Can Muslims keep Non-Muslims as Friends?

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And there's a verse in the Quran,

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which many of the Muslims, they misunderstand. Allah says in the Quran in Surah Nisa, chapter number four was the 144 where Allah says, Yeah, I was in Amarillo, or you believe.

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Take note for Alia,

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the unbelievers in preference to the believers. And many of the translations, they translate the Arabic word Alia as friends. So the translation reads, that all you who believe do not take for friends, unbelievers in preference to believers, which I feel it's wrong translation. The correct translation is the word Alia should be translated as someone who's a predictor.

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So, the right translation is that Yeah, I was in a minute or you believe do not take for protectors, unbelievers, in preference to believers do not take for predictors non Muslims in preference to Muslims. And the same message is repeated instead of either chap, number five was number 57 and 58.

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That all you believe,

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do not take for friends and protectors, those who make a mockery of religion

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or take it as a sport. That means all those non Muslims who take your deen as a mockery or as a sport, do not keep friendship with them, no go to them for prediction. These verses of the Quran are very clear.

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But otherwise, keeping acquaintanceship with a non Muslim,

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keeping normal friendship with a non Muslim is no problem at all.

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Under normal circumstances,

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we should treat the non Muslims with justice and kindness. In fact, I say we should go a step further so that they're impressed with our religion that impressed with our Deen and you can find several examples in the life history of the Prophet masala Salaam, several, you can give a talk only on giving examples how the Prophet dealt with the non Muslims.

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And many of us aware

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of the incidents when a non Muslim

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enters the mass of the Prophet.

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And he needs the Sahaba irritated.

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They want to teach the non Muslim a lesson but the Prophet he stops them and he says become get some water and wash the floor. That's it.

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We know the famous incidents

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whenever prophet masala Salah Mr. Worf there was a non Muslim lady who is to throw dirt on the Prophet every day. Whenever we have to walk the non Muslim lady to throw dirt.

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One day when the Prophet walks below the house of the non Muslim lady, no dirt falls on him. So he surprised

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he goes to a house to find out why was no dirt thrown today.

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And he realizes that she was sick. And he prays for Russia.

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And that non Muslim lady. She's so impressed with the Prophet that she accepts Islam.

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We are the example in the seed of the Prophet masala Salaam, the devil, the Juba, Mo said,

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the prophet had borrowed some money from him. But before the time was due that June, it comes to the prophet and it demands for the money back and he's rude.

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He speaks to the Prophet that give my money back. And the time was not yet 111 he gets angry, and he says, Oh enemy of God. Had it not been for the treaty between the Muslim the Jews are as chopped off your head for speaking to the prophet like that.

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Hello Tamara, the llama and we know that he was a man of justice. He gets irritated. How could someone speak to the Prophet of Allah like that? The Prophet immediately intervenes. And it says hello tomorrow the one that become

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it says hello tomorrow the lemon that gives this Jew his money back and add to it the amount of 20 gallons because you frightened him

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because tomorrow's 11 fighting him. The man did not have the right to ask the money because the time wasn't yet.

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The time wasn't due yet because tomorrow's 11 he frightened that non Muslim. The Prophet said besides giving the money back to him add 20 gallons worth

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because he had fight in the juice

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and hamdulillah the Jews impressed with the bravery of the Prophet and accepts Islam

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So, generally, the Muslims should be kind and just to the non Muslims, we have to be the right example. So that they realize, we are the followers of the region of peace. A Muslim is a person who acquires peace by submitting your visual last minute Allah.

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So, as far as gender dealing is concerned, we have to be kind and just, but

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there is a caution, which always mentioned in my talk,

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whenever I'm dealing with this topic,

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that keeping non Muslim friends is no problem as long as you are having an influence on that non Muslim.

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If it is the vice versa, then there is a danger. If the non Muslim friend is having a greater influence on you, then there is a problem.

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Because whenever there is a relationship between two human beings

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and when you keep on meeting very often,

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no one can tell me that nothing happens. Either you're influencing him, or he's influencing you. You can't say that nothing is happening. So, if you're having influence on him

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah continue the relationship

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so that he understands the dino hack, there enough is some better but if he's having influence on you, then be careful. You may follow his path, which may be wrong.

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So you're if it's a relationship

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in which your deen is in danger, then

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I feel you have to discontinue that relationship. You have to be careful, the Quran is very clear as far as protection is concerned. If there are two options believer and unbeliever, a believer is preferable at all times the worst says do not take unbelievers for protectors in preference to believers.

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So as far as your dean is not in danger, and if you are having an influence on the non Muslim Alhamdulillah and I

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by the grace of Allah subhanaw taala I have hundreds of non Muslim friends. Mashallah hundreds, Hindus, Christians many

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almost all that I know.

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They respect me Mashallah. They know that I'm a die. I speak about their religion.

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Yet on vanilla,

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they respect me. So as long as you are having influence on them, it's very good.