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Salam Alaikum greetings of peace. How are you guys doing? Welcome to the deen Show. I'm Eddie your host. And as always, we have an exciting program with you. This topic is very sad. It's something that really brings tears to the heart, the heart cry be exploding, the bombs have stopped falling but have the children stopped dying we have so much to talk about here. And there's someone that we're going to bring on a Palestinian someone who's actually in Palestine and we want him to go ahead and also help respond to another Palestinian who actually has a lot to say on Palestine the topic of Palestine and Israel so let's go ahead and watch this video that we're going to bring our

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surprise guests out to respond to this individual by the name you know and by gnoss daily so let's go ahead and listen to this

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is a this is exactly why like life is too short to to spend years on a conflict. Like I am not I don't care about a piece of land so a lot of Jews care about Israel because your homeland a lot of Palestinians care about Luxor because this religion, but I don't care about either.

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or her

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and our guests here peace activist, Rafa Abu Ah, how are you? Hi, how are you sir? I'm Les Kim Salaam rahmatullah wa barakaatuh. Thank you for joining us here on the D show, brother. Thank you for hosting me.

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Are you familiar with NAS NAS daily? Yes, it was not. Yes. So what do you think? Did you do we need to play the video again? Or did you get a chance to to hear it? Well, here we are familiar with the witness's walk.

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And mainly, we don't need to listen to one of his videos in order to know his arguments. And because we know his type of people, it's the problem is not now the problem is everybody who has the same ideology or doesn't have an ideology in the first place. So the problem with with people like NASA daily that we believe in that I think the guy suffers from great Stockholm, or his we call his type people who already left the Palestinian cause. And they are not. They are not in with us anymore. The his his,

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let's say his way of thinking and way of speaking is the worst thing that happened to the question because they were just because he was born of a Palestinian family. I don't believe he is Palestinian. The Palestinian cause is a fight for freedom and for for pride and for liberation and for human rights in the first place. And whenever you need that, you leave some of your biggest values, or your main values as a human in the first place.

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The problem with people like NAS the story, they start with us and it's not us that that are fighting. It's not my generation, what they dream of being or what they were, what is my future and my goal. The problem is this. What he calls conflict, his occupation in this occupation has started 72 years ago, and before way before that, the Palestinian people were killed in their home places were kicked out of their houses and villages, and were refugees into other countries

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and their grandsons are today living in refugee camps suffering from the worst situations in the world today maybe people in girls are under siege. They don't have any main living or basics that they can have a good life apartheid in the areas where I live discrimination and persecution by the Israeli police the interfering with the Muslim prayers and lacks that main human rights are not here. So that's not the fight we can give up we are not giving the option to give up or to live any other type of fight because occupation was forcing us to fight in the first place and because out of our humanity, we would never lived.

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Let me Let's hear this again. I am not I don't care about a piece of land. So a lot of Jews care about Israel because your homeland. A lot of Palestinians care about aleksa because this religion, but I don't care about either.

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That's very empty. It's very Yeah, it seems like okay, it's just some land. What's the big deal? Give up some land and live your life. Yes, that's that's such an empty conversation he had there. And then and then at the end, it's very interesting that he says and, you know, I just care about myself. Yes, that's it. I mean, is it that simplistic that just, hey, give up some land and we can go about business. Can you talk about how is how

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was the situation there for the for the average? I mean, we hear often this is a democracy here, you know, equal rights for all. But how is the day to day life for the Palestinian? They're a Palestinian, Christian, Palestinian Muslim, you know, how are they living? Are they able to we hear that the scarcity of water, electricity, healthcare education, that open your prison that they're like in a jail with just big walls? So is it that? Is it that simplify, just give up some land and live your life life's too short? Well, it's a bit different from one area to an area. But what I can say for all policy is that no, we're not living a basic human right life. That the thing the thing

