Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-021A Translation and Word Analysis Al-Baqarah 153-162

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of disconnected sentences and phrases, highlighting the importance of seeking help and being aware of one's behavior in order to avoid future harm. The speakers stress the importance of seeking help and being aware of one's behavior in order to avoid future harm. They stress the use of "we" and "we" in various context, including "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic, "we" in Arabic,
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salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who are with bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, WA Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim rubbish Raha Saudi were Sidley Emery Watlow looked at a melissani of coho coli Allahumma the Colby was sadly Sani was flutes of Hema The Colby Amenia Bernard Amin, lesson number 21 Surah Al Baqarah verses 153 to 162 We'll do the translation first. Yeah, uh You heard all a Lavina those who are new they have believed is three new you all seek help be somebody through the patience was solidarity and the Salah in indeed Allah Allah Mara is with a saw between those who are patient while at the kolu and he will do not say

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Lehman about who you patello he is killed fie in severely way Allah He of Allah I'm worked on they are ones who are dead Val rather a here own they are ones who are alive Well I can but law not the Sharon you all perceive well Anna blue wanna come and surely we will indeed put you all to trial. Be che in with something. Men from a low fee the fear while Jewry and the hunger when oxen and reduction men from Awali the wealth will unfussy and the lives with them rot and the fruits were Bashir and you give good news to a slob. 18 those who are patient and levena those who either when Asaba tome it reaches them mostly button a calamity Kalu they say in NA indeed we Lilla he belong to

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Allah wa inna and indeed we la he will be to Him. Roger your own want to return. Hola Iike dos or lay him upon them Salawat on our Salawat main from Krabi him there Rob. What are Mattoon and mercy? What hola Iike and those home they truly Elmo the dune are those who obtained guidance in indeed a software the mounts offer well more water and the mount Marwa main are among Shara it symbolic rituals Allah He of the religion of Allah from an hedger. So whoever makes the major pilgrimage to El beta the house, oh or errata Mara, he makes the minor pilgrimage follow Judah the no blame at all our lay he is upon him. And that Yato whenever he circulates Bhima in between them to woman tapa

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whare, and whoever voluntarily does hyaluron good for ena then indeed Allah Allah shack urine is appreciative. Arlene one ever knowing inna indeed Alladhina those who yet to Munna they hide, man What Anzahl now we sent down men of Alba unity the clear proofs while Houda and the guidance mimbar Dima after Beja now who we made it clear li NASCI for the people fee in Alki Tabby the book hola Erica those Yellin whom Allah who Allah curses them way Alana whom Allah reknown and those who curse curse them Illa except a Lavina those who dabble they have turned in repentance will also who and they have made reforms will be a new and they have made clear for hola ICA so those are toolbar lay

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him I turn in mercy upon them will enter and I utter wobble and the extremely Accepting of repentance of Rahim the Ever Merciful in that indeed Alladhina those who care for who they disbelieved one or two and they died were home while they could fall on our disbelievers hola Iike dos or lay him upon them learner to is curse Allah He of Allah. While Mala Iike and of the angels were nasty and of the people a Jew marine altogether. Holly Deena ones who remain eternally fee her in it. Learn not you have furfle It will be lightened around home from them Allah adab with a punishment wala and Nora home they younger own they will be looked at or young alone they will be

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given time a

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim I in number 152 Yeah a U haul Lavina Amano. All those who have believed is there II know you all seek help. Is there any noise from the root letters I mean well known and we have done this word at least two times before. Once in Surah Fatiha where we say a year can our Buddha iya Canis Therrien Listerine we seek help we ask for help and earlier in Surah Baqarah also we learned that was there you know, but somebody was Salah. So, our own is help and is Donna yesterday no is to seek help. And is there a new this is a command and imperative that you all should seek help. So seek help meaning of allah how this subsidy with the patients be means with and

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here it's translated as through and l meaning the ASABE patients so through patients was Salah and through the solder and here we have through implied the B is implied over here okay? Even though you don't see it in the word we're beside it it's understood that it's there. So is there a Novus Sabri was Salah seek help through patience and through Salah in that indeed Allah Allah Mara is with a Siberian those who are patient of Sabreen plural of the word slob it and you know that the word Sobor saw but both are from the root letters sought by law while at the Kulu and you all do not say this is a prohibition. So, is there a no is an AMA it is a command and let the Kulu This is a navy a

