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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you welcome to another episode of Deen show to bring you up to speed quickly. We have been doing a series with our good friend shake use of estas we've been talking about the prophets, prophets and messengers who the Most Merciful, the most loving one the Creator of the heavens on earth He has sent throughout time to guide the human beings. So, you go under the deen, show calm use of esters, and you click on his special section, and you will catch up and come up to speed. With all the other shows that we cover we covered Adam, Noah, Moses, Abraham and today and Jesus peace be upon all of them and we're going to be talking

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today wrapping it up with the last and final mission to Prophet Muhammad. Peace and blessings be upon him without further delay this bring out former Christian minister preacher shake use of pestis. We'll be right back.

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This is the

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Salam aleikum, Allah, Allah Hawaii hamdulillah you're gonna be running for president soon.

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Maybe I'll be running from the president. But I was listening as you were introducing the program, just before it came out. And you were mentioning about the what we'd covered in the past. And I feel like we really done a disservice to our audience, if we tell them that we really covered it. Because we didn't cover in depth on anything. Not really, yeah, there is so much to say. And I hope that they'll get a chance to review some of the previous programs, but also the go to our website, it's called www dot watch There's a section there for the Columbia stories of the prophets, that was done in India, for the children, we had a big children's project over there to help them to

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better understand, we wanted the children of India to know more about the prophets. And then we televise that and then make program copies and they're free. Anybody can go there There's a menu on the left of the page drops down, go to the bottom, it said list on the bottom of that page. And you can see, I think 16 episodes out of the 52 episodes we did. Now when we talk about these profits. One of the things that I've been trying to stress in our last few episodes that we've done here is that it's not so much important to know the chronological order to know particular dates. It's not going to be like a history test. But it needs to be that we understand

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who are these guys? Yes? Are they really prophets? Because there are some who have claimed to be prophets who aren't and there are people who said the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is not the Prophet that he claimed to be.

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And then there are others that say, Yeah, they believe he's a prophet, but they also accept some other people who will will say that weren't for instance, there was one in more recent decades by the name of Rashad Khalifa claimed to be a prophet in Arizona, who is who now Russia Khalifa, what religion was he preaching our economy, he was a Muslim, okay. Rashid Khalifa, claimed to be a prophet, he established something that a group today called submitters International, will disagree with that, that he was a prophet because we will say that, that Mohammed is the last and final messenger and Prophet, the last of the ambia. And the last of the results, this was a holster.

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I think that's too far to go to that extent, because I don't know what delusion he may have had. And but as far as the criteria No, and this is for us. Yeah, we measure everything up with a benchmark or criterion and and without being too hard on anybody, but another one would be Goldmark made about 100 years ago from Cuddy on India. Mohammed,

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Elijah Muhammad, definitely he was in about 1930 1931. He also claimed to be a Prophet Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith claimed to be a prophet about 150 years ago coming from New England and going on

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To think about Indiana is where he was killed. And then they considered him to be a prophet. But we'll we'll use a benchmark or criterion and say that if somebody is going to be a prophet, these are the things that they would have to measure. What is that? Well, first of all, there, they have to claim to be one. Okay, so and this that we talked about all good claim that another would be that their character would be impeccable, they would have an excellent character. Now, they could be given to making mistakes along the way, you know, anybody could make mistake we mentioned Moses killed, somebody hit the man with one hit. And but it killed him might have broke his neck. I don't

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know. But he, unintentionally, he intentionally hitting Yeah. But it obviously didn't mean to kill him. Yeah. And then there was the case of Abraham lying to the people about being a brother to his wife, when actually it's not his sister's, his wife.

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And again, we could use rationalization. Well, we're all brothers and sisters in humanity, and they were brothers and sisters in faith or something like that. But this would be a mistake, but not out of character of a prophet, because they can make those kind of sixes our after all human. They have to eat, drink, go to the bathroom, sleep, those are all characteristics of prophecy, because they're humans. And you have to be a human to be a prophet. So if somebody came to you and said, Well, this guy doesn't eat, he doesn't sleep in, and he floats in the air and all these kinds of things. Well, that's probably a genie. Yeah, a gin. But it is not a real profit, because he has to be from us, has

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to relate to us in our own, not only our own language, but also in our own culture, in our own

