Waleed Basyouni – Journey To The Hereafter Part 3

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The theory that the burial system is the Angel of death is discussed, with confusion and misunderstandings leading to a conclusion that profits will not be impacted. There is also a trial of a deceased person and a potential death in the presence of two angels. The importance of protecting one's appearance and not killing an animal is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to take care of their bodies and stay healthy. The spiritual process is emphasized as the main thing that will be revealed in a later lecture.
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upon death, the person will know his place in Hellfire or paradise, when the person dies, and angels comes, and the angel of death, the Angel of Death is the one who's responsible to take this fall out. So who's the person who's in charge of taking the souls out?

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The Angel of Death.

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There is no proof at all that the Angel of Death is named as the law, there is no death. There's no proof for also the angel of death. He is not his one. But she can take the soul of so many people at the same time. And this is a unique ability that

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millions of people can die in the same time, while

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also the angel of death when he takes the soul, he gives it to another angels with him. If this saw among the believers, the soul will be taken through will be taken to paradise or it will be taken to it will be taken by these angels or the apostles on set. They have very shining face they're good looking, and they have a garment from gender, the foot of the soul of a disbeliever among among the bad ones, it will be sure to enter Kevin from the Hellfire comm check it out.

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He made in that whole fire. As for the believer, the prophets of Allah said that when the soul leaves the body,

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other the soul will travel all the way through the heavens. For the believers, they will go through and tell almost to Allah. And every angel said what a good smell. What's the end they will mention the name of this person who mentioned by the name that he used to love the most used to love the most

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asked for the wrong person disbelievers. The Gate of the heavens will be closed under to the left to be dropped there. The believer the soul will get returned back the process of them said the souls of the person will be above the body will be above the body.

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When the body will be taken to that grave when the body will be taken to the grave will not reenter the body, but it will be above it above it.

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And then when the person's will

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see the injustice coming to take assault. In this moment. The person who loves to meet Allah, Allah loves to eat. And when a person loves to meet a lot of other IRA or she hates to meet a lot of our hate to meet them.

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And that's in that moment. That's what this means. The moment the moment he will be giving the following

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buena long.

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Whatever she's

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to to do two things. Don't be worried and don't be sad.

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Don't be worried about the future. And don't be sad about what you leaving behind your back.

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And this is beautiful news, then the agenda

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Give them the glass diving of gentlemen the glamorizing of Gen.

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One, the person will be replaced in his grave, the prophets of

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the man as carefully as he as

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he will be approached by two angels, black and blue, Alabama, in as

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many notes, as our findings were nice to me.

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They said that his kin, or he's a black angel, like angels, and the eyes of the angels, or blue, his eyes are blue, or dark skinned between black and blue, but socially awkward knows the blue is a description for the eyes. And the black is a description for the look of that angels, and the profit performances in come to fennel nephew, boo boo, recoome, safenet and curry with a min or even visited the job that this trial of the grave is very similar to the trial of the fall Messiah.

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how hard the former former fire that's how hard this trial is. These two angels, which is so many hobbies, so many 100 came in, related to this while ask the person three questions. Who is your Lord? What is your Who's your profits? And what is your religion?

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Before that when the person was replaced in his grave or on her grave, the grace of Allah who have on the one hour in the grave is the person the Prophet Solomon, he very much consumed Basilica film, his daughter, when you get an individual for them full stack

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and you sit in

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the debt. And this is his own daughter. Also in the visa fandom. Definitely Unum and middle

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child, a child, formal and when he voted in individuals who were not in the company, no one

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asked for permission from a lot. He said the grip.

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And also he said Indian companies have one melona javelins. And then the gentleman has,

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if there is anybody can skip that squeezed that press of the grave will be sad to be more as the one whose funeral was witnessed by 70,000 angels praying for him. But still the press of the grave habitant nobody will be saved from this.

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And the person or the setup, he or she will be replaced in their grave. These angels come and asked

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and asked him

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and that was fantastic and so on. For sort of 14 verse 27 you'd have Vito long, Nadine.

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The county, if you hire

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almost half

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the believer with the right answers in the junior and in the junior in the grave. In the end the day of judgment in the Day of Judgment.

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These angels

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Well, they're known as mooncup. When a Ki Moon come when

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they known as mooncup, when a key

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in the individual, geometric and as well as the rock on you will fall to the moon Cup was how lucky so we know their names the moon car and Nikki

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and Nikki

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discuss the issue these questions are going to be directed

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to every person.

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This any people will be saved from these questions.

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Every human will be first of all, as for the Kufa,

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are we going to be asked or not the correct opinion? Yes, they will be asked.

