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Yaser Birjas
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handler of Bilaal I mean sort of La Sonnambula kind of you know Muhammad in early was trying to sell him to Steven cathedra mama bad do you guys remember how the Prophet SAW Allah and described the Pete The first group who will enter Jannah? Remember that description? What was it?

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Like the full moon? There's so shining so bright, just like the full moon. Now, what is the highest reward for them in agenda? And what is the lowest reward for the people of general? How many of you would like how many of you would like that? That's the highest reward for everybody. But it's exclusively for the highest people in Jannah How many of you would like to be among the lowest people have agenda

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Come on man. Put your hands down. Yeah.

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I used to be in there for those Allah Allah and the highest level inshallah. Right? We would love to be from the highest level of agenda I know. I know even the lowest level of agenda obviously. It's Jenna. Gemma, what are you talking about? Anyway, agenda is good right? No doubt. It's not like being all the way up there

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is not it's not the same. So if you want to aspire to something you aspire to the highest level however, the prophets that Allah Sam described to us so we can understand you know, the kind of like the difference between the lowest and the highest. He described the lowest level of agenda and this headed Hydra Mala Mishra are the Allah Anwar Hadid number 1883 And the other Salah Hey, Cara Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said Allah Musa Subhanallah I mean,

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these difficult question only Musa listen I'm just to ask, like seriously, Musa Elisa because it was a tough man. He was so strong, like I said, you push them and he killed them, or the Allah and others that was salah. He was the one who dared the only prophet we know who dared ask Allah Subhana Allah What can I see? You know other prophet there does Allah Subhan this question. He was trained to be a soldier, an army man and a leader right? So it was tough. That's what Allah sent into various Royan but he certainly did someone like Musa Lisara so these tough questions required someone like Musa Lisa. So he asked the provinces and Tala ya rasool Allah for Allah Tala b He says

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Robbie, ma Adena allogenic Demon Zilla when it comes to those lowest in rank in Jannah How does it look like the lowest rank and gender? How does it look like

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for God, Allah subhanho wa Taala in a matter of His Majesty, who origin ug Oba dama Audrina and with genital Jana, it will be a person who will be admitted to Jannah last of all, when all the people of Jana are already in Jana.

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What does that mean Gemma? Where was he then?

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mela Allah protect us. Where was he?

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He probably wasn't Johanna.

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So don't dare. Don't you ever dare ask Allah to be among the last people of agenda. This man Allah Mastan his these no matter how good he did his good deeds in equivalent to the bad day that he brought with him.

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Unfortunately, it just kind of like we're not the same. So it tipped over to the other side. So this person has to be purified. So in Japan, and they were purified, and then the last person there's actually a long Hadith from the Prophet Salah Salem, about this man in particular. How was he? So at the end when he served his term, and Johanna, no matter whether he was a believer,

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he was not someone who didn't believe in Allah. No, he was a believer, and probably had a huge record of Salah and fasting as a cat. But then like the Prophet says in the Hadith, they start taking on his Hassanal because he was hurting everybody cursing and this person insulted this person backbiting this person. So they start taking over his persona and leaving nothing for him. And when that wasn't sufficient, they take from their say, throw at him, and he's doomed. So eventually, eventually, the Prophet saw Sam said that this man will be the last one to come from Johanna. They take him out of Jahannam and they throw him just outside. Johanna Natalie and Janet outside Johanna.

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And that position this one he thinks in that moment, he thinks he's worth the luckiest person of all time.

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He doesn't know about Janet is barely out of Johanna. So he thinks he is the luckiest person ever. He is the in bless his name already. He thinks Subhan Allah. And then the story continues this man ask Allah to bring him closer to Jana closer until he admits him to Jana. So this person will be the last one to get into God because before this moment, before this moment, the Prophet says I'm said that this man will be standing at the gates of agenda. You know, remember when you guys those people who are waiting at the doors of Apple Store waiting for the new phone to come out? Now.

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Look at all the stores, you know, clerks and workers is arranging things and they were just like waiting and waiting and waiting just to open the door on the keyboard and a door. Can I come in Can I come in? He may not even make the comparison. But Hello This man was looking through of course the walls understand the under

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Yeah, the barriers and he's looked at Agenda is sweet and beautiful people have been fun and he could ask Allah to bring them closer closer until he asked Robbie, one more thing. Can I just go in Slimane, please just let me in. I swear when I can ask anything after that just let me in.

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And then Allah Subhanallah eventually allows him to get in, he enters in. And that's when he asked Allah subhana wa Taala so he will be the last person to enter Jannah for Kool Aid Robbie

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for you call the hood halogen Come on, get in. He goes rugby

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or Europe behavour work at NASA NASA Zilla home aka data says My Lord. I mean how come I mean how can I be in there right now how are we I need to Jana when everybody has taken their places and taken their rewards and Hollis there is no place for me basically says

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so Allah subhana wa Tada tells them confer hullo love the baraka with Allah. Tada, any Hakuna laka Miss Liu Melikyan Melikyan

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Mala Mala chimeric in the molucca dunya. So, he will he'll be asked, says would you like would you like to, you will only be satisfied if you receive a kingdom like that of a monarch of the world.

