Wahaj Tarin – Parent and Children Relationship

Wahaj Tarin
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Al Hamdulillah Hila de Theosophy Missa tee Samia simmer Tkv Russia. jeu de la caja de Rafi is decree moko Amrita de Lille borhan. Female smear zz oversee myka theory lava fron Jeremy lisanna de la Paul imoogi bit me MLF sun. Sorry I'll be Shadi de la de la de Biasi is so fun. What I shall do

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in love la hula hula sharika wash How do I know Mohammed Abu rasuluh

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my YoKai la Havas hula hoop Papa Rashad woman Silla her was hula hoops in a hula yo Ilana. What?

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I'm about to call of la junta Baraka wa tada yeah yohanna sutopo de como la de la comin FC wahida ohada minha best time in her marriage and Cathy ramen is

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what taco la hella de Luna v one or ham. In Naga her Karina are the Eco Moroccan Eva,

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my beloved brother and most respected elders, mothers and sisters. It is no secret that we are living in times of great change.

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humankind have reached technological advancements unimaginable just a few years ago. So today, technology links us to the corners of the globe. Yet that same technology designed to bring mankind together is failing to bring father and son together across a dinner table.

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So that the Father sits on his own little iPhone and iPad connected to someone else and the other end of the world and the sun with someone else. And this and along with other challenges are starting to put under stress the very social fiber that makes society and and that regards I wish to address the key issue today. And the key aspect of our social fiber and that is the relationship between parents and their children.

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Because whatever's happening today, although we are dismayed by it, we aren't surprised by it.

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The Prophet told us it would happen

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in a heartbeat known as Hades, the Jubilee in

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the Rasul Allah He of Baba Salatu, uttermost Islam is seated in a gathering and the US harbor there and a man enters the gathering. And Hobbes describes him or Julian Shadi, who does the very exclusively white God,

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very dark hair. So that there's an immense contrast between the whiteness, and there's no sign of fatigue or tiredness on him. And yet the US hub say we don't know him. So it means he should have been a traveler, yet there's no sign of travel on him. So he must be local, but no one knows him. So he can see that in front of the Rasool Allah He of Baba salatu wa tamata steam and placed his knees touching the knees of the Prophet, and he placed these palms on the eyes of the soul. And then he said, Dr. Mohammed solahart, and Mohammed.

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Tell me about Islam. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam answered,

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and when he finished the question I said, for that

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time was very short, so I can't go into elaboration. So he said, For that, you speak the truth. So the US hub, say we are perplex, you're asking and confirming as though you know the answer for why you asked them.

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And then he said, Tell me about a man. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam answered, the man said, For that, you spoke the truth. And then he said, Tell me about it. And the Prophet answered, and again, he said, for that.

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So then he says, tell me about the hour day of judgment. So don't assume said the questioner doesn't know any more than the one who is questioning

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or the one being questioned doesn't know more than the one who is questioning. So he said, for me, and Mr. Raja I Mattila told me it signs them.

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So don't assume said and listen

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and tell the the amateur are better. And thirdly, the AMA two are better when a female slave gives birth to her master.

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When a servant gives birth to her master Mahajan, Kalani in the shadow of the * says, This is in reference to Roku alleging

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that a time will come where the social fiber will disintegrate to the level where children will become obnoxious, arrogant, rude and cruel to their parents. Children are the one who you've given birth to will become your masters.

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And so Pamela has not assumed ever uttered what hasn't happened.

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And you see it today. Forget about and homes you see it in mainstream media as though it is being encouraged to rebel against your parents.

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And that's why I say we are despised but our surprise the Prophet said that would happen.

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Yet Muslims, it isn't a small issue. Listen, though Rasulullah is sitting in a gathering the Hadith is in the Sahih Hadith narrated by Abu Bakr Siddiq, Allah Han

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and he asks Allah una Akbar Al Qaeda,

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should I not inform you of the greatest of the major sins? So they said ALU Bella rasulillah inform us.

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So he said, an issue will be

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shared with a lot of bullet.

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Share with the volatile shell images and finally, Mercury associate associating another partner with a lot of Buddhism, making someone equal to the majesty of a lot of Buddha directing worship to another part of the ship. And it could be

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the most colossal sin between the heavens above and the earth below. A concept against which Allah Allah has just sent 124,000 prophets to teach you not to perform ship

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to teach you to make the towhee larochelle mudgee to direct worshipping Iboga to Allah alone, tala tala wa laqad Selena new Han illa comi sakala Jaco Marabou de la la camino a la Hina vagaro even in the time of newark new holiday his Salam came to his people what was his message or my people worship Allah alone? besides him there is no being worth worshiping what he learned in a home Buddha and to the people of God we sent who that is Sam Kala ko mirrabooka la comida Oh my people worship Allah alone, there is no being worth worshiping besides Him what Isla mattina home shaiva into the people of madeon we sent

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him his message Allah como de la camino, a la vida. All my people worship Allah alone besides Him, there is no being worthy of worship.