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NASA is saying in that video is that if you forget about your Palestinian ship, and then forget about the history of your people, and if you forget about your cause, you can can live a good life in Israel. When you can make money you can make business you can make stuff. I come from a society called the NACA, the Bedouin Palestinians who live in the south of occupied Palestine, Israel today. After the year 48 90% of my people working for the from the people of the October kicked out of

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out of the market to Arab countries and only 10% stayed in here. Today we are 300,000 people living in here 140,000 of these people are living in or unrecognized villages, villages, these are towns with that people with Israeli citizens citizenships live in there. And due to international law laws, they should have same basic rights, same rights as Jews and as Israelis living in the country. But 140,000 people of these people live in 36 unrecognized villages with no electricity, no water, no basic structures in the past five years only around 11,000 houses and more 11,000 houses were demolished in one area. The houses of these people, my people, the bad ones on and on, not only

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Where are you here in this? Where do you reside around which area? You're here somewhere on the map? Right? You're Yeah.

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You can see where the word Palestine in the green map is written in all of them. Yes. Yeah, Palestine, the green map, it's there. So what does this map map signify? What does this tell us? For the person layman has no idea. You know, what does this tell us? What does this mean to you? Well, this is the occupation of Palestine, how it started and how it got into today. Before the 48 we're talking history for the year for day, the the Jews came in here like refugees from the Holocaust and from the terror that happened to them in India in the European countries and the Palestinian people accepted them and hosted them on the shores and open their houses for them at the time because they

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were refugees suffering and this society or it's known sitting in history, it's well documented that everybody has hosted them and giving them a place to live because these were people who are suffering in the reality but year after year after year after year design the stream became a creating and was very obvious for us that they are creating a country over our country they are imagining us in order to build their their their country their Israeli occupation at the time they didn't want to be partners and then I didn't know they were coming and we hosted them in the first place but then they took piece after piece after piece after peace until they created this very

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awful occupation. Colonial settlements regime that we are living in today. You actually wrote about you did a response and academic response. You wrote a paper an article is that true on this next video we're about to see Yes, we did. It's it wasn't about the video.

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specifically about the video but this version of speaking about about the NACA, like we chosen What do you guys see in the video that we chose this like this was forced on us and that we accept our faith and that we are staying in our lands even though you only when you go to a Bedouin living in the desert you ask him me as a bird when asked him What do you want from to change in here? He would say I just want Israel to not diminish my house that's the idea. We don't have much to lose but we don't want to win anything from occupation we want to live with electricity with water with with townships and with

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with health services, but we don't want to leave our homes and our lands original lands private. So we'll go ahead and wash this that's really powerful. I just don't want my home taken away demolished. I just want food. I want water. I want basic human rights. Wow. I want a proud life.

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When I grew up, I thought everybody wanted a better life. And better meant living in a big city like New York with fast internet, good weather and the nice Ferrari. But wake up from the dream. This is exactly the opposite of what I want. And it's where I am it's a hut in the middle of the desert with no internet, insane heat and instead of Ferrari's there are chicken donkeys, camels, cats, goats and sheep.

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This is the life of Bedouins, the nomads who live in love with a simple but hard life, known for being generous, hospitable, and the most respectful of guests with no desire to get the latest iPhone or MacBook.

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It's hard for me and you to live this life or wanted. What did that they say?

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So what was the the main thing here you were saying that people even here who are living a good life, meaning that they're happy and content with what they have, even places like this, they can get their homes taken away.

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Of course, so there's rarely designers will tell it to you and a lot of believes that

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the land of lockup should not be owned by Arabs. So the problem is that they tried to kick us out of the land, or they prevent us from having like they would in the first place, they wouldn't give you any services, and they wouldn't give you a permission to build the house, they wouldn't give you water flowing to you to your house, they wouldn't give you electricity. If you want electricity in your house, you should put solar panels and buy them on your your own expense. If you want water. If you don't fill tanks, and bring them next to your home and buy the water yourself and like bring the tank and put it you can buy from the Israeli Water Company three times or four times.

