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Muhammad Alshareef

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salaam Alaikum. Peace be with you. Thank you. Thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. And ladies and gentlemen, here on the deen show. He is making his appearance. Muhammad Sharif here on the deen show. We'll be right back.

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Salam Alaikum Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Please be with you. Peace be with you, too. Now, the million dollar question is What is going on? We've had everyone on the program we had shake Walid, the Sunni we had yesterday majaz yalsa does that everyone from because you're the CEO of Real Madrid, and we've had our eye on you where you've been? The audience wants to know, not just me, you know, it's interesting, actually, you know, I'm gonna shout out to my father in law. Every time we do immigrants to class, he doesn't show up. And all he does is watch the deen show. Show. So I said hunger law. You know, I'm gonna come on the deen show, just so my father in law can benefit. Thank

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you very much. No problem made this evening. Thank you, thank you, may this be a benefit to the whole world as watch it, because you got some knowledge, and you can't be stingy with it. So we're going to pick your brain so we can all learn and I can learn and then the whole world can learn who's watching, it'd be my pleasure. Thank you. Muslim identity Muslim is one who has chosen to consciously submit to the One God alone without any partners equals nothing like that. And just identity in general, people are looking for someone something to identify with. And when you're not identifying with the right people the right thing you're identifying with the wrong thing. So let's

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talk about this. Sure. ship. Okay. So human beings, I think, in order for human beings to like cultivate life on Earth, they have this sheep, they call it sheep mentality, and people kind of make it into a negative. But it actually it brings unity amongst people, it's like you can find common people you get together with them. Now this hurting that happens with human beings, what we're talking about identity, if somebody doesn't consciously come along and guide them in the right direction, then you know, the word I would say is like shavon, or the devil, the evil one basically becomes you know, the herder of, of these people and their and their thoughts in their minds. So

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leaders need to come along, guided people who pull people in the right direction. For a moment, tell us now you said shake down the devil. Is this real? Is this something from hollywood, bollywood, there's really satanic forces that are working, talk about this briefly before we move forward?

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Is there satanic force, I think, you know, there's, obviously when you have good, you just take it to the other spectrum you have you have bad, right, you have heat, take it away, you have cold for those people just want to understand that concept, that it might be like you have extreme good, and then you that the good starts getting pulled away, pulled away until it becomes bad. So I mean, that obviously we know in Islam, about shavon. And it's in the history of all the scriptures. So our agenda here

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she is to help people to understand the true purpose of life, why they're here, who their Creator is, and we're inviting them to what's good. Okay. And now, before we can even get to that a lot of times there's confusion out there, because people are confused, like, Who am I? So again, they're mimicking mocking the rappers the hip hop stars, the actors and actresses. So how can we get them away from mocking people who will only lead them to destruction? And considering mocking the best of people, which were the prophets and the last and final messengers? The best example, please talk to us. Okay, sure. So if you look at, say, a school that has a dress code, yes. And I remember once

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reading a cartoon, or an in this cartoon, it was a bunch of kids from another school that didn't have a dress code. And they were saying, haha, look at those foolish kids there. They have, you know, a specific uniform. But the cartoon was making fun of the kids that were saying this because they all had their hats on backwards. They all had their jeans even backwards in their shirt.

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And all of that stuff, in other words, that everybody is basically copying, right. And that's human nature that we're gonna copy. Now, when you say, who becomes our role model, basically, the role model is defined by the television, it's by the camera. So the people they get that stage are the actors and actresses, they're the musicians, and so on and so forth. So you look at our children, and in our generation, it's like a whole nation of people are being raised up that this is the role model. Now, back in the olden days, if you take out television out of the picture, then who are the role models, those are people who are actively involved in the community, people who are, you know,

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doing good things in the community, that's the person that they see everywhere, because you don't see actors and actresses everywhere. You see the the leaders in the community hand, say when I was growing up, somebody was a role model for me were like the older youth, the older boys in the community who were doing activities in the local Masjid. And I was able to, you know, absorb from that. But if I was to go to a Muslim kid today, and say, who's your role model?

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You know, it's going to be Wolverine is going to be Spider Man. It's going to be something like that. Yeah. No, no, tell us. Why is it? Do you feel again, that when we mentioned, like, let's say, Moses, okay, peace be upon him, Abraham, peace be upon Jesus Christ, peace, be upon peace be upon him, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And we see we we have so much utterance and respect for them. But now it's not cool. Like to bring them up. This is weird. But to talk about, you know, Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, J. Lo, we can have a conversation. Sure, if you talk about these great men and the legacy they left behind, I got time for that. What do you think this is? Well, I guess that's

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coming from, from a culture that is trying to pull away from those things, right? So obviously, here comes these religions. They come along and in everybody's saying, you know, I'm the one following the truth. Someone says, No, not them. Follow me, follow me. So that the names that are being thrown out are the names that you've mentioned that people are just like throwing them out. But so the person who's listening to that, they just don't want to hear it anymore. And so their solution is to like, shut down. So what I would say is that, no, that's not the solution, the solution not to put your head in the sand and shut everything out. The solution is to will search out what is the truth?

