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Jumuah 13th October 2023, 27th Rabi ul Awal 1445, Islamia Masjid, Cape Town, South Africa

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al Hamdulillah Hillel de Mille Habib al mackaninee Varma Isla me Billa Marine in one asleep for Subhan Allah He led the Hikmah to who believer tune ye mu because he Wanyama who was sila tune Ilya Colusa leading with Kebede when he said to Allah ilaha illallah who was the luxury color who fina theory was good to me. When a shadow Anessa you then our Maulana Mohammad Abu rasool Allah the Madonna Vicki Toby money or the ANA Illa Allah He built in 30 with TBC sallallahu alayhi wa early he was Sufi Madame Attica workable to see it I'm about to forgot to call Allah Who Tabata Kota Allah Phil Quran emoji they will Farrakhan in Hamid arugula him in a shaytani

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R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Walter, he know Walter has a new one Tamil alone in coon meaning Sadhak Allahu La Vie him, respected scholars, brothers, elders, listeners viewers,

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given the very critical time through which the Ummah is passing, and the strain on which the entire Ummah finds itself, I would like to devote my address today to two messages primarily. But of course, in the discussion of those two messages, we would also factor in many other relevant points in this regard. The first message is that regardless of the odds against a Muslim in an individual or collective state, it is part of the rich teachings of Islam, that we never allow despondency to paralyze and incapacitate us.

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So we need to be cognizant of the fact that there are many battles that are fought. There is a psychological warfare. There is a physical combat, and the worst that could happen to any Muslim across the globe is to fall prey to that psychological onslaught. Ibn Muldoon, the great historian has written physical defeat never marked the end of a nation, but psychological defeat marked the end of a nation.

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during the times of trials and test and affliction, just when you trying to keep your head above water, and you trying to keep all the sailors on board, and you trying to avoid the vessel nudging another nice ice block, suddenly you hit with a tsunami.

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And again, you're trying to motivate and inspire and invigorate when you struck by another tsunami. And I always find it telling in this regard to take a cue direction, navigation and strength from the tail and the narrative of Jaco Valley his Salatu was Salam that when his children came to him, and they said to him that you know what, the wolf has devoured our brother and of course having the foresight and the vision and the fortitude of a navy, he knew this was a lie. This was blatant, this was a fabrication. So he said to them, but also let let GM and for SOCOM Umrah This is the tail that you have crafted. This is a line that you have invented for sub Bruun Jamil at this moment, Allah

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wants to test how I conduct myself, and I'm going to display that which Allah wants from me and that's patience. And of course, his passion, his concern, his hope for his son, for the reunion was unwavering.

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years have passed, he tells his children, ya Bernie, the Hubble for the House says Oh, me use of our three. Oh my children. Go look, search and try and find your brother. And don't despair from the mercy of Allah.

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You got to appreciate when a person himself is on the receiving end of the test, and he inspires others. That is the real definition of hope.

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There's a proverb in a language that goes as follows. It is only the one who loses his duvet that feels the cold.

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The one who loses his duvet fields the cold. But can you imagine the one who lost

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He's doing way he's comforting others against the cold

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Jacoba Hello, he's salatu salam was on the receiving end. He's telling his children Don't despair.

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Today this has become a common phenomena where people surrender and they just give up they just crumble.

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And by the will of the Almighty the test and the Thrive takes a new turn, as the children go in the search of Yusuf of a youth geography Binyamin wakad Fuji ifI use of in Allah and Allah Alayhi musli. But then by the will of Allah Yaqoob alayhi salam is tested yet for the second time anticipating the return of use of Allah then test him by taking Binyamin away.

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When Binyamin is taken away, one of the other children say You know what, I don't have a face to come back to my father. So I'm not coming back because I don't know what to tell him. He Ruggiero ala be confer colo ya Urbana in Urbana Kasara. One Manisha hit the point and I don't want to digress into this here is the hope of Satana. Yaqoob is unwavering. It's relentless. He's optimistic of the return of his first son. The test of Allah intensifies and the second son goes, the second goes his his conviction is third relentless, the third one goes, but ultimately Allah brings them all back to him.