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The price that people in Jewish Jewish people pay in their villages, for example. So the idea they will give you services in order for you to leave the area but we are satisfied with our land and we don't have a problem living hardships. Just what is the main goal of this life that we're doing? Where are we so patient because we believe this is our land, we are under occupation. True. This is one day leaving this is one day is going to be over. That doesn't mean I'm leaving my land, I'm not gonna exchange my land for water and electricity. But that doesn't mean I don't want them. I believe that I that I have original original rights on my land, they should get these services due to

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international law and due to Basic Law of land due to the Israeli laws as an Israeli citizen, but they are giving not giving me that I didn't choose not to get that. But I've been here I'm staying here on my land. I'm always gonna be here. Yeah, as much as they try to kick us out. Well, they prevent the services from you, then they demolish your house, and you have stories and like a lot of village was demolished 188 times and people still keep rebuilding their houses on their places.

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It's 6am. But I have finally arrived to my home in Israel.

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But every time I mentioned the word Israel or Palestine, I get in trouble in the comment section. There is no Israel. There is no Palestine you. So to settle this issue, here is where I stand. I am a Palestinian Israeli 69 years ago, when Israel came into existence, some Palestinians left some got killed, and some stayed in their lands. My people stayed, and for the next 70 years, we lived under Israel, there are two ways I can live my life one, I say Israel does not exist. And I come only from Palestine or two, I accept the borders of Israel, and I accept the new borders of Palestine. And I move on I choose number two to move on. Because in life there are better and bigger things to focus

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on than the name of a piece of land. There is an Israel and there is a Palestine. I grew up in Israel, right next to Palestine. And I'm jet lagged. That's one minute seat.

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Okay, seems like he's got the answer. What do you think? I mean?

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Seems like he's got a solution here. What do you think of his solution? But others this guy has the worst terminology I've ever seen in my life. Like, the first problem was, he says, I'm leaving the whole idea and what he's suggesting me and the first problem with with his speech is his terminology. It wasn't the existence of Israel, it was the occupation of Palestine. It wasn't

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it wasn't a country that was built out of nothing. It was a country that was took out of its people and people were trying to decide their fate at the time.

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Palestine was was a working mechanism. people the people were were developing and trying to get out of one occupation in order to build their own their own life. We were ruled by the British. We were occupied by by the British regime at the time, but people in Jaffa and in Haifa, and they were separate, were building their own life. You had newspapers coming out, you had theaters, you had cinema, you had people working, you had four 4 million boxes of orange that being produced in Jaffa and were sold to to Europe, and to the place here was known. It's not only a piece of land itself.

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It's, it's a heritage. It's It's It's our proud pride as the people that was taken and that we're fighting to retrieve.

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It was never a piece of land and then thinking about it as a piece of land. So I think he's the one who should leave it.

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The ethical problem, the ethical burden is not on the occupied. It's on the occupier in the Palestine because firstly, can you can you fill us in on what's going on with mustard and Aqsa right now, we saw earlier, during the month of Ramadan, the soldiers storming in there throwing the stun grenades, no fires, we saw all sorts of havoc, you know, has things calmed down, what's the situation with Alexa?

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It's more quiet now. But that doesn't mean that they like they probably are being the Jerusalem people are looking to see you are being punished in the streets understood. I had a few friends were arrested in the past few weeks and me myself was arrested and my little brother

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after the officer events, and after the whole 48 events that that happened in the past few weeks, we had a very intense few weeks with the warring guys and Israeli crimes on Gaza at the time. What happened what started all of this, for example, of course, everybody heard about I think the the case of genre. these are these are the houses of Palestinians,

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Palestinian families around 500% of families, that the Israeli government is trying to kick them out in order to put settlers in their place. And that's a very, very known apartheid scenario that happens in Israel all the time. It happened here in the UK by

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by kicking the people from will here on a Bedouin town and building this is the settlement of Iran and their place that's happening right now. So what's happened what's happened in Alaska started from the Israeli government trying to

