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AI: Summary © The importance of Islam in the American community is discussed, including the dean's upcoming graduation and the importance of spreading the message of Islam to the United States. The speaker also talks about a woman who lost her daughter to Islam and received no funeral, leaving her with a sad sad story. The speaker describes their journey from a hip hop hangout to becoming an inspiring hip hop artist, their experiences with addiction and struggles with alcoholism, and their desire to pursue Islam. They also discuss the importance of death and the need for people to search for the truth with an open heart. The segment ends with a call to visit the deen to receive a free copy of the Quran.
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That's nice. That's cool. You could have been dead

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because of the cream and we were recently at the sinead o'connor

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Janaza Is that correct? Obviously you famously Catholic must have a nice reaction Muslims are lovely people wasn't very tender and very loving people despite anyone may think you know so lovely reaction British when you become a Muslim you join what's called Omar the family. So you refer to as brother or sister or MP. You know, when you talk about the prejudice that you had to Muslims, you now experience that oh, yeah, but but it doesn't. It makes me laugh. You know, it actually makes me laugh. And in a strange way, it makes me proud. I can't really explain why. But if somebody hates me, because I'm a Muslim, I kind of stand up a bit taller. Actually, all of the write ups that I

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found, none of them mentioned Islam. When she passed away, what's your name?

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Nick, Nick. Nick smacked me in the cat. Where does God have the book in the back? Wasn't a toy make. That's a complex and you can see it really touched him even even Bonnell. It was was incredible. You know, you could see that. It just really touched our hearts. You know, the rest of the Koran. Hamdulillah, a very good friend of mine, brother Eddie, from the deen show, who I've known for a number of years from the very beginning when he started I was among his early guests and mashallah our brother Eddie has been very active in promoting Dawa spreading the message of Islam and he has now taken everything to the next level. Eddie has now after a number of years on the deen show,

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taking the Dow up efforts to the next level, which is that of establishing a Dow a center for the USA. He is about to launch it in its fullness, but it has already started in Florida and he needs your support. This is an effort which began already some months back and they need your support for spreading the message of Islam in the USA. So my brothers and sisters reach out to support him. We need your support. Now.

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Salam aleikum greetings of peace. My next guest 30 Year 36 year old Irish born and bred Tony was recently at the sinead o'connor Janaza private funeral prayer and he's here with us to tell us more about his experience how we ended up there, and his journey also to the way of life that sinead o'connor accepted here with us, Tony.

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and His final messengers, Muhammad peace be upon him? This is our religion, Islam, Islam, this is the sister dijo.

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was ready to talk about

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how much respect I have for the faith of Islam Show. Welcome to the deen show. The dean show.

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Committee. How are you brother?

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Greens a piece? How are you doing, Tony? Yeah, very well. Very well. Thank God. Oh, good. Oh, good. So you were recently at the Sinead O'Connor?

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janazah? Is that correct? Correct? Absolutely. Yeah. Were you a good friend of her families? Or because this is a private? This is a very private event. And how did you end up there? Well, I'll tell you, I tell this story at basically I was at home. I have never met Sinead are her family. Other than of course, she's a being a sister in faith, you know, since 2018. And been of course a fan of her since growing up, you know, such a rebel, such a wonderful soul. And she contributed so much to you know, our society here. And that's the thing. So look, I was at home, prayed morning prayer. And I was sitting there and I came across a video on your on your channel. And I made a few

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calls. And I spoke to Chef Omar Qadri who was actually leading the Janaza prayer. And he invited me and requested that I would join them for the for the prayers on the day. So I took the journey from my hometown and went there. And it was all as planned, you know, and it was such a privilege and an honor to meet our family and to be there which of course was a very sad occasion. But you know, it was was a great privilege and honor and something very beautiful.

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So 100 Allah she actually had the proper Islamic genetics unit where they got to wash the wash to wash the body and to prepare

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Early on the prayer everything hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah che Kadri led the prayers, and it was it was really beautiful. And her family are just such beautiful people, you know, and not surprising, you know, I mean, she was a really a greatest or a great lady. And they were just so welcoming and wonderful. And it was just an unexpected honor like personally for myself. I was I was quite honored. And it came out of nowhere, you know, God works in mysterious ways. And I had no expectations at all of being there. But it just last minute it came through. And as I said, a really great honor.