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Abdullah bin Mossad, Ravi Allahu Anhu said, in a nutshell, if you want to know the formula of salvation, it's two things and contrast that if you want to know the recipe for disaster, it's two things an idea to fifth and attain Walhalla to fifth and attain two things and you will attain salvation, you will be victorious. Number one, a nega. Make sure your intention and your motive is pure, clean, noble and wholesome.

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Often today, the best of individuals start off on the greatest of intentions. But quick onto the journey, there is dilution of endeavor, there is contamination of motive, it then loses it way and it was off the road. So it started the fine that the forefathers and the founding fathers of that particular institution or organization, you know was established with a great vision. But unfortunately, there was dilution and that's why it wheels off the road. So a Nia The first thing is good intention. Number two Taqwa fear Allah, Allah you know why Allah has a new terminal are alone in containment, meaning and do not fear while after he knew. Do not lose hope while at the has a new

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do not grieve were unto Me alone You are dominant, you will be victorious provided you are genuine believers will die by him. McMinn Kelly Quran men fear Giotto rally been a head coach here Kasara Iman men, the promise of victory is unequivocal in the Quran. If you not attaining that promise, the deficiency lies in the level of your faith and not in the declaration of the Quran.

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When you've got to go back to assess, are you going to leave assess say that I'm going to the Allahu Anhu was in the throes of death. Those around him started crying. So you asked him my YubiKey goon what makes you cry. So they said NetKey Ireland mill levy and unerring demotech We are crying because with you goes a chunk of knowledge. So you said Surely I am going and with me will go the knowledge that Allah has given me but remember the Quran and Iman will remain till the end of time. And then he made a very very profound statement. He said for our early though I ll Kitabi, kolel Calamy wala da who Allah che immunol kala me analyze and critique every piece of information through

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the lenses of the Quran. And don't critique the Quran through any other lenses. In other words, subject your research to the findings of the Quran and don't subject

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The Quran to your findings.

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The Quran is infallible, you are fallible, I am fallible, the Quran is impeccable. You are brimming with flaws. I am brimming with Follies.

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And then he went on to say that two things would result in the destruction of the ummah. Number one is and unfortunately today, we find ourselves in that sad state where both have plagued us. Number one, Al Knute despondency is just a sense of lameness. What happens when you become despondent? I'm not talking of the the medical implication and how it creates a sense of lameness, weakness, lethargy in the body, but automatically you become, withhold and restrain from executing your very duty of the moment.

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Once you become psychologically destroyed, and this is a systematic plan, to create that, to surrender, reflect for a moment, reflect for a moment, we live in a world where despondency people have given up hope. Depression is plagued everyone. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the authentic hadith have taught us that a sneeze is from Allah.

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And the yawning is from the devil.

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So when you yawn, it's a devilish thing. And for the record, you need to know the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his entire life never yond

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam This is mentioned, you know unanimously the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his entire life, never yawn. And of course, he said Allah Allah was him sneezed. So the Hadith teaches you when you have a yawn, suppress it.

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And when you have a sneeze of course express it read relevant to as surely be conscious have the social etiquettes and values you don't sneeze on any person. You are cognizant of that you read the Torah bless you your hammock, Allah, Allah de Kumala, etc. In fact, did you know

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Allah puts the Hadith in my mind?

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carnally. Aleut

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Yatta are Sona Anga Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the yahood used to come and sneeze before the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam hoping that the Prophet of Allah will reply to this needs and say, may Allah have mercy on you, because they knew in the hearts of hearts, this is the prophet of Allah.

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Read the narration.

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So in other words, when you sneeze sneeze there because when that man is going to say your hammock, Allah the blessing is just going to be something else. But the prophets Allah is amused to say hola como Allah, May Allah guide you

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how strange you will find people suppressing a sneeze, which is contrary to medical and religious and a person will vent his yawn.

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on the lighter side of things, what's the definition of a yawn? The only time a married man gets to open his mouth.