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traditions that we can see what he's saying is good and what's bad. And we can take his word for believing. How can someone do intelligent analysis to see that because I've heard some people try to put the Prophet the last in front of Mr. Prophet Muhammad in the same category as someone like Joseph Smith, or some of these imposters that came along? Well, we'll let and I'll let the viewer do that for themselves and tell you that in order to be from Almighty God, they do need to have some kind of identification badge. And it's a good idea, a good badge and the badge or identification of a profit. Especially when it's a resource. We talked about special profits above a cut above their

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average profit. These are the ones that come with an actual message canceling anything that it might have been corrupted prior to that, for instance, 10 commandments are clear. But there were a lot of other commandments that came along to that if you look at your meal question why maybe it was indicative at the time that they were they're

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receiving it, maybe it's something that they came up with themselves and added to it. But for you and I, for instance, we have no problem working on Saturdays. Whereas the Jewish faith and allow that,

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for the Christians, they don't, they're not supposed to do any work on Sunday. Well, we don't have a problem with that either. Friday is our day. And we're able to work and play and do what we want on Friday, except for that one hour or so there, we're supposed to be sitting there listening to the Juma salaat, that we're we have an obligation. And so this is how things might become updated, if you will, if you don't mind to use that.

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with each of the real prophets that came, their signs were clear, and they were observed by trustworthy people who communicated it to their people. And they should be known to you who they are and where it comes from. Now, today, we can easily verify Jesus, we can easily verify Solomon, and David, and Moses and Abraham and Adam, clearly and without any doubt in our minds as Muslims, because they're mentioned in the Koran.

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But if somebody wants to come up with something other than that, they would have to have a proof stronger than the Koran. So our benchmark is going to be the Quran itself. For us, the Quran is the final word, not just the final word, as in conversation, that's my word. That's my final word. But also it's the final word of Allah, he's not going to send any more and he said, so. Allah has made it clear he is not going to send it anything else and he doesn't need to, because we have it. Why do you need another revelation when you got the Quran right now, what's the matter? You don't want to learn Arabic? That's your problem. But it's clear and it's there. Quran is there.

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And it hasn't changed. Now there are those who've tried and tried to insist that it's been changed this and that they made websites, but anybody who's done even a cursory study of the subject has

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To come the conclusion that now they're wrong. They're things that they are trying to suggest. They haven't researched it themselves, they just took it from somebody else. And when somebody is a real scholar come and say, No, look, read it in Arabic, and you can see. So the Quran is very much verifying Jesus Christ peace be upon him as the Messiah. He is the Christ, He is the one who was to come and lead the Jews. But what the Jews of the time didn't understand the children of Israel didn't understand that he would be here twice, he came, he left and he will be back. This is known to us as Muslims, clearly that Jesus, peace be upon him. Yes, he was here and did walk with the

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people, he taught a message and then he was pulled up to God, at least with the law. And it'd be back in the last day. We're the only other religion to believe that Christians believe that. And we believe that Who else can make such a claim? I don't know, going off on a tangent who don't the Jews, they're expecting a Messiah, even to this day, they're still expecting when Jesus returns, some of the Jews will recognize him as the Messiah, and they'll accept it. Some Christians will recognize some Muslims, different people will recognize him. Now they talk about this Messiah coming that, you know, there'll be peace that the lamb will lay down with the that will happen. But this is

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the same things that we have. So that's the Messiah. We're talking about what happened Jesus peace hasn't happened yet, because it will it will come at a time of war. Yeah. And when it comes down, there will be one here called the Antichrist or the Mr. Digital. Yeah, that's Arabic, Missy from Messiah, digital false messiah, the liar. Now you'll see a lot of crookedness. What I mean is ambiguity in a lot of the previous scriptures, because we know we don't have the originals. But everything if you study it, it starts to make sense, because you see consistency of the same message and consistency of the message where it is consistent is important. Because I've measured that up to

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the Quran. And I found there's no contradiction between Quran and Bible, except where the Bible is contradicting itself. And in those places, it does contradict itself against the Quran. But the Koran has no inconsistency, no contradiction in it. And those who try to promote that and say that, yes, there is it's this, it's that you bring them and sit with them and talk with them. And you'll find they will run away. As soon as you start to show. What about this? What about that? Do you know the Arabic language? Did you read it in Arabic? Do you know what it is said about that, and they will try to come with weak or fabricated a deed and claim all this stuff that we're on is never