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There's a lot of chatter out there. There's a lot of hissing noise, but somebody needs to basically say, Well, what was the unifying message of these prophets? And really, you know, go to a higher ground and look at that, and you will see that they're all unified that there's no God, but Allah, how can we get people to, to because obviously, if you're, you're hungry, you're going to eat okay? But now, if you're not hungry, your bellies full, no matter how great that gourmet dishes dessert is, you're not really interested. Right? Okay. So how can we get people to really, to consider this, this proposition proposal to take this matter seriously, because the lights will go on the party

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will end? Sure. And you can only acquire so much wealth? How do we get them because Sharing is caring, right? We love our brothers in humanity. And we want them to be our brothers. And you know what, what's interesting about your question is like this person, their stomach is full, even if it's a gourmet food, as soon as you said that, I'm thinking to myself that I actually, I disagree that their stomach is full talk to their stomach is empty, empty, and if anything, it's the heart that's empty, right. So a lot put something in the heart of everybody, it's like a GPS. So even the person who wants to deny God will not deny God, they'll say, I believe in a higher being, because

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they can shut off their brain, they can shut off their heart, Allah is you know, like, it's, he's beckoning them to come to him. So this person is actually starving. But they're saying that they're full. So they go into drugs, they go into, you know, into fornication, they go into all these different areas, but they're still empty on the inside. So when we want to come along, and this is even for Muslims trying to pass on the message, rather than coming to this person, you know, head on and say, Hey, follow the prophets. I say we address the problem from an angle of, you know, what's the purpose of your life? Let's shut off this pain. And let's test something out. So for example,

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somebody who there is a rapper, like really intense rapper, and he became Muslim later, and he was doing alcohol and drugs and you know, and the whole deal. And then there was a Muslim who invited him to pray. Yeah. And he said, once his head went on the ground, the sweetness of his forehead touching that carpet, and he's like, you know, I'm hooked. And that's what I'm talking about. They're starving, and they're actually trying to feel themselves but it's not getting the job done. It's like eating cotton candy. Cotton candy. Let's take a break. We'll be right back with more here on the deen show.

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No Matter of fact, you get testimonies from Christians in Eastern Europe.

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Or thanking God for the rule of Muslims when the Ottoman Empire came unoccupied, because now we can have tolerance and religious freedom.

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I declare from today, there is nothing to be worship except Allah alone. The one God, the One God

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would not

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force you to convert to the religion. That is the last messenger of Allah. That's the same in Aramaic. Jesus said, Aloha. So it's the same guy, the same guy.

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Back here on the dean show, talking about serious issues. You've mentioned the purpose of life, many people, they know the purpose of their job. They know the purpose of many other things. But now the purpose of life, the crucial question people aren't reflecting are asking this question, why do you think this is? Okay, you know, obviously, they're not asking the question, they might be asking the question, but they might be shutting it off, as you know. So it's like the purpose of life? I don't know. So let me just move on. Right. But when it comes to the topic of the purpose of life, I think everybody like, we're here for a reason. And actually, you know what? I was watching Iron Man

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recently. And Iron Man he gets out of, he gets out of the caves. And he said, If I'm still alive, then there must be a reason. Yeah. And I said that that's an interesting point. And even you know, it was it was emotional for me. I'm watching Iron Man, I'm emotional. Because if I'm still alive here, then there's a reason for me to be here. Right? And anybody who's watching for you, for anybody, it's like, when did you think that you had no purpose? Right? And who convinced you of that, and who led you in that direction. So you have a purpose. And if you can accept that they're even a pen. As simple as a pen. If it has no purpose, once the ink dries up, you throw it away, it's

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worthless. Now are you worthless?

