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Let's see

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another way. Okay. So as we said, we started explaining this point. And we reached 21 lines in explaining this point. But there remain a number of lines that we didn't yet explain. We have around 12 lines that we haven't explained yet. So I said that I would love to explain this. And I would love to insha Allah teach this book and complete it, because one of the things I don't personally like is, I really don't like it when we start teaching a book. And then we leave it halfway done. You see a lot of those books on YouTube. That's one of the problems with YouTube, right? You see somebody started a book book is halfway finished, you see somebody got a quarter of the way through

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the book is not finished. So I really wanted to finish this point. However, to finish this point, I was planning to finish it in Newcastle. But the brothers reminded me that you promised you would come to hide.

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And you had promised us for some time and you didn't come. And I'm about to go on a prolonged trip with regard to some traveling that I have to do. So I said it would be nice if I could come down before I travel. And we could actually finish the point here. And subhanAllah it would have been lovely to actually have a look around the masjid and to meet everybody. But we came in so quickly because we were late already. We just came in and sat down and we're going to make a start.

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What has the point covered so far? I'm just going to read it to you and give you a very brief summary maybe 1015 minutes to kind of for you to catch up to where we were from. Last week. The statement of the point

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A novom Rahima hula hula Allah to miss SEC be Hubballi la he whatever you're in Houda Walter, Kobe Darien, la Laker to flip hold on to the rope of Allah.

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Hold on to the rope of Allah

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and follow

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the guidance

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and do not be a person of innovation so you may be successful. We said that the author tells us to hold on to the Quran. And to hold on to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Allah who was sent them and that we as Muslims take our belief from the Quran and the Sunnah. We don't take our belief, from the intellect we don't take it from our opinions and Iraqi. We don't take our belief from dreams and feelings. We take our belief from the Quran and the Sunnah. And we explained that the Quran and Sunnah include the concept of each man, that which the early generations agreed upon.

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And the author he says Why didn't we Kitab Allah He was soon any Leti attached and Rasulillah he tells you what about who

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you should take your religion and worship Allah subhanho wa Taala from the Quran and the Sunnah, which is authentic from the messenger and we said that this is any Sharla or an indication from the author or a human level to Allah, that we should be careful to take our aqidah from the authentic sunnah. And we shouldn't take it from the Sunnah which is not authentic, but by reverse understanding any sunnah, which is authentic from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. That is what we take our aqidah from, and we don't concern ourselves with the number of people who reported it. Are they a large number or a small number? It only concerns us that the hadith is authentic.

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Then the author spoke about the speech of Allah azza wa jal and he said what Cole Raju Roma, hello Kleancolor Mobley, Kena PISA Lika Daniel at Korea who AFSA who say that the speech of Our Lord Allah is not created.

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This is what the people of Taqwa what the people of Taqwa they took

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This is what they said clearly and spoke clearly about it. The people of Taqwa they spoke clearly and clearly indicated to us that the Quran is the speech of Allah azza wa jal and that it is not created. And when we say the Quran is not created, we made it clear that this means that no aspect of Allah speech is created. Not the words nor the meanings, nor the letters nor the grammar nor any other aspect of the speech of Allah. All of it is color Mala Rama, look, it's Allah speech, and it is not created. And we also clarified as part of this, that speech is attributed to the one who said it first. So for example, when I recite the Quran, I'm reciting the Quran, what I am reciting is

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Allah speech not mine. The voice is mine are sotto, sotto Hari, well Cara, Cara Mubarak, the speech or the sound, the voice the sound is the sound of the reciter but the speech is the speech of Allah subhanaw taala and as for his statement will have sorrow and he this has been reported from hundreds of the early generation from among the most famous scholars of Islam, all of them seeing elk or Anil kala Mala Varoma flock the Quran is Allah speech, it is not created. And then he said when a telco feel called and he will walk for your car either cannot call that