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124 hours Sal Nana rezulin and we didn't send a prophet except that he came with this concept that worship Allah alone.

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In lolly Akuma seen Allah hood in worship Allah in true sincerity and unify him and worship and Mike Allah alone and his tohave.

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10 commandments are given to musala his son,

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the first of the 10 commandments in the Hebrew Shema, Yisrael Adonai. Aloha, you know at night to Israel, the Lord thy God, the Lord is 113 centuries after Musa alayhis salam came they asked the math Master, which is the best which is the first of the 10 of the commandments. So he repeated Shema Yisrael Adonai eloheinu, Adonai, as trial that the Lord thy God, the Lord is one Allah is one, it is that there is no sin greater than associating a partner with a lot of Buddhas.

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In a human usually

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Rama Allahu alayhi wa who now whoever associates a partner with Allah, Allah will make gender haram for him.

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So the biggest concept in the heavens above and the earth beneath is the work

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of Allah and the biggest sin is to break the Toshi.

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So the Russell said the biggest sin shock would be love.

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Second, we're hula laden and this whole

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obedience of parents.

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After what, after the towhees have allowed a bulldozer. The second most important concept is

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to be obedient and dutiful and devout to your parents.

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And the greatest second greatest sin on the tongue of the Rasulullah. And this obedience of parents cannot solve Allahu alayhi wa sallam Mata Ki and Fidelis he was reclining so he said up and he said, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah wa Shahada to toe, Muslims Be mindful of false testimonies. Muslims Be mindful of false testimonies. Muslims don't give false witnesses and thus have say he repeated it until we wished he would remain silent.

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Do you see how big a deal it is? Listen to the verse. Allah Buddha says wakaba rabuka Allah tabuteau illa iya will be loaded in Santa and your Lord ordered that you will worship none but him and you will be good to your parents.

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In my opinion, ohana in DeKalb, Kibera Houma our Kayla, hula, hula, hula, hula

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if one of them or both of them attain old age in your Alon.

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Mia abou Ghana in DeKalb kebab huduma Oh, taco lahoma off, then don't say the slightest word of contempt to them.

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The scholars say if there was a word gentler and the language of love would have opted for that.

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Don't say you know if your mom told you, son, can you get get that water? No, it's okay. Sit down. Don't get it to me. Then he says. Can you get up? No, don't worry if she does this 10 times 20 don't say Oh, Mom.

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Make up your mind mom.

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Further taco lahoma off.

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Because you are

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a little baby.

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You cried at night she ran he ran.

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You dirtied yourself they clean?

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A little I I met a father.

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He told me he said oh stairs when my son gets sick. I wish that I had the sickness instead of him.

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Okay, who, who else in the in the creation has that type of devotion to a child to a to another human.

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But the parent

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and they're strong, they're young, they they're healthy. And they see you they see dreams for you, for themselves in you. And then now the dream grows up. And the dream starts to grow. And the dream starts to dark into a nightmare.

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And the same tree under which he was planning to set has now become a thorny bush cutting him.

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So now they're weak. They're all you know, your career is increasing. This is decreasing. Your muscles are building this is dwindling. They've become old.

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Their hearts have become soft. They don't have their own to rely on too much. So in this age, you're supposed to have the emotional intelligence to say, hold on. How do I make my parents not feel the slightest bit of you know, discomfort or sense of lack of importance of significance or trying to matter.

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Instead of this, you become arrogant and your voice grows loud and cocky against that guy is the one that brought you up on his show.

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What's the repayment of kindness?

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What a repayment of kindness. So Allah is the word fee. You see a lot of Buddha doesn't betray.

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So he has our jail ordered in Logan in DeKalb. kebab if they reach old age

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huduma Okay, father Taku lahoma don't say to them

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while 10 How to Homer? No, repel them what will lahoma Odin Karima and use the best of words towards them noble, dear father, respect that Father, see the heartbeat of the soul. You do not walk ahead of your father. This is the this is the teachings of the dean.

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You do not walk ahead. You don't sit in a gathering till your father sets.

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And today his society oblivious to the realities of the earth.

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And then olara lahoma Jana Hubble liminal Rama see you look at the metaphor you're a high flying Eagle. Lower your wings out of humility to your parents.

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Time is finishing off I will just mention

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once story in Sharla because there's not much time

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on Maribel, katabi Allahu anhu is the Sahaba of

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the second halifa of Islam. Guaranteed Jana whilst he walked on this earth, the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says the fall to Gemini and the agenda for either the three men that have been in front of me camera palace of pure gold

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pillows gold bedding, gold,

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you know, you buy a little ring for your wife and you walk on cloud nine I bought you gold.

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gold, because gold has has has an A law to it. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is dazzled by it.

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But in general, you see, so he says,

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Whose is this?

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The man have.

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So the angel said Lee Fatah Minh Porush,

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to one of the youngsters of polish. So the Rasool says for bornon to Annie, enter who I thought it's me, you're talking about the Polish I am from the Russell's from the Polish you talking about a another Susan is youth. And then, you know, I am the prince of the sons of Quraysh. So I thought it's mine. So for clarification, he asks who so the angel said, or modafinil.

