You May be Tricked Into Replacing Prayer With Meditation

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So you've come to Islam. And what is stopping you now, from praying? What has been in your way, all this time, making it so difficult, or so unlikely for you to start with this next pillar, this major foundation of the faith of Islam. So let's go through some of the problems that your nafs is clinging on to, I can't do it. You know, when you go to bed at night, and you make that intention, I'm going to start praying tomorrow, tomorrow is the first day of my salah, and mashallah you wake up, and you're still in time for Fudger. And then there's a chore from last night that needs doing. Or we look at our phones, and we let the outside world interrupt our duty, and now our position in

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the day. And from then on, it's all over. Our brain is scattered, and our attention is taken from that biggest blessing of the morning. That commitment that we've made to Allah to Allah, that expectation and responsibility is gone. And so what do we say? Let's do this again, at lunchtime, lunchtime, I'll find time. And then at lunchtime, what happens is the next whisper comes. It's not just possible in my life, I can't do it. Those people who are doing five prayers a day are different from me. They're more special. They've been chosen for something different. I'm not up to this. But what we're really saying is this, that our lie is not truthful that Allah has given us something

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that's too much of a burden that we can't do. Subhanallah but Allah says he does not burden anyone with any responsibility, unless they are capable of living up to that responsibility. So are we lying to ourselves? Maybe you don't want to pray five times a day right now. It's a challenge that you have. But you have to be honest, first and foremost about where that challenge is coming from. Because it is not a challenge from a lights a blessing. Maybe at university, you're nervous about asking for the room to pray and you feel awkward, and your family you're nervous about them hearing you knocking on the ceiling, in your Salah, rely on Allah and He will make it easy for you. And

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Allah is the all truthful. And here's another confusion.

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When we say that Salah is meditation, do we think that we're expanding on the meaning of Salah, never. We are actually shrinking. Salah when we say it is just meditation, because a meditation is an act for ourselves. It's almost a selfish act. I'm looking inwards. I am thinking about myself. I want to make myself feel better right now. There is no thought for the divine. There is no giving. There is no feeling of obligation. And here's the big one. My dear sister, servitude. Salah is about serving our Creator, Imam Al Ghazali points out in the beginning of guidance that there simply is no Taqwa meaning no god consciousness without carrying out the commands of the Most High and these

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obligately Act. There are means of salvation. So let us start today seeking out God consciousness for real by beginning with salah. This huge blessing Bismillah R Rahman Rahim and seek help through patience and prayer. And indeed, it is difficult except for the humbly submissive to Allah