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And you'd say no, I'm not worthless. I'm a human being. So then the the value comes from purpose. Right? So what is the purpose? What Why are you here on earth? And handler like questions like that where other people get confused? In Islam, we don't get confused. We actually know exactly what our purpose is. And then that's where the peace comes from, is knowing what our purpose is now for our not yet Muslim audience. You said to Arabic words? Sure. So they don't think we're saying some cold words here. You said Oh, hummed a lot. You said Islam. Okay. Please define those, please. Okay, so Islam is the religion of Islam. literally mean it comes from a root called selama, which means

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peace. And Islam is like a way of life a way of like peaceful life, that's Islam, to worship Allah alone and a law meaning God alone, and to follow the message of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And the second word was 100. Allah, which is thankfulness. Right? So Alhamdulillah literally means Thank you, God, I was actually reading a bumper sticker. It's an it's a habit that Muslims do in the afternoon in the mornings to thank God, very specifically, I was reading a bumper bumper sticker as I was doing this Muslim habit of thanking God saying at Hamdulillah, the bumper sticker said, Have you thanked God today? I'm like, I'm doing it right now. We're doing it all the time.

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Okay, we mentioned purpose of light. Now, where does someone who's confused, they see all these religions? Okay. And they say, you know what, it's all the same. I'm just gonna do my own thing. How do we get them to think outside the box? And how do we get them to think serious? And how do they differentiate was the true way of life, the way of life? God wants that person to live from all the different manmade religions? Okay, sure. So people are confused with the different religions. And we've all gone through this stage. Even when I was younger, I said, You know what, it's not about Islam. It's not about this, I'm going to find the religion of truth, and actually came to the

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conclusion that I found it. Yeah, right. So this is what this would be my recommendation in the middle and in the in the quicksand and mud of everybody disagreeing and yapping, and so on, I'd recommend the person to step above that. Okay, now you've got higher principles that unify multiple people. Now, usually people who have reached the higher principle stage, they kind of like reject religion at that point, they're like, I'm just going to take the higher principles, but I'm saying take the higher principles. And you'll find that those higher principles are found in Islam, right? So for example, if people are saying, oh, worship, this idol worship, you know, this, worship that

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and you'd say, Well, I just want to worship God, boom, you came to a higher level, instead of rejecting the religions. That's what the message of Islam is, worship one God alone, one God, one God, that's it and not and that's the basis of everything in Islam. The other thing is realize that

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God created you. So inside of you, I was saying earlier about a GPS, your body can sense when some, you know, there's some, you know, funny stuff going on, and the body doesn't, you know, it doesn't accept that. So when you actually go to the Islamic laws,

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Your body is naturally inclined to that. So very often you'll hear Islam and then you're like, that makes sense. You hear something else about us? None of that makes sense that makes a new year, like the whole religions like that. Is there anything just to assuage any fears in Islam? Do you have, like, rolling around with rats, you know, beat yourself over the head with a knife or whip? And, you know, because people, you know, they might think these things. That's just weird. It is to us. But what do we got to say about that? Is there anything like that in Islam? I mean, obviously, the the the actually, the cool thing about Islam is that there's this set criteria of how to check whether

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something like that is authentic or not falsifications A falsification test in Islam. And a lot of times, you know, when you have with other religions, you know, some person of authority tells you something, and just kind of like, Okay, I got accepted, because he's a person of authority in Islam. You don't really have that authority figure, you've got authority tests, okay? So if somebody says something to me, he's like, Hey, man, I had a dream last night that, you know, this is the way to go to Paradise, I'd be like, whatever, right? I'm like, let's put it through the filters. Yeah. And I actually studied that in detail automatically. As soon as somebody starts talking, I'm like, boom,

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boom, here are the filters. Where did you get this from? So if you're gonna make something up, like you made it up, then you're going to need to have proof. Right? And if you're going to,

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if you're going to quote somebody else, you're going to say so and so said this, right? Then you're going to need to bring up the citation. Where did that come from? So with those two rules, what's your proof? Or Where's your citation? Then you've got like, that's one of the basic filters right there. So in Islam, we have the truth and is backed up with proof, of course, and we're not doing is not blind faith. For sure. There's there's no such thing as blind faith in Islam. So how, before we submit ourselves, did we actually, you know, even on the point of the blind faith, I would say that even the scholars of the past, they would say that it's not even permissible for somebody to accept

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my opinion, unless they know the proof. Right? So the whole concept of the blind faith or even protecting the future followers saying that, like, you have to know the proof. So here's the proof. And a lot. Sometimes people they just drop the proof of that, like, well just take whatever you say, but they're saying like, No, you have to know the proof. Because the authority is coming from the proof. It's not coming from the person. So it's not where you start digging in Islam, things start getting confused. And they're just it's a mystery man. Just Just believe, is that that's not how it isn't absolutely not. That's amazing seriousness of taking this topic, serious death. Can we just,

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that is what helped me get my act together. Okay, was reflecting about death. Is this a serious matter?

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You know, ultimately, you know, on the topic of death, and a lot of people try to avoid it, and so on. You want to live your life.