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prohibition so do not say and let the Kulu from cough while Lang do not say Lehmann about who Lee generally it means four but depending on how this word is used, it can convey a different meaning. So do not say about who about who you could tell who he is killed you could tell you off talam so the person who is killed feasable Allah He in the way of Allah do not say about those people that they are um what that they are ones who are dead now feasable Allah Sybil is from the root letters seen by lamb and Seville means way. So those who are killed in the way of Allah do not say that they are um what um what is the plural of the word may get okay and may yet is one who is dead from the

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root letters mean while so don't say that they are dead because but rather meaning what you say about them that they are dead that is not true. Rather what is true about them is that they are a here they are ones who are alive I hear is the plural of the word hate. Okay, and he is the one who is living, okay, meaning one who has life so well are here on there alive. Well I can but learn not to Sharon, you will perceive sheen Iein meaning you do not perceive how exactly they're alive because you see them in front of you as dead meaning the soul has departed the body the person is killed, their body is no longer alive. But Allah subhanaw taala is saying that they are alive. So

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what kind of life are they living? You do not perceive that well in a blue wonder calm and surely we will indeed put you all to trial. Now wala nebula one Nakane looks like a very big word. But if you break it down letter by letter, it's easy to understand. Now wha means and write and love means shortly. Okay? And never, never Lua. Now Nebula is the main verb. Okay, nebula and Nebula, the noon at the beginning is we okay? And the bath lamb WoW is the root. Okay? Well, a nebula and it means put to trial, the noon with a Shuddha means indeed pay well and a blue one now, the noon with the shutdown means indeed. And the comma at the end means you all so well. And law surely never lower.

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We will put to trial now indeed calm you all. So well in a blue one calm and surely we will indeed put you all to trial. And I mentioned this to you earlier once that when you see this Wella the wall and the law coming together, then there is an implied oath over here. So you don't have to say that in the translation. But you should be aware of this that there's an implied oath over here. That by Allah, I swear this is a fact this is definitely going to

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happen that we will indeed put you all to trial we as in Allah azza wa jal he is telling us this and who is calling you all the believers and Medina Avenue because if you go back who is being addressed Alladhina amanu right or you who have believed several commands are given over here the first command is seek help through patience and prayer then it is said Do not say about those who are killed in the way of Allah that they are dead and then the believers are informed that surely indeed we will definitely put you all to trial and remember the word EBITA Allah we read this earlier what either Batala Ibrahim or boo hoo that when his Lord put Ibrahim to trial okay same route Balamb

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well, so we will indeed put you all to trial how be che in with something now che in means something and when it said be che in when you see the Nikita meaning that the 200 cat then it gives the benefit of the clean the clean as in very very little. Okay, so when an ablution Lacombe che in which something with at least a little bit of any This is the bare minimum okay that we will definitely test you with something men from a healthy the fear health as you know, we learned about this earlier Hope is what a person is afraid off in regard to the future meaning they're afraid that something harmful something damaging may happen in the future. So health is related to what a person

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expects of harm in the future. Okay, and you know that hope is from the root letters Hall well file. Okay, well joueur joueur Jean wall wine, this is hunger. Okay, so something of fear and something of hunger and when knuckle slim Meenal Awali will unfussy with Samara this is one thing. Okay, well look sim Meenal am Wiley will unfussy with a Murat let's look at this phrase together Nuxe means reduction known of sod is the root you can see the three letters in the word itself. So next is basically reduction. Meaning when something is less than expected, or less than what it's supposed to be. So, there is going to be a loss, there is going to be a reduction of what three things um,

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well, wealth and first lives Thammarat fruits and while is the plural of the word Mal, and first plural of the word knifes and Thammarat plural of the word Femara. Okay, now what is um, well, Mal is wealth, property what a person owns. So this means that you will experience some lost some reduction of wealth, Allah will test you through that, that you will lose your property you will lose some of your money, okay? And mal doesn't just refer to cash, okay? doesn't just refer to major assets like you know, your house or your business. It could be anything that a person owns. So for example, your jewelry, your clothing, your watch your house, your different belongings, your