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Yes, they'll be asked as it

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shows this over what they've been involved over to the movie, a CLT signal the performance of the US, but that's not true, they will be asked because also the one of veneration that the process woman said when sagittal federated Catholic and

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the Catholic massager will say I don't know what's the answer for these three questions.

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I heard some people saying that it's not. I heard some people say I've heard some people say a lot. Sorry, said it, I will say

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so. I didn't mentioned that the Catholic and since all of our

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With the mini agrico, as well, because Mohammed Hassan was sent to every, all of them to the Muslim and to the numbers, and if you became Muslim by accepting the Chicago, and

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also these questions will be directed to the soul and the body as long as as long as the bodies exist, if there is a body so the seats will be

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directed to the soul and the body and the body.

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And that's the opinion of the vast majority of the scholars.

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They also have a different opinion about is all the nations even nations before Muhammad's Islam will be asked the same questions in the the Christians, the Jews in the time of most people who died before us, are they going to be asked or now?

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students didn't know.

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He doesn't have an opinion about that show regimen said yes, they will be asked because if I was going to ask this oma also other oma should be asked as well than the older

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there is anybody who will be protected from these questions. She said for example, that profits will not be asked to squat these three questions in he choose that also

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ignore a masimo model Jana, female model

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of mistake.

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Also international advisory wire said the profits will not be asked this questions refer to the truthful ones that you had in the process, I'm sure he will not be asked will not face the fitness of the grave. In the midst of solid Sitka divided up the whole fitness. It's enough trial that you've been through, he solved this with his own eyes. So you will not be gone through that. Also Navy so someone said the one who died while he's protecting the border of the Muslim will mean and * and Nepal individuals under whom Mina can can be that persons who died while you protecting the borders, he will be protected from ultra tan unfactored the angels who are going to ask him in his

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grave and the Hadith in Sahih, Muslim and

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So, here

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we have we answered a question everybody wants to be asked this question or not, the profits are going to be facing the strands or other nations will be facing the strands are the Muslims and the Muslims alike would be asked this question. The last thing is that people also discovered was just what about uncountable beings?

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As we go to be asked this question,

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uncountable beings, such

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people who are insane

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few will go insane. Are we going to be asked this question? Anyone with new

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kids die? Or the ends are going to ask who's your Zoo prophet? Who's your prophet? What's your religion? Only two countable beings, countable beings.

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There is two opinion about this famous two opinion and I will

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not claim that he said that the vast majority of Anderson knowledge and an enormous shocker his his students and students, they all goes with the opinion Yes, they are going to be asked

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some of them No, they will not be asked they will not be

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there is a lot of debate about this, but the correct opinion that they are not going to be asked, because there is no point from asking them. But the first group who said that they will be asked, they will be asked. They said because I know this will allow

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us to pray janazah on the uncounted uncountable beings with praise and as children are not prisoners on people who haven't seen or not. And in general, we pray for them that Allah give them the gift them.

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So that means you can face the sickness. But the other group said no, that's not a correct opinion. Because Because

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we preach and as on them, because we want a lot to make it easy on them in the grave, not only going to be asked, because they're going to have the press of the gray. They're going to be alone in the grave. It is adopt the isolated, it's a new place you ask Allah to make this easy on them. That's the reason that you pray for them. Not because they are going to face trial. Every now

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Have is supported Gardner beyond nothing and also, in modern days have chosen this opinion.

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One of the throughout the process taught us and we as a Muslim should be, should memorize this and should read it even Paul says to say, if you didn't read it in your salad, you have to miss them.

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If you don't read this to her and you saw before you make sure to do so.

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And this is the opinion of false, which is a lump in Ruby coming up

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the math from in Chablis.

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They used to believe it is obligatory to say this in the salon.

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There is in the grace also punishments, the person would be punished

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if you're on a zoo?

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zoo, zoo, zoo

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A lot of people have Pharaohs, that in the day and the night they are exposed to the fire.

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And when the day of judgment comes, they will be taken to that most of your punishment. So that means day and night and dystonia were in their grave, they will be burned and they will be taken to the whole farm men

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are warning

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the people who know the drought immediately immediately we let them suffer and the fire and this is Tinder. Great Ender great.

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One Oh,

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Amy Vani Muna.

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Acre two bears

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in Korea to foster come

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to the zone.

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the angel will say to the transgressor to the wrongdoer. Today, today, you will suffer so it means the Day of the Dead, nobody of judgment that upon taking the souls out of their body. So that's where and death grave

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one in

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So what do

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we know

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about our recruits? Our first hour, punish them twice. Then later on, they will go to their most of their punishments. But the most severe punishment blades are office 205. So what's this? Why is

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the first one in the junior by the sorrow, that regret

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is that began to have in their hearts when we see them

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reveal when they see the slab, spreading and getting stronger and stronger in hypocrites, why would be waiting, they waited for a slab to collapse so they can show the cover for every time the slab will rise.

