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We're here today in Chicago, the Windy City. And by the way, if you didn't know this, that story of the Windy City has nothing to do with the wind off the lake. It has to do with people politically stumping over 100 years ago. And when they used to get up on their soapbox and holler out the vote for me vote for me and they give their long winded speeches. And that's where Chicago got the name Windy City. Now, don't you feel educated knowing that I'm the law, and we're here today in the offices of the Aigner, the Islamic circle of North America. And they do run around but they don't run around in circles. Not here. Right, guys? That's right. And also with us today is the deen show,

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you're watching the deen show. And along with that, we're also recording under the auspices of shares So we got a lot going on here, we've got radio, and we've got live broadcast on the internet. And we also have a recording that we're making for the internet television, replaying broadcasting at the deen show. And so a lot of stuffs happening here. Now to our subject, we have been talking here with our new Muslims and some older Muslims and some non Muslims, about the subject of Islam and what it takes to enter in something it's called the Shahada. And I think that's what we'll pick up with that and then we'll go to the questions that go along with this

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thing called the Shahada. There's something that is called Shahada. And it means to bear witness the witness to the fact that there's only one God and that I'm going to worship him on his terms, not my terms. And I'm going to accept the messenger who brought the message. That's basically what you're saying in the Shahada Chateau La Ilaha Illa La Rochelle Mohammed Abdul hoorah. So this is the shot. There are nine points which we discovered in the first part of the program. They are knowledge, certainty, acceptance, submission, truth, sincerity, love, denial, and adherence. And if you hear him out of context, you might say was that lovin denial? was that all about? But if you listen to

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the first part poem, you understood it in the context it's intended, and that's what's important. Now, let us come to some of the questions that have arised here, from this little talk that we had, and see what we can learn from the question and then if we can get any benefit from an answer.

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What else of our guests asked about shirk, and said that it appears that the only thing God is not going to forgive his shirt This is mentioned, by the way in the Quran, chapter four, verse 48. Rarely, Allah does not forgive shark, but anything less than this, he can forgive. So what is the blasphemous thing called shark? What is that? And why won't ALLAH forgive it?

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Shark, according to Islam, is the worst blasphemy and it is the unforgivable sin, there's no way to get back from that, unless the person repents of it, and never does it again, in their life up until they die. So there is a way to get over it, if you're still alive. But if a person dies on it, then they're stuck with it. And this is to make partners with a law in worship. If a person understands the first commandment in the Old Testament, they will know that this is exactly what he's saying, Thou shalt not have other gods beside God. He is the only God worthy of any worship. So when people set up false gods as worship beside him, this is something that he will not tolerate. That's why

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it's commandment number one, it came with Moses like that. You will find it in the book of Exodus, chapter 20. And in the book of Deuteronomy, and that's going to be in chapter five, check it out, make sure I'm telling you the right thing. Then, look again, in the book of Hosea, you're going to find it again there chapter 13. Look in the book of Isaiah, and you're going to find it again, the importance of worshiping only one God. Now look to the New Testament, and see when Jesus is being asked.

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What is the greatest commandment? He was being asked by the Pharisees themselves to see if he would say the right thing? And they were, of course, not surprised to hear him say this because he was not asking people to worship Him. If anybody had a doubt that he was saying, worship me, he clearly says

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greatest commandment is to know Israel the Lord your God is One Lord and you have to worship Him alone, without any partners. He said it like this though. And the translation says that you have to love Him with all your heart and all your mind and all your strength. And I give you a commandment like unto it to love your brother as yourself. I heard a preacher say real clear one time that Jesus brought a new commandment when he brought that that's strange, because the quote that he gave is an old commandment, the oldest of the, and the first of the commandments. And it is mentioned in the book that I just told you about. And it says exactly the same words and a commandment like it, which

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is to love your brothers yourself, but in any way, that that's to let you know what the previous monotheistic approach was. And it's still no different with Mohammed, that the first and foremost the object of worship has to be a law, Almighty God alone, without any partners. Anything less than that is not acceptable. It is short, and it will condemn a person to Hellfire, regardless of how many so called good deeds, good works, charity worship that they've given to a law, but if they put something with it, they canceled it, because it is not open for anything other than 100% for God. And in it in the Bible, it's compared to relationship of marriage. It's very often compared to a

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relationship of marriage in the Bible, as though someone is being adulterous by going after these other gods. And a woman would never tolerate her husband to say that, well, I you know, I really haven't committed adultery, except just the little bit. And it was really with your own sister. So you should feel like, you know, hey, that's a benefit to you there. No woman would accept that. No man would accept some kind of statement like that. And so you see, this is the kind of thing that's being brought up in the Bible for them to look at. But Allah is giving you something even more clear, when Allah tells you that he is not going to accept even a point 1% it has to be all for him.

