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The importance of shyness and fear in Islam is discussed, emphasizing the need for people to be mindful of their body and thoughts to avoid negative consequences. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting one's body and not allowing others to use their bodies. The use of sexual language and drama in one's life is also highlighted. The importance of protecting one's body and not allowing others to use their bodies is emphasized, as well as the use of shyness and fear in shyness and anxiety.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he Salalah Ali Salam, Salam Bish, roughly Saudi cilia embryofetal aka tamilisai Any of our holy super Hannukah la Mulana Illa Allah antenna in NACA and tal Alima Hakeem, welcome back my dear respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam and everyone who's watching to our daily series of lifestyle, our lifestyle as believers. What does this lifestyle look like? What are the concepts and the teachings of Islam that we wanted to revive and bring back to our daily lives in sha Allah, Allah and today's lifestyle is called El higher, or as loosely translated bashfulness or some people

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translated as modesty, but actually the word I'll hire is way broader than that. But before we get started in sha Allah if you're watching whether on while Ibrahim Facebook page connect Institute global or connect Institute Karachi or live Dean Facebook pages kindly share the video with your circles so that we can shell out together share the rewards remember this the last 10 nights of Ramadan and masala Tabarak Allah, the good actions will be multiplied in Ramadan in general, let alone the last 10 nights in sha Allah may Allah subhanaw taala reward you all and may Allah prolong our lives until we witness and obtain and gain the award of little cub, the Night of Power Armenia

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from the Alameen

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today I wanted to start with a beautiful narration just to show the importance of this beautiful concept of higher the Prophet sallallahu sallam said I'll hire all mineral Eman will Eman who fill Jana will buy their mineral Jaffa well Jaffa Finn. Now the prophets Allah Allah says higher or bashfulness stems or springs from Eman so there is no one without you know there is no one without a man who does not have higher power. So if you have the Eman immediately higher will springs from that beautiful Eman from that ground faith that is rooted deep in your heart. So the proof sauce I'm saying that Hyak comes from Iman and Eman has no space but Jana Eman is in Jana the process and

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literally stated and he said he continues and he said obscenity is from rudeness and rudeness is in the firewall I have to be like so so my brothers and sisters the brothers are selling is telling us something very very important here. Then the opposite of hire is rudeness. When you are rude to others when you display rude qualities whether in public or in secret or online or on site or towards your parents towards your friends towards your colleagues. Once you display that rude attitude, be careful your ad you are at the verge of hellfire and villa. So here we are told that Be careful hire is something that is of high qualities when it comes to behaviors and manners and

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attitudes be absolutely vigilant that's why the prophets Allah Allah and Samson and Iman Budokon was an owner shorba the prophets Allah Allah and said I'm so Eman consists of 70 plus, or 73 plus, plus of, you know, branches 73 or 70 branches

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and I'll hire is one of them. So the the process of selling did not list all the branches of faith. He but he singled out and he named hire two shows to show you the importance of such a manner. Now higher is defined as follows and this is something really important also because many people think that higher up means shyness. I'm shy, you know very passive person, but that's actually untrue. Shyness on its own is a negative quality. Because shyness means a person does not take the necessary action. Even though he is capable of such actions he's unable to speak although you have the knowledge, he is unable to present something beneficial to the community, although he is capable of

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doing so. That's passiveness and that is something negative, of course but bashfulness or higher is something broader than that. So what it means it means

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feeling of shame in your heart and uneasiness in one's heart and mind about doing something that is displeasing to others. Fantana Allahu Akbar. Is this higher? Yes, absolutely this hat. So higher. Remember this higher and Taqwa are very closely related. And it's the karma are very closely related. We will go in depth Inshallah, about the definition. But this is something very important if you did not watch the episode of Taqwa and it's the karma, please scroll down those pages that we mentioned earlier, or visit the AWARE Academy YouTube channel for the entire program in sha Allah Allah, but this is the importance of higher that it does not mean just shyness, it means feeling of

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shame deep inside your heart, and this comfort, uneasiness about doing anything which is displeasing to Allah subhanaw taala it was sin,