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Their wish of sharing the cover. While we worked hard, he said it's not going to happen slowly.

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So this is the first one, the second one the second one in the grave, because I never been punished physically, the fossils did not reach them, did not put them in jail did not kill them. There is no punch physical function in Julia. So what are the two methods

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The first one is a junior by seeing a snap revealing and getting success. The success has happened to the Muslims and the second time in their grave. Then later on, they will be taken to the whole flow we're

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the transfer grosser view will be punishment. June is less than that just referring to fire.

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So there is a punishment less than the alpha which is in the green

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which is in the grave as its

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said find a center for your long run home or model. So many of us have been have said that

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that's the verse in the Quran assuming

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that Hadith tilaka tomato man are we in the massager

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generally speaking nobody can see the punishments in the grief generally speaking, that's sometimes for some of the functions of the grief to some individuals or some in the ritual

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fight now, examples of what happened to the grave for the

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lies in the grave, the person will see his place in gender good smell, good fragments will come to Him and who am threes from gender

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who and bring prey in his grave? Could actions look like a good looking person to keep him company a glass sighting of things that happen to his family or children after his death, which is mentioned by Mujahid organoclay snazaroo who foshee from scenario and Musashi also

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the persons will be giving that

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Java Java series fairly full Selenium Hadoop. Yeah, I mean that math will work that from Jenna and his great as for the punishment that person see his place and how far

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or how to how far darkens the chin with the hammer until he turns or she turns to dust that then will be turned as the as was the fire is that kids will come in and

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look look like a personal very bad, ugly looking to keep you in the company or her.

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So this is some of what can happen to them and great

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what is the profits are some of them said most of the punishments of the grave have been because of urine, urine, known XII that

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is because you don't clean yourself properly. And this applies to both male and females. And also sparser that's because you don't cover yourself properly. you expose your our especially for a male to expose their our in front of people. Sometimes they don't care about that, because of the leadership, Karen and I extend zoom in and vote as the button and vote for Where can I step in and analyze the film and vote and in that person, the person and witness and so that he is punished in his grave. He because he doesn't cover himself when he urinating. Also scholarship when the person also will make the place 30 rounds and that's not allowed. That's not also allowed, or make the will

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there and we'll touch his clothes or her clothes without cleaning themselves properly after that. What no doubt one of the most important reason for people to be punished in the grave should be left to commit should hypocrisy, hypocrisy and

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backbiting lying.

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giving false testimonies,

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consuming Riba usury

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stealing for treating

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the person who break his fast before the time and Ramadan, the person who drank his clothes in the floor, out of arrogance out of arrogance, the prophets of Southern Vayner my job Roger on izawa, who is pushing for V for who is in auto v ny O'Neill piano versus walking with arrogance, dragging his claws with arrogance, and almost out of work punishing, but he will die. And he will keep falling to the core of the Earth coming up and down until the Day of Judgment they posted by

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locking up an animal and killing animal also killing animals for no reason. That's why I need some people to take this easy. He doesn't like the group puts the animal to sleep.

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Look for a shelter, which is where most of the animal for sleep. Don't kill it from just a default. You just don't go and kill the animal.

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Unless this will be harmful. What can protect you from the punishment of the grave actor she believes in almost

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no doubt one of the best way to protect us of good deeds, the process of selling us on art as a pm in late August.

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will protect you in your grave. From the punishment of the grave to spending the night guards in the Muslim border. Dinesh Shaheed dying by one of

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the dominant old owners dying on the night of the day of Friday, exciting slots and moves a lot about so 67 before he goes to sleep,

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no doubt that the fire and freeze and the fragments of the in the grave, different than the one we have in dunya. So don't compare them to each other, don't compare them to each other.

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The last one thing also, when the person is in his grave,

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as long as the body exists, as long as the body exists, there will be always a relationship between the body and the soul. Even though the soul is not in the body,

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even though the soul is not in the body, but still there is a relationship between them. There is a relationship between them. Now, when you sleep, the prophets, Allah subhanaw taala told us that when you sleep, your soul leaves your body. That's right. That's right. When you sleep your soul, that's all called mine of your soul, leave your body clearly in the

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fight. If this is the case, when you sleep and your soul departs from your body, there is a soul connection between the soul and the body or not.

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If this has happened in the mind of that, what do you think of the major of this, there will be still a connection between the soul and the body as well. As Allah knows, How's this? Well?

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What is the souls goals? First of all, we don't believe that the souls will.

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as Muslims, we don't believe that souls will

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cease to exist.