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the gentleman was general do not say or do not take a position of uncertainty with regard to the Quran. Some people did that right? So they said, Allahu Allah, Allahu Allah. Allah is the One who knows. We're not going to say anything about it. Allahu Allah, Allah is the One who knows. And this is not correct because Allah has told you what to believe in the Quran. He has not left it to something unknown, he has not made your belief something that is uncertain or unsure. So you must be sure of what Allah azza wa jal commanded you to be sure about in the moment we know when Alladhina M and will be law he will assume the throne melamine taboo, the believers are only those who believe

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in Allah and His messenger and then they have no doubt. So as for the person who has doubts about their aqidah and they say only Allah knows what it means. And only Allah knows the correct understanding of this, this is not correct in matters of aqidah rather if Allah has told you what to believe, so you must believe as Allah has told you to believe,

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as for the things that Allah has not told you about, then in this you can make tough with like you say, Allah has not told us how he speaks. or Allah has not told us how he descends or Allah has not told us how he rose above his throne, or Allah has not told us

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how, for example,

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is his hand for example. So Allah azza wa jal has not told us some things what Allah has not told us about. Here you can make Tifway little cave, you can say nobody knows how it is except Allah. But as for going to the core of Akita and belief, and Allah has names and attributes and saying nobody knows the meaning except Allah. And nobody knows if the Quran is the speech of Allah. And nobody knows, nobody knows. This is only from a scheck. We're writing for D. This is from having doubts and uncertainty in the religion. And he indicated that this is only another version of the Aqeedah of gem, even soft one. And we explained that the jamea are those who denied Allah's names and

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attributes, right? So they said, in fact, the original jamea They denied everything except l would. They said we don't affirm anything for Allah except that he exists. That's it.

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They don't affirm hearing or sight or knowledge or speaking or having mercy or any single thing, except that ALLAH exists. But we clarify that this is not only the belief that stayed with Jeremy Corbyn soft one, rather, this belief carried on among a number of groups who followed who agreed with part of what he said even if they disagreed with part and that's why the author said come out Carla at bat, the German followers of jam even if they didn't follow him in every single thing, but they followed him in his full soul in the core principles that he believed in and they also then the teacher the result of what they said was to deny Allah's names and attributes in one form or

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And then he says while I talk with little Quran, who help Ankara to the in kala Mala he lost the although don't say that the Quran is a created thing.

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that I recited for indeed the speech of Allah is made clear through its words. And so we said that the Quran is the speech of Allah in every aspect as for a citation we say a soul to soul to heart it will color Makayla will vary the sound and the voice is the voice of the reciter and the speech is the speech of Allah. We are going fast through this because we are just summarizing what we covered last lesson we are not going into anything new when we go new, we go slowly. Inshallah. This is just that quick revision. He said, What kuliah Tegile Allahu Lille Hello TJ rotten camel bedroo Nya Buka Allah who say it is Allah who will appear before his creation clearly, just as the moon is not

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hidden and your Lord is clear. So we said that he explained that Allah will be seen your multi Amma, when we die and the Prophet sighs I'm set well internal rebeccablack Data module you will not see your Lord until you die. As for when you die, you will see Allah subhanaw taala like one of you looks upon the moon when it's full. You will not compete with each other LA to La Moana few Yachty you will not compete with each other in looking at it. And this statement we're all Booker el bajo your Lord is even clearer. If Allah azza wa jal is able to create the moon which can be seen so clearly. Then Allah subhanaw taala who is the creator will Allah he'll method will Allah to Allah

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belongs the best example. So if Allah subhanaw taala said we will look at him, would you only Yama Ed, now there are a lot of behind now. We will look at Allah. And Allah says that we will look at him on the day of judgment, then no doubt, the One who created the moon and the moon is able to be seen is the one who is able to be seen by his creation in the way that He decrees and the way that he has told us it will happen subhanho wa Taala

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and then he said, Well, I said you know loading while they said you are leading while you said I will ship one tile and Musa