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that higher contains

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several, several, you know, to be to be someone of higher towards Allah to be someone of higher towards the Prophet SAW Selim towards others and so on. But they said towards Allah in particular, it was said that you should be mindful of your head and what it contains meaning your thought patterns, your thoughts, if you do not, if you do not control them, they will lead you to behaviors. And if these thoughts are negatives, the behavior too will follow on become negative. So they say higher is to be mindful of what's in your head and mindful of what's in your stomach. You know, what's in your, in the, to be mindful of the stomach and what it includes now the stomach ear or

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allow, we are, it could means the belly itself the stomach, where you drop food in, and or your heart, the emotion patterns that we go through, or the intelligence because the heart doesn't mean just emotions and love and stuff like that. It also means the intelligence Yeah, our our thought patterns as well. It is very, very connected to our mind. But more importantly is what we eat. That leads also the behavior they said it is you what you eat. That's why we are given Ramadan one whole month, training to abstain from food and drinks from the dawn to sunset, why to become self discipline person. And number three to remember death and the trials in the game. This is to part of

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your your higher towards Allah subhanaw taala and to desire the hereafter, and to abandon the glittery life or the word that we are living in. And that doesn't mean we neglect it in in a manner that we don't do anything about our dunya because Allah subhanaw taala said we're not on Sano see Bukka minute dunya don't ever forget the portion that is being provided for you in this dunya rather it means that the main focus should be the hereafter and this dunya should be a vehicle that will deliver us inshallah safely to gender to for those mean your Blarney.

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Also, part of the definition of the word higher is that it is derived from another word, and that word called Higher, higher means life Subhanallah and our scholars said just as rain, rain is called life because it gives water to all creatures to survive higher to the person without higher is like a dead person. My brothers and sisters in stand this is one of the most important qualities that you must adopt as part of your lifestyle. Over the habit of the Allah Anwar Allah He said, The person who has little higher, so he's still having higher in his heart, but it's a little bit of it, which means what which means we need a lot of it Subhan Allah so He said the person who have little

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higher, have little fear of Allah subhanaw taala if you are not shy, or if you are not shameful of doing what is wrong, then you will have no fear of consequences, and the one who have no fear of Allah subhanaw taala his heart has died already. So be careful. That's why the prophets Allah Allah, Allah Selim in another nation, he said, either Alain Testa, he does not mesh it, if you do not have that feeling of higher in your heart shame about doing the wrong in front of Allah knowing that Allah is is overwatching you then you can do whatever you want, whatever you you pleases. This is very, very, very serious, of course.

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So the scholars also told us that higher is the characteristics that differentiate between human beings and animals Allahu Akbar, so animals does not have the same feelings that we go through. You may see

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Do dogs and cats on the streets, you know meeting each other

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in public, why? Because they don't have that sense of higher. And that's why when you start behaving in the same manner what I have the black means what? That higher has been taken away from your heart, may Allah protect us all. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, every religion, every way of life has its distinct characteristic, and the distinct characteristics of Islam is higher, Allah will look how important this concept as a way of life and a lifestyle for the believers. Now, as I mentioned earlier, higher and shyness are completely different. To be shy is to be hesitant. To be shy is to be worried to face certain situations or some people may be some people who are more

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learning than you. So you are afraid to face them, although you have knowledge but you are worried about that on way or when you are when you are placed under the spot, you get a little bit you know, butterfly funny feelings fear in your heart so you don't do what you've been prepared to do. And shyness usually is a natural consequences of that particular fear or weak person personality. So it's actually a negative thing for Muslims. It's sort of the Allah our law, it shall be alone or law. She said something very important. She said, Rahim Allah when he sat at Medina, she said, may Allah have mercy on the people of Medina, their shyness, which means what they were also shy, their

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shyness did not prevent them from understanding the religion. They used to go to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and they will start the conversation by saying in the Allahu Allah staminal Allah does not even shy from the truth. And then they will ask about very sensitive topic topics like wet dreams, like this charge of pleasure during you know, dreams during sleeping, and they will ask these questions in public meaning in front of the Prophet SAW Selim his wives and the people who were in the presence of the process Allah they will not feel shy to ask questions that will provide them with the necessary knowledge to practice the deen. So there is a huge difference

