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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah ly bad cattle, sheep brother mid you name Maha deif. Formerly known as Loon from Bad Boy Records. Right now I'm chillin with my brother in faith. Big ad. That's what I call him. When the deen show to get your deen right there

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by the color of feet

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah let me give you the best of Greetings, the greetings of peace, peace BMT. You

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know, my name is Eddie, and I'm your host of the deen show. And I get a chance to sit with a lot of wonderful people, people who have come to acknowledge what the truth is in life. They join this beautiful brotherhood of over 1.5 billion people from all around the world, the fastest growing way of life in the world today. And my next guest is one of those people. Now he's a unique individual. He's my brother and your brother. And we want to know why this former rapper, hip hop phenomenon.

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Former bad boy gone Good boy, who was with the likes of Sean P. Diddy cones hanging out with all the celebrities. He left that life to live this good life, the life that brought him peace, you're going to find out how he attained something that money couldn't buy.

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I got a chance to sit with them. And I'm very excited to share his story with all of the viewers of the deen show. This week on the show. loon former bad boy gang Good boy, let's find out why enjoy this week's show.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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No, I did that. Maybe it's maybe it's just to break the ice. I said I'm all equal

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to you, my brother and also with you. Okay, now what was the greeting that used to have before when used to see some of the homeboys? Oh, you know what else was good? Yeah, what else was going down? Are you saying you wish me peace? I'm wishing you peace, something, everybody peace. You know, I mean, Islam has brought peace into my life that I couldn't find, you know, living the lifestyle. I was living in the music business and it feels good to wish peace on to others once I've found that peace for myself. Now, we are excited to hear this story. Because we get to talk to people who have come from all walks of life. You know, people have this notion that Islam is something just for the

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Arabs. But when they see an American who used to be a or someone who is an icon, people were looking up to you, you're singing with P Diddy and the bad boy crew is that with a bad way records bad way to tame me, you know, P Diddy, Sean comb, Sean, john, you know, you know, I ran with an entrepreneur, a man with an icon in the music business and I was exposed to so many things. in such a short period of time and success of the records that I did, were part of, you know, propelled to be in, you know, audiences all around the world wasn't a country that I couldn't go to that person couldn't identify with who I was or the songs I created, or the records I partake in. And, you know,

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it was just an overwhelming feeling to be embraced by such a vast audience. But you know, to become a Muslim, Allah soprano, what Allah has definitely replaced that audience, you know, sandwich, a whole different light, you know, it's a whole different thing. And the transition has been so beautiful, you know, a lot most time you know, the brothers and sisters that I used to, you know, run with in the music business have embraced my conversion to Islam, you know, my family has come, you know, embrace my conversion to Islam. And just, it's just been smooth sailing man lost most time, because this is something that I really needed. You know, and I think a lot of entertainers in

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that business, are searching for the same piece, you know, may Allah guide them. Let's talk a little bit about the past, we're not going to go into any details or anything, but for the benefit of those who are still trying to chase what you are living, they call it the American dream, and people see the videos, and they see all the rides and they see the woman and the glamour and the glitz. But it's not all that. Well, for the most part, I think that a lot of people, you know, mainly, you know, preferably the youth, you know, we all share kind of the same common desires and temptations. And I think the music business kind of breezed these things and it gives people a one dimensional

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perception of, you know, mostly the perks in the business. So to say

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And I think that, you know, the youth by being so inspired all around the world, you know, saying being so inspired by this lifestyle, a lot of them who have been born into certain faiths, you know, say like Islam, and things of that nature, you know, they try to incorporate this lifestyle into something that's so beautiful northern Islam is so beautiful, and I've been seeing over the years, how, you know, this, this business and this lifestyle has affected so many of the youth and myself, I think they're traveling the world and live in this consistent pattern of doing so many sinful things, you know, they come with the business, you know, we actually, you know, have the opportunity

