our charity on our behalf to Allah. O Allah open that doors in the heavens of Baraka upon those who have looked after the needs of the orphan child. Oh Allah, I have attended Yahama Rahimi to support orphans in

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different parts of the world yet Allah allow us to be completed with the support of those who seek good for them or have been, Oh Allah except our deeds, the small deeds as a way of our belief in Allah. Oh Allah we believe in greater than the dunya Allah. We believe in the Quran in the Jamia Allah, Allah

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that Allah we believe in we testify that the Hellfire is a truth and a reality agenda is a truth and reality. Allah who met him Ms. EDAC agenda whenever we will be coming in. Oh Allah we ask you for Jana and we asked you to protect us from hellfire. Yeah, a lot. Oh Allah we asked you to grant us gentlemen and protect us from hellfire. pialba Oh Allah we ask you to grant us jenman To protect us from hellfire. Allah, O Allah, Allah He Nana said okay, Jen Neto, on Colorado he laid him Coughlin what I meant, although we asked you to bless us with Jenna and the deeds that make it nearer to Sal Allah whenever we will become Ilana, Colorado, cold environment, ultimately known as local Jamna.

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Whenever we can be net now Allah we met in earnest, a local Jana whenever also becoming adept. Allahumma barik, Linda fill in Aleem, oh Allah put Baraka Quran make every ledger 10 its reward and Moria of Hammond Rafi mean what Allah give us for every letter of the Quran, a blessing Allah give us for every area in the Quran, every word in the Quran or Hadith. Allah give us for every area in the Quran, and elevated status in gymnasia a lot of Allah give us for every sort of that we complete from the Quran and evidence that we have believed in Allah the day of judgment or alarming the Quran, our partner in life and our companion in the grave and our protection on the Day of Judgment.

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Oh Allah grant us the intercession of our interviews Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, the intercession and the shutter of aqua yam, the intercession and the shutter of our Quran. Allah make it easy for those who are leading people in the prayers in a way that they complete it without any mistake or blemish shall Allah Allah Allah allow us to learn of the Quran what we have not yet mastered yet Allah and to remember what we have been made to forget by Yeah, a lot. Oh Allah we ask you to make the Quran the means of our protection in this dunya Allah make it a healing in our chest and a healing in our habits and behaviors from Colombia Allah make the Quran more beloved to us than any

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other thing else but Oh ALLAH maintain the Quran in our life after the month of Ramadan yeah love Oh Allah protect us from all sinfulness and hardship II I mean, protect us from the scenes that were unaware of your law protect us from the harm that is set out to a fine this ya Allah without our awareness. Allah. Oh Allah protect us from the suddenness of death. Yeah, Allah, Allah Allah make our best of days that last days that we returned to El LA where we have been worshipping you and honoring you Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah grant us the heyday of our Navy what happens on the Lahore it was salam. Allah protect us on the Day of Judgment in our graveyard Allah O Allah no are those of us who

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are not with us this Ramadan who were with us last Rama Vanya Allah. Oh, Allah sent lights upon their graves Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah expand the grace for them. Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah open for them a window to the gender Yeah, Allah. Allah loves water him. What do

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you mean? Allah Allah enough for the

00:24:11--> 00:24:53

learner? Allah mouthfilling Muslim you know when Muslim when we need to be there, and here even when we're at work, a lot of MFI level more hands on what you can work for. I know what our criminal doula was here and what color Allahumma Jazzy himedia 77 obviously yeah to f1 Freinet Allah a learning now online now where are the that are alarming because of those who are blessed with the Holy Land of Ramadan year after year for many more years to come? Oh Allah we ask you to grant us protection on the day of judgment in the companionship of the shutter out the Prophet commandments Allah Allahu alayhi wa salam O Allah whom nothing then at what time now? We're happy now after a lot

00:24:53--> 00:24:57

more suddenly, I'm permitting 100 cameras on the dalai

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Brahim alarm

00:25:00--> 00:25:00

have a

00:25:02--> 00:25:06

comment about Dannette Rahim Allah Rahim Allah who suddenly

00:25:09--> 00:25:11

came on some later on a Brahim

00:25:12--> 00:25:16

him. Phil and Amina in the G

00:25:17--> 00:25:17

Subhan. Or pick up

00:25:19--> 00:25:57

the phone our Salah out a little more saline. What happened to leave that behind I mean each day for the last 10 days in the month of Ramadan, we will join together in the mornings and the evenings here in Perth, which is mornings and evenings wherever you are in the world to chat Allah. If you're about to break your fast Remember, it's in your heart. If you're beginning you're fast like myself and the community here in Australia, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a completed fast and completed Azure allotment. I mean, for those of you who are aware I have important campaigns of Eid gifts for Syrian orphans in in Lebanon and Syria, please insha Allah click on the profile. It's just

00:25:57--> 00:26:41

20 pounds or 35 Australian dollars, where you can bring new clothes, new shoes, new food, new experiences, to those who have been deprived and look forward to this day. There are 500 Orphans Alhamdulillah who are in my list of sponsorship, who 491 to be exact. I'm looking for sponsors to sponsor them for another full year to assist me in that regard. Please count yourself as one of them. Even if you cannot take on a whole child for yourself. Invite others to this claim. May Allah accepted if you're on my instagram at the moment you will find their details in the profile. And if you are following along on my facebook you will see many posts on it in sha Allah. May Allah

00:26:41--> 00:27:14

subhanho wa Taala accepted from all of us a lot. I mean, do what is right for yourself and your home and your family women aka Summerlin in sadaqa. Charity is never deprived never deprived you of the wealth that you have stored. May Allah increase your risk on account of your charity and thinking of others alone. I mean, well suddenly. Melissa you know whenever you know Muhammad, I look forward to seeing you in a few hours in sha Allah after praying a lot to Tara we here in Perth or Santa Monica or not Allah He over a capital