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between being shy a passive person and absolutely a person of higher who feel ashamed of himself in public or in secret to do anything that is displeasing to Allah subhanahu wa

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IGNOU manager It is reported that when Allah wants to perish a nation, he removes her from de la hawla wala Quwata illa Allah that again, this is this is in conformity with the Hadith that we mentioned earlier. If you are not having higher you can do whatever you want. And once higher is removed from that person, you will find him nothing but detestable people will start hating that person and once he became detestable, honesty is removed from him. Honesty transparency, truthfulness is removed from them, and once honesty is removed from them, you will find him nothing but a traitor while he is no dear. Once you find him nothing but a cheater, Mercy will be removed

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from him. Once mercy is removed from Him, you will find him nothing but a damp and a curse personal as a biller. May Allah protect us all your blood, I mean, look, my brothers and sisters in Islam, use of Allah Hassan,

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one of the people who symbolizes higher Subhan Allah, he was a very young man, he was at the peak of his younger years youth, right? Number two, he was given half of the beauty of this universe, I want you to jot down these notes to understand the challenge that use of Ra Ali salaam went through. And because of his higher he was protected, because of the level of hierarchy he has in his heart, and how shameful he he would have felt if he followed his desires. So you can understand. So number one, he was too young in the peak of his youth. Number two, he was given half of the beauty of the universe so everyone is after him. Number three, he didn't know.

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When was he going to get married? He didn't know he didn't have a plan. Number four, he was stranger he was in a strange land. So even if you do Zina, well I have to be land. May Allah protect us all. He was in Egypt and he was not from this land. So nobody really knew where was his background and so on and so forth. Number five, he was a slave. Meaning he must obey his master at that time, right number six, he was seduced by one of the most beautiful ladies in town. He was actually seduced.

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You know, she went into that room and she brought him she she dragged him in and she locked the doors from inside from outside. She brought guards. She put the guards outside she ordered them not to allow anyone to come in not to allow anyone to exit. Can you imagine? And she was there number seven, she was there with him day and night she was, you know, like acting like his mother. Right number eight.

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She was a very powerful lady so everyone rich, so everyone would follow her, you know, would follow her.

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Her lead meaning like if she said something bad about use of ice and they will believe her because she was very, very powerful lady. Number 10. She threatened him to send him to jail. Either you do the Haram or you will be in jail. Allah says in the Quran about use phi Salam wa Oh, that will let you who are free fee by Dr. Neff. See he will halacha till EdWeb we'll call a title. Paola, the language in surah. tussock is just beyond any thoughts or any imagination that she was the one to seduce them.

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What Aloka till EdWeb and she secured all the doors with all the title and she told him Come on all yours. Look at this. A very free invitation for a young man. Very handsome. Subhanallah very handsome. And that's why Subhan Allah alim, when when she called the women of the Medina who blamed her she said that she went mad this lady she went mad, you know, she said, all that fidelity can the lovey young to none ni fi, this is the guy this is the man that you blame me.

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When I tried to seduce them Subhan Allah Ali, she said, look, look at them, they cut their hands with knives. When they saw the beauty they said this is not a man this is an angel. Look how beautiful he was my brothers and sisters Islam. When she reached him when she approached him she said, he said Allah ma the law in the whole rugby us and MS way, he said no I seek refuge now. Now I cannot run anywhere the room is very small. I only can run to Allah by asking Allah to protect me Parliament Allah I always will be laying the sheer volume. And now Robbie he is my rob my Lord, who asks and and a flag. He accommodate me in the best way possible. He brought me from all these

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strange lands. He brought me from my land from the from the well I was almost going to die. And he brought me to this you know Castle, how could I? How could I you know, betray my Lord you can be betrayed Allah subhanaw taala. And it also can be a reference to his master, the person who brought him and he brought him up in his home. Full time I've been told about are the Allah Allah, Allah and she came to embrace Islam. She came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to take the shahada, he told her you must you know, bear witness that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah and that me is the messenger of Allah and you do your prayers you do this you do that he kept on listening are