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to make songs that might not be so vulgar might not be so you know, you know, negative, but the reality of it is there's a lifestyle that comes with it. And that was the thing that really plagued my life because what you propel them based on a success, you know, as a lifestyle that just becomes so repetitive and so consistent you find yourself being removed further and further away from the true further and further away from peace further away from anything that was pure about you before you enter the business. So like I say, you know, on the outside everything looks good. You see the $100,000 cars you see a lot of diamonds you see you know for me for the sake of men, you see a lot

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of females and they think that this is you know this is a life this is this is not you know, paradise right here on Earth. But the reality of it is you know, I couldn't purchase peace in are probably able to buy a car, buy a house by chain

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couldn't purchase peace. And the reality of it is while we're sitting here while I'm sitting here constantly paying for the disease to kill was free. Paying for the dizzy hand for the disease. The cure is free chill is free. Why people running away from something that's free to something that's expensive, because you got to pay for the martinis? Yeah, I forgot what's even drunk in a club nowadays, the dhampir Yeah, you got to pay for all these things and do get some water easy. Like

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when I'm saying like, I think people would treat life like the flu shot, you think you can treat the flu with the flu? Yeah, it's not like that, you know, saying and what happened was, you know, laws guidance is just amazing, because I think sincerely in my heart, a lot hurt me and heard the oppression that this hidden, you know, Sam, from a lot of us entertainers, you know, we try to forge this image, and we try to forge this character, that's, you know, saying, like, suitable for the fan. The fan and my is this character, they're drawn to this character. But the reality of it is, we face tragedies, no different from normal people. But the reality of it is, we try to go past that,

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and continue to feed the fan, you know, this impression that they desire in it and that they gravitate to. But me on the other hand, you know, it just got to a point where it was just getting very overwhelming, it was getting very overbearing, and I just found myself searching inside, like, man, I need an answer, I need something that's going to give me a route to just, you know, alleviate some of these pains. And I would try all kinds of things, you know, sometimes you just got to listen, I'll just go buy me a hot car, maybe I feel better. You know, maybe if I go by chain, you know, maybe if I go to the spa for about five hours, we'll get a seaweed bath and all that, you

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know, oh, crazy stuff. But then, you know, you get one phone call and they say no, you're not seeing back again, or you drive the car, you know, all the features in the car, no, find no more, or you wait a chain, and after a while that chain is just kind of boring, because you know, everything upgrades as you go. I found myself like, I can't find peace chasing this methodology.

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So what happened, I was fortunate to do a song with an artist from Canada, No brother named masari. He was Lebanese artists. And when I did this song, the song didn't really do good in the States. But it kind of propelled it to a market that I never knew even existed. And it was in the Muslim market, and Islamic market. And what happened was, I got no call to do shows in like Muscat, Oman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and things of this nature even perform the cosmic stand. I performed in a lot of countries, even in West Africa, and I found myself run into Islam keep running into Islam. And once you get past the whole little butterflies and things that come with the, you know, the entertainment

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aspect, I started to get drawn to other things that came with my journey. And that was the like, the event being called. The then being called in the city like, just rang through the whole city. Everybody would just stop, you could hear people breathing. This is like, this is a song that I heard that was more beautiful in any song I've ever wrote in my life as the Muslim called a person called the prayer, you know, and then like I said, at some point, you find yourself trying to shop within between law and nozzle. Everyone's taking the sun in that

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Knock off from New York City, everything is 24 hours, I've never seen anybody shut down in midday. You don't say and all this is for the sake of analysis for the sake of guys like, this was so consistent. You know, every place I went, I just seen this whole consistent practice of worshipping the one true God. And this was something that I was looking for. This is something I wanted to be a part of, because there's a lot of inconsistency in the way people practice and worship, you know, seeing God. And what I saw in the Muslim was very consistent. And I just couldn't, you know, I couldn't tear myself away from it. After a while I started to see and study, ask questions, I will

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go to certain bookstores, buy books, and just found myself getting more and more drawn, to try to learn this culture and learn this lifestyle and learn this religion. So while I was in the UAE, I found myself, you know,

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pretty much, you know, at the last leg of this whole party thing. And, you know, I actually seen the sunrise while I was Abu Dhabi and I was staying at the Emirates palace. Now watch the sunrise, and I'm looking at the Arabian Sea. And I'm just saying to myself, like, this is just beautiful.