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This is nothing you planned ahead of time, nothing. It's just happened, you actually saw one of the reporting that we did, because we got some news from someone else that possibly this was not going to happen. And they were writing about it in the paper. Correct. And then we reported reported on it to hopefully create some awareness. And so this actually ended up happening. And you saw the program we did and you you drove what, almost two and a half, three hours down to the was it in Dublin? Yeah, it was near Dublin, the Janaza prayer was in Bray, which is quite near to Dublin. Like, it's so funny how it happened, because as you say, those are pretty much the circumstances. And it was

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just, when I saw the video that was on your channel, I just and you were there speaking with the sister, and you know, you, you made a call that if anyone in Ireland, any Muslims, you know, were there that something could be done. And obviously, that would be a great worrying concern. I mean, we're all going to die. And that's the thing. And as Muslims, of course, we, we hope and pray that when we do die, it'll be in a good way. And that will receive the proper sendoff appropriate to, to you know, our fate. And it was something that just my heart, I was sitting there, I was like, wow, I have to do something. And I had no idea what to do to be honest. And I was thinking of different

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strategies, you know, like that you're going, What can I do, and I have no power really to do anything, you know, just simple man. And I says well, and I saw the picture of Sinead with the share country when she took her shahada and entered into the Islamic faith back in 2018. And I thought, okay, if anyone should know what's happening, so it should be the Imam, you know, so I contacted him, I found his phone number online. I've never spoken to him before. Actually, believe it or not, our paths hadn't crossed.

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And just made the call. And we spoke and he put my mind at rest that look, I had contacted the family, and that the family were very open and welcoming, and that they were happy for the janazah to take place and the prayers to be done. There was no, no issue. And like, for me, it was funny because I noticed, like, when our sister passed away, that like, obviously there was a lot of coverage. He's someone who's, you know, worldwide, with her music. And of course, with her accepting Islam a few years ago, she's, you know, amazing notoriety. But here she is, like, completely a household name, you know. So there was a lot of write ups in the paper when she passed. And I

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noticed actually that, for example, they had pictures of our sister and her hijab and things. But all of the write ups that I found, none of them mentioned Islam. When she passed away, I was specifically looking for it. And it was almost written out of the narrative. And that's fine. I understand that. And, but as you said, the day I think the day before your video on your channel, guys, there was a big write up in the paper saying that Sinead would receive no Muslim funeral. And a lot of

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you saw that when I was in Italy, I think the Irish Irish Examiner, for example, a big Irish paper was literally the headline. And as I said, even in retrospect, now I look what did what did the headline read, I don't want to misquote, but I think I think it was, Sinead will not receive a Muslim funeral. That was pretty much the headline. So again, that was you know, that was the kind of the vibe around the time, as you say, the day before the burial, and that concern me, of course, even watching your video, but Alhamdulillah in the end, it was actually completely different. What happened, as we know now, even from the media coverage, you know, the has been clear that she

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received Islamic prayers, and then everything was done, you know, Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah blessing from Allah, you know, so yeah. So did you get a chance to meet some of her family which family members were there? Yeah, her like there was there was family members, there's maybe 2530 members of her family or beautiful people and I met her father had an opportunity to talk to her dad. You know, you met her father, also Sinead O'Connor's father, and quite a while and quite a gentleman. What an absolutely lovely man. I mean, you could just tell straight you know, he just a beautiful, beautiful man. And one of the statements were speaking after and one of the statements he

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made to me was, you know, tears in his eyes and he just he just said to me, he said, Sinead was a true believer. She was a repeated this phrase, and it just, you know, it's stayed in my heart out while it was

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Gentleman even when we were at the we're at the burial ground he was very keen for us to pray beside the grave everything it was it was you know he took the lead in that he was you couldn't you couldn't really find more welcoming family to be honest and more respectful and you know, even talking to other members of family I chatted to Bano chatted to Sir Bob, they were there.