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ever, ever been successfully challenged by anyone tell us because this is the last show on this series. And we're talking about the last and final message of the Prophet Muhammad. Can you talk about when the revelation came how this actually happened? He was in the mountain and he was meditating. Can you talk about this? Well, first of all, it is important to have, I think, a complete program for that. Yeah. And we don't have time to in this series. So let us just stay general on just generally on the prophets themselves without getting too deep. But the same angel that came to Mary and told her she was going to have a baby is Gabriel and his called jabril. In

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Arabic jabril came to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him just as he came to other prophets in the past, yes, and ordered him to recite. And when he said a lot of people in English, they say read this wrong, bad translation. It's not bad. It's incorrect and correct. So it's precisely because it could be read but it doesn't carry the proper connotation. Because it would mean that that the gamer didn't know what he was supposed to be doing. Because problem Mohammed was illiterate. He never learned how to rewrite. Okay. So why would you be ordering that he was ordering him? A Korra recite? Because finally it comes What shall I recite?

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It tells him what to recite, actually. And what he tells him to recite it Cora bismah Arabic Allah The Holla Holla fill in sannomiya aka f ro while rabuka lokrum Allah, the Alamo bill Calum. Well, I'm always in Santa Monica, Milan.

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Forgive me for any mistake. But the translation more or less is saying that recite in the name of your Lord. So that's why when we recite we saved our game, recite the name of your Lord who created human beings from an alaqua

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recite in your Lord is so generous and he taught human beings how to use the pen. It says man taught man how to use a pen taught them what they didn't know. We said in one of our first programs we talked about Idris in UK. He's the one who this is talking about

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that a lot of times

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him he was the first of the people to learn to read and write. Hold your talk there because I've heard an argument, someone said that he was choked. Again, going back to not knowing the Arabic, Muhammad. Yeah. I had a conversation. I saw that on the internet. You saw that too. What a joke. Now.

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Just go. We don't want to go too deeply into this. But this is obviously incorrect. He wasn't? Well, first of all, I said we would have criterion that we would use. Yeah. Well, I'll just say prove what you said. Yeah, that's a criterion. When you have verified human beings by name.

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And we know when they were born, we know when and where they died. We know people that knew them, who also verified them. So it's a network, not some random person that you just make up a name and say, This is john and Fred and George.

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You know, who's Fred, who, George who we know who these people aren't? We know very well, who they are. So what are they saying in there, but they say that the message came to him, and he was there in the cave in the mountain of light. He was fasting because fasting, okay. And what happens the angel enters upon him, and says to him recite, and he says, I'm not a recite, recite. And each time he does squeeze him squeezing, but it is said that the the enthusiasm of the angel who had been waiting since the creation of Adam, for this chance to finally get to see him, he was very excited. Like I was excited. Oh, I can't compare to that. But kind of, I got excited to see you. So I gave

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you a nice little Yeah, you did you and you almost

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did the same kind of grasp that you gave me hugging me when we first started. This shows some time back. you

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hug me? Yeah. And it was an extra little excitement. So I squeeze you into that. So that kind of squeeze wood guys in martial arts need to be careful, you know, but for sure. This is, I think, a chance for people to realize, when somebody wants to disbelieve, they will make up they will lie, they will repeat other lies, then they will take something from somebody who's even a known liar, rather than to consider this because they don't really want to believe in the law. Yeah. So anyway, that setting that aside, what makes a person a false prophet? Well, there is no criteria to back him up was the criterion to backup for instance, go to Mothman. There were many people that knew him,

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and heard him contradict himself. We know that there were people 100 years ago, who knew and heard and even the British newspaper which Britain controlled India at the time, wrote him up, because then one of the last things he declared, I think it was in September 1907, or something like that, he declared that he was God. That was his last statement, because they found him dead in his own toilet. He had what they call amoebic dysentery, or something similar to it. And he actually fell into this. We're open toilets, by the way, and he fell into it and drowned. I mean, this is