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This is just beautiful. It's like, all the misconceptions that you see in the media, about the Muslim, you know, all of these things will quickly get into spell, you know, and I start seeing like, maybe the media is only, you know, established in 3% of Islam, because everywhere I'm going, I'm seeing just the exact opposite of CNN streets, you can eat off. I've seen people who hospitality is just amazing. Everywhere you go, someone's offer you tea, someone's offering you date, someone offer you help, you know, people that are very less fortunate than the people I used to hang out with multimillionaires, they got yachts, no sand mansions, penthouses and things of this nature. And

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it's hard to even extract the cold soda from them, you know, and then be around people who, who, who really didn't have much, always willing to give, you know, and want nothing in return. You know, because they feel that their blessings come from Allah.

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And that's a concept that I can incorporate in my life. Because I was a given person, I was a person that overexerted myself for the sake of success, for the sake of bringing success to other people for the sake of helping other people find success. But the benefit at the time, I was looking for the return to come from the people I was helping. But then I learned that that's not where I'm supposed to be looking, I suppose seek refuge and the one that created me. So I found myself, you know, being engulfed by this concept and just being overwhelmed and just

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blown away. Say, you know, I want to be a Muslim. Now, did you have any exposure to any other religions? Anything else that you looked into? You talk about this briefly? Well, I was born in a Christian household. You know, my grandmother, she's sung in the United Negro College Fund quiet for about 40 years, I spend maybe six, seven days a week in the church. And you know, I was heavy, heavily active in, you know, in Christian activity loss and Bible studies, I played the piano, I played the bells, I was an usher. I did everything that you could possibly do in the infrastructure of, you know, Baptist Church.

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And, you know, I just started to notice a lot of, you know, inconsistencies, you know, people who say they have God, doing things that are not of God.

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And it's not that, you know, because even Islam, you're not supposed to judge the Muslim, no, Judge Islam by the Muslim. Yeah. So I'm not saying that I was judging the Christian but you know, but the reality of it was, it was so repetitive the inconsistencies, and how things were practiced and how things were done. And I really started to ask questions, you know, because you have people that, you know, believe that Jesus is God. And I used to ask myself as a child, how was Jesus God, if he prays, who's he praying to? It is just certain little questions that I wanted answers for that I couldn't find within the infrastructure question. Who was he praying to? That's what you're saying?

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Yeah, exactly. Like these are these like, common sense questions? Isn't that something that really take rocket science? Yeah, you know, and even like, with Adam and Eve, only how we held accountable for the sins of the first, you know, men and women created like, Hi, my life, my mother Blaine. I've never met Adam, I never met Eve, why would I be held accountable that would make God and just, you know, we know that God is so merciful. And God is the most just, so these are just little questions that I kept, you know, wanting answers for, and I couldn't find it within the infrastructure was always like a brush off, shut down. And is like, you know, if I can't find the answers, you know, in

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the face that I'm practicing, maybe I need to outsource, you know, not found my soul searching. Not really looking for Islam. But you know,

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I love my family, you know, they still you know, have you know, they still definitely practice Christian faith and it hasn't changed my relationship with none of the people that I love. But the reality is, I found something for me.

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In a piece that I found, I tried to share, you know, very patient with the people I love. And you know, Islam is not something that you force upon somebody because it wasn't forced on me. I was fortunate to find Islam without no doubt, no one sat down to talk to me about Islam. So I know that I was guided here, purely by philosophy not know, what else will the found Islam, you know, you know, coming out of the Christian life was definitely a big transition. But the reality of it is, it wasn't that much of a transition, because there are a lot of things that will lead you to an understanding of Islam and that Islam clarified a lot of things that I needed to know about

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Christianity. So, you know,

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in a nutshell, you just, you know,

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you go with gives you more,

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and I found more if you found all the rational, logical evidence, everything, your questions are answered, clear, clear, clear ambiguity, everything is straightforward. Everything was your purpose of life is clear what happens when you die? clear where you're going? Clear, everything is lucid check, check.

