Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P29 294D Tafsir Al-Muddaththir 32-43

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of "will" in various context, including climate change and global warming, and warn against individuals who refuse to admit their true intentions. They stress the importance of praying and staying in will mode, as it is difficult to pray at work. The speakers emphasize the need to make praying easier for people and to stay in will doing for optimal mental health.
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Allah subhanaw taala says calla will come up, Calla, no, no as in, stop all of your denial and color also begins, a new sentence will come up and then an oath is taken by the moon, meaning I swear by the moon will lelee. And also I swear by the night is at the bar, when it departs at the bar doober is back and at the bottom literally is to turn away showing one's back. So, the night when it departs, meaning when it goes away, and as the night goes, what comes the day was sober hate, and also I swear by the soup, what is soap morning, but what exactly about the morning, either a swallow, when it brightens, when it unveils when it shines forth. So here, an oath is taken by what?

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By the moon, by the departing night. And by the bright day, by the day as it enters, as it shines forth. The word asphalt is from the root seen father, and Sephora, it's basically used for traveling, alright, suffer is to travel. But originally the word is used for when the beauty of something is revealed. And really when you travel, then what happens when you're just at home, when you're sitting in one place, you don't really see much, you don't really appreciate much, but as you travel, then what happens as you go about through the land, you see the beauty in the world. So Safaga is when the beauty of something is exposed. The word is also used for when a woman unveils

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meaning she removes the veil from her face she exposes her face. And why is this so? Because really, the beauty of a person is where, where's it, come on, admit it, it's in the face, right? But we will argue about oh, the feet are our the feet must be covered and all the hands must be covered. And then you know, I have to make sure that I wear like do layers of stuff under my headscarf so that nothing at all reveals but the part which is the most beautiful, is exposed. Right? This is our double standard basically. So as far as Sephora is when a woman reveals her face, she exposes her face, so well. So there he either as for by the morning, when it brightens when it shines forth when

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it unveiled when it glows. So this is referring to the beginning of the day, that how there is darkness and as the darkness is departing, it's leaving. What do you see the light entering in, and as the light enters, it's so beautiful. It's so attractive. Now here, an oath is taken by three very clear, evident things. I mean, in the night, when there's the moon in the sky, it's so evident it pulls you isn't it? You are forced to look at it. Even though there are so many lights outside. But the moon has a distinct it has a separate unique kind of a light. Alright. And then as the night departs, the day enters and the morning light, especially as a sun comes in. That is also very

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clear. So the moon is evident. The morning light is also evident meaning it's undeniable. Allah subhanaw taala says that inna had indeed it it meaning that which was being mentioned previously, which is seconded which is the fire of *. Indeed it is like the cube. No matter how much people deny it. It is surely a one off I'll cover up the greatest afflictions the greatest calamities I'll cover is the plural of the word Cobra and Cobra it's the feminine of the word a Kabbalah what is a Kabbalah? Greatest Cobra also greatest. So the Hellfire is of the greatest afflictions. There are many disasters that people experience in this world. Sometimes it's, you know, great, you could say

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earthquake or wildfires or whatnot. And nothing like Hellfire has ever been witnessed in this world. Nothing like Hellfire has been experienced in this world in Naha less than Kuba. Now, you see the Lord who created the moon, the Lord who created the night the Lord who created the day the sun, he is the one who has created this sucker also. And if a person were to deny the existence of the moon, then he is acting foolishly. And likewise, if a person were to deny the existence the reality of hellfire, then he is acting

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foolishly, because they're denying it is not going to change the reality. Last time I mentioned to you that how there are people who will, you know, openly deny climate change and global warming and things like that, whereas these things are very real, we witness the impact of these changes on a regular basis.

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Right. So just because people deny it, and they make fun of it, that doesn't change the disaster, which is on this planet right now. Because of all the pollution that we've caused. And because of our greed, and our waste that we generate, it's not going to change the reality, the reality is reality. It's not changing. And if we remain in denial of it, sooner or later, we are going to find ourselves in trouble. So when a person denies the fire of *, because you see the machine, what did they do? They made fun of the Hellfire, right? They said, Oh, angels, okay, you know what, we'll manage those guards. And remember that man who said, you guys, all of you, Quraysh you deal with two

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angels, I'll take care of the rest of them.