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bring all the time they are by exporting the settler organizations that they are achieving the designers mentality of having a Jewish Oxon Jewish, and Jewish Jerusalem, at the time Israeli Jerusalem as I was chosen. So every year they try to bring settlers inside our worshipping, placing the Muslim the Muslim Park lapse or mass collapsing yard. So

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it's made right for Palestinians and Muslims to not agree to settlers who steal their lands and who burn Palestinian villages and who are coming in there out of making us feel bad and making making it normal for them to steal the locks from us and to steal areas from Luxor. So every year they try to do that. We don't agree to that. And we we have always been saying that. And as it's no international law, laksa is a is an international area. This area is not this quarter is not an Israeli in the first place, and all city of Jerusalem. So the Israeli government tried to bring Sackler in there when the people said no, it started bombing people and shooting rubber bullets I

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was photographing there at the time. And I've seen the atrocities that the Israeli government has really boosted to the people they enter inside the Alaska accidents, guys people and they shot people with with rubber bullets, and they were assaulting people on the grounds and and when they are handcuffed also, what do you say to the to the common reiterated? statement that look, this is for the safety of Israel and these Palestinians are terrorists. They're terrorizing us and we're just trying to protect ourselves we need to survive. Have you have you Do you often hear this? Yeah, Yes, we do. We do. We are we are here.

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And the past few weeks, that are project people, the Palestinians who have Israeli citizenships who stayed here after

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they were lynched in the streets. We were chased by settlers we had we had settlers shooting at our houses and trying to kidnap children from their from their towns and looking surgery rooming the demand kill cities there. There are Jewish cities in order to find herbs to beat them in the street. The Israeli Israeli police with give them protection we're talking about Israeli said we're talking about.

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These settlers are looking for Arabs who have Israeli citizenship. So let's talk Let's not talk about the Palestinians but we are all persons. That's how the Israeli government sees us. And that's who we are in the first place. The problem is not

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me being Muslim or Palestinian. The problem is that this is the Zionist mentality. These settlers search for us in the streets and when they find their Arab, they Lynch that urban they beat the Arab industry they kill they kill moose as soon in a lead and they killed.

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They killed another shade and normal for him.

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The problem here is that they are being protected by the police and they are also fulfilling police. Even ministers of Israel said that this is

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They are continuing the work of the Israeli forces and the Israeli, the Israeli police. So it's an apartheid regime. It's a big system. It's a democracy for the Jews. And they are what they see it they what they want to do is to make it a fully Israeli Zionist Jewish state. When you see this statement from a former US President Jimmy Carter, is is pretty on point.

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When Israel territory,

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deep within the West Bank and connects the two or so 200 sold settlements with each other with a road and then prohibits the Palestinians from using that road, or in many cases, even crossing that road. This perpetuates even worse instances of apart tidiness or apartheid than we witness even in South Africa. What do you think of the statement? We live that Yanni, when we're reading about this South African experience, experience, you're only apartheid is true and apartheid is here. And the problem is that these white people are much smarter, smarter than the other white people that were in South Africa.

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What Yes. What about what about the children, we see why we see a lot of children being kidnapped from their families, young, young children, what's going on with that? In the past three weeks, the more than 3000 are Palestinians from the 48 areas were arrested in the nightclub only my area, more than 60 to 70%

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of the people who are arrested were children. Using the children is a way to to scare the families and to put the pressure on them. All most of the children, like maybe 90% of the people come out of the gym and the girl knows this. But let's talk about the competing. Well, they're their volumes will be broken, they will have injuries in their faces. And they will be put in jail and put in there for weeks even if they don't have any proofs on them. So it's a way too scary the people and so it puts pressure on the families, but Alhamdulillah people are Southern, our patient.

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So tell us, we often hear this in this area. The

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area of jet What is it called Jafar?

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The area where they're evicting the Palestinians Shake, shake, shake.

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shake up this area, the common excuses that look, we're the landlords are evicting the tenants. So we rented this out, and now Ah, they didn't pay the rent. So we're evicting them. So this is what everyone in the mainstream is usually hearing, what do you say to that to that? What rent these people build, built their houses in there. These houses they built with their hands.