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that Allah azza wa jal is not one who was born, nor does he have any offspring and there is nothing comparable to him, he is the one who is deserving of being exalted in perfection. And what we said about this is we said the author brought this here to show that saying that Allah will be seen yomo Qiyamah does not contradict the fact that there is nothing like Allah. Rather, it is as Allah said, Lisa can Miss Li che on what was Samuel bossier, there is nothing that is comparable to Allah and Allah is the all he seen and all

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the old hearing in the old sin. So if this is being said, that Allah is the old hearing and the all seeing, cannot human beings see they can, can human beings here they can. So what then is the difference between that and any other of the attributes of Allah in reality, this is why the Scholars they say whatever you say about one attribute, you must say also about the others. And if you say that Allah has knowledge, but his knowledge is not like our knowledge, so Allah sees and his sight is not like our sight. And Allah hears and his hearing is not like our hearing. And Allah rose above the throne and his rising is not like our rising and Allah descended to the to the lowest

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heaven and his descent is not like our descent. So when you speak about one aspect of Allah's attributes, and you establish the principle that should be applied to all of them, there should be no reason for you to accept some of it and to reject others.

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And he said what called Yom Kippur all Jeremy you had were in Danna be Mr. Pema Khulna, hi had Ethan Musa rail. He said that the Jeremy the follower of Jeremy Corbyn, soft one and all those who took his principles, all those who took his principles and followed his way. They will reject this while we have a hadith which gives truth to what we said Rola who Jerry Ron and McCauley Mohammed in the pool Muslim, Carla, fee Zakat and Joe this hadith narrated by God, Abdullah Al bedgebury. Probably Allahu Anhu. From the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this hadith clearly see it clearly states that you will see Allah azza wa jal and as you look at the moon on the night when it

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is full, you will not compete in looking at it and we explained the Hadith last time. We said this hadith does not compare a lot to the moon. Rather this hadith compares looking clearly to looking clearly.

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He said what cause Yom Kippur will Jeremy you iron Yamina who were killed you

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A day he built out and he turned around. He said the Jeremy the one who is following the beliefs of Jehovah's off one would also reject Allah's hunt. He would also say that Allah doesn't have his hand, while Allah has two hands are constantly giving out graces. And we mentioned that there are something like 100 different descriptions of Allah as hands mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah, belly Adele absorbed or time rather his two hands are stretched forth. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the hearts of the servants are between two fingers. Men are sabia Rama from the fingers of the Most Merciful. He you can label her he turns them over, however he wishes. This is

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the statement of the prophets Allah Allahu Allah who sent them in authentic hadith. But we say the same thing about Allah as hand that we said about Allah's hearing and sight. Just like Allah is Hearing is not like our hearing. And just like Allah sight is not like our sight. So just like that Allah's hand is not like our hand laser chemically he shaved there is nothing that is comparable to him SubhanaHu wa. As for his statement were killed tarea de he will follow the 10 Federal This is an indication that Allah has hands on not mentioned without description. And that distinguishes the difference between the meaning of hand and the meaning of power. Because some people came and said,

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Look, all of you misunderstood. whenever ALLAH said hand he meant power.

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They said whenever ALLAH said handyman power, and the Arab sometimes use the word hand for power, but they never used it like that. And that's why the author said were killed Tiger day he'd been for a while dealing tempo.

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The Arabs never described power like that. Rather, they described power like Allah azza wa jal said was summer of Na Na happy he didn't like that. That's how they said it. But they didn't use for example giving out stretching forth both of his hands are right hands, the fingers of the Most Merciful. The Arabs never described power like that. And that is why the author here he makes the distinction of that Allah's hands are giving out then he said, What Guardian zero. He said what cool yen zero Jiabao will physically lay let him be like kafer general wide, Al multimaterial he said and say that Al Jabbar Allah descends every night Billa Kaif without asking how the que fi or how Allah

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descends is known by Allah. But how Allah descends is not known by us. And his descent is not like our descent. It's not like his creation, and it doesn't negate His Highness and his supremacy subhanho wa taala.