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This is a mockery out of what denial, Allah says in the hurler, if they'll Kuba indeed the fire is of the greatest afflictions, it is real. Now the Iran as a warning, little bastion for Al Bashar Bashar as in human beings, humanity, this is a warning for who all of humanity live and share of income, but this warning will only benefit who who will learn from this and who will change his ways. Lehman Shah M income a yet occurred dama Are we at a hurry? Lehman sham income, this warning is for all for those who will among you as cudham that he should proceed? He should go forward? Are we at the AHA or he should stay behind? Because you see some people when they see the truth, they

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come forward, they accept it, they embrace it.

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And other people, they remain in denial of it. They stay behind. They reject it. So the warning is made clear for who for everybody. Whether someone accepts it embraces it yet Akadama or someone Yetta hora, he rejects it, he remains in denial of it. The warning is open for who? For who for everybody. But of course it is money at the dam, the one who comes forward, the one who accepts it, the one who embraces it and changes his way. He is the one who's going to benefit from this warning. And if someone denies it, Allah says Kowloon up sin every soul be maca Sabbath for what it has earned on a Hina it will be retained. Every soul will be Lahaina for what it has earned. What does

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it mean by this word of Mahina. We have done the word Raheen. Earlier, Ron Rehan Raha noon. Basically, Ron is something that you deposit when you're taking a loan. So you want to take a loan, but the person who's lending you stuff, they want to ensure that you will actually give them their money back. So what do they do? They ask you, okay, you give me your car, your car stays in my garage until you bring my money back. When you bring me my money back, you can take your car, right? So that car is basically stuck. Right? Until when?

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Until when? Until the loan is fit, correct. And if it's not paid, then what happens? The guy gets to keep the car, right? This is how mortgages right? You deposit your money and then until you paid off, basically, you know your money can be seized. And if you run away, if you don't pay your your installments, then what will happen you lose the property you lose your original investment also. Alright, so couldn't Lunasin be Makka Batra Hina? What does it mean? That every person is a prisoner?

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They are a prisoner. And what will set them free is what?

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What is it? Their deeds Mikasa but what they earn what they bring. Basically what this means is that there is no escape there is no running away. Whether you believe in the hereafter and prepare for it, or you remain in denial of it, and never think about it. You're stuck. You're not free. You're a prisoner. You have to face the outcome of your deeds. quinolone Epson Bhima cassava thrugh Hina in the US Hubballi Amin except the companions of the right. And what this means is that every person will be stuck in hellfire except for who? The people of the right

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Because of the deeds they will bring, they will be set free and they will be allowed to enter Jannah into route Meriam what do we learn what a min come Illa weary do her there is no person except that he will arrive at hellfire. Every single one of us without exception

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is going to be taken there. Then what will happen some because of the deeds that they have brought, they will not be set free. They will fall in *.

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In the US Hubballi Amin except the people have the right. They will be set free. They will be allowed to cross the bridge and they will be able to enter paradise Illa us herbally Amin now just imagine you're stuck. You can't go You can't move.

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Unless and until you have brought the right kinds of deeds

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in the US Hubballi Amin and the US Hubballi Amin when they will be in Jannah Allah says fija natten yet Arsa alone in the gardens, they will question each other

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they will ask Anil Majidi mean they will ask about the criminals which criminals those who fell in * those who remained in * their deeds did not set them free.

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They remained and how imprisoned fija Netanya Tessa alone Anil moody mean. They will ask about the criminals that must sell a cocoon. What is it that inserted you that admitted you? Fees suckle into sucker into the fire of *. Celica is to put something in another to insert it. So what the two in *? How come? You entered? How? How come when you arrived at hellfire? You were not taken out? What happened? Didn't you know about it? Masala comfy Sakara What is the reason Aalu the moody mean those criminals those in *, they will say lum knuckle mineral mousseline lamb knuckle, we were not mineral mousseline of those who prayed mousseline foil of Musa Lee, who is Musa Lee, one who

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performs the salah. Notice it doesn't say, we didn't believe.

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It doesn't say we committed very serious sins. What is the first thing they say? We did not pray?

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And this is why they will end up in *.

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We think it's people who don't believe in Allah, only those will be admitted into *. And what do we see here? That a person who does not pray?

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Is Where in *? Why is it that we were created? Why? For the worship of Allah.

