Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #030 – This is PROBLEMATIC

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how modernism views progress as being a threat to technological innovation, and how technology is separated from knowledge and morality. They argue that technological innovation should be addressed by ease and efficiency, rather than just ease, and that ethics and morality should be the cornerstone of economic development. The speaker also mentions that there have been some people who have been pressured to think well about technology, but they have not been able to stop it.
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The issue today with technology is that it's separated structurally from morality. It is separate as structurally from morality. This is a part of modernism, right? Modernism believes that like things are gonna get better, right? Or that progress, right and believes in progress. So every single new invention that comes out every single new gadget that comes out, this indicates progress. And this is problematic Islamically for a couple of reasons. First of all, because we know that things are supposed to get worse before the Day of Judgment, they're not supposed to get better. And then the second thing is that we believe that technological innovation has to be governed by morality, right?

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Like not technological innovation is not an inherent good, it's not always a good thing. Some inventions are horrible. The invention of the atomic bomb was horrible invention of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides is horrible DDT and all these sorts of things. Horrible, right? Napalm, Agent Orange, horrible. So

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what does it demonstrate about the time in which we live? Well, ever since the enlightenment, we've kind of structurally separated morality from knowledge and a close compounding of knowledge is technological innovation. And so now you have Okay, recently there were a bunch of tech guys that got together and signed a letter, an open letter and said that okay, well, maybe we should stop all this AI stuff, at least for a little bit until we kind of think more carefully about it. I literally couldn't do anything. Right Week, a week. It doesn't have any teeth. No one's able to stop it. Everything is completely just unanchored Unchained, just rolling downhill just being carried away,

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right, we're rushing headlong into whatever is the newest thing, and we have no idea what's going to happen or where it's going. But it doesn't look good. And this is what happens when people's concerns are not moral concerns. They're not thinking well, with my Creator, be pleased with this, or what effect is this going to have, they're only thinking about convenience. They're only thinking about ease and sort of plenty and whether it's plenty of time or plenty of resources or whatever, sort of plenty of the dunya that they're chasing. And they're some of them are even just thinking well, if we can and we should write this is what it is, some people are the egos are tied up into it

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about you know, look at how powerful human beings are and how amazing we are. This is all the symptoms of a very sick society. And as Muslims, I believe that we offer a very important corrective to this malady, right, which is trying to bring people back to speak from a moral place and an ethical place, and that ethics and morality should govern the decisions of society, and should govern technological innovation and the application of technology.

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