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Purpose prepared to die. Yeah. Right. So in other words, you know, recently in my city, there was an earthquake, when an earthquake strikes, that's not the time to start thinking about death. You know, like, every day you wake up in the morning, you want to say to yourself, Am I prepared to die today? Am I prepared to die today? And that's got to be like, in your mind, all that's like your life mission is preparing to die, so that when the time of death does come along, it's like, you've been preparing for this your whole life. Alright. And that's what life is all about. It's not about, oh, let's live in the moment. It's like, Let's live in the moment with our hearts in the Hereafter, so

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that we make the right decisions in the moment. Now living life according to God's will not your desires. Paradise is that guaranteed for an individual then, if you do all the good, that God wants you to do, and you die in a good righteous state worshipping only the one God following his last and final messenger, which obviously precedes all the other messengers. the glad tidings, is this, what we're seeking paradise it is it is, but I would also add something to what you said is that human beings, they make mistakes. Yes. Right. So we're not saying what other people of other religions have said that you know what, as long as you accept this and that you're going to go to Paradise. We

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know as human beings, Islam is a natural way and a person will make mistakes. Yeah, so it's not just a utopia or ideal or perfect person. So in Islam, the prophet peace be upon him said, a prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said that every son of Adam, every human being makes mistakes, right? So when I make a mistake, as I've made, you know, today, like hundreds of mistakes, just in this day, I'm thinking myself, I'm a human being, I'm not an angel. And that's what Islam teaches me. I actually tell you this, the story, I was at a Tony Robbins convention, yes. Right. And I was sitting beside a Jewish man. And, and I was listening to what Tony Robbins was saying, I was getting

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excited. That's the big tall guy, the big tall guy. He's kind of tall like you.

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And, and then I was so happy. I'm like I can I can implement what this guy is saying. And my Jewish friend was saying to me that you know what, he was feeling sad. I said, Why are you sad? He said, because what Tony's saying is, he's like, I know that one week from now. I'm not going to be able to keep up with that. And I said, You know what, that's the beauty of Islam because I'm not worried about keeping up with it. Because I know

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As a human being, I'm going to dip and when the dip happens I just turn it back around. Right so in Islam when a person makes a mistake to ask Allah for forgiveness, and Allah one of God's one of his names is the off forgiving, and he loves to hear forgiveness. So I'm like, I'm a human being I made a mistake today. Oh, love, please forgive me for this. And I know that by me asking forgiveness. I'm actually coming closer to God. God Almighty is the most loving, the Most Merciful, the Forgiving. We'll leave on that note for a second. We'll be right back from more on the deen show. He is born not 60 years ago in forming Slavia today's bosnia after the Second World War. And imagine today you

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have one child killed too much. It's important that we realize that Islam is a gift. So we believe that in the teachings of Jesus, what is left there is truth. And

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he is the result the truth has been mixed up with paganism and with nature worship. And so Islam has given you a pure straightforward way of approaching monotheism.

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Back here with

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my brother, your brother's Shaykh, Muhammad, Sharif, Sharif. And we're really, I'm thankful that you are here with us and your mindset for being here. Thank you, and inshallah we can have you back again some time. So now we're talking about we started off talking about identity. Okay, so we define somewhat just gave people somewhat of a taste of what Islam is about. Okay. So if you push towards identifying more with Islam,

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the creator way of life that he's given to us to live by? What are more of the positive outcomes that you'll have, as opposed to identify again, with the TV stars with the rap stars, etc, etc. Okay, perfect. Okay, so a lot of God has, he created human beings, he knows, like the master plan of where we're all going and what brings what will bring us prosperity and what will not. So for example, something like alcohol, as a Muslim, I don't drink alcohol. So the people that are caught up in they're addicted in and it's causing all the harms, I'm already protected from that, because a lot protected when it comes to, you know, the mortgage crisis in the US. As a Muslim, I'm not

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involved in taking or receiving interest. So because of that, I don't have a house, I didn't get involved. So when the market collapses, I'm already saved from it, because I was never there in the first place. Right. And so the only one who's saving me from all of this is alarm it is because I've taken those promises, God's message, and implemented in my life. And I've been saved from these harms. Maybe in the short term, if somebody was to say, hey, just have a glass of wine, it seems like oh, I'm missing out or so on and so forth. But look at the long, long term effects of those things. And you realize that Islam has protected the believers. And sometimes I'm like, with my