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Like think of a king in this world. Think of the luxurious life. He says would you like to be a king? Like one of those kings of this world? This dunya and the Mongols Of course. Yeah, absolutely. Our I have palaces, you know, servants and food and this. What else? Remember, he just came out from Jan amazima. Like anything for him is what is like any like for those illAllah? Because yes, Cottenham for cola with Avada Katana laka Delica where Miss Liu will Miss Liu will Miss Liu were Muslim.

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Because you got it.

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And more and more and more and more which means five times better than this. Like five times more than the best king you can ever imagine in this dunya

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and I don't want to make any any names. But who is the King of kings in this dunya and Alana Stan think of that luxurious life of these kings five times better than that.

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To which this man after the fifth time corrupt Bureau did my Lord this is there's a lot like I'm satisfied with this. This is enough for me. For your call to have like a washer to I'm 30 You're gonna get this times 10

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How much is that is your mana 50 times better than anything in this dunya. So if they're driving, what is the fanciest car these kings drive the demand?

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Shift it sounds better.

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If they're living in this kind of palace, 50 times better. Whatever food they eat 50 times better. And then Carla. And then Allah will tell him well, I can muster enough soup. You shall get and she'll receive not just that you will whatever your soul desires, you will get it call wallet that I know whatever your eyes delight, you will get it. So he says whatever your desires, your soul desires, you're going to get that whatever your eyes delight for, you will get that what does that mean? Not just 50 times whatever you wish.

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Wherever you wish beyond that, you shall get it.

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Now he didn't say to what extent obviously. But if this man if this man was settled with King of origin of dunya and five times you can give a dunya probably his imagination How can what he can get in general will be a little bit limited.

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Gonna be a little bit limited for him because that's more than enough more than what expectance Pamela. Then Musa alayhis salam after hearing from Allah subhanho wa Taala the lowest rank in Jana Cara Robbie, Carla, Robbie Farah Allahu Manzella. Like if this is the lowest, how about the highest? Like if this is the lowest 50 times better than any king in this dunya What about the highest Ruby for ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada cool cada hola Erica Lavina or

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she Subhana wa Tada will say after that, they are those who I chose, like these are the chosen ones. I chose them specially for that for that station and the highest level for us to Kurama to whom Kurama to whom Beardy, I have found that I will say I have established their honor with my own hand in Jana. In a matter to His Majesty, welcome to Allah yoga, and I test with my seal that they will be blessed with such bounties as no eyes had seen, no ear has ever heard, and no human mind has ever perceived by some fellow I'm Tara iunknown what I'm what I just now Odin what I'm after Allah kalbi butcher, like their reward is unknown.

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That's what it means.

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But he says, rest assured, I took care of it personally.

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Like Allah Subhan says that these are with me, I chose the reward personally, for that sense of Han Allah. You can imagine if you're dealing with the most generous Subhana Allah, Allah Allah Mahavira Kadir I'll call the hola coalition Subhan if you don't escape of doing all things, can you imagine what kind of reward is preparing for these people? May Allah make us among those who are blind? We ask Allah subhana wa to protect us to Allah from Johanna. Other than not, we ask Allah subhana wa to make us among the people for those who Allah, those whom Allah subhanho wa Taala have blessed him with that word, serving them with his own hand. What does Allah subhana wa have prepared their honor

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with his own hand Subhana wa Tada Allahu Taala Anna and the question is your man

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that is true. We're going to talk about it later with there's a hadith about roots in Allah subhanaw taala but definitely, those are in the highest rank of A Jana they will see Allah subhanaw more often than those on the lowest level agenda. They seem in the lobby probably when they go meet once every Friday on Aloha.

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Fare inshallah GORGEOU man go and work for Jana. Just go ahead

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how to how to get the highest level of Janna

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smella go are counted 90 Charla DADGAD Shala Of course, I mean, it's wala what knowledge that the sincerity of the heart, that's what matters the most.

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The sincerity of the heart, as long as you're sincere and your heart is pure, your dishes are clean, and you do everything for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, even little deeds can get you there. A man asked the Prophet what the purpose is I wanted to reward him for his service, because asked me for something and the man said call Oracle Sebata will Jana I want to be your companion and Jana, I want to be with you in Jana. If he gets that what would it be?

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Oh the up there and then we couldn't guarantee that because our Ira anything else can I can guarantee for you because that's what I want from you. So the Prophet says I'm told I'm tall and secure because of the sujood then help me get you there by praying for more often.

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Some NFL tahajjud get you there inshallah. Dan ceramah Kamata Lavaca

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