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the five pillars of Islam and you say an eye and you must not commit Zina. And when she heard the word Xena, she put her head down, in in all higher and She covered her face she felt so shy, to even hear the words in front of the prophets Allah Allah Ania Selim, and as a result, the Prophet SAW Selim admired her hair higher, admired her level of shyness,

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Salah Allah, Allah Muhammad SAW Salam who taught us this beautiful manner, the prophets Allah Allah SLM was described, you know, his hair was described like a virgin in her wedding night behind the curtain, you know, very shy to meet her husband. This is how the bras are Salah was ashamed of doing something or saying something that is this pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala even words even found language, that shall be Alon or law said Mercan are suitable line line and wallet fashion whatever the the Prophet SAW Selim was not a cursor was not a use of foul language. He never used those foul language. Why? Because we used to feel shy not from people but from ALLAH SubhanA wa HRD. Allah

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Allah she said, where the Prophet SAW Selim was buried in Muhammad SAW Salah both of them were buried, she used to go there freely and sit without hijab because it was her father and Mohammed Salah Salem, her husband, but after all are the hotter the Allah one or Bo is very next to them. She used to go with her hijab on why because Omar was not a Muslim to her

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He's dead. But that's how the level of higher was among the companions of the Prophet Muhammad Salah lives and now there are seven points that can help you in sha Allah elevate your level of higher inshallah and enhance that level of high in your heart and your mind. Number one my brothers and sisters that style and I would just list them down without details in sha Allah. Number one lower your gaze when you look at something that disturbed you sexually or disturb you in any way or form just lower your gaze and maintain it, you know guarded otherwise your stares can lead you to something haram and if you did not listen to have the loss or the episodes of lowering the gaze

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please go back to the previous episodes in sha Allah. Number two, close the doors of temptations don't ever open any doors for temptations that might lead you to death which is haram chatting with the opposite gender unnecessarily. I know of many people who will be chatting with the opposite gender without any necessity avoid all of that because that can lead to a lot of you know drama in your life that you don't want to bring into you know not only your life but the life of your children the love of your wife the life of your you know relatives you don't want to bring these drama into your life. Number three, dress modestly whether you are a man or woman if you are a

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bodybuilder Brother, please try to wear something loose. So it does not shape you in a manner that can attract the opposite gender towards you. And as well of course our dear sisters you must observe your hijab properly including you know the ears, the neck, including not exaggerating in applying makeup and the like. So dress up modestly. Number four my brothers and sisters in Islam if you are met single get married quickly or die fasting so exercise fasting inshallah if you are not yet married so that Allah subhanaw taala helps you to curb your desires and maintain your modesty. Otherwise please find a spouse in sha Allah time.

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Number five know the reward of those who resist evil, those who find their temptations, those who invite harm like Allah Subhana Allah and the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said, seven people will be or seven categories of people will be sheltered under an under allah shade on the day where there will be no shade except his shade. One of these categories is a person who was invited by a lady who was so beautiful and he said in a half a lot of baloney and I fear Allah the Lord of the word, and this can go the other way around as well. If if if a man was inviting a lady for haram and she said no, I fear Allah subhanaw taala so it goes both ways. You will be sheltered under the shade

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where there will be no shade except Allah shade. Number six, repent quickly whenever you do something wrong, repent quickly go back to the episode of tilbyr for more details and seven dua dua DUA and again, there is an episode that we have dedicated for God get back to it, and also get motivated by stories of those who resisted temptations and resisted evil May Allah subhanaw taala grant us a heart full of higher a mind full of higher and may Allah Subhana Allah make higher is one of the manners that we will meet Allah subhanaw taala with and he will be pleased with us for demonstrating in throughout our lives I mean Allah blonde Amin does that love Hiram before you go

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one request, please share the video with everyone may Allah subhanaw taala reward you for your good actions. And don't forget I have this weird Academy channel. Go and subscribe if you didn't already does that allow hyaluron Subhanak Allahumma the Hamrick Nash Hello. Hola, Illa Illa and Mr. Soroka I want to do like a Santa Monica. live again.