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clothing, your shoes, your books, your stationery, any whatever you own, that is your man. Okay. So knock seminal, um, well, shortage of that loss of that reduction of that will enforce and the lives nups As you know means soul right or person and what is meant by enforce is people, okay, people, so loss of people, this could be your friends, your loved ones, your children, your family, you will experience this loss in people with some rot and the fruits Thermalright This is produce don't just think about apples and oranges Thammarat includes any kind of produce this includes grain for example, harvest, okay, so you will experience loss of fruits as well, whereby she has Sabreen and

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you give good news to who to those who are patient but shit from bad sheen. Okay, and Bashara is good news. So Bashir, this is a command which is being given to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that you give good news to those who are patient plural of the word sabe. Who are those who are patients they are a Latina, those who either when meaning right at the moment when a saw but home it reaches them, what reaches them mostly button, a calamity. Now us our button mostly button

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on both of these words are from the same root solid well ba Okay, and isawa is basically when something hits the mark it hits the target from the same root is the word celeb celeb is not Scilab swab, swab is that which is correct, okay, so for example at the end of a fatwa, the Mufti says, Will Allah who are Allah moobus swab, okay, beating and Allah knows best about that which is correct, meaning this was my best attempt, Allah knows best about what is 100% accurate and 100% you know truthful and correct. So a Saba is when something reaches hits the target meaning it's not an accident, it's not a coincidence, this is not by chance, this was meant to happen this was planned

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okay. And this tells us about the nature of difficulties that there are not accidents, right, they are designed, they are decreed by Allah. So, the patient people are those who the moment when a messiah reaches them mostly by literally means that which reaches okay one that reaches and what is meant by mostly by is a calamity, a trial. So, the moment and either when, as soon as a calamity hits them, follow they say now of course you know that Kalu This is a word of past tense of saw, but also is a word of past tense. Both of these are verbs of past tense, but because of either the tense changes from past to present or future, so when a calamity reaches them, they say in now indeed we

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Lilla he belonged to Allah, they say indeed we belong to Allah. And why is it indeed we because in NA, the Elif over here, in NA, if it was just enough,

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just enough, it would mean indeed, but it now means indeed we so they say indeed we belong to Allah Lilla he This is Lee. Okay. Plus is module Allah. And the Li, the lamb over here is off possession. So we belong to Allah, we're in that and indeed we lie to him. Roger on our one su return. Roger on is the plural of the word, Roger. Okay. And Roger from the root letters ra Jeem I Rujuta is to return. So we are going to return to Hola, hola, ICA those who such Sabreen such people who are patient who respond to calamity in this way. These are the people are lay him upon them are Salawat on Salawat Mira be him from there Rob. Now the word Salawat has not been translated. It's just been

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transliterated because it's difficult to convey its meaning in English Salawat tomura Be him generally Salah means prayer, right? A da This is how we understand. But here Allah is the One who was sending Salawat on these people. So remember that when Allah subhanaw taala sends salat on someone, then it means a number of things. First of all, it means praise. Okay, it means thinner, praise, you can write these words over here for yourself. Secondly, it also means blessings. Okay, blessings, mercy, forgiveness, you know, all of that is included in it and love. Okay. So these are the people on whom are the blessings of their Lord, meaning Allah subhanaw taala sends His blessings

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upon them and buy blessings. Don't just think about tangible things. Think about forgiveness, think about Allah's love, think about his mercy, think about his aid, all right, and also the fact that He praises them he mentions them, okay. So such people are praised by Allah Salawat to Medupi him well Rama and mercy also

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meaning Allah subhanaw taala creates ease for them and inshallah we'll look at the exact meaning of Rama in this context, intercede what Allah ICA and those whom they're truly ill methadone are those who obtain guidance be ingress only such people who respond to calamity in this way who are rightly guided in difficult situations. So if a person responds in a different way than what is described over here, then such people are not guided such people don't find the right way and move the dune as you notice from the root letters had that yeah, in the indeed a sofa, the mounts of our well more water and the mount Marwa. Now you

