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AI: Summary © A woman named Ben Shapiro has been sending out a message to women not to harm people out of ignorance and not regret anything, warning them not to harm people in general. He also discusses the rights given by Sharia, including equal rights to women, Muslims, and Muslims, and mentions a demonstration in Brooklyn where shrooming Muslims is encouraged. The shrooming of Muslims is encouraged, and the use of "GrGeneration" in the Bible is discussed, along with the importance of avoiding oppression and not touching people's bodies. A recent video about abuse and sexual abuse by the Church is also mentioned.
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This Benny Shapiro, he's got a pretty big following. And he's also creating some hysteria here because he's using the term Shetty saying that women have rights to comply with Sharia. That means women don't have rights. He's using the terms Islam within the framework of Islam under Sharia law.

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And he's sending off a message kind of like, okay, now, if anything has to do with shitty or Islam, that now, you know, because that catastrophe is about to hit and he's using some really inflammatory language out there. What do you have to say to some of these things that, like Ben is saying vanish thing? You know, it's really important. We have to be really cautious when anyone brings you any news, the Koran says in chapter 49, Surah hoogenraad, verse number six, that if any disbeliever brings you a news investigate, so you don't harm people out of ignorance, and you don't regret it later on. So if someone is saying, you know what Sharia says this, Jihad means that that part of

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that country or that those people are doing that, we have to take it with a grain of salt, we have to investigate first and foremost. So when we investigate Sharia, for example, Sharia literally it means, you know, the guidance that our Creator has given for humanity, so we can live with peace with the Creator, peace with other humans, and live in justice and equality and unity within all of humanity. So that's what Sharia means. Sharia is not about oppressing women, or taking, you know,

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oppressing the people who are who are non believers. Sharia gives rights, equal rights to the women. So if someone is saying, you know what, Sharia we have to blame. We have to blame the Taliban because they want to implement the Sharia. First and foremost, Taliban are no angels. They're not perfect if they are doing anything wrong. And they are obviously we have to blame them and not Islam, not Sharia and definitely not the Koran.

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So Sharia actually, the viewers may be surprised to find out Sharia give humungous rights to women, you know, the oldest continuous University in the whole world. According to UNESCO, it was made by a Muslim lady who was empowered by the sherea sherea gives Muslim ladies not to be forced into marriage. That's a surprise for Ben Shapiro, I guess, Sharia give Muslim ladies that they can initiate a divorce if they if they want to. They can have their own property. So all of these humongous rights are given by the Sharia. If some countries not implementing it, we have to blame them, and not the perfect Sharia that Allah God has given to us. A couple of points I want to

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mention to Benny Shapiro, I had Rabbi Shapiro on the deen show. Oh, really? And he was talking about, we were talking about touching upon the Jewish Sharia, that you many people don't know. You have also Christian Sharia. You have also mentioned in the Bible, because many people don't know like Christians and Jews who are Arabic speaking. They don't refer to God as God. They've referred to guys, Allah. And they have the term also Shinya, you have a shitty I mentioned 200 plus times. In the Yeah, in the in the Christian Jewish Bible. And this is confirmed, you can check I like I said, I had Rabbi Shapiro and we touched upon this. So you had Moses, who was and this is great, because

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these are educational moments, we hear these things and people speaking anok academically, and they just, you know, going off their whims and fancies and desires. A lot of people have this just hate inside their hearts and their project. We don't know what's in their hearts, but you can just guess they're just angry, uneducated, and now they're using such inflammatory language and we're just to like, rile people up, maybe get their numbers up wherever the case and is big business bashing Islam. So again, like you said, we're not supporting any political party or group. But as soon as you bring in Islamic terms and Islam, Now hold on, let's let's, let's fact check you. So these are

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the things that we mentioned that they don't know Sharia, it's in the Bible. 200 plus times, Moses, Moses brought Sharia Yes, if you if you look at x 10 commandment, yeah, 10 commandment, if you look into the Old Testament, the Book of Exodus, chapter 20, verse number three, the 10 commandments are the Sharia guidance, that Prophet Moses peace be upon him. Right, it might be a prophet, that he brought from God to the people. So we said that is the guidance which is a humongously beneficial guidance. In a worship only one God do not make any graven images. Be good to your parents, do not lie, do not cheat, do not murder. All of these are Sharia guidance, we say that we're given by God

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to Prophet Moses and his people. So yes, Sharia is there in the Old Testament and

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Korea guidance is there in the New Testament. And then the last prophet of God, Muhammad peace be upon him. He was given the complete guidance, a complete Sharia. Using that humanity can prosper, get united, be moral, be just, and peace would be there between humanity, definitely between humanity and the Creator. Yeah, we want to give credit where credit is due, like, for instance, Angelina Jolie. She was at one point, I believe she was speaking out and creating awareness for the greatest genocide that happened after world war two in Bosnia, you had * camps set up there, and you had the techniques. And these were people, their priests were blessing their guns, you know, and

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they were doing this on behalf of Christianity. That's what they thought, but we know that this had nothing to do with Jesus's Christianity, but they are Christian and did Chuck Nix and they were doing some really horrific evil things, instead of in need. So where many people don't know you can look this up. And this is a whole different topic. But when people are doing good, we're going to commend that good, of course, so this is very important. Now she's coming out hopefully she has a good intention. She's trying to do some good, we'd invite her to come onto the show. And she could talk about this and even Benny Shapiro, we bring him on, and let's have a conversation. It's very

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important to have these conversations to fact check things. So people don't walk away thinking like okay, should he you know, Boogey Man coming to get me Islam backwards oppresses women, you know, you know, human being, and we could touch upon this, a human being will make

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grave errors make mistakes, a they might end up or group of human beings might end up oppressing a society of people, but Islam can never be oppressive. It could never be that's an example of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. There's an example coming from the Quran. In one example that we can give to Ben Shapiro, for example, that there is a synagogue in Afghanistan that has been there for literally centuries, when Taliban came to power, they actually protected it, they gave the Jews in avani, Stan a right to openly go and pray in there, right. So the Jews have the they have the autonomy, to have their own culture, their own synagogue their own freedoms. And that was the

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example coming from also Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. When he went from Mecca to Medina, in the very first migration, he found a big number of use of there. So what he did was he made a constitution with them called as the Medina charter. And in the charter, it says that the Jews and the Muslims would be one people were going to look out for each other. And the Jews, you have your own synagogues, your own culture, your own freedoms, your own punishment system, your own justice system. So there was a so they were a autonomous Jewish State within the true Islamic State. So that is the gold standard, that that we need to follow this

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