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So don't assume instead, I wanted to go into it for the carto erotic. I remembered your hero, you know your protectiveness about your women. So I didn't go in. So Omar cried when the Rasulullah saying it is our min Guevara Rasulullah when I have honor with regards to my women concerning you or profit.

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So that is a form of armor established by us.

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Jamar epinal hapa when he was halifa. anytime he used to hear that the group has come from Yemen, he used to run out and meet the group.

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And he used to ask them a physical always abnormal

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is they in this gathering someone called always ignore and

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and he did this?

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And they will say no. And eventually he came to a group.

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And he said a physical always ignore me. Is there someone in your delegation who's always ignorant? So they said now?

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So almost said until always ignore me. Or you always ignore me. The man said none. So Omar said me more Arjun. So my main Quran from Morocco.

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Then from Quran, lo tribe and locality. He said now, yes. So Omar said, Can I be cabarrus for Bharat termin Illa. Mo there are gilham you had a skin disease, a skin infection unlock your juice, except the size of a coin. You said ma'am.

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So Omar said lacquerware leader Omar has never met him. Just like Elijah. You have another?

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He said Nam. So Omar says enough. Sameera Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I heard the Rasul say, you can do it you can always ignore me. Oh, Ma, I'm daddy Annie Lehman Mirage in some foreign canopy he bought us for me Illa mo de la who led

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Ron Omar there will come a time when a delegation from Yemen will come. And Mitch them will be someone called always ignore me. These are his characteristics. He's from Morocco, then he's from Quran. He had a skin affliction of lucky with him except the size of a coin. He has a mother. He is good to his mother. So what has Allah done instead? Allah Allah has made it up sama Allah Allah, Allah Barbara anytime always makes a dua every time always calls out to Allah, Allah Buddha, Isaiah meets the DA.

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So now to Omar

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to Omar Abdullah.

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The rasuluh says,

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if it comes a time that you meet him,

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asked him to ask Allah to forgive you.

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You don't

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Don't don't understand.

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Always is a therapy he's never met the lawsuit.

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No therapy can meet the dust on the feet of the Sahaba

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of Harper a different category

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to buy toolbag Lima Ronnie glad tidings to the one that saw me. Just the sight of the rasuluh sets you at a different level with the man

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that also set a time will come, you will be in a campaign it will be deadlock no one's gonna win, then a person is gonna say a fee. C'mon Rasulullah Is there someone in this gathering who has seen the Rasul Allah person will say, I saw him He says, Allah will give you victory because I missed you as someone who has seen me.

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This has shut off the Sahaba. So there's no there's no status question Omar. Omar is in the heavens, status whines high above. Then.

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Why is he he's never met dasun yet because of his obedience and kindness and devotion to his parents, Allah has given him the status whether as soon says Omar asked him to ask Allah to forgive you.

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So Muslims

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understand that a lot of Buddhism through your parents has given you keys to

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earn it.

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And don't think it's easy. They've grown old, you know, they become repetitive, they become tired they need it and that's the challenge

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and embrace it. And

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and let the heaven See you in your excellence. And for my fathers and elders and mothers. I have a plea as a young son

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don't make gender difficult for your children

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don't make dua against them their kids

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you know, I'm I'm still a kid.

00:22:17 --> 00:22:22

Have the heart that elders have overlook the

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the inadequacies and pray even in your time of most hurt for the success in this life and the success in the next because what law he in this success you'll be happy again and then their pain you will be in pain again. My alarm will save you the pain of this world in the next couple Toma Fulton taco has an item for me not law. When was the atom from enough see your shirt on? Oh dog law and Tomoko

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah hinomoto who want to start you know who wanna stop Pharaoh who want to study when are the biller? Himanshu rhodium fusina women say Dr. Marina de la, la vida de la la la la la la la sharika wa shadow Ana Mohammed Abu rasuluh manyata la hora Sula, who pocket Rashad woman jasola rasuna hufa in Hola, yo.

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Yo la se la his semi Oh la de ministry cuando regime in not la llamada eketahuna saloon Allenby Yeah, yo, hella Deena. amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Moses Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Abdi Carlos Rasulullah Mohammed. He was happy he would be happy to meet in cordon Abu salam wa alayhi wa sallam, or hematoma TV omake Abu Bakar wash the Humvee umbrella here Ahmad was the home of man wakaba whom it was Altima to say.

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Liliana Hamza tossa de la

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de la homophily la bas what are the Hema Pharaoh Tanga hirato Tina rotunda of La La feels heavy let the human body

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be a hub the home woman

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the home

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for me, Samantha Tina Luna home in a Luna home La La Jolla Maura Bella eaten by unhandled fashion it was moon Carnival Buffy

00:24:28 --> 00:24:33

was Corolla has come through yesterday bla bla bla

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bla bla bla who does not own como de la sala de como como Rockman

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