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Tell us now people want to know, like, okay, you're hanging out with P Diddy, and somebody other rappers party is over lights are on? Did you ever have one of these conversations like, you know, what, this is getting played out, man, very sad, everything very much. So talk to us very much. So I would say, you know, you find yourself in my, in my case, you know, being a targeted the females as audience. And at the time, you know, I have a lot of women in my family. So I have a lot of respect for women. So the most righteous effort that I found myself trying to achieve was not glorifying the harsh realities that you know, plague me in my neighborhood, born and raised in Harlem is like, I

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didn't elaborate on those things, I chose to exercise a more brighter side of myself. And I was like, you know, talk about things that revolve around relationships with females, and basically the desires of most men at the time when I was in my state of ignorance, you know, trying to find a girl trying to find, you know, companionship, and things of this nature without the whole slander and vulgar stuff that you know, a drawn towards women. So, at the time, that was like my most righteous attempt. But what happened is, I started to get

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women that was submit, to my success. And after a while, I found myself losing the respect that I have for all the women in my life and all the women in my family, based on the way how women will submit themselves. You know, this is not, you know, someone is saying you need to talk to my father first or come meet the family. These are women that are just skipping a beat and going straight to see. So I'm like, wow, this is this is this will comes with this. Because there was a time I was really searching for a girl, I really wanted companionship. And what I found was just an obsession with my success. Is that what a song came in, I need to go? Well, actually, it stemmed from, you

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know, saying, just having that experience of searching for a girl, but at the time, I had a serious breakup with Jennifer Lopez. And it all just kind of tied in it was something that was happening in his life currently. And something that happened in my life before we put our heads together, we came up with the concept, well, let's just flat out get it off my chest, we need girl. Now you can sing something like, possibly, I need a wife, you know, for the brothers is that when you get married, because Islam obviously encourages this to be with exact but the way that is pleasing to the crater in marriage. Exactly. That's what I'm trying to say I was getting to the point where it's like, the

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females, you start to realize,

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hey, after you know, everything is said and done, you're trying to find the most polite way to remove this cyst out of your life. Because what's done is done. And you know, everything is cool. But at that point, you start to realize, listen, this is someone's system. This is someone's daughter, this is someone's mother. So like you said, marriage is very important, is something that alleviates all these desires is something that alleviates all of these actions. And then you can quickly expand some of the desires of the woman that might be you know, you know, drawn to you, like Sister Mary.

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That kills a lot, you know, say that stops a lot. it alleviates the harm for both parties. I'm married, I can't condone these type of things. You know, Mary, I know you don't want to deal with a guy that's mad. Cool. What advice do you have? Because we know a lot of people that like you said earlier Islam is clear. All the evidence is there. But the desire the desire of wanting success, what we supposedly look at success, like the lifestyle that you were living people paint that as Okay, that's the ultimate success and people now will have those moments that they dig deep down inside and they know Look, I'm not happy, but they get caught up with the cars. They get

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Get caught up with the money. And everyone is going through this, how do you break through that, and not submit to your desires but submit to them? Exactly, I will say find success and Allah. But the reality of it is a loss of kind of what Allah has replaced everything that was in my life that was hard on me. And gave me things that allowed. For instance, my phone used to ring a lot, nothing but nothing but issues that they would deal with her. Tell us we have a lot of non Muslims watching you, you said a couple Arabic words. So don't say don't take Arabic hibbity prohibited, meaning no good, you know, I'm not allowed, and halau meaning permissible, meaning that it is allowed. So I will get

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plenty of phone calls from people who would want to indulge in things that were heard on. Now my phone rings, I find myself giving the brother salaams that piece that piece, that greeting that we gave each other. And not only that, I find myself doing things that allow you know, saying like talking to people who might be interested in Islam and trying to guide them to a better understanding of what Islam is to my example and to, you know, what was given to me, and also just, you know, eating halau nice and eating better, you know, eat food, that's, you know, not permissible, I eat food that's allowed, you know, stay away from pork, stay away from things, you