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this is known. How about this Joseph Smith character? You know, I love a character like that, because I have a respect for the Mormon people themselves. And I don't wish to hurt their feelings. Yeah, I'm sorry. But historically, we do know that he was killed. And there were different reports, some said that he was shot. And others said that he was hung. And then there was one that even said that he was split open in his innards taken out, which is very horrible. But in any case, he was murdered. Yes. And putting that aside, because profits have been murdered. So that man even caused me to say, well, let's look a little bit closer. But we also know that he had business deals, and

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the issues issued his own coinage or money from those business deals. Even in Ohio, they still have records of his actual signature on those bills that he signed out from his funding companies that he put together. And

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whatever happened to those companies? I'm not blaming him or saying he was, you know, but profits don't get into those kind of deals. And if you look deeper, have you looked it kind of gets weird that Jesus was the brother of Lucifer and that all the human beings are we

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gonna be Gods demigods semi Gods if they if it what I'm talking about real profit, just we're watching? If he comes if he's got to be called, same message of that? Yeah, so this is nothing that the previous prophets taught. If it is show it to us. Yeah. Okay. So no proof. So getting back I didn't want to go and nothing is the proof itself. If you said, Well, we have a proof. Okay, where is it? Well, they said it was gold tablets, but down in an ocean, nobody knows what they're okay then you don't have it anymore. Okay. But we have the living

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Miracle the Quran in the beginning of the Book of Mormon it says this is the one that I have at home. It says this is the 19 such and such version replacing all the previous versions and correcting all the mistakes. That statement alone is a red flag right here. Yeah because the next one came out said the same thing about that one and the What does the verbatim Word of God say this is a book where is no doubt that says deep state? Actually, it didn't say exactly what you said. It says it like this doesn't say how the it's Dallek. Yes, that like, okay, taboo, Laurie, Buffy is she he who dilemma attacking? This is a book is not the way to say it, because that would be Haha, yes,

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it says Dalek. That is the book that is the book, that book with a law is the book we're in there is no doubt, yes. His source of guidance for those who are God fearing and we're talking about the Quran. This is the very first words in chapter two. So it's not saying this little key cavalry Buffy, who did a little more talking. This is what it says. That is the book we're in. There is no doubt a source of guidance for those who are having fear of their Lord. Now, it's important to look at something here that when you say

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this is not the one in your hand. That's right. It is the recitation that you're hearing. So Quran means recitation. Or on literally means recitation which recited so what you just heard was Quran. Yes. And when you can't see it, you can see me but you can't see that. See, this is exciting. Talk about talking about because there's no confusion no crookedness here, not what you just said, when you open up this book of Mormons that this is replacing what is done, I don't need to attack anybody not to attack but just to see when you see the truth coming, how it just clear, it's straight, no ambiguity, Jehovah's Witness, they also have their own translation, the Bible and their own beliefs.

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What I say is that when you start rolling after this, to pinpoint one or the other these so called profits, you will alienate yourself in front of these other people for no reason, there's no benefit. Why don't we just talk about what we have? Okay? And let the people come to their own conclusion. Tell us before there's a couple more points before we come to an end. Another argument that I've heard is that when the Prophet peace be upon Alas, the fundamental problem Hammad, when he had this revelation, he didn't know if it was from who it was from, he ran back scared to his wife, how do you refute this? You've heard this argument? Well, actually, he said it himself. So let's,

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let's take what he said. He said that he has this experience that the angel Gabriel came to him and repeated it three times to him to recite and told him what to recite. And then when he

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he was upset, of course, because I mean, how would you feel if you were in a cave in a mountain, and the nighttime because that would happen in nighttime. And somebody comes in there and, you know, startled you and starts talking to you and your language in a beautiful way? And then they just like disappear? What What would you think? So when he came back, he was thinking about this in, he sat down, he told his wife Cover me up, cover me up.

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And she's saying what's going on? He said, just cover me up. So he was cold. This could be from the night or it could be you shuttering from the experience. She wrapped him up. And then after a while, he was talking to her like a man talks to his wife, he very openly and say, What's in your mind? And he said, I'm wondering if I'm nuts. Because look, this is what happened to me. What do you say? I think any normal person would think He's nuts. Well, I don't know what normally is. Because there's no other way to this unique experience that has a unique experience. And so she is listening to what he's saying. Yes. And she tells him that, no, I don't think that there's any that you're nuts or

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anything, because I know you'd be for 15 years that they were married at that time. They'd been married 15 years. She said she never heard him tell a lie to somebody 15 years, wow. In a in a place in those days, that line was common. He never told a lie. And she said and he was good to bring the families together. He was also known as the trustworthy he was also known as the

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champion of the downtrodden and that kind of thing, very generous and kind. And so why would God send some kind of mixed up thoughts to him?