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wife, and I'll say, you know what, we really need to be thankful for this religion of Islam, because of how many vices we've been protected from, because of Islam. Big time, big time. And we think the Creator of the heavens and earth, for guiding us to the truth and protecting us. And tell us now for the Muslim, that is a little nervous about his identity. So you'll say, and you'll be happy to see the person and you want to give him the salami salaam aleikum, say How you doing? Or you say, you know, Mohammed is that you know, is that exactly mo? What advice do you have for them? Okay, so, when a person did have this, this criteria, I tell a person that, you know, if you're going to a

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park to pray, and you feel nervous, whose permission do you need? If they gave you permission? You would feel comfortable praying something like what is it? Is it the government that you want to give you permission to pray? Is it you know, like, a non Muslim walking by you want them to give you permission to pray, who if they gave you permission, you would be fine. And then when they if you identify who that person is, because even in the example that you gave, they've got a co worker, that they've actually made like their slave master, right? And they become a slave to them. It's like, well, I can't tell you what my real name is because slave masters so and so. And that person

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doesn't even know they were made this late. It's like arbitrary. They've put people in their lives above, you know, themselves. And I would say, so when I'm going to pray and I start to feel nervous. I say to myself, I don't need anybody's permission to pray. And nobody's my slave master. I'm a free man, right Land of the Free home of the brave. And that's what it is Muslims need to be. You don't need anybody's permission to pray to Allah on a duck. Now we want to talk to our sisters who we love so much. And they also have an identity, the Muslim identity, but some of the Muslim sisters. They're a little more scared of the environment, the people

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might say, so they live far away from wearing the proper identity to hijab. What advice do you have for them? Okay, it's the same concept as well, it's,

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uh, we were saying earlier about kind of like the sheep mentality, we want to identify with a group of people, when you're living in an area, in a community that's not worshipping Allah, you actually have to go against the, that sheep reaction. And you've got to say, you know what, I'm a leader, I'm not a sheep here. So what this sister You know, that's this, you know, the pull of the sheep the pull of the crowd, or is she gonna pull away and identify herself, so she really does have a big test. But here's the beautiful thing for Muslim sisters is that because at an early age, they're like, dressing differently, they have to become stronger at such an early age. So their identity. In

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fact, if you take a Muslim man and a Muslim woman, a Muslim woman who's like wearing hijab, she's usually much stronger than the man, because her identity has been, you know, brought up all these years. And that, interestingly, is that protection, they always speak about hijab as a protection. A lot of people don't realize that your identity is being protected, and your character and your strength is being protected, because you're not becoming a sheep when you were that closing comments and suggestions for those who are having identity crisis. If you have an identity crisis, I say invoke the sheep, okay. And by that I mean that you will have a sheep meant a sheep reaction. So get

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with good companionship, go to your local Masjid find some good people, and and say basically, like I want, I want you to be my shepherd, right? And I want to be in this companionship. So if you with the group of three, four people that don't swear, and you say a swear word, they're kind of shy away from that you'll feel bad and you'll start changing your vocabulary with a group like that. And that would be my suggestion, getting some good companionship in the last 30 seconds. Talk to us. Talk to them about your institute, that you're the CEO of Margaret, and how people can get involved taking some classes to get more knowledge about Islam. Okay, sure. So a mushroom Institute, we do two

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weekend seminars. Right now. It's one of the biggest projects Islamic projects in North America and in the UK, you can get more information at a that's a And we do cities in about we do classes in about 30 cities across the western world. So there shouldn't be a city a class happening near to you. We started with peace we end with peace. salaam aleikum. Wa alaykum, wa salam, a God Almighty Allah reward you. Thank you. Thank you very much. And that was my brother and your brother, Sheikh Mohammed Al Sharif, here on the deen show, giving us some great advice. establish your identity, and the Creator of the heavens and earth has told you what your identity

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needs to be. You need to be a Muslim one who has chosen consciously, not by coercion, but has made a rational decision that I want to do God's will. I want to do all the good that the Creator of the heavens and earth has told me to do. And then the reward is paradise. Jenna. So do this good. beseech him, ask him pray to Him repent to Him alone without any partners co equals no one nothing is like God and pray to that one God, and the going gets tough. or whenever you're in distress, he is the only one that can answer that. Call your prayers. And we'll see you next time continue to tune in every week to the deen show. Until then, peace be unto you.

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He created the universe.

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To Him alone the heavens.

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He is the

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He's the owner. He sent His messengers

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the grave danger.

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there is none greater.

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You have to pray as if everything depends on a lot and it does. But you must work.

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Everything depends on you. And

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that's my point. You see I'm saying and I don't like that. I don't like us sitting here. What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for right now? What are you waiting for all these people?

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With the company, what are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now? When they're gonna come they're gonna come along and bring these people last. Put in our hands the ability to do it now do your job.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid to say

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I am

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not afraid