S4E1 Tharwatul Qalb The Strong Mind Vol 1- Taking Anxiety Apart.

Tarek Kareem Harris


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Forward By Mufti Menk

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Overview and guide, third will curb the strong mind Volume One, taking anxiety apart happily once and for all, by Dr. tk Harris, foreword by Mufti menk.

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It is suited to anyone who wants to learn more about the subject, whether you're stressed or not

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included with your purchase and for your maximum benefit. There are 38 separate self tests and exercises that are in written form that come with an exercise book that you can print off and do as you go along the chapters. Each one making your mind stronger as you go along in sha Allah.

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By the end of the book, you should feel completely on top of the world. The techniques really do work. We have put together the very best evidence from medicine and partnered it with Islamic psychology.

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People are suffering in silence because their mental health is not discussed. Let's take the right steps to change this