Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P21 210C Tafsir Al-Rum 43-45

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of directing one's face to the correct religion and learning from mistakes is discussed. The speakers emphasize the need to learn from mistakes and mistakes of others to find the right path and avoid fear and confusion. The speakers also emphasize the importance of being selfish and upgrading to a better package to benefit others. The conversation touches on the potential reward for individuals who refuse to comply with sex laws and the importance of protecting people's privacy and deeds.
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For up him, so Allah says acclaim, firmly set, establish direct watch hacker, your face lit be nilka him for the Dean which is correct. A pin watch hacker, you must direct your face to the correct religion, meaning whether others do so? Or they do not. You must? Because how does change begin from WHO?

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From who? from individuals, right?

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Isn't it that so many people say why is people older people, they say I wanted to change the world. And all my life, I was trying to change the world. And I couldn't do anything. And now I realized that if only I had changed myself, I could have created a change in the world. Right? So change begins from who from individuals and which individuals do we have control over?

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Who only ourselves? This is why Be the change? And how do you do that? A theme wedge hacker, whether other people do so or not, you must direct your face to the correct religion. And what is the correct religion? The natural religion, Islam, dedicate yourself to Allah. Focus on Allah. Do your Islam correct yourself?

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Move away from facade. This is the way towards Islam. And there's a warning there's a threat over here. Min cobbly before on that yet the it comes what comes Yeoman a day, which kind of a day lemma.

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There is no mud law, not Masada any return level for it mean Allah from Allah Murad from the root letters that are dead, that Radha is to return to repel, right? To send back. So there is no malade for that day from Allah. What does it mean by this? Meaning once that day is brought by Allah, then there is no one who can turn that day back. There is no one who can resist it. There is no one who can make it go away. When Allah brings that day, no one can make it go away. No one can take control of it. It's a point of no return, basically, which day is this the day of judgment, yellow by even on that day, the assert their own, they will be divided. So basically do something before you die.

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Do something before the day of judgment comes.

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Time is limited. Life is short, learn from the disorder that you see the disorder that you witness and learn from the disorder that has existed before.

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Because Have you heard this argument? Many young people make this argument you know what their religious parents? Right that you had so much fun when you were young? Okay, you didn't wear hijab, you know, you did this and this wrong. And then now you're all religious, and you want that I should be religious, even though I'm still a teenager. Right? Let me make mistakes. Let me also do wrong stuff. And then let me find my path. Right? Have you heard about this? Maybe you felt like this? I used to think like that, you know, show podcasts, these thoughts in our heads? Right? Especially the youth. I remember thinking like that. And you know what people used to tell me that you probably

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don't know what it is to change because you know, you've been raised in such a religious family. Right? So that used to make me think as a child, that I have to do wrong in order to know what is right. Right.

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This is what we think sometimes, and we must make mistakes in order to learn. No, you don't have to make mistakes in order to learn. You can also learn from the mistakes of others. And this is what Allah is teaching us in the previous is learn from the mistakes of others. You don't have to sin in order to become righteous. No, you don't have to go the wrong path in order to find the right path. Life is very short, you really don't know how much time you have. And if your life is over while you're still trying things out, while you're still experimenting. Then how long do you have to really do what is right? So learn a lesson from the mistakes of others. Also, an appeal Raj heckle

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the details of him and direct your face to the right religion. And do not procrastinate. Do not delay. Don't tell yourself. I'll do it later. I'll do it later. I'm still very young. I'm still very young. No, a camera tracker. You see this command is sinking.

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are akin you, and who is you primarily is the Prophet salallahu Salam, but after him, every single person who's listening,

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I've been watching Aclidinium for him. Why mean? cobbly and yet Tia Yeoman, La Mara della whom in Allah, the day of judgment to certain death is certain. And when it comes, it's not going away. When your time is over. It's over. You're not coming back. There's no second chances. Yo may even that day, yes, sir. Their own, they will be divided, meaning the people will be divided. What does it mean by this year solid their own? This word is very interesting. It's from the letter slot dial iron solder, right? So there literally means a crack.

