Prophet Muhammad ﷺ – The Light In The Darkness

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Alhamdulillah kufr wa Salatu al Mustafa, while he was sabeti, he won many that we had de la Yomi la Cava bath.

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So they tell me that you need light to see.

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So that if I were to turn off the lines, or imagine, I put you in a dark dark tunnel, where there is no light, so that you're in total darkness, darkness to the level that you can't even see your own hand.

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And then imagine,

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I play certain obstacles in your path. So imagine I put a bit of broken glass here, and I put a bit of sulfuric acid there, and I put a scorpion here, and I put a snake there. And then I tell you listen,

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walks through this tunnel for me.

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And because you're in Gulf and darkness, and you can see your rights from your left, and you're trying to navigate blind, you'll start walking. But pretty soon I hear you scream. You'll scream when you get cut by the glass, you'll scream when you get burnt by the acid, you'll scream when you get stung by the scorpion, you'll scream when you get bitten by the snake. You're in pain and agony, you're being battered and bruised. Why?

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Because you don't have light

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to navigate through the difficulties of the tunnel.

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And in a similar way.

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We were navigating through life without live

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trying to go through the school of hard knocks

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and guessing

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we can through a lot of difficulties. Can you imagine

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looking for our Lord, we guessed that our Lord was a rock. So used to worship stones. You remember the days when we worship stones Muslims, because there was no line.

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Remember the days when we used to try to marry our sisters and bury our daughters. And remember the days when we were perpetually intoxicated. And remember the days when families war won and lost because of a gambling debt that we had to pay and that darkness we live. And in that darkness we try to navigate the challenges of life. And

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as a result of our guesswork, we suffered night and day

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until a lot of bull isaa in his infinite kindness centers aligned

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Allah Allah

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or the acoem min of law he knew very early they came to you from the majesty of Allah light. Light in this verse is in reference to the character of the majesty of the Rasul. So Allah sent us a prophet.

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I aligned to help navigate the challenges of life, to show us right from wrong, to show us our low. We used to worship stones so he can and freed us from those shackles and took us from the worshipping of creation, to the devotion to the one that created the creation. And if we were to give mountains of gold, in charity, just to show gratitude for this gift alone, we wouldn't be able to meet the requirements of this gift alone.

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And the rest of life.

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He showed us to be kind

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to look after the orphans. He taught us how to have humanity how to give sadaqa how to pray how to finance. He taught us right from wrong.

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He was the light that guided us.

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But when people are in darkness for too long,

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the eyes

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get accustomed to the darkness that darkness becomes normal to you.

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The pupils dilate you get a degree of comfort in that darkness

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and if someone were to come to you and flick on the light

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because your eyes are used to that darkness that light seems strange to you.

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So you try to resist that because it feels strange. And that's what happened to some when the guidance scam they found the slight strange the for unsafe Bell ijebu and a homeowner the roaming home and they found it strange that a warner has come to them from amidst them. A gi Lu, Li Hatton Illa hung

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in there unless you own normal job will they make the 360 idols that we worship these gods into one God, this is a strange phenomena. So they found this guidance, the slight strange, and then you saw them trying to blow it down. Because that's the same reaction that happens when you turn the light on to eyes that are accustomed to darkness. Their initial reaction is to try to avoid it, to try to shun it to try to shut that to try to blow it out. So the Koran says, you redo now, Leo tofi Ooh, la la, he beat up where he him, they wish to blow out the light that Allah has sent with their mouth, but a lot of bully Iser says what law humo Tim Monterey, but a lot of bullies will make manifest his

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light. A lot of bullies will honor an exalt his religion, a lot of but as we'll honor and exalt his profit, even today, you get people whose eyes are comfortable in that darkness, trying to blow out the sleight of truth. And so panela you even see leaders

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who are trying to distract from their failures of leadership by trying to insult or attack this divine truth that can. And in the process, I recognize the ones that causes a lot of heart ache and a lot of the stress to mine in your hearts as people who love and honor this profit, and who love and honor this religion, and who love and honor this way of life. So I tell you two things, the center me and Sharla, two things.

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Number one, the first diamond that was found

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in Africa, or in South Africa,

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was a little rock that kids were playing with.

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They didn't know its value, but it was shiny and lustrous. And a person saw it and was attracted by it, and asked to purchase it not knowing that it is a diamond. So the family that had it whose kids were playing with it, they gave it to him for free that this is a rock. And that was a diamond. And the biggest diamond found in Sierra Leone

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was a diamond found by a young teenager. And the teenager didn't know its value. So he gave it

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to the person he was working for. And it was sold for millions of dollars. The ones

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because the person who had the diamond in his grasp, didn't know its value with didn't take from the value of the diamond. It just highlighted the ignorance of the one who gave it away for such a mega price. And the same way those who don't know the majesty of the Prophet, those who don't give him his worth and his honor, they don't do this service to the Prophet. They do a disservice to themselves because they have a diamond that they don't know it's worth and its value. So that's the first one the ones

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feel sorry for

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Those who don't know your prophet and pray that a lot of bold Isaiah open their hearts and guides them to understanding the value of the man that came to save them. Secondly, the ones don't let despondency affect you because it is written where this religion will end up. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam says in Allah has our legal out for our eight or Masha or her one mo arriba a lot of Buddha Iser showed me this planet, and he showed me it's West, then it's east, and I saw the faith of my nation. Cover its east then it's West.

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And this religion will touch whatever the rays of sunshine touches. This is a matter decreed and written, documented, uttered by the prophet inspired by a lot of equalizer. Great things are in store for this Dean. So don't let a moment of people's inadequacy deter you don't let them depress you don't let them create anxiety on you Alhamdulillah that we have him as a prophet and Alhamdulillah that we have this as a religion. My Allah bless you may Allah guide you, my Allah God Jew, it has been an honor being with you keep your brother in law Selam Aleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh