Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J03-034F Tafsir Al-Baqarah 255 Part 2

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the concept of drowsiness and how it reinforces a person. It describes the "sluggish" stage where a person is trying hard to keep them up and falls in a sluggish state. The speakers emphasize the importance of respecting people's freedom of speech and showing respect. The segment also touches on the ownership of Islam, its potential for change based on people's past knowledge, and the importance of guarding skies and protecting them. The segment concludes with a discussion of the history of the word "has been written in the Quran."
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Letter who will say no to Allah No, neither drowsiness overtakes him nor sleep, let that who Hamza Hodel that who are harder to seize, so it does not cease and what does not cease him Cena John Cena whilst he known as the root, and Cena is drowsiness it is the initial stage of slumber, which you may be feeling by now. If you've been fasting for many hours, if you haven't eaten anything, haven't had anything to drink, maybe your sleep is, you know, upside down. So it may be you're feeling a little sluggish, you're yawning, right? You're feeling tired, you're feeling drowsy. This is Sina and Sina overtakes you. You know sometimes you are trying so hard to focus you're trying so hard to

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continue to work but you keep yawning one yawn after another your eyes you know they begin to droop it's kind of difficult to keep them open. So this is sin, it overtakes a person and no is what gnome is actual sleep noon while mean when a person is completely out. And that also overtakes the person. Allah azza wa jal is such that let that who the WHO Sina Tala know he does not even get sleepy and sleep does not overcome him, because Allah does not need to rest because he is ill Hey, he is Alka you. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that in Allah azza wa jal Allah Nammo Allah Yama Leela who a&m that Allah azza wa jal does not sleep and it does not befit him that he should sleep,

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he does not get tired, and he's always available. Has it ever happened with you, you want to talk to someone, and we were so excited to finally you know, get home, talk to your mother, or talk to your spouse, and you find them sleeping? So you have to wait, and by the time they wake up, your excitement is kind of gone. So people are not always available? Allah azza wa jal Letta hoo hoo Sina tune? Well, I know, you call upon Allah during the day, during the night, there is no odd hour when you can call upon Allah, Loretta, who have seen it all I know, sometimes, people want to do something for us, but they're too tired, right? They're too sleepy. They cannot, you know, bring us

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even water or help us. If ever you have experienced that, you know, you're sick, you're not feeling well, in the middle of the night you wake up you need something, the person next to you they're sleeping, they're out. How are they supposed to help you. So, depend on the one who does not get tired expect from the one who does not get sleepy, call upon the one who is always available. And believe in him, he is able to do what you are in need of he is able to give you what you desperately desire. Later who will say no to Allah No. Lahoma for summer, what you want to fill out to Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. Law who you see begins with law who

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To Him belongs for him alone. This shows that it is only his any he is the only owner of what math is somehow white woman fill out whatever is in the heavens, whatever is on the earth. So my web for that summit. And remember, there is a higher world there is a lower world any there's the world of the angels, right? And then there's the world where we are. And then there's also you know the ocean where there is fish and well may Allah muda Rebecca Allahu ne the entire creation belongs to Allah alone. He is their Creator, He is their owner, and they're all slaves to him, they all belong to Him. So his will prevails. We learned in sort of twidium in coolamon for summer wet you will have

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the Illa art of Armenia of the DA that everyone will come to Allah as are dubbed as a slave and they all belong to Him all are in his domain. So he commands he orders his will prevails and no one shares this ownership with Allah subhanaw taala in total for con IRA to return a lead ILA Homolka Sumati will be the one to whom the dominion of the skies and the earth belongs to William yet well done. He has not taken a child what am your co Lucia econ Phil Mulk he does not have a partner in the Dominion, any he doesn't have a partner in ownership everything entirely exclusively belongs to Allah. So everything is in his control. He alone has the power to cause harm or to bring about

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benefit. He alone has the power to give sustenance. So anything you want, it is only Allah who can give it to you ask him and he is able to give you money then Lenny Ashfur are in the hotel lobby evening. Who is it that can intercede with him except by His permission? Man who

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Who that is that? Meaning who is that Olivia? The one who who is that being? Who is that person? Who is it that Yeshua or in the who? Who can dare to intercede with him any before him elaborate kidney except by His permission? Who can do Shahara without the permission of Allah? This is a rhetorical question

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that no one can intercede without his permission. No one can talk on that day without the permission of Allah. In Surah Fateha 108 We learn well, how shall I tell us where to live? Rockman Falada Samara Illa Hamsa that all voices will be stilled before the Most Merciful. So you will not hear except a whisper of footsteps. If people will not dare to speak lie on the corner minha taba they will not be able to speak even to Allah. All right, this shows how much people will be afraid. So only the one whom Allah allows can speak on that day can intercede before him, even the Prophet sallallahu already ascended will intercede when he is granted permission. And this is because Allah

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is Maliki Yeoman Dean. He is the sovereign of the Day of Recompense. And this is why our ultimate concern should be to please Him, because the dunya and akhira both belong to him, if no one can dare to speak to him, intercede for another before him without his permission. And he this means that we have to please Allah. Yar Allah, Mama Boehner, add him woman Khalifa home, he knows what is presently before them, and what will be after them. URL mo he knows. I mean, he knows mad that which Boehner ID him what is before them. And he also knows the opposite Mahal for him. What is after them called is after call amfa. Now what is Boehner ad him? And what is Hulk for whom and who is them by

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the way? them is the creation? Right? Including us, and including the jinn and all other creatures, so he knows what is before. Before as in in terms of time. Okay, so what is ahead of them? Their future? We don't know our future. Right? We don't know what's going to happen by tonight. We don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. We have, you know, some plans, maybe some goals maybe, but we don't know if they're going to happen. Even Allah knows what is before us in our future. And he knows Michael for whom, what is behind meaning what is over the past. Sometimes we forget things from our past. Or you know what, because people don't know our past. They think differently about us

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if they knew about our past, maybe they would treat us better. Yala. Will my bein ad him or Michael from Allah knows our future and our past. Then this also means what is before them meaning what is in front of them. Okay, physically what is in front of us, the world that is ahead of us. Allah knows about it, now called phone, what is behind them, meaning we don't see what is behind our back but Allah subhanaw taala knows it. So he knows what was before any what has already happened. He knows what will happen. He knows the present life, the world. He knows what is coming ahead, the era, the afterlife, he knows what you have, he knows what you have lost. He knows what you're going

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to get. He knows what you have already enjoyed and what is over. He knows everything about everything. This statement is telling us about the perfect knowledge of Allah that Allah has knowledge is common. It is complete, it is chairman, it includes everything, and it is perfect, it is free of any error. It is complete free from any deficiency. So Allah subhanaw taala knows everything. Like Musar listen, I'm told in our own that Elmo Harinder a beefy Kitab liable neurobiol ion sir, my lord knows it and he does not make a mistake and he does not forget, we forget, we make mistakes. And there is nothing in the skies in the earth except that ALLAH subhanaw taala knows

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about it. All right, nothing is any hidden from Allah, nothing is too far from Allah. There is nothing that goes into the earth or comes out of it, or comes down from the sky, or ascends into the sky, except that ALLAH knows about it. Even the tiniest of things are not hidden from Allah. He knows what is in the land in the sea, not a leaf falls except that ALLAH knows about it. And there is no grain in the darkness of the Earth, nothing fresh or dry, except that it is recorded in a clear book suitable and around a 59 and Allah subhanaw taala knows about everything even before things come into existence. Insert Lokmanya 34 We learn Allah is the One who has knowledge of the

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our meaning when it

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We'll be He sends down the rain, and he knows what is in the wombs. No soul knows what it will earn tomorrow and no soul knows in which land it will die. It is Allah who is Eileen, who is hobbies. And you know, there are things that we don't know off, and things that we will discover, maybe in the future we will come to know off in the future. But Allah subhanaw taala already knows about it. And then there are those things which we can never know off in this world. Allah subhanaw taala knows about that also. So Allah, His knowledge is complete. And subhanAllah just because we know something, it doesn't mean that we can control it. Right? For example, if a person knows that they

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have developed a certain illness, it doesn't mean that they can control it. Right? It doesn't mean that now they can expel it from their body. We don't have control despite knowledge. Allah subhanaw taala he has complete knowledge and he also has perfect power along with his knowledge yarn Mr. Boehner ad him Wilma Khalifa home What are you he's gonna be che in mineral me, elaborate, Masha, and they encompass not a thing of his knowledge except for what He wills well are you here tonight you hate on us from how well taught you how to is to encompass fully so they cannot encompass who people the creation all right, they cannot encompass. Be che in anything mineral me he of his

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knowledge 11 Russia except what He wills, meaning people can only encompass that knowledge which Allah subhanaw taala allows them to encompass. Many people can only learn what Allah subhanaw taala lets them learn. We cannot learn something if Allah subhanaw taala does not want us to learn that and this is so amazing. Sometimes things are in front of you and you don't recognize you don't identify you don't notice them you don't see them. So when you don't notice it, you don't see it. You don't learn about it. You miss it, things that are so obvious to you so obvious and then you wonder how could I have missed it? How it's because Allah did not allow you to learn about it at

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that time. Well I you hate want to be shaming me, Ellerbee, Masha, Allah did not allow you to learn about it. So knowledge is in the control of Allah, he owns it also he controls it also, people can only access that knowledge which Allah subhanaw taala lets them access. And if you think about it, you know, over the centuries, people have learned different things. They have discovered different things, you know, through experimentation, there's so many things that we have established, you know, as facts. So this is because Allah subhanaw taala has made that knowledge accessible to us. And there are so many things we don't know about. Still, people are trying so hard to learn about,

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you know, what's out there in space. What's on Mars if life can exist on Mars, Subhan Allah, but we can only learn if Allah subhanaw taala lets us learn about the prophets of Allah who already said I'm Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran where Allah commanded him to contain him. Allah taught you what you did not use to know the angels. They said, Laravel Mallanna Ilana Ilana, we have no knowledge except what You have taught us. So whatever we know, as individuals, and also the collective knowledge that we have as human beings, all of this knowledge is within the knowledge of Allah. All right, there is nothing we know that Allah does not know. So some people you know, they

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look down on Islam, they look down on what the Quran says, as if they know better, they criticize what Allah subhanaw taala has decided as if they know better, and this is pure foolishness. This is similar to how some children you know, when they go to school, when they get a degree or two, they begin to look down at their parents that oh, we know better. I know better. You don't tell me. This is foolishness and arrogance. Allah subhanaw taala he is one who controls knowledge we can only know something when Allah allows us to know and he knows were more than us. So credit set to Musa alayhis salam right that when they saw a bird dipping its beak in the water, he said that your knowledge and

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my knowledge combined is like what this bird got out of the ocean. Indeed this is our knowledge in comparison to the knowledge of Allah there is no comparison. So lie you hate wanna be shaman your enemy 11 Masha, this means that Allah is the source of right so when we want more in We ask Allah a little busy the near Hema Oh my Lord, Increase me in knowledge because he is the source of error. And if there's anything you want to learn about that you're having trouble. You're having difficulty learning. ask Allah to teach you right big

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As Allah is the One who gives, and secondly mineral me, he really me he his knowledge, meaning knowledge about him. So people cannot learn anything about Allah except what He wills. So we cannot know His names, his attributes, His actions, anything like that unless and until Allah subhanaw taala informs us himself, right? So we cannot know about Allah except what Allah tells us about himself and tecoma Earth Anita, I learn up sick. So for example, the things of the world, when we want to learn about them, we see them we study them, we test them, because they're observable, Allah subhanaw taala led to the whole absorbed vision cannot encompass him. So we cannot see Allah. So how

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can we learn about Allah, we can only learn about Allah, from what Allah has already taught us. So we should not form opinions about Allah subhanaw taala based on our whims, I think God is like this I think God is like that. No, Allah is as he has described himself so we cannot do without revelation we are in need of revelation was the article to see you was somehow worth you will have his could see extends over the heavens and the earth. What's the URL? Well, SR ain is the root. And what's there is basically when something has capacity for something, it's vast, it's a verb. So what is vast what is it that has capacity could see you his could see, it's so vast that it can encompass