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And she said, I believe your message, which was to know that there's only one God so this is mentioned? Yes. She says I believe there is only one God and we should worship Him and not dispatches because Arabia was filled up.

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With these false notions superstitions and incorrect worship at that time, so she said and confirm that yes, I believe there's only one God and yours messenger. And by her doing so she becomes the very first Muslim. And this argument that someone might bring up is just very weak. If you look at it the way you just explain it very eloquently, I mean any rational when you start mentioning like being choked Another one is to say he had epileptic seizures. I just received this week's Newsweek and I was reminded of an article that I read some time back about epilepsy

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and epilepsy, it you read the all of the signs of epilepsy, or nothing that was ever described about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Yeah, there's just something attached to it. But talk to people that have it. One in 10 people in the United States have epilepsy. So it's not going to be that hard for you to find somebody and ask them, you know, you know, it is did this happen? Did that happen? And know that this is not what happened to her whatsoever? Let's start to conclude and sum up. We started with the first men and Prophet Adam, we talked about Moses, Abraham, no, I know, pretty much some of the main messages and prophets, we came to the conclusion now with the last in front of

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messenger sentiment, that kind of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, what do we want the people to leave after watching this whole series? Give us some advice. What were the purpose behind the sharing all of this is to identify what makes somebody a prophet. At the same time, we should identify what is not a prophet, and also that not to consider ourselves as prophets. The last and the final message itself is the Quran. If you're in doubt about it, bring a book like it, that's a challenge number one, bring 10 sources or chapters like it challenge number two, bring even one chapter like it. That's challenge number three. Another one is, do not the disbelievers

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observe that if it were from other than the law, they would find in it many contradictions. And then another challenge it says, We shall show them our science on the farthest horizon and within themselves. And this is mentioned in core on a law saying we as the Royal we are just not that there's any plural with God we know. So look at these challenges, will do it.

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And look to the signs now. I would like to take this opportunity to mention another website. This one is called science is There are nine videotapes of nine scientists not Muslim who went to I believe it was done in UAE. Or

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I'm not real sure where they did this, I'd have to go back and look. But this conference was held maybe 15 years or so you got all their testimonies. It's videos they're on which website camera? is science is science Islamic and one of them actually accepted Islam while they were videotaping. There's somebody out there right now, that probably wants to accept the way of life of all these messengers, which you said earlier when you need to find please do it again, the five things that equal to one word, Islam is from the word us llama, Islamic in English has no single word you need five words, surrender, submission and obedience, insincerity. And in being in peace, was whatever

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your environment or circumstance is, after you've done the other for that person wants to accept his way of life. What do they have to do? First thing they need to do is to open up their own hearts, clean out all their misconceptions, clean out false notions, any hatred, any bigotry that they have, they need to remove it because allow us not going to guide them. Then when when they've done that and said, and how you do this, keep saying I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm wrong. I'm wrong. I'm wrong. In your head. Humble yourself. Yeah, very humble. And in that condition, say, Oh, my lord, oh, god, what are you calling? Not Jesus, not Mohammed, not Moses, but God. guide me

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and be honest and sincere and look and watch what comes to you. The guidance that you get after that is the guidance you should follow. This is deep and very simple. No crookedness in it is the straight path. Thank you very much for being with us. Just one more time. That website with those scientists, testimony, sciences, is Islam calm. And the the videos are there. Thank you for helping us with this series. We hope to have you again. back here again sometime soon on the Dijon Sharla and thank you for being with us. You've seen that consistent message has been the same. It wasn't a new way of life sent with every messenger. It's been that way that way of submitting to the

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One God Simple as that

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submit yourself to the one guy and do what the Shaykh advises to do to humble ourselves and repent to God alone, just like Adam did Abraham and all the messengers, and humbly ask God to guide you and be ready for comes next. And we hope to see you again. Next time here on the deen show until then, Assalamu alaikum, peace be unto you