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We don't believe that something will fog that souls will not be exist, we'll just vent and it will die. No souls will not die. There is things are lucky to be in mortal, mortal,

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mortal or immortal, it means we'll never take the fight. So it's immortal, it will never die. So never, we'll never fit

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in more than one of it is the soul. Our money creators will never die will never die.

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Some sources know the death of the soul because almost everything shows first death, some sort of the death of the soul when it leaves the body. But that's it. So the conclusion of what is meant by death is leaving the body themselves can be said to die. However, if it means that the cease to exist, then this is incorrect, absolutely incorrect. Because the souls will remain, while not vanished, where the souls will go. Wherever the souls of the believer will go. This is an issue of he left. In the summertime, I said the souls are around the grave roaming surely on Earth, in general, as they get to go to the same place it used to be before. Can you assume you have opinions?

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What's the bottom line? What's their conclusion? The conclusion is a strong opinion that humans are in varying levels of belief and righteousness, the best the highest or

00:28:34 --> 00:28:36

who are the best of humans,

00:28:37 --> 00:28:45

and the prophets and messengers, and those will be in the presence of philosophy and over time, as the prophets of Southern says, allow

00:28:47 --> 00:28:54

upon the process and said, Oh Allah, I asked you the company of the most Allahumma

00:28:56 --> 00:28:58

is an MBA, I in our locker room.

00:28:59 --> 00:29:01

We have alumni, so again,

00:29:03 --> 00:29:12

what are their opinions on the board and you have to solve the problem. So the souls of the prophets and the messengers, and that sky in the time of the smart one,

00:29:15 --> 00:29:52

to the soul of the Shahada, the souls of the Shahada, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, their souls have cast inside Greenberg, which is the rest in lands hanging on a large throne, the fearly room through the agenda, then turn to their nest. And as reported by Muslim and another generation, the process of them said they are hanging on a land of gold hanging in the shadow of a loss thrown. So what is the Shaheed Sol goes where the Shaheed souls goes,

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goes cast inside green birds, these green birds where they live, they live in gold

00:30:00 --> 00:30:11

The lambs hanging on the shape of a loss parents are hand thrown. So what about the believers for the rest of the believers? The rest of the believers the prophets Allah is

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reported by an American astronaut. And Captain America The Messenger of Allah.

00:30:18 --> 00:30:25

Surely the believers soul is turned into a bird that sits

00:30:26 --> 00:30:41

in the trees of Jenna until a Lawson's to his body, on the day that it will be resurrected. In nanometer Minh far Iran, Iranian officials every region has huge

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00:30:44 --> 00:30:50

So the Shaheed his salt will be cast inside green birds hanging on

00:30:51 --> 00:30:52

the lamps on

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the last model, there is a movement, his saw will take a shape of birth to different will stick in the tree of gender. And so the day of judgment comes, then it will be returned to the bodies by

00:31:09 --> 00:31:18

some of the souls of the believers not all who are like that some of the believers souls will be at the gates of gender.

00:31:20 --> 00:31:24

Well, not resting on trees, not the gates who can stop,

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and so on, might allow them to enter. And the proof for God for the purposes of them one spray.

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And he said, who's from such and such stripe. And I mentioned analysis a lot, that he said, If you, if you will pay your brother debts, you have brothers or that person from your family or tribe, his soul stopped at the gates of Paradise, if you take his death, he will be taken to inside. So this solves software at the gates of paradise. Also,

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some of the souls will not interject.

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And this is the soul of the sinners. But the punished in the grave, as mentioned in the heartbeat of Obama has

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been president of the soul of Lawson and said, when the soul depart from the body, and the person was free of arrogance, stealing from the war voids and any death, then the salts of intergeneric possible. So that means if it's committed one of these gems will not enter general not enter gender.

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And it will be this you lost on the earth and it will be punished. And so it will be purified and sort of will view purified the soul of the disbeliever it will be somewhere on this earth Allah knows literally don't know what is it because unless parts Allah will not allow their souls to go through the gates of the sky The gift of the scan that is was mentioned the hydrogen massage or the Australian National level

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the soul stay until one day will come it will be returned to the bodies when this is there

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is a reduction day almost forgot told us

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for the room in

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They asked me about the souls the souls the matter of the soul the knowledge of which is only with my lords and of knowledge, the knowledge of it in the hands of my Lord. And the main kinds been given only a little off knowledge little off knowledge we don't have much of knowledge.

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Anyway, so yeah, and this is part of the word of the

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live in the bubble stuff and what's happened to it into the souls risks

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in the souls will be in that place until a day will come. We're almost trapped under the dead and inshallah that will be something talking about in the next lecture.

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