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And he says in the Quran, grueling glooty to the bone, Allah, Tabby, only you become a law firm to come over come over for him. And this meaning more or less would be in English, the law is telling you that if you really love a law,

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there has to be some demonstration of what you said. Because you will have to follow Prophet Muhammad, have you really love Allah, he's giving you this challenge, then you follow my Prophet, you follow Mohammed, and then allow all of you. So this is not going to be reciprocal. Unless you do it his way. You're not going to be able to make up your own religion, you're not going to be able to come up with your own little scheme of things, you're going to have to do what he wants you to do on his terms, not negotiable. Again, I'm gonna repeat this not negotiable. It's his way, or no way.

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And not partway. So that's Sherk. And that's the explanation of it. The second question we hide here is talking about what about if I come to Islam and I have some of my relatives and my children and they don't like Islam? Because they say, oh, there's things they don't want to do?

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A girl for instance, would say I don't see why should cover my beauty. and beautiful. So why should I cover that up? Islam is telling me I should cover up? Haha, that's a point. Let's deal with that one. First. There's a there's an A and a B to this. That was a

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The girl is saying she's beautiful. Well, to who?

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To? And if you need to go down the street and show your beauty to everybody. Why? What are you trying to troll for? What are you trying to catch on your hook there? What's going on with your life? You need everybody to look at you. Because if this is your case, maybe you should get some counseling before you get in trouble. Because when women walk down the street have naked, they get raped, they get hurt, they get abused, or they wind up in relationships with people who only went after them for what they thought was physical beauty. And by the way, you've heard the expression beauty is only skin deep. Well, by the way, it doesn't take long for people's skin to change. When

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people start getting older and start sagging and getting wrinkles, all of a sudden, she's gonna be thrown out in the garbage.

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We have a country full of people been thrown in the garbage after they didn't have those so called good looks anymore. A

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lot of morning upon drugs.

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Hanging out with the wrong people. And drugs don't take a long time to destroy your looks. Do they? Not at all. doubt what I said just go out here tonight. I'm sure you got streets close to here and go out tonight and see all that you want. Really, really good.

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Islam is protecting your beauty.

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And you're showing your beauty to the right one. Who should you be beautiful for? If you're going you want to show your beauty or future to be bought your husband? why somebody else's husband? What are you trying to make that girl upset and jealous would use that is that how you get your, your, your happy mood come to you off of that.

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So it's them ensuring you Your beauty is to be protected from people who don't need to see it.

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That you want to show your beauty around your home, your family, your husband, and sure that's right.

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The problem we have in this country is a woman want to put all of her stuff on

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the face is made up the hairs made up then get out here with almost being dressed not quite and go down the street. And strangers pose strangers What

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was that? Where is that? You see these guys? Right? They consider they're not even manly. If they can't, you know, check out the girls with let them touch them, pinch them things like that. And they don't realize that this is nothing.

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This is absolutely nothing. It's so superficial, and it's trashy. If that is your idea of beauty, then you need to redefine you need to go back to the dictionary and think again, What is beauty?

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Because true beauty comes from a person who is humble, and kind and sincere about person who is thinking and using their thinking process to benefit themselves, their family and their society that they live in. This is something beautiful, one who suffers and sacrifices for the sake of their beliefs. One who's willing to stand firm on what is right and righteous, not somebody that's willing to take off their clothes and walk down the street thinking that's going to get something going on

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Fletcher concept of beauty, you need to go back and start all over again. Because it's ugly. To me the most beautiful women are those who COVID because then I can appreciate them for who they are.

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Instead of what they're on. There's a big difference. You don't the same poor lost souls who run around like that are the same ones who say I don't want to be treated like an object.