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Who is that again? Sir Bob Gandalf the you know, the Boomtown Rats frontman from the 80s band, you know, well known singer and bon

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Bano from YouTube. And these are these are like some famous musicians that absolutely at the time of Trinidad, and they would have grown up actually, not only would they have been musicians, engineers, and they would have been actually they would have grown up, Bob, sir Bob was explaining to me afterwards, we chatted briefly. And he was saying that they actually, they all grew up in pretty much the same area, which is, you know, subhanAllah remarkable that they all kind of had the same trajectory and becoming kind of worldwide stars, so and even survived, made the comment he told me, he said, The Islamic prayers, He said they were so hurtful, heartfelt, was the phrase, excuse me

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heartfelt. And you can see it really touched him even even Barnaul was incredible, you know, you could see that. It just really touched our hearts, you know, the resignation of the Koran, Hamdulillah. And that came across even from the family afterwards, it really, even when there was a man working in the graveyard, and he just walked over to us and said Your prayers were so so beautiful. It was to be honest, it was a remarkable experience. I met her nephews I met cousins, they were just, you couldn't really have felt more welcome. And it was it was incredible. It was actually incredible, you know,

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much respect goes out to the family of Sinead O'Connor. Absolutely, you know, for honoring this and allowing this to go ahead and take place absolutely. must respond to love and respect. Yeah, as I said, You just couldn't have met, you couldn't have made Kinder or more welcoming people really it was it was it was touching, you know, it was a very emotional experience. And one that will I think stick with me for Sharla Talal very long time, you know, as Yeah, if anybody else out there can get us in touch with I don't know, if you

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had a chance or anything. We'd like to talk with Sinead O'Connor's father. And you know, these statements are sticking with me, you know, to see someone like that at the end. You know, she was a believer, he said, and hopefully we can go ahead he can see this and he can consider now he consider what she had considered and you also what you not just considered at one point, you actually went from being an inspiring hip hop artist is that yeah, that was that was my that was my life before before Islam. Yeah, absolutely.

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I reship up artists like, what's that? Back in the day? What were the and these guys also accepted Islam? It was also a fan. House. Yeah. Which is actually a great a great name for dystonia, in a sense, you know?

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What they're from from Ireland. Yeah. Irish background. Irish background. Yeah. Jump, jump up, jump up and get it absolutely. jump around, jump around, I think jump up that says yeah, that's them. Yeah. So that's a very well known hasten. Yeah. But is it true, they also accepted? It's not aware of that, but if they did, I heard.

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So tell. Tell us shortly, to shift over a little bit to your story, your journey. What happened that you also went from considering at 1.2 actually accepting Islam from being inspiring hip hop artists, you know, to? You know, where you're at today. You're on the Dean's? Yeah, absolutely. Look, I grew up, you know, in my adoptive family here in Ireland, we were born and raised Catholics, pretty much everyone that's the system, you know, there's and we grew up in that Catholic school, Catholic Ireland. And, you know, I would have gone to church and all that even in my teens, like I always had a kind of a I definitely had a spiritual side. I was always interested. I, I did believe in God, you

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know, and for sure. And then when my teens came, I actually transferred over in a sense to like a Pentecostal church. There was a Nigerian church here in town, a lot of friends from Nigerian from Nigeria and other Nigerian friends that moved here and emigrated. We have a big immigrant, immigrant population here. So I was attending a Pentecostal church, evangelist church that's more charged at you know, different style than Catholic. You get to read the Bible more, it's more involved longer services. So I enjoy that for a few years. And then my late teens, early 20s, I just post I was, you know, going to church on Sunday, but of course, most Saturday night was in the club. So I guess I

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made an informed decision that instead of being a hypocrite, I have to drop one of these activities. So I think I dropped the Church activity you know, and

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which is funny when I look back at it

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So, yeah, there was a few years in the wilderness like I said, I would have always still believed in a higher power creator. And then in my early 20s Just wondered really true life. And you know, different things would be in your heart a lot of pain, like we talked about pain already House of Pain. But this of course, what this life is, there's a lot of tests a lot of trials and challenges. And I suppose I was struggling with them. If I'm being honest, you know what I mean. And you know what it is with drink and weed going out to pubs and clubs. I mean, everyone in the world probably knows Irish people for a few things, which is having the crack, having the laugh, and having the the