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Now, when you see a crack in something, doesn't mean that it's in two pieces. No, no, it's still together, right? Haven't you seen phones with cracks on them? But they still work? Do you have a home like that? It's got a big crack on it. But it still works. And you like I'll use it as long as it works, isn't it? Haven't you seen cracks on windshields? Right in cars? And what happens? It's a small crack, and you know that it's gonna get bigger and bigger over time. But do you replace the entire windshield right away? No, you will go as long as you can. Isn't it? Why? Because it's not in pieces yet. So the stage where there is just a crack, and it's not broken. It's not in separate

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pieces. That is called solder. It's together. Okay, it's together. But still, it is broken. It's separated. It's together. It's in one piece. But still, there is division.

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You understand the meaning of solder? All right, from the same root as the word soda, which is used for a headache, isn't it? You feel like your head is splitting, it's gonna break. But does it actually break? No, it doesn't. It's still in one piece. Alhamdulillah. Right. But the pain it feels as though your head is going to break into 100 pieces. It's going to blow up or something. Right? So that the head is in one piece, but still it feels broken. All right. So from this is the solder, the solder of a people of a nation of a family is division. All right, because they're still together. Right? Like, for example, a family, father, mother, son, daughter, right? They're all connected

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through blood through their relationships. But still, how many times does it happen that the father disowned his son, the mother disowns, her daughter, because she's very angry. But just disowning the doctor doesn't mean that there's no connection between them. There's still a connection, right? They're still together. They're still related by blood,

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isn't it? So this is the front door. Now Allah says that on the Day of Judgment, people will be divided.

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How? There'll be no unity that day. And the greatest divide on the Day of Judgment will be fully configured Jana with a recon for Serie A group and Paradise and a group in *. And sort of the room I have 14 to 16. We learned about this earlier, that for among Madina, Munawwara AMILO, slowly healthy for homefield lettin your balloon, those who believe in the righteousness they will be enrolled your balloon. And as for those who cover work, and there will be a Latina, then what about them for Hola, ecoffee la there'll be more alone. Some will be in gardens and others will be in punishment yet for Raccoon right there'll be divided in through to a scenario 59 Allah says one

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tassel Yoma a U haul moody moon that oh criminals, you should stand apart all right. So yes, sir, their own has been interpreted as eSFR Rakuen people will be divided people will be separated. But if you think about it, the meaning of your Sedonas people are together but still they are divided. Right? So this is describing the Day of Judgment. All right, before people are sent to their final destinations, meaning when the day of judgement is established, when it comes when it happens, when it is established. And what do we learn, people will gather all people will gather were in one place, a hash, right or hash, it is the gathering. It's the greatest gathering from the first person

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to the last person, every human being will be in one arena in one place. So if people are together in one place in a huge crowd, and of course this crowd is made of families, friends, groups, communities, nations, right, they will be together, but they will be divided how that each will run from the other. Each will have

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Why'd the other yo maya Finland model MiniFee the day when a person will run away from his own brother, the day when a father will avoid his own son, the day when a mother will avoid her own child. The day when a husband will avoid his own wife. Each will run away from the other, aren't they together in the same place? They are together, but they will be separate. together yet separated. People will be together yet they will be alone. Yo Ma EV solidar own? Because what happens if we find out that we have to go to a place where there's a huge crowd? Do we feel scared over there? No, we're like, you know what, I'll ask somebody for help. Somebody will help me there

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are good people in this world. Right? But this will not work on the Day of Judgment, each person will be alone in total Bukhara Iowan 66 We learn is the Barbara Alladhina to Biru, Mina Latina terbaru, the leaders will disown their followers, the leaders will say, I don't know you don't come to me, get away from me go away.

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This is the divide that will happen on the Day of Judgment. Now, if you think about it, when is it that when people there are connected there is some friendship, so called friendship, some kind of connection between them some relationship between them? But still, they do not help each other? When does this happen? They become selfish. knifes enough see everyone is just concerned about themselves. They don't care about others. When does this happen in normal circumstances? In what circumstances?

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In extreme difficulty, isn't it? In extreme difficulty this happens. Like for example, if there are two people who work in the same place, all right. And both people you know, they have some kind of a plan, they want to get a promotion or something and they go talk to their boss and the boss says fine, but only one person can get a promotion.