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He said Ila parbati Dunya Jarmon will be probably far too fragile Abu Abu sama he what

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he says that Allah descends to the lowest heaven giving out from his grace and the doors of the heavens are opened your call to Allah Mustafizur on yellow cover. One was stem near on Chiron what is fun for him now?

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Is there not someone seeking forgiveness so that Allah may forgive him? Or someone asking Allah for something so Allah may give it to him, and that is indicating what is indicating the Hadith. So here you'll notice that the poet what he does is when he brings a line he often quotes a hadith inside his poetry, but obviously in poetry, you can't quote the whole Hadith. So he quotes thoughtful Hadith, a part of the Hadith. So he says Allah Mustafa, Iran yell cut off Iran.

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Is there not someone seeking forgiveness who could meet with one who is the most forgiving? And by this

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he refers to the Hadith Helen will stop fearing for our fear Allah, is there anyone asking forgiveness so that I may forgive them? Helmand sir in federal Korea? Is there anyone asking for something from this world so that I may give it to them?

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And this hadith he indicates it here. He said Rwanda como la Yura to Hadith oho Allah ha Coleman caribou, what could be this hadith was narrated by a group of people you can't reject what they said. And we mentioned in the class last time, that it's so strange that some people reject Hadith from from narrators. They accept the same Hadith in prayer. When that same Narita teaches them how to pray they accept it, when the same Narrator teaches them how to fast they accept it. When the same narrator tells them about marriage and divorce. They accept it, but when the narrator tells them

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about Allah They say

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we are doubtful about what you brought. We don't accept this hadith. So we said Hadith are not rejected because you don't like them or you don't understand them. Hadith are only rejected when the chain of narration is weak.

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And then he'd spoke about the Sahaba and he said what pull in the higher run Nursey Baghdad Mohammadi was the era who Pitman sama Osman or Jack who say that the best of the people after Mohammed so I live in this OMA and the Muslims are his to help us Abu Bakr on Arma and then Earth man who was preferred and he meaning earth man was preferred over ally Roger your loved one. What are the higher we'll bury it but I highly, highly full highly behind him in jail. And the fourth of them is Ali bin Abi Taalib who was so keen for goodness and doing good.

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What inner homo wala to allow you Buffy hemo. And here if you've got in your poem literati, this is

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all live raw to Allah raw to sorry, if you have in your poem, love refer to with alarm. It's better that it is allowed. Both are narrated in the poem. It came with lemon. Wow. But the while makes more sense here we're in humo while rato Lowry Buffy human that indeed these people and he the Sahaba Radi Allahu Anhu especially the ones the point is going to mention they are either no Drupal Theodosia be naughty Tesla who they are from the people of Alfa DOS, who were promised paradise started on Saturday on webinar ofin will tell how to what annual fairing was available Norma Darrow they are side

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and side inside Wednesdays and Saturdays whenever we will cost an absolute amount of an oath and tell her not obey the law.

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What am you feeling was Zubayr Zubaydah even an hour where our middle finger in here we explained that this is refers to Abu Zubaydah,

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Radi Allahu Allah, all of them are worthy of priests. And he says we're cool hire a coal in the Sahara, but equally him while tech will talk and are able to draw who say the best thing about the Sahaba all of them. So when we speak about the Sahaba We only say the best things about them, and we never ever criticize them. We never ever speak badly of them. We never insult them or revival them.

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He said for cod nautical why you will move in will be following him. While Phil said hey, I only saw harbor at 10 down.