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few pints you know, whether it's good, or whatever it is, and that was very much the culture. But that's okay, if you're for some people, but it certainly wasn't for me. And I ended up in a bit of trouble in my mid 20s. Like, one particular event, and I ended up spending a night up in a jail cell. And I do remember that night just kind of reflecting inward, you know, there was a lot of you can blame other people you can blame. But that night, just the loneliness and being in that cell, and I just reflected on I says, Is this it? Like? Is this what you came into this life where there was this very clear question and within my heart? And the answer was no, I knew inside the answer

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was no, that there's something more than this, this isn't This can't be it. And, and after I went out, and I was waiting for the cord to come and all of that, and I felt it was actually innocent. You know, it wasn't a thing where I'd done some something major, I felt like I was heard done by, but I still knew that the problem was being caused by something within myself, it was something that I needed to change. And around that time, I'd be a guy again, like the iris happy go lucky. Most people ask you, how are you getting on and you just say, I'm fine. You know, I'm grand, and you wouldn't open up too much. But one particular day I was visiting, walking through town and I visited

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and and have one of my best friends, and Nigerian sister, and I always noticed she'd be praying in the shop or she'd go, she tells the shop and go for prayers. She'd have the Koran playing in the background. So I knew her to be like a kind of a spiritual lady and someone that I could talk to and even I used to go to her house when I was young. She'd look after me, she knew me well. And that day, she Oh, how are you brother? And I remember just saying, No, I'm, I'm not really okay. I remember opening up and I told her look, I have a few problems and stress and all of this. And she just kind of explained life to me in a quick way. She gave me hope. Number one, she told me Look,

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everything's fine brother. This is a human experience. But she laid it out. From an Islamic point of view. God created us, we're here. We're being tested, we have an enemy. Enemy is a che Tom is the devil, and you're continuously going to be tested in life. And she explained to me like that, how important faith was. And she gave me some little prayers. She wrote them down. She wrote down something she said, when you go to your house, say Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, I had no chance to remember and so I was like, Okay, can you write these down? So she wrote them down phonetically in English, little things like that, how to seek refuge from shaytan when you feel stressed, just

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little things. But I can see the feeling I had when she was talking was like, I can't explain it like my heart been like a jigsaw puzzle with one piece missing. And it felt like she was just after putting reaching in and putting in that piece or that piece clicked within my heart that all this is something very important. So I remember I asked her for a Quran I was like, okay, straight away. I was like, I want to Quran mid 20s At this stage, like I said, and of course, I knew Muslims, I had friends who are Muslims, I used to say salaam to them. I used to say things like Inshallah, you know, God willing, I had respect for Muslims, always since I was young, even during the whole, like

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2001, the early 2000s When there was a lot of propaganda and stuff. I kind of even as a young fellow I saw through it, it never really affected me. And I did really like Islam and Muslims, but from the outside, you know. And I remember even hearing the call to prayer, I had a CD somebody gave me what I was dealing with the call to prayer was on it. And I loved it. It was just something I had no issue with, but never wanted or had the sense to enter inside fully or to investigate further, or read the Quran or anything like that. But from that day when she spoke, I was like, Well, I really, really want to read the Quran. So she said, Look, I'll ask my husband to get you on. And so a few

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weeks pass and I kept calling. I used to go to the local Halal shop and ask them please Can someone get me a Koran? And they'd say, Yeah, brother, we'll be going to the mosque because then it's a small town. We have a small, as I said, a migrant population and there would have been a little prayer room in an apartment at that time, no masjid, and so things would have been a bit like low key in terms of like, Islam being being, you know, predominant are available around or as I said, No Islamic center in the town. So I waited a few weeks and the feeling never left. The feeling never left to

