Tom Facchine – Hadith Series – #16 – When The Prophet Reached Medina

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of being mindful of others' behavior and behavior in order to maintain healthy relationships. They suggest that feeding others is a fundamental good for everyone, and that praying at night is a way to stay sincere. The speaker also mentions that people love culinary culture and that praying at night is a way to stay sincere.
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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and this is one of the first things he said when he reached Medina, he said oh people spread peace, spread peace and join family ties or maintain your relationships with your family and feed people up the MATA and pray when at night when people are sleeping, you will enter Jannah in peace and so this is kind of your starter pack for excellent character and for generosity and nobility. How should you treat other people you need to spread peace spread peace between people and that means not just saying salaam it means you need to put people at ease. You shouldn't be that person when you come around, everybody's on edge, everybody's

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afraid. Is this person going to make a big deal about something are they going to kind of criticize me and find fault with me and what I'm doing you need to put people at ease give people peace and you need to feed other people that I love that that's in this this particular Hadith because we have a saying in English the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. And that's true when you're sitting down with somebody else and you give them something food and it hits the spot it literally it has a biological effect it has spiritual effects. You put people in a happy place, you know like whatever you're going to tell them whatever you're going to you know ask them that they are so much

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more ready and willing and close to you if you've given them something to eat. It's something that's just like fundamental humanity universal and few things are these things are universal, but feeding other people is is a universal good the prophets. I said I'm told us to do right that should be and when it comes to Muslims versus non Muslims and Dawa and things like this. This is something that Muslims need to be on the forefront. We need to be out there feeding people we need to be I mean, can you imagine we have such a rich link. Not just linguistic but a culinary tradition. We've got you know, North Africa, we've got the Middle East, we've got Eastern Europe, we've got South Asia,

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we've got all these different Southeast Asia, all these different cuisines that we have, right? If we did a cultural fair, either a cultural fair or or a Muslim sort of fair in your area, it would put Epcot to shame right? It would be way more interesting way more cool. And seriously, people love that stuff. It's easy down. It's easy down. You feed the people, people appreciate it. They open up in different ways that they've never opened up maybe ever before. And then one of the other pieces of the property says some said pray at night when the people are sleeping. That's how you stay sincere. You're not getting any reward. You're not getting any recognition. No one's noticing you

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doing it so you need to have this as part of your regimen as part of your starter pack do things when nobody else is watching. Do them for a lot to keep yourself sincere

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