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They they were there? Well, it's the problem is with the basics.

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The project, the basics, the whole land of Palestine, and then to solve the problems will also should go always to the basics. The whole land of the Palestinian people was during the four day was occupied by the Israeli police. The people were kicked or killed from their homes.

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And this ethnic cleansing that happened in their forte is continuing until today. And they are kicking people out of their houses to make it as Jewish as they can. You saw that you saw that map that makes how small Palestinian Palestinian areas are today, and how big they were before and how much was taking from us. They are trying to narrow that and make it smaller and smaller all the time.

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Hello, yeah. And there is something important story you were about Jerusalem. The problem is not only Shenzhen why there are today there are around four neighborhoods, Arab neighborhoods injuries, and that the people in there are being evicted. And there's rarely court and there's rarely, so there's really push is trying to evict the people. But then you would have to go to the Israeli court, who the judge is also a settler, and just trying to evict you in the first place. There's nowhere for the Palestinians to go. But there are another 333 neighborhoods that are the Israeli government is trying to evict and they are putting pressure everyday on the people. They are trying

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to kick the people out before. And it's very important to know that before they try to kick the people out, they tried to buy their homes, they paid me 10s of millions of shekels for the people to leave their houses, but the people don't leave their houses. They don't sell it to the Jews when they cannot buy the houses from the people. So how can I evict you if I'm in the first place, admitting that it's your house, I'm trying to buying it from you. When you're not sending me I bring the Israeli police, the police and the Israeli army to take you out of the house and put a settler in your place. So there are more than one neighborhood in Jerusalem. And inside the Old City of

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Jerusalem. It happens a lot you go to the Aleksandra

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Can you see how many houses they are destroyed how many houses they kick the people out of them. There are houses that are very stuck to the to the Luxor mosque and you have Israeli flags on them. And they are where they have will heavily guarded with families of settlers. They're trying to make it a Jewish to make the Muslim Quarter and Jewish quarter. And I believe some people do without for religious reasons, not for me. And for the people of Palestine. We know it's not religious at all. It's a national fight this fighting us because we're, they're trying to make it a Zionist area as much as they can try to delete our history to make us out of the existence that we do all the time,

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by covering our our refugee towns that they kicked us out of them. And by covering the history, and trying to change the story all the time when it comes to media, when it comes to the places to the names of the stories to the they don't want us to be here. And they try to cover an evening that we were here in the first place. And we are staying.

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Just a few more questions. We're almost out of time. Have you heard this term, the Third Temple? And last time we had our guest, Nico pilliod. He's also Israel. He's Israeli Jewish, he said an activist somebody

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who is a great friend is a friend of yours also. Yes. And he talked about that this was a fringe element, but now it's catching momentum. How much do you know and you can tell us about this Third Temple movement? You know much about it? Yes, we do. Because we have been hearing that since we were kids that we're talking about they're trying to scare the Arabs with that. Yeah, we but it's it's it's real case. They are digging under the the Alexa mosque and they are digging under the Jerusalem area.

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Conspiracy Theory now this is not like people making this up. This is actually happening. You're no, you're speaking settlers are speaking about that. Honestly, the Israeli government is trying to do that. Honestly, if there was the cause of the mosque, which is a mosque in the in the Arab in the Muslim Quarter, next to olufsen was, they try it for a year to take that muscle out of the herbs and to put settlers in there, then that's why they're trying to bring the settlers overtime in there to make them earn a spot with the time. So the people at some day will stop fighting, and will stop refusing that the circulars be there, they've tried to force this thing on them. So I believe that

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the Israelis can do anything, me myself.