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To read the Quran, so I kind of got tired of waiting, I suppose after a few weeks and I went on Google, I Googled, okay, Islamic center, Ireland, Limerick. So in the neighboring city in Limerick, there's a Islamic center. So I asked my friend at the time wasn't driving, and I asked my friend, Look, can you drop me to Limerick, I really want to go and get a Qur'an. I just have a feeling I need to read it. And I took the journey down around 3040 minutes and we got there knocked on the door. Imam Khalid, who's now a good friend of mine, you know, a very nice brother, he came out and greeted me. And I asked him, I said, Look, I want to I want to read the Quran. Is it possible you

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can give me a Quran that I can read? And I said, I'll see what I can do. And he went inside, he came out gave me a beautiful green covered Quran, handed it to me, and I thanked him and said, Look, hopefully I'll see you again, Please, God, take care, sat back in the car. And I said, again, inshallah I'll never forget it. I sat down, I opened up the book, a holy book and my second chapter, which is also strange, because I was watching about Sinead story sister Sinead story. And she was saying that the second chapter was what she read, when she became Muslim, or when she knew in her heart that Islam was the fate for her. And I just opened the book and started reading the second

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chapter of the Quran. And first, maybe nine verses, and just tears, it was like, just tears started flowing out of my eyes. And that wasn't me. Now I know of cry at the drop of a hat, you know, I'll cry, whether I'm praying or it's my heart has changed so much. But at that time, I wouldn't have been crying. And I knew there was something to it. And I couldn't stop the tears flowing out. And I could see my friend beside me. He was also reading it and my friend is actually far more intelligent than I am. He's a smarter guy, he's, but he wasn't having the same reaction. So again, that told me that it was something more than the words, it wasn't just a beautiful poetry. You know, again, being

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a poet, being a rapper, being someone who writes lyrics, I could tell the difference between being moved by the words and being moved by something else at the level of the heart, shall we say. And from that moment, I made a made a decision, I think in my heart that I was going to pursue this and went home, I started learning how to pray. And at this time, of course, I'm still waiting for the court to happen for the issue that I have. So the sister who had, you know, explained me things, the Nigerian sister, she also gave me a little booklet with some prayers. So I went to the court date. And again, I was learning to pray at home. And the first thing I did when I learned to pray was to

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ask forgiveness, I felt like a lot of you know, things inside and regret about what I've done in the past, and you know, how I've been living and stuff. So that was a kind of a big breakthrough for me. And that was the first time I prayed on my knees or made subdued, bowed my head on the ground, to Allah. And that was, again, profound. And I felt like, I would say, a new person, still going through issues in life, you know, still, you know, struggling, but I could feel things are changing. And I remember being in the court, and it was so shallow, it was amazing. I, I was reading some prayers. And one of the prayers in particular said that,

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asking Allah for help, and basically saying that, asking Allah to tie the tongue of your enemies, you know, over for your enemies, when they're not speaking the truth for them for their tongues to be tied. And I could see in the court, and as I said, I felt I was innocent. I truly did. I felt that it was hard done by, and I could see as I was reading the prayer, and my own solicitor was talking, and the judge was talking, and I could see things were going on. And they weren't making sense, to be honest things she was saying, on my side, or things that just weren't making sense. But it was all going my way. And I remember showing it to my friend beside me and saying, look, look at

00:24:00--> 00:24:40

the prayer. I'm reading and look what's happening. And I remember my friend who's a non Muslim, and he just said, Keep praying, keep praying. So alhamdulillah, the truth came out, and even the judge, he said, Look, this is a good guy. This was a misunderstanding on the event, and I don't want to hear about this anymore. Just let this man go back about his life. This was just an event that doesn't require any attention. It's fine. And I was I mean, this was a miracle. And again, I walked out of the court, tears in my eyes and just, you know, so moved by it. And that was the beginning of my, I suppose my journey into Islam. Your wife also she's Irish. My wife is French. My wife is

00:24:40--> 00:24:47

French. Her dad is from her dad is from the Congo. And her mon is from the Caribbean, and she is born in France.

00:24:48--> 00:25:00

And she also accepted us in 2017 A few years after me she she also accepted Islam and wow Hamdulillah I want to get your reaction

00:25:00--> 00:25:19

into something because we started off talking about Sinead O'Connor. And this this reality that should really motivate every human being to seek out what the true purpose of life is where we're going when we die. And there's another individual who's very famous out there. You've heard of him. Conor McGregor.