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on the lighter side of things, what's the definition of a yawn? The only time a married man gets to open his mouth.

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So here's my analogy. If the Prophet of Allah said yawning is devilish and a sneeze is from Allah, Allah Akbar Soo Min Allah what the third oboe Mina Shavon why? Because when you yawn, you allow for laziness. What's the definition of laziness? The habit to retire to bed before you are tired.

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The habit to retire before you tired. That's laziness. That's inaction.

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So if, if a yawn has been classified as devilish Can you imagine what despondency will be in its level of devilish influence?

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One simple everage common regular yawn and the Prophet of Allah said that's definitely suppress it, contain it blocky because he's gonna make you feel lame, lethargic, and it's contagious. Those around you are gonna start yawning whatever and the teachers gonna close the book go man, we live in a world now you know what?

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Respect the classroom manners, you know, be silent. Others are sleeping.

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That's that's the classroom manners today, like, be sensitive, some are sleeping, you need to be cognizant about them. So one person yawning has a negative effect. I'm saying on social media. If you throw out a

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a negative comment of psychological defeat, can you imagine the negative effect it's going to have.

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And the second thing which is mentioned, that results in the destruction of the OMA is a Rajib. When every person becomes impressed, self opinionated, and obsessed with his personal view and stance, that's the time this OMA will be destroyed, and look around you. That's exactly what it is. I've said this and 18 times, the definition of unity was never consensus of opinion. But the definition of unity was always respecting the diversity of opinion, and living with tolerance and understanding within the framework and the legislation of then

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when we call for unity, we don't call for consensus of opinion.

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We call for respect amidst the difference of opinion within the structured legislation of the team. Okay.

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I always say, regardless of what plays out in the world, you will definitely find a cue and an answer and a solution in the Quran, provided you look properly. You ask your child, you know, just look for my key that No, it's not there. And then precisely the place where he said, it's not there, his mom comes and finds it exactly there. And what's the issue you didn't look properly?

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us that at times, in battle, in campaign in war in expedition, Muslims do face some setbacks, some apparent defeat, apparent that's the word and Allah speaks of five reasons why this happens from time to time.

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The first of the Quran

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chapter three, Surah, Allah and Ron first 140.

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So let's go through that. That was the first point and then I want to touch on the consequences and the repercussions of tyranny and oppression. We need to oppose oppression

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in every form,

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like I always say, we speak about the Nika of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Khadija or the Allahu anha. And we amplify our voices. And we pronounce it with absolute conviction, that how he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wedded this elderly woman who was previously dear widowed twice, and she was at the age of 40. And he married her, and we explain and expound and we convey the beauty of the Nika of the prophets of Allah. Listen to Khadija, the Allah Juana with that same level of strength and cloud and muscle in our voice, we speak without a Shiva or a twitch of the Nika of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Aisha Radi Allahu anha if your tone drops down, when speaking

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about the Nika of the province of Allah, listen to her inshallah. The Allahu anha you are a victim of propaganda, which has obscured your lenses.

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I make no bones about it.

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I am proud with the greatest level of pride. I shall have the Alana was not a junior. She was not your regular nine year old she was not your common nine year old your 19 year old matcher. Your 29 year old won't matter to the nation of woman they won't matter she was who she was.

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We need to stand tall and speak out against aggression, brutality.

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Tyranny, playing out against our innocent Muslim brethren. But we also need to speak about oppression and exploitation that sometimes is the ugly truth because it happens within our own circles.

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That not our voice wither away. koonunga Wamena bill test Kanaka Wamena Bill Tez the Quran says stand up. Be frank, be candid, be honest. uphold justice call a spade a spade hold the bull by its own bite the bullet Kanaka Wamena Bill Tez Walla Walla and forsaken. Even if you have to come out clean and say you know what the guilty party is me. I've been hoarding the platform. I've been abusing the situation. I am the perpetrator.

