Tom Facchine – 99 Names of Allah #73 Al-Ghaniyy

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the behavior of Allah's son, Aiko, who is a self sufficient individual and doesn't need anything. He is the one giving everything in creation, including food, water, and energy. He is the one who gives everything in creation and gives everything to his children to keep them alive. Allah subhanho wa taala is the one who gives everything to us and gives it to our children to keep them alive.
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Salam aleikum. Tonight's name is Ella Vani. Allah azza wa jal is Al ani Avani means that Allah doesn't need anything, it means that he is completely self sufficient. Let's look at ourselves. And we'll see and be able to understand this name a little bit better. We're very close to the month of Ramadan, and some of us will be fasting. When we fast, we're not going to eat any food or drink any water from sun up to sundown. And I don't know about you. But I know that especially in the first few days, I'm going to feel a little bit tired, and a little bit hungry, and a little bit grouchy, even when I'm not eating and drinking in the times that I'm usually doing those things. Why does

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that happen to you and me? It happens because we need those things. We need food, we need water, and if we go for too long, without those things, it starts to make us feel really bad. Well, ALLAH SubhanA horns, Allah doesn't need anything, he doesn't need food, he doesn't need water. He's the one that gives everything in creation, the food that it needs and the water that it needs, and everything else. We can also think of it like this, what happens, what would happen if we didn't have any children,

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we would live our lives and whenever we died, there would be no one left to carry on after us. The whole human race would be done for gone over. So we need children in order to keep everything going. But Allah subhanho wa Taala is at a height. He's the Ever Living the everlasting. He's never going to die. And so he doesn't need any children to do his work after he's gone because he never will be gone. This is part of what makes Allah subhanaw taala elemi the self sufficient and when we realize that Allah is ello Vani it should make us feel good asking Allah for what we need it because we know that he has the power to give it to us. And he has so much to give, because he doesn't need anything

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for himself. That's all for tonight. instead on what Aiko

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