00:25:21--> 00:25:33

Absolutely. Hunter. Irish Irish brother. Absolutely. I want to show you this clip and get your reaction to it because it revolves again around this topic of death.

00:25:34--> 00:25:35

Out off of labor

00:25:37--> 00:25:37

Oh, good Mailgun

00:25:39--> 00:25:41

you ever seriously

00:25:42--> 00:25:45

made that's nice. That's Oh, it could have been dead

00:25:46--> 00:25:47

because of the cream

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Jesus Christ. I'm so sorry. To get in the way we move there boys. Yeah, we want to you want

00:26:01--> 00:26:04

all good. All good. Safe travels. God bless.

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Let me bring the play call and all that to Nala. Yeah.

00:26:12--> 00:26:14

If it isn't needed, live homemade. stuff looks.

00:26:19--> 00:26:20

Good look

00:26:21--> 00:26:25

at the common whip. A modem here. What's your name?

00:26:26--> 00:26:37

Nick Brock. Nick. makes up smack me in the cut. Where does God have the book in the back? Wasn't a Atlantic. That's all God bless. Oh, my focus was still here. Thank God.

00:26:38--> 00:27:04

That's all that matters. So it's interesting. Obviously, he's thinking God, and he realized that he could have died. He had expressed also that he could have he could have died. This could have been it for him and all that money. He's accumulated all of the startup and everything. At the end, it doesn't matter. So what advice if Conor McGregor he gets a chance to watch another Irishman such as yourself.

00:27:05--> 00:27:44

Also the daughter they say of Ireland, of diverse people sinead o'connor she also accepted Islam What advice would you get for Connor to trigger something in him to pick up the Koran like you did? You were so full of passion you were going to the mosque? You are asking for it. You opened up the second chapter of the Quran just like sinead o'connor did sincerely wanting to know the truth and purpose of life. And here you are with us here on the show as one who's submitted his will to the creator, the heavens and earth are Muslim and Islam. What would you say to Conor McGregor? Because death is a reality you can come at any time. Absolutely. And look, first of all, Connor is a legend.

00:27:44--> 00:28:21

And he really is and what he's done for even putting Ireland under MAP and given a lot of young people confidence in this country. And another thing I've noticed about Connor, he always mentions God, I've seen him in nearly every interview because I do follow his trajectory. I follow his career. And he's done great things. And he's a strong man. And he knows what he's about in himself. And he knows more about face and death. Because as you all know what martial arts and stuff you step into that ring and your face and date every time but we've seen it with people like Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, look at Michael Schumacher, how is how his life tourneys dice with debt every

00:28:21--> 00:28:57

week then retired from Formula One, which is the most dangerous business you can really go into. And then he has an accident on a skiing holiday. And that's that's how fine our life is like counterfeits and death all the time. And then your life nearly ends on a you know, a trivial a biking accident. And that's how I mean even me, that's I think about death all the time, in a sense, because it could happen anytime and we need to really we do need to think about why what's my purpose? What am I doing here? I can't bring the money with me. I can't do anything and of course, it's not forbidden to live a good life it's not forbidden to earn money to be rich desert these are

00:28:57--> 00:29:37

these are all okay things. But there is fundamentally of course that other level where our relationship with the One who created us is the most important and we will go back to meet our Maker as we say in Ireland, we will be meeting your maker one day and that's what Islam is simply all about. The god he's tanking is the exact same God that I'm thinking like when you become a Muslim you don't change and then you're you know, worshipping the moon or it's, it's God, it's the one God who created you and that's who it is. And I'm no one to advise him to be honest. But what I would say to him as anyone is just investigate and search for the truth with an open heart and read the

00:29:37--> 00:30:00

Quran to anyone read, listen to the Quran and just have an open heart to Islam because it's it's a perfect way of life. The people who practice it are far from perfect and none of us will ever be perfect, but itself what a Gibbs and I could sit down every day and show like how Allah works how God works in my

00:30:00--> 00:30:40

own life, and it's incredible, it blows me away. And there's times where we all go through ups and downs. That's the human journey. It's not like a person accepts Islam and suddenly becomes a perfect person. And I'm fired from that. And I feel like even with, you know, with Sinead, Allah has given an example, the kind of people that Allah wants to be considered as Muslims and to come into the faith are not perfect people are the people who seem to have it all together, the people like I was I was broken, and I can't speak for anyone else, my life was all over the place. And Allah chose me out of the people around at that time to guide me. And that's changed my life in incredible ways.

