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I was stopped by this.

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I wouldn't post it

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type of approach that I went

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after this my first time going. This was many years ago.

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But I always loved horses but never been on a horse. And then we came here eventually and nagging, nagging, nagging, and eventually first year uni I ended up going.

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So I went horseback riding. I got there with the family, and you know, the brothers and things. There was maybe six or eight of us.

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And I was the most anxious to get onto a horse first so I went and there was another group there already.

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And they had their horses settled and there was one was settled without arriving. So she the lady goes, do you want to take this of course I want to take this I jumped onto the horse, but I've never been and also the different from cars. cars don't have their own brains Come on, go wherever they want cargo you 10 this way, of course, it's not like that he had his own brain he wants to do his own thing. So I got onto this horse. And

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I notice the horse is going and my family's being left behind. I can see I had bad movies at the

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So for two hours this thing was taken away. And the

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law was I couldn't find my family to deal with it. It was just following the guides to center the fight with the with the car

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batteries to go back to Canberra.

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I am seriously because he has his own mind. He wants to you can't force him if you're strong enough. If you're a better rider and you turn him and you force him to go that way he listens but I wasn't a strong right I was a weak right I was

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a novice, a beginner and

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the Beast did what they wanted to two hours late and was going

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in the same way.

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We have a beast

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the human body has its own yearnings and its own design as its own whims and fancies and

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beast has arrived. The ride is the heart

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and the Beast is is the body by beast I mean something living.

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So, the body will does

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it gets thirsty. So it goes gets water

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and it gets hungry. So it gets food desires

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passion, family and so on. And so

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associates with opposite gender

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this is this is the one soft

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the stronger the body gets, the more persistently it pursues its wants. So you see the world today covered with with pain. I mean, imagine this person sells drugs. Why is he selling guns? Because the body wants food. So he sells drugs to someone else. And that person suffers, his family suffers society suffers but he doesn't care this one that's seven because he just is satisfying the desires is only one so the body has needs and it has ones it has needs and it has greens so it satisfies its need and then greens development and a satisfies the greens I need to have this type of car this house How am I supposed to support a lifestyle like this apartment have money and not can't make

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money so I'll do this and and that's why you see countries occupying countries and teams robbing houses, and there's a lot of work as well but we are all feeding and strengthening the actual beast.

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And the stronger the beast becomes, the more the beast becomes heedless.

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The more the beast desires grow out, grow one scroll, the last scroll pride grows, ego grows, you know you go to whites, you pump iron, the body grows and then comes the arrogance. You walk a little differently when you know the shirts of your younger brother to figure out you do these things.

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It goes towards that

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this will be the suitable option.

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But all the while the heart is becoming weak or the heart becomes clogged and Ross every time

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since a black dot falls on the heart and when the black dots fall on the heart, you see it the first time you see

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this custom,

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normal through the heart, you feel remorseful, you feel sad, you want to follow them. And if you repainted a colon and made it over in this part of law, removes the doctor under half of its natural state of cleanliness. And if you don't have second word for when you sin again and eventually the heart gets clogged and distrust like substance also panic and then

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we can move

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on we'll cover the heart the thrust will cover the heart that it was sending it will do right and it will not feel the difference because it has been closed from the mercy of

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the hearts becoming weak.

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All the time.

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And when the alarm comes, and for me, you are hungry last loud can

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come and

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out loud explains why he has given us the Fastpass of Harlan.

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new political law

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that we have prescribed the fast one new as we did on the nation's before us so that you can gain that power. But before going into politics explain that what is

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the kind of woman you have been given a lot here even have been that will

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wash out on the video so nobody will send them in.

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Aqua una.

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Una cola is here that Boise it's in the Ha. So the monitor from Oman wants to produce taqwa and pathways in the heart. So as such promobot is here to strengthen the heart against the beast.

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And let's describe what pathway is that up above whatever of your left hand what this stuff was. So he said, Have you ever walk through a thorny path? a pathway? There's lots of phones? He said, he said yes, it was what did you do? Because I was very cautious. I wrapped up my gaps so that the phones don't catch the world. And I was very aware and cognitively through the bones so that I don't get Captain you know, touched by the bones. Because that is step one.

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To go through life, cautious, aware of the commandments of Allah, about the temptations that come in your way and to navigate through the slides, being our conscious and our way so that everything you do you say What does Allah want me to do? And now let's look at Ramadan.

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Ramadan is about tequila. So it is about making the heart conscious of its sloth at once to make the heart aware of its mass become a reality in the heart. So here the throat serves. What's the

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water Hello? What is Hello, you don't need you know the halon Committee to go and stand on the water.

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Water is hot. But now that that has become hot on for you. Because Allah says don't drink from this time to this time. So you want the waters there. So what's stopping? What Why are differences?

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Do you see how Allah Allah, ah, let him speak.

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I love this show and hear his voice there and shouting

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on the members in the future.

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the heart keeps on saying, Let's eat alone. The body says let's eat but the heart size but

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and this makes a lot of reality in your minds.

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constantly trying to holla that there's no money. Now the Master said this. How to stop. Your wife is Helen Allah says no.

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Food is

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the heart starts to get exercise in controlling the body. First of all the heart falls in the obedience of its master through the obedience has gained strength and then it learns to control the beast which is which the heart is from

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And you do this for one month

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all the daylight hours of the day.

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That does wonders if it's done properly.

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Praise me.

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Peace and blessings on you.