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within itself a summer where it will alter the skies and the earth. Now what is kursi could see even our basketball the Longhorn who explained is the footstool of Allah azza wa jal mold the root codomain This is different from the outer shell Roche is the greatest it's the largest creation so cracy is smaller than that. Somewhat Malema said that it is knowledge could see is the knowledge of Allah but the statement Allah companion in our basket of the lower noise more weighty, because when a companion tells us something about a matter of the unseen, and then we understand that they took that knowledge from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So kursi is the footstool. And we learn

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here that the Cusi of Allah has the capacity for the skies and the earth, meaning it has encompassed them within itself. It is that vast, and in a hadith we learn that all of the skies and the earth compared to the quotacy are like a ring in a desert. Subhanallah think about it. If you throw a ring in a desert, how much of the desert can the ring occupy? Any? It's so insignificant, it's so tiny, right? So there is no comparison. Basically, this is how vast Allah subhanaw tarnis could see is compared to the skies in the earth, where are we in the skies in the earth? And where that minuscule, miniscule, tiny, tiny, tiny thing that you need, the greater scheme of things is

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irrelevant. But Allah subhanaw taala hears you he knows what you're doing. This is How perfect is knowledge is hitting we're so tiny. Allah subhanaw taala knows about us into the Zoomer is 67 We are told that will mark Padilla her poetry, that they have not appraised Allah with true appraisal. People don't understand who Allah really is. And we dare to say such disrespectful things about Allah may Allah forgive us we dare to think negative thoughts about Allah may Allah forgive us what are your old who have Luma and their preservation tires him not La Jolla? Oh, do you all do are the oldest from Hamza well done. And old is when something becomes burdensome and heavy and tiring to

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carry any if you're carrying something, you're doing something for a long time, you get tired, if you're carrying your own bag even which was very light when you left the house, but five hours later, that bag feels so heavy, because you're tired now. So add the we'll do this is when someone get tired of carrying a weight. Okay, so HIF Luma Heffley is to preserve and guard, constantly preserving and protecting the skies and the earth does not tire him. And this shows us that the very nature of the skies in the earth is that they need constant guarding constant preservation. And if Allah subhanaw taala did not guard did not preserve them. If he did not take care of them, then the

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skies and the earth would cease to exist they would perish. And really if you think about it in the universe, there are so many accidents that can happen at any moment, any second and all of this would be destroyed. Allah subhanaw taala did not get tired, creating the creation and he does not get tired looking after them. So in a DUA, we say Allahu Malakal hunt and taka you must somehow work it will all be woman fee in that Oh ALLAH for you as all praise you are the by him the maintainer of the skies and the earth and whoever is in them. Well who will early you are Aleem and He is the Most High the Most Great and

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i Li are in Lanois is the root, he is a highly, that he has a low will other meaning that in his status, okay in his worth, he is high, he is the highest, he is the greatest. Secondly, he has earner will have meaning. He is the one who dominates over his creation well who will call him to focus everybody. And thirdly, he has Louisville McCann, meaning he is above his creation, He is high above his creation. And this is why when we make dua, we raise our hands. Right in the Quran, we learn. I mean, to Memphis summer, the one who is in the summer, Allah subhanaw, taala, sends down revelation sends down rain from the sky. So He is Allah, Allah, He is the Most High. So there is no

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one that is higher than Allah. In his attributes. He is high above his creation, and He is also our Lean, he's ever great, great in his being. So everything is smaller than him and great in his SlimFast in all His attributes, so in his milk in his ownership, he is great in his power ability. He is great in his Rama, His mercy, He is great. So what are your old who have Luma? Well, well, Alejandra Aleem I too could see where it gives us knowledge of who Allah is that it describes who Allah is. It also gives us hope, and it also is a means of drawing closer to Allah subhanaw taala your heart is filled with love and with respect and hope in Allah when you reflect on the meanings

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of AYATUL kursi. And so often, you know, we recite AYATUL kursi in the morning in the evening. For our protection, we recited after salah, but we say it without even thinking about its meaning. So, now that you have learned the meaning when you recite AYATUL kursi pay attention to the meaning reflect over it

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