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They can do everything and they're willing to do everything to in order to achieve their Zionist view under Zionist idea. We have an Israeli in Israel. And with this, we have an Israeli professor who is quoted as saying this is an academic historian that Islam saved the jury. And because often you'll hear the statements that when you speak up, they try to against not Jewish people, you know, we know there was a history. Can you tell us also that, you know that, like you were saying earlier that the Muslims welcome the Jews, that when the Jews are being persecuted, you know, they came into Muslim lands, but as soon as you talk about this oppression about hey, I want some, you know, some

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rights, some human rights, some dignity, I want to live like a human being, you know, anybody who looks into this, and has the humanism, they just people who have, who have come from all walks of life and just come to visit that area, they see the in justices, but as soon as you start to speak up and talk out, they label you with this term anti semitic. But it's interesting, you're Semitic. Right? Yeah, you follow a prophet who sematic you speak a similar language? how can how can you be anti semitic? What do you say to that? Well, that's what you should know. That's like a great joke for us, the Arab people, when speaking, when we speak politics like that, to get the same question

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that you're asking, I will always ask what it is, that we are controlled so much by by the propaganda and by the reality, this the people who support Israel are the people who are setting the terms for politically correct. Words, and,

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and speeches and talks. So that we are assuming we are we are the sons sons of Abraham, and handled and we and when it comes to peace, because I don't believe in that version of anti semitism because the I am Semitic in the first place. So we always answer that to the Israelis if we're in discussions even though they bring the cops with them to the discussions but

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what we talk about

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more more than the anti semitism part for me I think that the use that abroad a lot much more than what the that they use that here because they know the truth about Semitism Israel is but abroad, it's like that their first defense line in propaganda against everybody who speaks on Israel. What's the connection between Israel and the real Judaism just today I was. I was in another panel with an aesthetic art.

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Rabbi, he was talking about Israel as the biggest menace and the biggest crime that was done to Judaism ever. So you were on another panel with another Rabbi? Yes. So you have a lot, you have a lot of Israeli Jewish friends. Not a lot. But for me to have an Israeli Jewish friend, he should believe on the rights of Palestinians to rebury and their historical rights on their lands that he should take part in the fight if he's here, Yanni, for me, I don't I don't find any.

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I wouldn't find any right for an Israeli for a Jewish guy to be here and is accepted. He's been fighting the fight of the Palestinians, is the strong part. And he Oh, he always depressed.

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So we believe in people who believe in justice, we believe in people who believe in peace. But peace doesn't come by by crushing the weak, the weak side, and we have been weakened for seven years. And

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as Palestinians. Yeah. So concluding now, if anybody we've had people who just recommended that, you know, when when politicians from here when Christians, because it's not even Palestinians, who are Christians are being oppressed? Is that right through?

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So so the Christians from here who want to visit, they want to get a taste of it for themselves politicians from here? I mean, are they more than welcome that I wouldn't be fair and balanced? We've heard people advise them just come to the other side, come visit the Palestinians and come talk to us. Are you willing to talk? There was only one thing sorry, they forgotten you. There was only one thing that necessarily said right in the middle of the video is that Bedouin people are very hospitable. And they invite people to their homes. And that's something that all Palestinians and Arabs share. We love inviting people and we love talking to people.

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We don't ask people for for stuff. That's something that we have been learning that since we were kids, and the hospitality is a main part of our society, I think people should come here and see. And when they come and see and not go, and they should listen from the abs, and they should go to the streets. Because this is a course of human values of the perspective of clustering. And

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we're not trying to look as victims, but this is this situation that is here. We deserve. We believe in our pride, and we, the whole our whole, the only thing that for me myself, that I believe in and that I want I'm fighting for, and advocating for is my pride and my people's pride in the first place.

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I believe that people who are interested people who want to hear their story and before somebody says one word out of propaganda and what he hears in the news about the Israeli,

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what they call the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and we call and we know its occupation, is to come and see and visit to see the wall and the West Bank to see what's happening in Luxor, Sudan, or cognized villages and to see the killing of people in the arrest of policies of the foregate. And what's happening to the

00:33:02--> 00:33:07

one one question that you asked before about the history and how they Islam said

00:33:09--> 00:33:39

the Jews and when they slumps treated the Jews. It's very important to mention that the first time after Islam that we the the Muslims entered the Luxor, Muslims, we're not talking about persons that were here before but Muslims that Islam will kill from shipbuilders here at the time, it was honorable, hapa brother low and the third Khalifa of Islam, the second caliber of Islam, and we're going to hop up. When he came to Alaska, he made the deal with the Christians of Lok Sabha and with the people of Alaska, all of the religions, it's called Ella della Maria.

