Are We Sincere-The Virtue of The Companions

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of Islam, including the confusion between Islam and religion. The speaker describes how some companions were able to endure physical or emotional struggles and become successful in their lives. The speaker also mentions the importance of guidance in the Islam world.
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Oh, Allah azza wa jal didn't have to send you the Koran. Allah subhana didn't have to make you know about Islam in the first place, he could have left you in ignorance until your last breath. And only Allah subhanho wa Taala knows what would have happened to you in the afterlife if that had happened, but he did not do that. He sent you the guidance. And now that Allah subhanahu wa Tada has given you a clear path to salvation, you respond how? Not with submission. But with arrogance, what an ungrateful way to be. This is one of the reasons why the core n is called a full on

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the divider, the separator because it's separated the people who are sincerely trying to do the right thing.

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From the people who were not sincere at all from the people

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who cared about doing the right and the people who had no intention whatsoever. It wasn't always instance this separation, sometimes it took time. But eventually the two sides became clear.

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We see this in the conversion stories of the companions. And yes, all the companions were converts. Some of them had been looking for this guidance their whole lives and so on Allah subhanho wa Taala finally gave it to them. They seize the opportunity and held on to it with everything that they had.

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They understood the true value of guidance. Remember, sod, him and me with us. He was a devoted son, one of the prized young men of mecha samurai that was famous for how much he loved his mother.

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He told us that one night, his mother woke up and wanted a drink of water. Now back then there was no faucet. There was no plumbing sod had to go all the way to the well and draw water himself for his mother. In the pitch black of nights when there's scorpions and everything else running around.

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Despite that side doesn't hesitate. He goes and fetches water, but by the time that he comes back, his mother has already fallen back asleep.

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What does he do?

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If he goes back to sleep, maybe his mother will wake up thirsty again. If he wakes her up, he will disturb her sleep. So sod stands by her side, waiting until the morning just in case she wakes up.

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This is sincerity. This was virtue. So when Islam came, he knew it was the truth and he had the sincerity to follow it. His mother, however, hated his family, and she decided to use Assad's love for her against him. I won't eat. I won't drink she said until you leave this faith of yours. She was serious. She did not eat or drink anything for a few days until she was so weak that she could not even leave her bed.

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It really looked like she was going to die. So she called sod to her bedside one last time asking him to leave Islam and he said tell me you know Allah here

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you know I swear by Allah that You know my mother. Lo can attack me it's an Epson for halogen Epson Epson matter up to Dini hardily shaping the Cooley in shifty letter.

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I swear by our law, you know that even if you had one 100 souls, and they've departed from you one after the other, I would never leave this path.

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Not for anything.

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So eat if you want, or don't eat

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that aside. Now, the Allahu Anhu who understood the value of guidance, if you know what it's worth, you wouldn't ever sell out. You would never trade your faith or water it's down not for money, not for power, not for acceptance, not even for your family, or your loved ones.

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If you look at the lives of the companions, many of them have stories like this where they were were able to endure tremendous physical or emotional pain. Think of Beloved, being tortured.

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His slave masters piling rocks on top of him in the hot sun. Think of Solomon and Pharisee leaving his father in his homeland to find the last prophet only to be abducted and sold into slavery.

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We think of Abu Bakr, who fought against his own son at the Battle of better think of Abu hoorah era. Who's one wish was that his own mother accept Islam? The Companions? May Allah be pleased with them all, paid the ultimate price. They endured everything. And they were able to endure it all because they understood the value of guidance. They knew there was no turning back once they had been shown the right way.