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Well, this should be our, I think our favorite topic to speak about, who was the last panel Tada. And one way to look at who Allah subhanaw taala is, is actually to understand that every single thing, in creation, every single thing that we experience, everything that we have everything we don't have everything around us, actually, if studied properly, will lead us to understand Allah subhanaw taala further, and actually can be a glimpse of another attribute of a lesson.

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And I'll give you just a couple examples.

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When I commit a very big sin, this should lead me to know and

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as the shift said, Allah, Who is the one who forgives even the biggest sense? So even when I make a mistake, the purpose that we should get out of this, the result should be how is this event in my life? Whatever it is, how is this experience going to lead me to Allah subhanaw taala. And we can study every single thing that happens to us in this way. Even when we mess up. We messed up, it's a big sin, this should lead us to understand, who is Allah awful, he can forgive even the major sins no matter how big.

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If we have a lot of or rather every time we sin,

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we you know, we repent, then we go back to the sin again. And then we go back to it again and again and again. And that continues that pattern. It should make us understand who is alpha, because as the shift that alpha is the one who doesn't just forgive once, but forgives again and again and again and again, over and over.

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If we feel broken, we have a broken heart. It can lead you to understand who is

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algebra, Allah subhanaw taala one of his attributes is the one one of the meanings of the word Angel Bob is the one who men a law can mend anything. If your heart you feel that your heart is dead, Allah subhanaw taala one of the most beautiful is for me personally, is the as in students and Hades we're almost upon on Salah talks about lm yet and in in Libyan M and o and talk Shaku medical Allah has the time not come, that the hearts of the believers should humble themselves to the remembrance of Allah.

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What are you Kunal? Can Medina,

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Medina, who to call blue football alima de Costa Kowloon, and the thing not be like those who came before and that book was given to them, but time went by in their hearts became hardened. And we see this and then we we sometimes don't realize that the idea that comes after is related to this day, the next day, if you look at it from a surface, sort of way you think that you know, what does it have to do with the size the next area talks about the dead land? And how Allah gives life to the dead land? Well, what does that have to do with heart

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loss talking about the heart and heart and then a loss talking about the heart and mind and allies telling us that Allah is the one who gives life to the dead land.

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This is to tell us that the one who gives life to the dead land can also give life to the dead heart. And that even those people whose hearts have become hardened A lot can bring those parts back. A lot can bring life to the dead land, he can also bring life to the dead hearts.

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If it's despair, so what are we talking about here? We're talking about how those things in our life, which actually sometimes paralyze us and and and pull us down can actually become a means to to actually get closer to Allah soprano. If it's despair,

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we should remember and let it and make it lead us. To SLM a lot is the source of peace.

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There's only one source of peace and that's a loss of content and one of his attributes.

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If it's feeling trapped,

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it should lead us to understand that a lot is the one who opens. A lot can open anything, no matter how difficult the situation feels or how hopeless

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or how impossible a look and make a way out Allah subhanaw taala says, Well, maybe you're talking to Johanna Hamas Raja, why are superhuman High School.

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Whoever has taqwa of Allah, whoever taqwa of Allah is, is his consciousness level must identify that it's protecting yourself, covering yourself from the anger of Allah subhanaw taala at the wrath of almost whoever has taqwa of Allah

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alone makes a way out for him. No matter what the situation is. If you have Taqwa of Allah, Allah makes a way out for you while you're in high school, and he will provide for him from places that he never imagined. A lot of Muslims, when you feel like your provision is tight. Let it remind you of analyser The one who provides a lots of panel data is the one who provides

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I want to focus on one attribute in particular.

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And I think it's one of those attributes where we see again and again and again in the stories of the prophets peace be upon them. And throughout the end this attribute emphasized and that's the attribute of Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala is allottee. The trustee is the one you know who you entrust. Now, in in our human relationships, we also sometimes have a Lucky's so what he would be someone who we entrust with a matter of maybe a power of attorney or something, you assign someone to take care of your matter. And so what he allows the panel Island is and what he is the one who we assign our matters to he is the trustee, the one that you can trust, you trust him, you entrust him with what you entrusted him with everything you own, trust him with your with your safety, and trust him with your future, and trust him with your your heart and your soul and your body and everything allows the

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penalties working.

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And there are, you know, stories in the Quran that really teach us the meaning of Tilak of trust and reliance solely on Allah.

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And one of the most moving for me personally, is the story of the mother of Muslim alayhis salaam. So the mother of Moosa lived at a time during, you know, the reign of crown and crown was one of as we know, the the greatest tyrants that ever walked the earth. And he used to kill the the male boys. So she had a boy, a baby boy, a loss of Hannah to Allah told her in Alabama, he inspired to her that she was supposed to put her child into the river. Think about this for a moment. You you have a child, and obviously you're very concerned for your child, and you want to protect your child. And that's one of the data is telling you.