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One of the two can get a promotion, these two work together. Now what happened with what the boss said, Now, each has turned against the other dude that were together and now they're competing with each other. You understand? What happens that a family you know they love each other. But what happens at the airport when you're stuck for 24 hours when your flight is delayed? When you're trapped in the aircraft? You cannot even get out what happens. You see the mother yelling at her toddler, you see the husband and wife fighting swivel and squabble everywhere why because people are they cannot care about others are only concerned about who

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about who themselves.

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You see there is a point of to which you are concerned about others, but when you feel that you are going to suffer, then what happens even the people who are dearest to you, they become of secondary importance. Forget secondary, they become of no importance.

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I've heard about this experiment. I know if it's true or not about this monkey, right that with a baby that in a cage what happened that they heated up the cage. So initially, the mother monkey she just picked up the baby, because the cage was heating up. And then what happened when it got really hot, she threw the baby.

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She put it down. And then when it got even more hot, she actually stood on the baby.

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She sat on the baby.

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You see what happened?

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How she was so concerned about her child initially, and now she will even sacrifice her child to save herself. And this will be the state of people on the Day of Judgment together. Yet each person will only be concerned about who himself myself Nipsey Nipsey Yo Ma even el Sadat goon

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This is why do something for yourself today. Don't wait for others to help you to tell you to encourage you to motivate you

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to be the first one. No, you have to save yourself. So fuck them word hacker Liddy in El Cajon.

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Salaam aleikum. I have a friend who works at a refugee camp. She's a doctor and she was being told or regaled about stories about how people left and it was specifically Somalia, where the extreme circumstance of running away where a mother has to make a decision to leave her child just literally knowing that the child would be eaten by hyenas because they're just following her. But she has to make a decision to move forward because she has another child and so you almost think Oh, make the decision to be eaten together. That's the rational thought and you can judge

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or you don't even know what she had to do to make such a decision. But we have real life examples of what you're talking about, that even in this world that happens that to save oneself, a person will leave their own child behind. And this is the reality of the do judgment, that a person will be willing to give up anything to save himself. Anything. This is how selfish people will become. So right now we have to become selfish about our time, but our deeds about our actions about our deen because this is the only thing that will help on the Day of Judgment. I was just gonna say that, you know, in any group of people just like only takes one or two people to change the mindset of the

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entire group. You know, like if there's even just one or two people who decide to, you know, acclaim, watch hookah and really force themselves into the deen then like, it will make it so much easier for other people. So you have to like take a stand and become a leader for this. Yes, very true. Because many times what happens is that we keep waiting for others, right? That when my friend wears a hijab, I will also wear the hijab or when she will get up to pray I will also get up to pray. No, you will be the change because your friend is not going to answer for you. You have to answer for yourself. So for a hacker Intro The Zakharova 67 Allah says Allah, Allah Uyama even Baba

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whom libre then I do ill monoterpene friends best friends will be enemies to each other except for who the people who had fear of Allah who lived with Taqwa. In total Arafa 38. We learned that each time a group will be admitted into hellfire, it will curse the next group.

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So imagine, coulomb adhaalath or Mattoon learned of the

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people will curse each other. This is the divide the hatred that will appear on the Day of Judgment. monka Farah, whoever disbelieves finally he then on him go through who is his Gopher, whoever disbelieves. Whoever rejects whoever denies whoever is ungrateful and discover could be major minor denial or ingratitude. Any type of call for a person does finally go through who then on him is the consequence of his disbelief, meaning he will suffer. No one is going to share that with him. Just like in this world, if we don't take care of our body and we fall ill, who's going to share that sickness with us? Who's going to share that pain with us? Seriously? Has it ever happened that you

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have some pain in your body and you know, people don't acknowledge it or people don't understand the kind of pain that you're feeling? And you're like, I wish you could feel it. Not that I want something bad for you. But I wish you could understand that what I'm going through.