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can see over here the word is suffer. Many people say suffer suffer Marois. It's not suffer. Marwa it's Safa and Marwa Okay, so these are proper names. So indeed Safa and Marwah they are men among SHA it Allah symbolic rituals of the religion of Allah. Now SHA it is from the root letters, Xi nine Ra. Okay. Can you think of a word from the same root, Shri Narendra, we just did a word from this root in this lesson. Exactly, well actually let the Scharoun good yes, you're alone we have read earlier in silico Bacara. So, she rule is to be aware to perceive right to perceive. Now should rule is awareness perception. Okay. Sherry law is the singular of the word Shara sharing euro is the

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singular of the word share it and share Isla is a symbol why because a symbol of something what does it do? It helps you recognize it, it helps you perceive it. Right. So Safa and Marwa yes they are rituals, okay, but what do they represent? What are they is symbol off? They represent the religion of Allah. Okay, meaning when you think of Safa and Marwah and the ritual of Hajj, the serie that you do between Safa Marwah, instantly, what do you think about you think about Islam, you think about pillar of Islam Hajj, right. So they symbolize the religion of Allah, not something else. They don't symbolize shit. Okay, someone had gel beta. So whoever makes the major pilgrimage to the house for

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months or whoever you can also translate the separately from Ansel whoever had just he makes the major pilgrimage to Hijjah is from her gym gym, right. And her jet literally means to intend to aim at something. So when you go for Hajj, you intend to go on a very specific journey to a very specific destination. And what is that destination the house the house of Allah elbaite as in the Kaaba, right. And you intend to do very specific, you know, rituals on certain days in certain places. So from an hudgell Beta, whoever makes the Hajj to the House, meaning to the house of Allah O or errata Mara. He makes the minor pilgrimage or Tamara is from Aurora. Right here, Tamara isn't

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the one who does the Aurora. So Hajj or Umrah and Eric Tamara is from the root letters I mean Aurora which gives them meaning of populating a place. So, Aurora, what happens in Aurora is that you know, how just only once a year, right, but arise throughout the year or Mala is what keeps the Kaaba populated and busy and had Jaya is to argue, right same route. And why is the route the same? Because if you think about it in an argument, you aim to overcome the other person, right? You aim to defeat the other person. So that's how it's connected to the root meaning. This doesn't mean that unhedged people are supposed to argue no, in fact, we have been told to refrain from any kind of

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argument or, you know, fighting during hutch, anywhere from an hudgell beta or tomorrow, whoever goes for Hajj or goes for umbra, then follow Jonah Haile he then there's no blame at all upon him as the wolf a behemoth that he circulates between them to between what to between Safa and Marwa. Okay, meaning for both the * the one who's doing Hajj and the one who's doing umbra? What are they supposed to do? They're supposed to perform the ritual of surgery. Okay, and what is the ritual of surgery that you go between Safa and Marwa how many times seven times right and the going between Safa and Marwa that is understood by the word heel toe with Habima heel toe Wafaa is from the root

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letters claw wylfa. And generally tafa Tofu we understand this as going around, right? Like for example, the WoF you go around the Kaaba, but here you're doing your toe Wafaa beema beema means in between them to meaning from sofar to Madhwa and then miroir to Safa and then sofar tomorrow, and like this seven, seven times. So when a person goes for Hajj or Umrah and they do surgery, they're not doing anything wrong, Fela Jinnah Harleigh he there is no blame on that person. They're not doing anything wrong. They are doing something good

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it. This is something that Allah subhanaw taala has decreed has commanded people to do and this is said for Lagina Herlihy, there is no blame on him because amongst some Arabs to go between Safa and Marwa was something that they avoided, okay and inshallah we'll talk about that intercede woman totowa hyaluron woman and whoever Tata whare he voluntarily does have it on good to Ottawa is from pa da wow I am Thor Thor is obedience and the Thor war is to voluntary Lee do something good. So you know the word Nafion or nothing is synonym of that is that a word? So, for example, you say Salah to nephila, you also say Solitaire, is that a word voluntary? Okay, so whoever voluntarily does light