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know, and it just allows gave me the audience that I had before. You know, I still have the same young brothers and sisters. There was intrigued by my musical career now all of them has embraced me as a brother of Islam. I have more siblings now than I've ever had in my life, you know, saying and I've been apart been embraced by brotherhood that surpasses any late, temporary relationship I might have had with anybody who was in the business with me, or anybody that I grew up with in the street, you know, and not to discredit any of my relationships. But the reality of it is, a lot has moved a lot of these things that caused me home and placed me at home, and danger. And now, I just live a

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very free peaceful life. And I wouldn't give this off enough in the new world. No money can buy what you have now no money can buy peace and contentment. Like I said, the cure is free. You paying for the disease. Tell us have you gotten a chance to interact with some of the people from Bad Boy Records? Puff Daddy, have you gotten have they said What happened? Brother? Have you gotten a chance to share this wonderful story. I bumped into profit couple months ago Buster brown who's also Muslim Ray Quan was also that Muslim it seemed like a reunion because everyone was dead Jay Z q tip was just seemed like a reunion. But was so funny, because I stood there for a while, nobody noticed me

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because I had grew my beard out in understanding the cut. But when I met puffy, no, we laugh and chuckle we have a brotherhood that still, you know, saying we have a relationship, they're still there, you know, saying we've done a lot of things together. And I think he was very receptive to what I was, you know, upon at the same token is always a pleasure to see him and as always, you know, you know, a benefit to be around him, because like I said, He's icon, he's a major influence on a lot of people. And then when the time is right, along those best, you know, st shallot will be able to, you know, consult him in an environment that's suitable. And maybe one day shala You never

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what advise closing comments and suggestions for those who are trying to mimic the hip hop phenomenon, and people who are in your position, what advice so they don't go ahead and touch the hot stove, you know, you tell the child you know, the stove is hot, and they just gotta go.

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So so so you don't have to go and take a long journey, because death can reach you at any time. And maybe you don't come back to where you were to find in that piece. What advice do you have, my advice would be, you know, if you're trying to, you know, incorporate a love for music.

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Just be mindful that there's a lifestyle that comes with the music, that kind of like, you know, destroys the whole positive effort of trying to just exercise a love for music, it kind of cancels out, you can't have one without the other you do the music, you're going to indulge in the lifestyle that comes with the music and the lifestyle itself is definitely something that you don't want to get involved with. Because it gets it draws the guts out shoe draws everything that's pure inside you. And it's just something that, you know, removes the peace of mind that you might have had before you came into business. Some people feel like these desires are going to lead them somewhere

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but the reality of it is take my advice. No.

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There's going to be a breaking point. There's going to be a point where you're going to find yourself overexerted, exhausted, overworked and the benefits are not going to add

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to the reality of it is you know, don't just take my advice, but try to take my face rose series. Further. Thank you very much for being with us here on demand.

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Man, pleasure being man. He's a good man.

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Thank you very much I need to bless you as he has me by opening your heart and to this wonderful way of life. Thank you for being with us on another episode of the deen show every week we're here trying to help you understand his beautiful way of life. All the messengers of God, they submitted to the One God try to strive to live that good wholesome life. Tried to give birth was already inside of you. That goodness, bring it out. Ask for the guidance. It's very simple. Yeah. and the truth shall be made clear. Hopefully we'll see you next time here on the deen show. Until then, suddenly come peace be unto you see what everyone's talking about.

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You find one contradiction it can't be from God.

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But the rational idea the rational explanation is you do your best to give up worshiping God is one I will never give up spreading this message.

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The reality of life usually doesn't sink in until tragedy comes

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you get a few bad people the media grabs ahold of that and spends it the way they want to

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if you say that you and I believe in Jesus you have stepped outside of Islam you cannot be a Muslim and attended our faith to

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AIDS comb aids lay everybody sleep in

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and ask a lot of thinking me Oh la you see. Oh la you know all the sins I do. I turn to you to pick him

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he runs away. Oh,

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una Isla.

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knee? Yeah, Allah Medina ad him wanna

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shame me. labby Masha was yaku see

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you lovely