00:33:40--> 00:33:44

It's an eight, he gave them the protection.

00:33:45--> 00:33:57

That this is something that continued through all the Islamic States after another law, Maria was was the main law one base to dealing with people who are not and also Quran before.

00:33:58--> 00:34:35

To deal with people who are not Muslim. You would never touch their worshipping places, you will never judge them for something they didn't know you will never persecuted them for religion or try to make them leave their religion, whoever won or whoever is convinced by Islam, for example, he can go to Islam, but but you wouldn't force anyone to do anything that they don't told us we wouldn't even force them to fight in the Islamic army when you have another country attacking you or something. So it's a very I think people should read about the armory more and should really go to the Islamic and Arabic history. To know how it was here. It was always peace.

00:34:36--> 00:34:39

Everybody was giving their place to pray, for example, for Christians

00:34:40--> 00:34:59

pray inside the church, the church from their introduction chairs because he didn't want the Muslims with the history to come and pray in his spot and then he said lose the demo computer can a better tip, which is to come and be crowded. It's going to be crowded for you guys and yeah, one of the things in the armory was people will not

00:35:00--> 00:35:06

But touch or break or harm your crosses, for example, or your or your churches or whatever. So yeah.

00:35:08--> 00:35:32

Thank you so much for spending some time with us. So you do have even Holocaust survivors Jewish Holocaust survivors who are speaking out against this. I've Dr. Mehta. I know if you've heard of him. Then you have other people, your friend, our friend, Dr. Mikko pillard. So, Poppy also, what's his name? Ilan puppy. Ilan puppy. Dr.

00:35:33--> 00:36:15

Dr. Finkelstein. Norman Finkelstein? I think I heard the name Yeah, yeah, who else who else? There is there's a lot yeah, yeah, just maybe you should google just yeah, so this this is not a Jewish Muslim thing. This is the true thing. This is about the humanists, you know, human rights people who just want the basic human rights that you and I get to have every single day and I hope that we're God Almighty's help God Almighty allow, this can be achieved. And anything else you want to close with. And if people want to visit they want to visit down there. And they want to see for themselves they don't want to go to Disneyland this year. They want to come down and they want to see for

00:36:15--> 00:36:58

themselves what's going on. They're sick of the lies the propaganda, what do you recommend? People are welcome in the first day I would always invite people to come to to my to my place and to my to our living place or areas we love We love when people visit and we love when people want to learn and we respect everybody want to know the truth and we feel that the Israeli propaganda is lying to everybody everywhere. So most most of the work today is trying to uncover the truth and tell people about what's really happening here because people have been lied to for four decades. We we invite people everywhere and they know that every other policy activist invites people to come visit in

00:36:58--> 00:37:36

Bethlehem in here in the West Bank and then lock up in the 48 people share many nightmare stories is is very difficult do they have to if they wanted to come there watching the show they say hey I'm gonna go ahead and visit experience this but is a very challenging I heard people getting, you know, going through so many checkpoints and being held for days like what's the process of someone if they wanted to come to the area and visit Is it is it I think for Americans and for people with the foreigner nationalities not Arab people, not Muslim people. And you should just come to their port show them that you are pro Israeli speak pro Israeli language. And then for me for example, as an

00:37:36--> 00:38:05

Arab and there's a dark skin Yeah, they were just I would go myself to the room that dark room in the in the airport that they will check me and they treat you as an Arab at the end of the case, but people can come here and just you should come as a tourist. Do a like you should say that you are touring. And don't show your real ideas and thoughts when you are coming in or getting out. Thank you so much does not lie. Thank you for sharing all that with us. Monica Luffy. salaam aleikum topcat Sarah