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on good faith in Allah then indeed Allah Shakira is appreciated. Now remember, shacket sheen kufra is the root chakra generally means gratitude. When we do Shaka then that means gratitude for when Allah subhanaw taala does sugar of His slaves, that means that he appreciates his slaves. So he is schukat and he is Aileen he is ever knowing he knows exactly what they're doing. In Alladhina Indeed, those people who react to Munna they hide calf to me Katana to hide to conceal, so those people who conceal who hide Mao what and Zelle now we sent down who is we referring to Allah azza wa jal Meenal baikie Natty of the clear proofs plural of the word by Hina so those who hide what Allah

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has sent down of the clear proofs, while Houda and the guidance what is it that Allah has sent down Alba unit and alHuda Okay, so these two things that Allah subhanaw taala has sent down the people who hide them, okay, the people who hide these two things, when do they hide these two things? mimbar Dima by Hannah Hulan Nassif al Kitab mimbar Dima after by Jana who we made it clear same route but here known by Hinata also bird Yeah, noon. So after we have made it clear, that nasty for all people feel Kitabi in the book, book as in, in the Scripture, so Allah subhanaw taala sent guidance and clear proofs in the Scripture, making guidance clear for people and providing clear

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evidences in the Scripture so that people can find the truth easily. But what do these people do these people hide that truth? They hide that guidance? So Allah Iike those who the people who hide that yellow I know whom Allah Allah curses them, yet I know from the root letters lamb or in noon learner curse. So Allah curses such people way ally know whom, and he curses them who curses them, Allah at noon, those who curse So Allah at noon, those who curse yell I know whom curse them. Okay, and Larry known as the plural of the word Larrain, who is lettering one who curses. So these are the angels people, creatures of the earth, all of them curse such individuals who conceal the truth, who

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conceal divine revelation, in that except Alladhina dos who this is an exception from who, from the people who are cursed who hide knowledge. They are no longer cursed when they become who Alladhina taboo those who have repented. So when they make Toba then they are no longer cursed. So taboo, they have turned in repentance will slow who and doba is not enough. What is important is is law as well as law who from solid lamb Ha, which is to set something right. So they messed up. All right, they hid the truth. They put people in misguidance now, if they want to make Toba what should they do? They have to set things right as well. And what does it mean by setting things right specifically

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what a yes or no and they have made clear by you know, same route that yeah, noon, meaning they make clear what they hid once upon a time for hola ICA then those are two where I lay him I turn in mercy upon them, meaning a loss penalty will accept their repentance, and Allah subhanaw taala will forgive them. Why? Because we're Aneta wobbled Rahim and I lost pantile is referring to himself I am at the web, the extremely Accepting of repentance, the One Who accepts repentance over and over again, and the one who accepts the repentance of His slaves from big from major sins even a Rahim the Ever Merciful in the Levina cafardo Indeed, those people who have disbelieved what matter and

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they died well hunk of fowl while they're disbelievers. kofod is a plural of the word can fit, so they die

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I matto from me, well, ta, so those who disbelieve and then they die while they are kuffaar they die in a state of disbelief hola Ikara lay him learner to Allah meaning they don't repent before they die and such people upon them as curse of Allah Well, Mala Iike T and of the angels meaning the curse of the angels were nasty Ultramarine and the curse of people Ultramarine altogether Ultramarine is from Jean meme i Okay. And Jamar as you know means floral right Gemma also means to gather so it's not just a few people but all people the curse of all human beings is on such people Holly Dina wants to remain utterly fee her in it lie you have full land not you have for food it

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will be lightened ha far far is the route the thief is when something is reduced or lightened so it will not be lightened from them alar dab with the punishment while our home Ian's are on nor will they be looked at or given time you'll notice from noon law rock Nevada means to look at something alright. Nevada he saw he looked at so loud them yonder own they will not be looked at meaning Allah will not even look at them. And Young's our own can also be from the word in law which is to give time to someone Okay. Meaning they will not be given a break. They will not be given a chance in order to repent in order to apologize. They will not be given anything like that. So Allahu mula

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rune okay, this is the end of the lesson. Let's listen to the recitation again and then we will begin to proceed and as you listen please make sure that you stand you stretch and pay full attention to every single word in sharp

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monastery or you solder your Salah in Allah mouse saw the green Wi

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