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Right? Because the reality is that these things cannot be shared. So even Cofer

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even ingratitude, denial of ALLAH, any long thing that a person does fire I lay Hiko through who he will suffer its consequences. Intro to Nathalia 25 Allah says Leah millou, Rosa, Rohan, Cam Mila Tony Elmo PM, they will carry their burdens complete Lee on the Day of Judgment, no one's going to come and share that burden with you. Just like in this world, no one can come and share pain with you. They can empathize with you. The thing about the day of judgment is that nobody will even empathize, nobody will even feel bad, because each person is only concerned about himself. Yes, in the worldly sense, being selfish is like a really bad thing. But when it comes to the deen, when

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you're selfish about like, getting your deen right, then you're only benefiting everyone around you and yourself. Yes, that is true.

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So sometimes, actually the matters of then we have to become selfish. Why? Because when we become selfish, then first of all, we're saving ourselves. And then we're also saving others. We're benefiting ourselves and we're also benefiting others.

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Exactly. Because then you become an example for others. Right? And then being very selfish in worldly matters. Like for example, doing your son, you know, for that also, you have to be a little bit selfish. Like for example, you've got some money, you've got some treats, alright, and your children want them and you're like, Fine, you can have some, but we have to do your son, we have to share this with others too. Right? So you are being firm about that, because you're kind of being selfish over there. You want a budget, you're not depriving your children but at the same time, you want to give some sadaqa so how much benefit you're bringing to others. Right. So men cover phyla he

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could throw and the reverse of that is also true that whoever does wrong, then he will suffer woman AMILO Salah Han, and whoever does righteousness fairly and foresee him then for themselves. Yum hood dune

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They are preparing. Em Haroon is from me him had dal, mud and mud. What is my head?

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A cradle

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baby's bed. Alright. When you think of a cradle, when you think of any kind of baby bed, write any version of it, whether it's a a crib or a floor bed or anything like that, even if it's just a plain mattress anything. What comes to your mind something cute or something ugly?

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Something cute and not just cute as and beautiful. But in addition to that also very soft and comfy, isn't it? This is what mud is. All right. And notice the word over here yum. Hal Dune, they are preparing. Because Yamaha dune Mahadasha verb it means to prepare a child's bed a baby's bed to prepare it for a child.

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Have you ever heard of mothers or grandmothers, you know, knitting or making things for a baby even before the arrival of the baby? Alright, how much love and time goes into that? So Foley unfussy him Yamaha doon. They are preparing their beds, they're preparing their abode. They're preparing their homes. This is what they're doing by what, by Eman by almost Solea. A person is only benefiting him self. So what do we see over here that anything good a person does. In reality, he is forwarding things, so that his home is prepared for him. His enjoyment is prepared for him. His luxury is prepared for him. So how much ever entertainment relaxation, fun you want for yourself? That is the

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kind of preparation that you have to do. Right? And that preparation is by what? By doing something fairly unforeseen. Mm hmm. Do you know, for example, if you're booking a hotel room, right? Some people go really cheap on it, depending on the situation, that it's okay, we'll just get one bed. And you know what, the whole family will sleep on the bed. Right? So three kids and the father and the mother, everybody's on one bed. But you have the option to upgrade, right? Don't you? How can you do that? Just give more money. Right? Likewise, some people they won't buy, for example, the breakfast package? All right. So what happens? They're running around wondering where do we eat

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breakfast there, or here or here? They're here, you could make it easier for yourself, just give more money. Now, if you think about it in this world, also, if you want to upgrade, do you have to give money? Seriously, do you have to give money you have to you got to pay for it? In a car. You know, there's certain features that you can get you have to upgrade to a better package, isn't it? So what about Janna? Then there's levels of gender aren't there? Or is there just one gender one type? There is levels, isn't it and each person's rewards are unique to him. And that will be determined by what by what he has done.