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Will wali Dania well after Robin, or your parents or your relatives are guilty, the truth is the truth. The truth is above us all and none of us are above the truth. That allele irumbu me either either Millicent calf and Qubool Hardy. Whether were men who were at dinner men who led gorilla Tishrei what Misha is Rashmi and levena uma we Hoonah about Lila, whom WHERE YOU ARE WE Luna aka winner whom Hamada, whom Allah Zelicah keep.

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The ayah tells you embrace the truth. Don't see who said it, see what has been said. Embrace it, whether it's your junior or your senior. And don't be like those pseudo Giada Judas of fake individuals who temper with the truth when the heat is on them.

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I'm saying we need to speak about justice.

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And we can speak whatever time allows us. You will never be able to run forever. When you are oppressive. Remember that?

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I don't have to put a thorn in your part.

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Your tyranny is a thorn itself.

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I don't have to curse you. Your oppression will curse you itself. If you steal my land, listen nicely, my brother and my sister and may Allah transmit my word. If you steal my land, and you don't return it to me, I promise you buy Allah and I say this with no fear. As long as you are on mine stolen land, you will never sleep peacefully on that stolen land.

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Read the narration of Sahih Muslim Abdullah bin Zubair narrates it or Robin owes. She came to Marwan Pina hakam and she lodged a complaint against her IP and I'm gonna be no fail. And she said, Oh, Marwan you the judge, you know, the set lady snatched my land that land belongs to me. So Sally had been Ahmed have been no fail said I heard the prophets Allah Allah isn't speaking about the grave consequences of snatching the land of a person of occupying somebody else's land of invading someone else's land. Why will I snatch his land? Why will I snatch her land? So Marwan bin haccombe said and what's the Hadith you referring to? The Hadith of the prophets Allah Islam segment mothership

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Romina, Lord to wick Allahu Saba Arlene, whoever steals or you Serbs or snatches, just a Cupid's len of land belonging to someone else. Allah will subject that person to making the earth a necklace around his neck

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so why would I want to usurp the land of someone else when I know this is the consequences

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so Marwan said, Okay, well then chapter close. I'm not going to

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you know what preside on this matter? There's nothing for me to pass judgment. So sorry binominal been no fail said well, the chapter is not closed for me. I want to make my final comments. You are accusing me of taking that land whereas you know the reality who that land belongs to Allahumma incarnate kasi button for Army bustle Raha walk to Luffy out of the HA.

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Allah she's speaking a lie. I asked you, sees her vision and let her die on that very land. For bein nama he or she.

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The term is Sunil judo. She lost her vision. And she was walking miserably stumbling in that very land against which she accused Sally had been I'm gonna be no fail. She fell in a well on that land with the last words been the curse of this man has paralyzed me and taken me into my grave.

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Whether you are frank and honest and candid to admit that this is the consequences or not, we know for a fact if you have you served and you've stolen, and the same thing happens in any inheritance. If you have devoured the right of your sibling, you will get no joy out of that.

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Okay, let's get back to the Quran. And you know, I want to share some one two things as well. Time is moving so rapidly. So Allah gives us context, and I beg for your undivided attention here. If we can just inch little forward and settle down and focus here. It's really key. Listen to this.

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So in the campaign of Ohio, the Muslims were on top, they had the muscle, they had the clout, they had the momentum, they were driving, they were moving, and suddenly things just started slipping. There was just a sudden change of events. And then Allah highlighted five reasons

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Is why occasionally he makes the believers taste and experience a setback. I consciously use the word a setback in the euphemistic expression because the truth be told in the life of a believer there is no defeat in the sense of defeat

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defeat is with totally you lost No, as long as you found your hola you winning.

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So here's the first thing. Am says scum Karahan Fukada musclecar macara methanol, wow, you talk of Psychology Today and you want to give comfort and you want to give perspective and you want to give direction. So Allah says, are believers, if you have

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people on your side that have been injured, that have been bruised and have been maimed, then take solace. The same has happened to your counterpart.

