Tom Facchine – People Are Just A Group Of Seconds

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of waking up to avoid death and the importance of setting up one's family for success. They also mention the importance of waking up to avoid regret and the need to hustle after doing small things.
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Hasan Basri said that people are just

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like a group of seconds. And every second that passes a part of you goes, and party leaves until there's nothing left.

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If you're on a train, there's no standing still, you're on a boat, the currents taking you away, you're moving. Right? Every single one of us is constantly moving towards our death.

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And that might sound morbid and pessimistic. It's not morbid. I'm pessimistic. It's meant to light a fire. I'm going to, it's meant to make you realize that this is serious. You can't just spend your life watching Netflix and just entertaining yourself distracting yourself, spend your whole life distracting yourself and then you're dead. What's the point? Right, there are greater things to live for. There are virtues out there that you want to try to gain or achieve or develop within yourself. There are certain things that you want to accomplish. Right, as far as what you know, as far as your duties to other people, setting up your family for success financially, even, you know, let alone

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spiritually, right. So people need to wake up. And sometimes the only way to wake up is thinking about death.

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And these sorts of things and realizing that we're here for such a short amount of time. That's why the prophesy said I'm pressed. So I put so much emphasis on attending the janazah and the funeral prayers. And there's tons of people in Muslim history from the Companions down to later, Muslims that whenever they felt that they were slipping, and they felt that they were kind of taking things for granted and getting too comfortable. They dig a hole on the ground and go lay in it.

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You know, because they needed to shock themselves awake, they needed to realize that you don't know it could be over tomorrow. And you don't want to live with the regret and it's time to hustle. Now's the time when you move and you you make moves. So that's the first step everybody needs to wake up

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