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The Quran clearly tells us under sunnah, the virtues of the Sahaba particularly sort of Tibet. And we mentioned that there are many I don't know how many did we reach seven different ayat or more in sort of that, that praise the Sahaba especially the last part of sort of vet Mohammad Rasool Allah, this from here till the end of the Surah, which praises the Sahaba their description in the Torah and the Injeel. And we explained that last lesson, the last place that we reached up to is the statement of Allah azza wa jal, we're Bill Kudremukh duty akin for Inaho de amor to work Dini, what Dino fer

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that the author talks to us about belief in Qatar. He talks to us about proper belief in the decree of Allah subhanho wa taala. And this here is something which is important for us, first of all, because it's a pillar from the pillars of Eman and also because of the number of people who got lost and misguided in this particular issue. And many people, they got lost and misguided in the issue of al Qaeda world called the issue of Allah's decree, and what to believe in it, and we that's where we finished last time explaining the issues relating to al Qaeda. I want to just give you a summary of that.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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was asked

00:24:28--> 00:24:30

he was asked by some of the Sahaba

00:24:32--> 00:24:34

in the hadith of Ali are all the Allahu and

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that some of the Sahaba said

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they said female Amman.

00:24:45--> 00:24:48

They said what are our actions all about?

00:24:51--> 00:25:00

Fe M green Mustang F. Is it something that is random AMFI Amarin or is it some

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thing that has been called Dear our coding something that has been decreed for us. The prophets Isom told us rather this action of yours has been decreed for you and measured for you.

00:25:14--> 00:25:15

They said,

00:25:17--> 00:25:49

for female and they said, What should we do? Then the Prophet SAW Selim said something amazing if somebody understands this statement that he said, to be honest with you, you will gasp You will grasp the whole concept of Qatar. If you can understand this one statement, the prophet sighs him said. He said air a manual for Coonan more Yes, sir. Lima Haleakala. He said act, work hard. For every one of you will be made easy for him what he was created for.

00:25:51--> 00:26:28

This is something powerful, what he said. And to be honest, this summarizes all the things we said about paddling. The first thing is that the response to understanding Allah's decree is working hard. If you're not working hard, you have not understood the concept of Qatar properly if you're not working hard, rather the concept of Qatar is based upon what is based upon hard work that you need to work hard when letting Nyjah handle phenol and FTN down superliner, the people who strive for us we will certainly guide them to our ways. And likewise,

00:26:30--> 00:27:18

the second principle for coulomb or sovereign Lima Haleakala everyone, it will be made easy for them what Allah created them for. And that means that you need Allah to make things easy for you. You need Allah subhanaw taala to help you. You need Allah to bless you. You need Allah subhanahu wa taala to give you the success to be able to be from the people of Ghana. You can't be from the people of Ghana, just by Magellan Amman just by working hard. You can't be from the people agenda. Rather you can't be from the people of Ghana until you bring two things hard work and dependence upon Allah subhanaw taala when you bring these two things together, these are the keys by which a

00:27:18--> 00:28:02

person earns the Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah and B and becomes from the people of gentlemen, that is hard work and your need of Allah Emanuel for coulomb myosin Dima Haleakala, everyone will be made easy what they were created for, meaning that you need to work hard and you need Allah's help. And this can also be understood in the statement of the Prophet SAW I send them as alumni and southwestern biller. be keen for what will benefit you and seek Allah's help. All of that is just revision of what we did last time. We went very fast we didn't stop we didn't explain we didn't go slowly we didn't help the kids to understand we just zoom through what we did last time.

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We now only have five minutes until McGraw Hill probably less by now inshallah. So what we will do a shout Allahu to Allah is we will stop. We will take a break and be evening law. What we're going to do is Inshallah, after salata, Maghrib we will start explaining the rest of the poem in sha Allah as best we can. I know our time is a little bit limited and I know that

00:28:27--> 00:28:47

we started very late today, Cogdill Allah who were Masha so I was Allah's decree and Allah does whatever He wills, but he shot along with data. We will start with Al Eman, believable. And we have four lines of the poem that relate to belief in the last day. Do you want to read them first quickly,

00:28:48--> 00:29:03

after Salah okay after Salah you will read them in sha Allah, we will stop the livestream here because there's no benefit to just keeping going for no reason. We will pause it and stop it at least on my side my channel and then shot along to Allah we will start it again.

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At the time of when we start the poem itself inshallah. Hello Allahu Allah wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabina Muhammad, what are the early he will suck me ha