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Islam is the one protecting you from being treated like an object.

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Part D is this is the one that I can relate to real well is what about my son who says well, gee whiz, you know, Islam has got a lot of stuff in it kind of looks girly to me. You're talking about shaving under your armpits you talking about sitting down when you go to the toilet, things like that. was that all about? Well, if you're raised in a society where people don't do that, of course, you would think it was strange. That sounds very strange. But on the other hand, I want to tell you that there's a lot of things in the Sunnah of Muhammad Salallahu Salam that are going to sound strange to people who don't know, but I'll just ask you don't accept Islam, but do accept rational

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thinking is that fair? rational thinking? That's fair, isn't it? Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him taught us everything we need to do as a human being to live in the best condition in the best state. That's why he came as a mercy to the army to the human beings. He is our mercy, man. We look to him for whatever we need. He's got an answer for your question. No other religion on earth shows you the proper way to eat, sleep and go to the bathroom.

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And if you doubt it, willing to give you a tape and you can check it out, listen to the whole thing. But I'll give you one sample one is that when a person goes to the toilet, they sit and this is well known. It's not anything Mishima they sit, they don't stand. They're careful not to get anything of the what they eliminate on themselves or their clothes, very careful about it. When when they're through eliminating, they wash themselves. They do worse. They wash themselves with water on their hand, this they clean the part that is been affected and soiled and they get cleaned before they stand up. Now, I heard from some people, they said, Oh, that sounds so barbaric. We're modern. We

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use toilet paper.

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Really rational thinking we agreed right? rational thinking, you're out in the yard. Mom says pick up the newspaper. You reach down you grab the newspaper. Oh, man, that newspaper boy to it right where the dog was. And I got that on my hand. The dog do got it.

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What I'm going to do, oh well use the newspaper and wipe it off right? Or you can go over to the sprinkler to the water faucet and wash it up. Which one which one and you already know the answer.

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The paper just smears it all over the place plus, now what I'm gonna do with all this paper, or I can just turn the water on and wash it off.

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Now the rationale comes in and you go, yeah, I didn't think of that. But because you've been raised a certain way, that's what you know. But until your rational thinking kicks in, you don't catch it.

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Give me one more before I leave the subject, because it's very important for you to catch this, the importance of the sooner, you don't need to understand it. But you do need to understand that you need it. Got it. You don't need to understand it. But you need to understand that you need it.

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I was driving home from a fundraiser one night, very late at night, I was exhausted, pull up the stoplight, I've put my head down on the steering wheel. I said I can't drive anymore. I can't. I'll give up I've been up too many hours. My little daughter's with me, she reached over turn the radio on full blast to wake me up. And I was in the talk show. So I hear somebody talking first words out of his mouth. He says, always sit down when you eat or drink. So he said never stand up when you eat or drink of sound like Jimi Hendrix in town was that because these guys are always saying that these aren't Muslims who travel around preaching some good things about Islam. And they are saying this

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that Mohammed peace be upon him toward us. All we sit down we eat or drink don't ever stand up when you eat or drink. Now, hey, I live in America, we walk around, we eat hot dogs and drink soda we have we can eat and run you see people run into some weight. And he's walking

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or running, eating a sandwich.

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But here we have something that's now coming. You know, when you sit down, you sit down when you eat and you sit down with you eliminate is what we're told. Then the voice on the radio continued for the next half hour explaining why you must never stand. It was a doctor

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and surgeon and he's telling us all of the damage being caused to our bodies on a regular basis to almost every human being in the United States of America is suffering from one or the other of the following diseases. And he started naming him and I had like two or three of them myself. And one of them is a problem with his esophagus. And the other one was a hiatal hernia. Another one you have with a problem in the stomach, another one that you have in the neck, another one you have with your kidneys. And he named all these problems. He said, Every one of these could be prevented if you sat down when you ate or drank. And this man never heard of Islam in his life.

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Now, if you heard the why, and you said okay, now I'm going to do it. Guess what? You better hope for Allah's mercy because so far you only going to get the reward of having a better health, but not the reward of following the Prophet cuz you didn't follow him. You follow the doctor? You follow that? Now I'm going to take a break here and I'm going to come back but we've got a lot to talk about on these subjects of questions here and you all listening to share Islam and we're going to be back with more

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