00:30:40--> 00:31:16

And I can only imagine how amazing it would and how happy everyone would be if Connor was a Muslim. It's something I've often thought about, it's something I've prayed about. And as Muslims, we believe that if, if God wills you to pray, everything you do is without the will of God, it wouldn't be happening. So when when when I pray that prayer, I often reflect after I think, well, Allah wants me to make this prayer. So I pray and I do hope that one day Connor will embrace Islam inshallah. And, you know, I think he's a very good man. And I admire the fact that he's a believer. And as I said, he's always shown respect to believers, that's, you know, I think that could be putting aside

00:31:16--> 00:31:53

he gets misrepresented, he probably gets a lot of hate from the Muslim community. But that was in the context of a moment in time, the fight game and all of that stuff. You know, if you think about Omar, the one of the greatest Sahaba that we have, he was on his way to kill the Prophet, peace be upon him. That was his intention, that day, when he left, he went to kill the Prophet. And then by the time he got there, he was a Muslim, you know, and, and this is, this is the thing, so nobody is far away. Nobody's outside of God's mercy and love. So I would just encourage anyone who's interested in Islam, just do your own thing and open up the Quran, ask God to guide you from your

00:31:53--> 00:31:58

heart, and inshallah God will guide you as his as he guides. You know,

00:32:00--> 00:32:49

and, as you had mentioned, that Ireland is also suffering, many massive mental health issues, addiction, high suicide rates, it's affected Ireland in a big way. And this is Islam as the solution to all of these ills that are affecting society. So you're a living testament of that, how your life has changed. And also, so many millions around the world who are coming to Islam are getting to experience that firsthand. So we extend the invitation to Conor McGregor. And anybody else out there, we'll send you a free copy of the crown, go to the deen We'll get you one. You don't have to drive here and drive there. Just go ahead and visit us and we'll get you a free copy sent to

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you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much for sharing that story of your experience at the sinead o'connor janazah. And very elated and happy to hear your story. Thank you, I shall benefit so many people around the world alone shall I guess? Yeah, that's true. Just finally, oh, I would definitely say that that's true in Ireland. We have that issue at the moment. As I said it was a Catholic country. And due to you know, Sister Sinead spoke about it previously with you with so many scandals with the church and everything. People have backed back from their faith. But the people I believe in their heart, all of us know when we truly reflect that there is a maker, we didn't just

00:33:27--> 00:34:08

come here from nothing. And this world, this life is painful. It is a test. And we're planning all short time could finish now could be maybe 70 years, 80 years 100. We can take anything with us except for what's in our heart, our good deeds, and we all want to go to heaven. No one wants to die, we will. But we all want to go to heaven. We want to have peace, whatever our version of peace is. And that's what Islam allows you to reflect daily upon that and work towards that and that gives you hope. Allah says, Don't despair and kill each other or kill yourselves. And yes, those problems you mentioned are prevalent here. And Islam brings a peace in the heart. Allah says Don't despair of

00:34:08--> 00:34:37

My Mercy. And that just that can keep you going through the darkest of times, you know, and I think, you know, it would be it would be very good, you know, for people to reflect on that and find that spiritual connection and I do truly believe Islam finds that as you say, we've seen that with even with Brother Andrew Tate many people around the world who are embracing this way of life our brother Kevin Lee recently, you know, so many people so I hamdulillah and, you know, May Allah guide us all and protect us all because, I mean, we're all

00:34:38--> 00:34:40

thank you for sharing that brother. Thank you Eddie brother.

00:34:42--> 00:34:43

So our

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brothers and sisters, as you can see, we've acquired the property and we're getting right to work and with your due us and support, we can go ahead and get the masjid and mega Dawa center up open and running in

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