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Now media would be malicious, obnoxious, and they will reveal some they will camouflage some but there's the verse of the Quran you are not isolated in your pain your agony and your stress into Kuno Tala Moon for inner homea Allah Munna come to Allah moon. If you're in pain and anguish and distress then this is also happening to others but yours Your comfort of believer what our June Amin Allah Hema Allah your June, you know, on every pain, there's reward for you in this world and the letter, while for them. There's nothing in the letter.

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Em says Come Korhan *a musclecar Makaha MyTheo Allahu Akbar. Listen to the second one. Well, this is just the introduction to the five things that the Quran highlights. What till kill a Yamo nada, willowherb, bein and NAS, and this days of victory and defeat,

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ascension and dissension. Power and weakness.

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We rotate it, we alternated between people. So by our divine wisdom, we've decided we're not going to give an absolute sweeping, total, complete victory to any nation throughout the times.

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What do you call a Yom and these days of victory and defeat?

00:27:41--> 00:28:15

No doubt we'll have we rotate it amongst the people. In biannual Quran, it is written what is the wisdom for this? Why is Allah adopted this formula in the world where he rotates and alternates victory and defeat amongst the people. If Allah were to give victory, to the believers exclusively, in all instances, then there would be no element or challenge or test in accepting Islam.

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Because our world, you accept you guaranteed victory in this world? So, so many, the catalysts for many would be just worldly victory.

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If Allah were to declare in this world, we're not talking of Astra in this world, in every campaign, in every expedition in every battle, the Muslims would be given total and absolute victory, then there would be no test for anyone to accept the truth and Iman is all about test.

00:28:49--> 00:29:17

Reverse it the other way that you mentioned in biannual Quran, if Allah were to give total victory to the desert believer at all times, it would become extremely difficult for a believer to hold on to his Eman because he will become so desperate for victory, knowing that Allah has assigned it for them and this might take him to the brink of negotiating his faith and his Eman.

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So through his in finite wisdom, He knows when what till can a more no doubt we know her pain numbness, we rotated we alternate it for Kadar nya for Nia Malika de Roon. We calculate and we estimate our calculations are perfect. We know when to give victory in which context but a believer as long as he is obeying Allah He is a winner.

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It doesn't end well He Allah Mala who levena amanu The third reason why Allah tests you and you see drones you

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See footage, you see carnage. You see brutality. You see difficulty coming upon the Muslims. Allah says because I didn't tell him the Han eukroma Rajo Johan, it is only at the crunch time that the true believers manifested and the faith is displayed and the world is a place of tests. So to make known to the world who are the true believers, from time to time, I subjected you to intense moments in the battlefields

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while in your Allama Allahu levena amanu Third reason. Fourth, tequila min con Shahar da and I also allow the things in the battle to change because as much as you are optimistic of victory 102 Hi Boehner ha Nasir Amina Allah Hi Wofford from Corrib What does she remote meaning and you are hoping for that victory and triumph and honor. But occasionally I turned the sequence of events because I want to privilege some in your ranks with ultimate martyrdom.

00:31:20--> 00:32:04

You know, a father is doing things and the child cannot comprehend. But that does not make any sense. We haven't paid off our first house and then you're doing this year, you're getting us into more difficulty and okay, my son just follow through. And I will let you know at the end of the road what my wisdom was. And remember that father is also fallible, he is prone to error. It's just seniority versus junior, and the latter cannot relate to the wisdom of the former, but he's also prone to error. This is Allah which is impeccable and infallible and flawless. So one of the other reasons why there is a fluctuation that happens is because I want to privilege some from amongst you

00:32:04--> 00:32:05

with martyrdom.

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Lama we'll see you but why no can be hurt when your brothers were martyred in or hurt. Jarl Allahu Allahu alayhi wa futile. Allah put their souls in birds and those birds were swinging merrily in the gardens of Jana, when they seen the hospitality and they seen the compliments and they seen what Allah gave them. They said oh Allah how do we convey to our brethren in the world that we well we good as soon as you reach the place you want phone you want signal? You want to drop the line we good we settle all good. We find great hosts awesome ambience, lovely reception. Oh Allah we in Jannah the best of OHS greatest of ambience, most splendid of hospitality, how do we tell the

00:32:49--> 00:33:07

brethren in this world we got we find we in a good space. Allah said out convey your sentiments via Gibreel on the tongue of mine maybe in the form of Quran and then Allah revealed or Allah Subhan Allah levena Pattillo feasibility lie him what?