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And if we do not pray, that means we're not worshiping Allah. And if we're not worshiping Allah, we are not fulfilling the purpose of our existence.

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And you see, when something is not fulfilling the purpose of its existence, then what do you do with it? Do you keep it? No, you get rid of it. You throw it away. And garbage seriously? Waste garbage? Where does it end up either in landfills or? Or it's burnt? Isn't it?

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This is how waste is dealt with. Either. It ends up in landfills, whether they are built landfills, meaning lands that are dedicated for this purpose, or somewhere in the ocean or somewhere illegally dumped, it's dumped, or it's incinerated, it is burnt because it's useless. It's no good. It's a burden. It's not needed. It doesn't have any worth.

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And we as human beings, if we do everything in our lives, but we don't take any time for prayer. What are we then a burden on this planet? We are also like garbage waste. What are ya the biller? lum knuckle menial, mousseline, we did not pray. Neglecting prayer is a very serious matter. The Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that do not leave prayer deliberately. Meaning you know, it's time to pray. You know, you're supposed to pray. And you actually can pray. Because you remember, and no excuse works over there. Because if you are even stuck in an airplane, you can still pray there. If you're sitting somewhere in a class, whatever you can get up, take five

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When it's out and go, pray, if you're at work, you can take some time out and pray. If you're sick, you can pray in your bed, isn't it? There's no excuse in the salata, Kenneth Allen what Mina Kitab Mahkota. So he said do not leave prayer deliberately for whoever leaves prayer on purpose than he is no longer in Allah's protection.

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He is no longer in Allah's protection.

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It was rude Radi Allahu Anhu said Mundaka salata Fela Dena law, that whoever abandons the prayer, leaves it deliberately and doesn't pray one prayer after the other it's been a whole day, not a single prayer a whole week, maybe one prayer, whoever abandons the Salah, then he doesn't have any religion. What kind of religion is this? If he's not praying? I would though that said, let Imana Lehmann last Allah Tala who there is no faith. For the person who does not pray, meaning of a person doesn't pray. He basically doesn't have the man because if he had the man, if he believed with conviction,

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that I am the creation of my Lord. I am the servant of my Lord, the master of this universe, and he created me so that I worship Him. And if I'm not worshiping Him, that that's not okay. If a person had this Eman, then what would he do? He would get up and pray

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Lemna communal mousseline abandoning the prayer, neglecting the prayer, this is a very serious matter, and we all need to pay attention to it. Now what happens is that, you know, with the time change, and with the days in winter being so short, many people wonder, can we just join the prayers? It's difficult to pray at work. It's difficult to pray at school, can we just join the prayers? Or can I just pray all my prayers when I get home? No. You have to pray on time where you are.

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We are so easy to make his cues. Just make it easy for ourselves. We make his cues in my workplace almost like 25 to 50% is Muslim. And mashallah the workplace they make it a place for the prayer for those who do. Everything's perfectly fine. One time I speak with my boss, I said, I take in my bakery according my peers time. Is that okay? They said yes. Because we know them. This one is that we give facility to the Muslim. I said, especially for the Jamal's, the man is going through that fine. They said yes, they make, according with the break times to the taking off break during this. And I said, but there's no one asking this request for us. I said, How many people request for the

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Friday to live away? They said just one person. They give them the opportunity, they give them the time to give him everything but that we were not coming to ask for them? Exactly. Are we blaming someone who I can walk up? Because I'm working? I cannot do that or just leave them? Because we have someone say, Well, I'm praying or I move do we make we make excuses? You know, Has it ever happened with you that you have an assignment or a part of assignment due by a certain day and a certain time? And it counts? Like 2% of your total mark? All right, and you submit it maybe 15 minutes late? And then what happens? If your professor is very nice, there'll be generous, and they will say, I'll

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give you your marks this time. Right? But then what happens majority of the time, what will they do? No, you did just fine. When it's complete, it's full. But you submitted it. 15 minutes late, I don't take it. I'm not even going to read it. You worked so hard doing it, which is why you submitted it late, most probably. But what happens? It's going to bring you zero marks, it's going to go from the professor's desk to the recycling bin. He's not even going to bother to open it. What about our prayer then? If we neglect it and make excuses? Does it work? No, it doesn't. It's not going to be accepted. We have been given, you know, so many facilitations if you're unable to do their stay

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among right, there is a whole range time period within which you can pray. So this is a serious matter.