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Similar Salam Alikum I was thinking about the grid when sister she was senior in high school. So we'd have to repair that cradle for that night. everybody's scared of the grave how dark house care and cold. But if we prepare with Al Saleh and Iman in sha Allah will be prepared for us that as a bit. So basically, when a person does anything good, he's benefiting himself. And when a person leaves something good, who is he depriving himself? Have you ever had regrets? That I wish I had ordered that food? And not this one? Right? I know it was $2 More but would have been much better, isn't it? Don't we regret our cheap decisions in this world? Seriously? We do right? We go for a

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cheaper phone, we go for a cheaper jacket, we go for a cheaper pair of socks, we go for a cheaper pair of glasses, anything. You know that we compromise on? What happens later on? We have regrets. But in this world, there's always ways to make up, isn't it? You can always go get something else. Salaam Alaikum. I remember I was listening to a lecture by Yasser Cardinia was mentioning the levels of gender and he said that, you know, sometimes youth they're like, You know what, I just want to get Justin's agenda like just to lowest level so I'll just do the bare minimum and get in there. He was saying that. Have you considered that if you just want to do the bare minimum. If that bare

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minimum wasn't accepted by Allah then you're falling straight into hellfire. But if you attempt to go for the higher levels of Jannah in case you don't make it and a lot isn't accepted that at least you will fall to another lower level of gender but it will be Jana

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Foley and fusi him em Haroon.

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There's a hadith in which we learned that once I should have the lower

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had a goat slaughtered and the meat was there and a lot of the meat was distributed amongst the poor, the needy whoever needed it it was given and she was asked if there was any meat and she said everything's gone and only this piece has remained and she was told that no, everything is saved, everything has remained except for this space. Meaning whatever you give, that is saved, that is deposited and whatever you kept, that's not going to make it to the you understand. So funny unfussy me am Haroon, anything we do for Allah we give in Allah's way we are actually preparing our future abode and that future aboard begins from where the grave fairly and fuzzy him em Haroon

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you know, in the grave, we learned that when a person will be placed in the grave and we will be tested the fitness of the grave, and punishment will reach him, meaning it will approach him from the side of his feet from the side of his head, from his right side from his left side from each side as punishment will approach. What is it that's going to save a person that's going to protect a person, his deeds will become a barrier, his recitation of the Quran, his salah, his sadaqa

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these deeds will become a barrier for him. They will protect him from the punishment in the grave. So fully unfussy him Yeah, Mm hmm. Don't when we do good, we're only preparing our own future homes. We're only benefiting ourselves. Leah is here so that he may recompense a Lavina Emma know those who believe what I'm, you know, slightly haughty, and those who do righteous deeds, meaning they have believed and they've also done righteous deeds, Allah who will recompense them with what men fogli out of His Bounty, his favor, meaning even this Jezza this reward? What is this reward? It is entirely Allah's favor on us. Because remember, Allah has reward, meaning the reward that he gives

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to His servants. It is favor. It's not that he owes it to us.

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It's not that he must give it to us. No, he doesn't owe anything to us. We are not deserving of demanding anything from Allah as our right. No. Why? Because everything we are, whoever we are, whatever we are, it is by whose favor by Allah's favor,

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isn't it? If you think about it, if we have money, and from that money we give sadaqa Okay, very nice. And then what do we expect reward from Allah, but if you think about it, who gave us that money in the first place anyway? Seriously, who gave it to us? He did, He gave it to us, we give sadaqa he gives reward. So his giving reward isn't entirely his favor. Because he gave us some money in the first place. Men fogli He it is all his favor. And Allah subhanaw taala He bestows a lot of follow, because Catawba Island FC her Rama, he has prescribed mercy for himself in the who lay your head will caffeine Indeed, He does not love those who deny. Why is this being said over here, that

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those who deny they shall never get the same result? They shall never receive Allah's follow, because he does not like them.

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Why does he not like them? Because of their denial because of their coffee? I mean, if you think about it, as people also write as people also, who is it that we like people who are grateful or people who are always denying, always complaining,

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people who are grateful, right? There's something natural, even for us, when a lion methanol Allah, Allah subhanaw taala he does not like those who deny highlight. This is in the whole layer heavy caffeine. So anytime I do any kind of cover

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any type of cover denial, refusal in gratitude, that I'm doing something that Allah does not like

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he dislikes it, lay your herbal caffeine, and this is enough

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to make us grateful even in times of difficulty.

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All right. Let's listen to the recitation

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of the module heard clearly Dean in Pawnee women probably do

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Ah, young man aliens fun down home men

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go full on

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do home. Lia gz levena

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