00:33:09--> 00:33:11

The rub beam Yoruba cone.

00:33:12--> 00:33:12


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the fifth reason is to follow but then there is a parenthetical interjection

00:33:21--> 00:33:45

so but academic, but I hope I can explain. So Allah is saying that sometimes you go through this year, why? Because I want to elevate some of us with martyrdom. And then Allah says, while young hackle calf theory and the reason why occasionally believers have to contend with Sid banks, is because my greater plan is to eliminate your opponent.

00:33:48--> 00:33:53

I'm giving you a translation I gave you the verse. There's not anywhere from my pocket.

00:33:54--> 00:34:19

So how does this happen? The does believer becomes more brazen and blatant because of his occasional bouts of victory. So he becomes more provocative, brazen and blatant. which then triggers the roles of Allah and divinely. Allah intervenes and then annihilates

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divinely, then Allah intervenes and annihilates because the aggression, the brutality, the one who's bloodthirsty, the butcher to autocrat, the dictator, he sees nothing. He just sees aggression. He just sees brutality. And he goes beyond and beyond. And then sometimes he trespasses into the space of a friend of Allah he trespasses into the space of an innocent child it trespasses into the space of an elderly woman and you've seen the footage and you've seen it, it gives you a cold shiver in your back and he goes and he ventures into that untouchable domain. And Allah says that then it

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brings about my Roth when a young hackle caffeine and then I strike and then when I strike to hit someone whom men are hiding out this man whom Regza you won't even find the nation's who were screaming now they don't even whisper

00:35:16--> 00:35:26

but in between these two verses Allah interjects with Joomla Merida wala hula you're headbutt Valley mean, Allah says he despises

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the disbeliever

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The Scholars say what's the wisdom of this interjection? This is so profound. And that's the note I conclude on hope, give hope. pray to Allah turn to Allah, and we have to do something and we have to bring a change. So Allah makes this like qualifying statement before he says that, the aim is to annihilate them. Then Allah says, I dislike the disbeliever. To explain the defeat given to you was not because I loved your opponent, but was to test you and not to favor him.

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So I tested you, which resulted in his upper hand, but I'm not happy with him. Wala hula, you're hypovolemia and you have Imani in your heart, I love you.

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The scholars give a beautiful analogy.

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You have a simple pet in your house. You ever parrot in your house, you have a bird in your house, you feed it, you have fish in your house, you feed it a little bit in moderation. And then you want to trap a rat, and you buy an exclusive trap and you buy an expensive block of cheese. An onlooker might think the rat is the pet because of the lavish arrangements in place. And the parrot is an enemy that you feed in. It's so little are you giving your fish so little, but you're trying to sustain life you're and you're trying to eliminate life there.

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I'll leave you on that note. There were other things to discuss. But I think I've exhausted my time. my opening comments and my concluding comments is hope. But of course, with every tragedy that comes it has to open up my eyes. It has to open up my eyes. When say the North Monroe the Allahu Anhu was assassinated. So a Buddha made Saturday who lived to see this painful moment. He said Allah, I never knew I would live to see such brutality. The Khalifa of Islam, Satan earthmen, his wife, Nan Illa, in her support to her husband tried to ward off the assassins, and she even lost her fingers. And then he said, Oh Allah, I live to see such a painful moment. I vow to you. He was his hobby. He was

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the reformed person, but I'm making a vow after having witnessed this year. I'm going to make some changes in my life. Allahumma in Milaca, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Hi Cohutta Alcock, oh my lord, I vow to you for the rest of my life. After having lived to witness the brutality of the killing of Satan out of man. I will never laugh again, because this moment has taken away every form of laughter and banter away from my life. It takes the living

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to close the eyes of the dead

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and it takes the dead to open the eyes of the living