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Okay, yes, these days time of load and also is very short combined. Even it's not many hours, it's only a couple of hours. So how do you manage? What do you do? Well, this is simple. How do you manage when you have to submit maybe three assignments on one night? I'm sure you do it right. When you've got five courses in one semester, and the same night, sometimes you have an assignment due in the night after you have another assignment, do another thing do what do you do? You figure out a way, isn't it? So the first thing is realize that I have to figure something out. Because it's all about your mindset. If you accept if you embrace that you have to do something by a certain time.

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That's the first step. Once you accept you'll figure out a way. Right. And as mothers you might think no

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Only University kids can do that. No as mothers also you can do that. Because when you know you want to eat something, and you have kids and you also have a lot of work do you manage to prepare that food or order it or do something to get it? You do. When you want to get something done, you figure it out. Remember, the most important thing in your life is Salah.

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It is more important than your sleep more important than your food more important than anything.

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Anything. You have to put everything on hold for prayer, because salah is a manifestation of what your relationship with Allah subhanaw Varna So Salah is of number one importance in your life, give priority to it, and everything will fall in place. So practically speaking, what can you do for the HUD and ASA? Well see know from before winzeler begins when it ends when also begins when it ends. So firstly, know about the timings of prayers.

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Our problem is we know okay, if the head is somewhere around one o'clock, maybe. Yeah, and others like for maybe, right? Something like that. No other starts when these days 230 Something, right? So before you go to pick up the kids, you can pray

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before your lunch or during your lunch break, you can pray the hood. Right? And how long does it take really, not very long. Another thing that the sister mentioned is that develop the habit of staying in we'll do that every time you use the bathroom, make sure you do will do because if you're in will do, then you can stand and pray anytime, isn't it? Why is it that we find it difficult to get out of class and pray, because we know we're gonna go to the bathroom? Right? It's gonna take us a good 15 minutes, because we're waiting for people to get out first. All right, so that we can do who. And then as we're done, we'll do them, you know, layers of hijab and whatnot. That's a good 15

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minutes. So make the habit of staying in will do so that you can get up and pray as soon as it is time for prayer. But really, you know, I could give you many suggestions, but they will only work. If you decide that you want to pray on time,

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you decided you will figure out a way to take responsibility.

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We also another thing we use as an excuse to not pray or whatever is the fact that we don't have a prayer mat or something with us or we don't know the direction. But like nowadays, you can find like just the basic compass on a phone. And, you know, if you know that the prayer direction is north east from trying to or whatever, then just like figure out a way to I mean, I've asked you know, random people, if they knew the direction, you know, which way north is in which way the highways, you know, in the middle of a building, and then we're like, oh, it's that way. So north is that way, like, okay, never eat slime. You weren't. Alright, you figure that out. Go ahead, and also the

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prayer mat thing. So for me, I went to high school, which wasn't very Muslim friendly, I guess. And so what I do I carry a prayer mat with me all the time in my backpack, and that made my bag way heavy, but I mean, whatever it was for the sake of Allah. So like, every time I'd go to pray the guidance counselor's it was at the guidance office. They'd literally make like a weird face at me. I'd be like, Oh, can I use your office to pray? And they'd be like, yeah, weird face. And then yeah, sure. And the thing is, we just have to, you know, look past that and do what we need to do. And the widow thing really helps I just have the stain with you all the time.

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I was going back to my high school years and thinking sometimes we prioritize the wrong things. For example, most high schools now have Friday prayers, right. And so everybody leaves class, it's sort of a fun thing to that everybody's going and announcements are sometimes made, depending on how Muslim friendly your high school is. But then when we went to make arrangements for law, her salah, and then we went in and we had a list of only four people who actually wanted to play the horse a lot compared to 50 people want to play Jomar. And so they said, you know, we were telling them how that you know, of our Salah is mandatory. It's not like Jamara, which is optional for the girls, but

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it was Monday and they were surprised you're like only for for something that's mandatory that you have to do daily, as opposed to being weekly. And so we have to remember that while other things are there. What's mandatory, you need to be clear about what it is that you need to get done. Exactly. The thing is that if you're serious about something other people will also accommodate you

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