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To gather,

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who knows the name, outdoor quietly as he

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may have seen was a person unheard of an unknown about in history and he would have probably been unheard of and unknown about had certain things occurred in his life.

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He was in one of the island cities of Morocco, and the Berbers of Africa came to him come to the station to send us an IV to teach us religion.

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So they sent out

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and he is a molecule of pain and strict person that has been brought up in non strict religious guidance. So when he can cook the burgers, the burgers had compromised religion a little bit, you know, they used to marry more than four wives. And they used

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to have kept their culture and kind of mixed it with the religion. So when he came with a stone with just Skype

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for religious guidance,

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they didn't take too well to it. So they kicked him out.

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Now the chef back home, he was he was well off in Morocco, he had his students and he had his dogs and he had his hot baths, and so on, and he was kicked out.

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So the choice was to go back to Morocco.

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And admits failure to go back into the city and be killed or find another solution.

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So he decided he's going to go towards Senegal,

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and Africa. And he put up a tent there is the 10 robots, Botha.

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he sent a letter to the people that he had come to

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that if anyone wants to learn religion comes with it.

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And so Pamela 345 people can youngsters that we wanted them to be.

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And religion and Islam and

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taqwa and piety changes.

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So turn their hearts into

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this radio, you see these movies where they have this nuclear reactor inside the chest like that. And tequila was emanating from them. Imagine that in the desert, nothing but top line, obedience and nothing but nothing but learning.

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We're just busy with them.

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So when when Islam took hold of them, and when they started to shine with this, with this new light, they would come back into the city and take some other youngsters come and learn the theme. So slowly, the numbers increase.

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And over many years, many, many years, eventually, there was 1000 other tents next to the pencil fishing

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1000 tents. And in the wilderness of Panama is

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and in Mauritania, Venus didn't talk like that they're still called independence. And

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that type of clean, pristine lifestyle, you know, away from the filth and

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water brought about the stylism have sold 10s of people who

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pulled to the property and then more importantly, the important thing was that they had to be in

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the actual habits of these teachings.

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There's a difference there's a difference between learning there's a lot of people who learn but you don't see the learning and the deeds you but to be able to implement and this is telemedia this is what this what what is lacking what what wasn't the whole system

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was that when a chef told you about the law, he made sure that you learn and calculate that will go as the chef

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and step by step you did it. If you thought you solve them, you did it as he watched over you, you train from that it become part of your mind.

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We also

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know that it's not totally part of our lives. If I ask, like what do you say when you wake up for pleasure? What did what was the first appearance that you make isn't the same as that also, when you see that you know what, there was one thing to do?

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Save if you haven't had the idea to make it part of your life, and you come into the master go to the place of worship, you know that though how you were taught to actually do it know, what is missing is the actual, that idea that we need to be to, to, to, to train us to to bring us to inculcate the actual teachings into the lives. That's the magic. And he didn't have to live in 1000 tents in each tent. You know, there's five, there's five people, six people.

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And pretty soon This became a center of life in the center of IoT central

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learning. So there's the Berbers leaders came to him and they joined the movement. And when they joined the movement, this long tent plan to

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14,000 warriors

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and the 14 talks so people know because people used to come to them for their disputes. We have this problem, the strivers attacking little things.

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So one of the leaders

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of the book could have normal.

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He was the and the chef died, so he was in charge.

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So he decided there was some quarrel between two tribes locally, they came to him for health. So he went to solve the problem out and he took with him 7000 Wolverines, and he left use of the machine and in charge of,

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of the Morabito, of the Templar,

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you're in charge, and by this time, obviously, they had a system and have a government Islam was was being practiced as in the whole system of Islam, including its political, religious government.

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So this person went and went, he went salted, the, you know, made peace between the tribes.

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So he went in for taught them a stand, and they became Muslims. And when they became Muslims, they told him, there's another one. So he can go in

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and use us here, use the shade white and white. Did you know when there's that mural coming back, one year past and America, so he thought I can't sit here like this, you know, not doing anything.

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So he went this way.

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That one went to the tribes that like this one with this one.

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And same tribe, the tribe, all about all of us.

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And then after they said, if I forget the number, I think it's 11 is 14 to 11, is

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I'm up a lot could have normal can bank.

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And he saw that there's officers and this government, it's not that little 10th place he has lived that has grown to an actual country in a state

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and use of cannabis.

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he said I couldn't wait anymore, I have to go and do something. And now I counted it up the army of this government is 100 and something 1000 people.

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abubaker Adama told him fantastic, I will join why not with yours.

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a look at an old model has made a few peak levels, he has made 26 countries

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26 countries, all that part of Africa, Senegal, the old accomplishments at the end of him and he joined the armies together, how many people 500,000 soldiers from going from a tent and the scholars say when Allah places a wound on something accepts the respective house. It goes through time and space becomes huge.

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In the in the path of knowledge,

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the shape of this you know this. And also last week,

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one of the chefs wrote, it's so small that he didn't call it a book he calls at one o'clock

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baby number How am I doing? What are your pages, six pages, or seven pages, this seven pages is for those who have the shape of

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your own can centuries ago, but Allah accepted

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what just don't and Islamic history they are those who wrote these

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volumes is just one of these works, a grid of volumes on the three of us been published three volumes of this 800 volumes, he used to say, I think we and the Arabs have this book called gap. So between mark and Greg, I opt for COC. Because if I put it in water, I don't have to worry about to him, I can just swallow it. And I don't need to waste time doing

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it. So the huge works that has been left but this man just spent a few pages but accepted those pages. And those pages come to us today when you start. So the first thing that you study,

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you know,

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with the many of the features is this one out of the

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six pages, and that means the adjectives going to him you see.

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So I have come here and I'm happy to the nine every time I come and seems to be more aligned than right here when you sit in a little isolated place here. If Allah accept what is happening here and blesses it was Don't worry about the rest.

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Peace and blessings on you