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In order to protect your child, you have to put them in the river.

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Now think about this, it seems very counter intuitive. I'm going to protect my child by putting them to potentially drown. And yet she has this trust enough in lots of how

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to do that.

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And let's help restore in what happened.

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A lot tells her story and what happened to her. And what happened to Musa and it is it's one of the most powerful stories because not only did Allah protects Musa SNM but Allah says that he returned to his mother.

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And he says that it's in order for her to know that

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Michaela Thompson, Willa Callum and Lola in Nevada law

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in order that she would not be sad, and that she would know the promise of the law is true.

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And it's a panel like this, this industry it's not just the story. These stories are never just stories, but they're to give us that inspiration to understand. You know Allah subhanaw taala when he tells us these stories, he says that these are Signs for us.

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And we see later on in the the story of most ideas to them. He's also taught this concept of Tilak code. And Allah subhanaw taala teaches him how to depend completely on him. We know that when Busan is spoken to alone, a lot asked him metal could be Amina Chi Mo, so what is in your right hand and he said, it's my staff at the workout while I lean on it was I was saying he's leaning on his staff, a lot told him to throw it.

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A lot told him to throw it a lot is teaching Moosa again, and again, how to put his trust completely in last final data, and to show him the power of Allah that He can turn that stuff into a snake, and then bring it back into a staff. So Mossad is Saddam was trained in this Philip could. And we see sort of the pinnacle of that to what goes on when he's standing in front of the Red Sea. Because at this point, he has thrown in his army behind him, and he has a seat in front of him. And you can imagine his situation, he seems completely trapped. And, you know, none of us will probably be in a situation where you have a superpower behind you in a red sea in front of you. But most of us will

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know what it feels like to be trapped. And we'll know what it feels like to see no way out of a situation. And when he was in that situation, those who were with him, then he felt he they said to him, now you know, now we're going to be overtaken.

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And Musa alayhis salam didn't even, you know, he didn't even not for a moment that he believed that he didn't even she wasn't even shakin pelicula. In my European team, he stopped by no means. Indeed, my Lord is with me, and He will guide me through.

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So mutalisks lm had no, me. Can you imagine that? You saw no way out? It was a completely impossible looking situation. I mean, where's he gonna go? Where is he gonna go? there's a there's a seat in front of him and an army behind him. Where's he gonna go? But he didn't. He didn't he didn't lose his his trust. And he knew that Allah would get him through that is telecon. That is good, that you don't see a way. But you know, that if Allah says he's got your back, he's got your back. And that's exactly what happened. Look what Allah did. Allah told him to hit the ocean, the sea with his staff, and he opened up the Red Sea for him. If anyone in this room thinks this is just a story, it's just

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a bedtime story, then we've missed the point. It is not and it isn't. It isn't just something unless pinata telling us just to tell us a lot doesn't do anything without a purpose. And after telling us the story of loss says in a few vantika in this is a sign. But most people don't get it. It's a sign so that when those people who come later, more than 1400 years later, when they're in that same situation, with it looks they look like they're trapped. When it looks like there's no way out. They'll know in the mire of this is, indeed My Lord is with me and He will guide me through. And when you have that type of teleco you have that type of trust and almost final data. That's exactly

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what he does. That's exactly what he does. And that's what Allah did for Moosa and he's split open the Red Sea that's opening up away from places you never imagined. Allah will make a way out for you as returned from the area. I quoted before from from a pull off, that Allah will make a way out for you.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala saved most time you look at the story of hedgehog.

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hedgehog is being left in the middle of a desert with a baby. pretty impossible looking situation, right? And yet, as soon as she knew that this was a command from Allah, she shouldn't worry, right? It was okay. And when she was put in that situation,

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although she did have her trust in Allah subhanaw taala. She also strive she also strived and this is part of this concept. A lot of people you know, ask how do you have that balance? how can how can tie your camel securely and put your trust in a long she had her trust in Allah, but she did not lay down in the desert and wait for the water to come from the sky. She worked and she worked hard. In fact, what she did is called

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She ran between the two mountains and Marwat seven times the long distance, and it's hot. And she ran, she was striving. And that what she did is so important that we continue to do it every time we go for him or hatch. It's called sky to strike. So she strove. But this is important to note.

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If we run a couple times between mountains, or do you think water is going to always come out of the desert?

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If you take a stick and he doesn't hit an ocean, does it split in half? The lesson here is that we do our part. Yes. But the result does not come from my efforts. I don't make the sea open musallam didn't make the sea open. hedgehog running between sofa and model. I didn't make water come from the from the sound. A lot takes care of you. But you have to do your part. And the result comes from him.

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Ibrahim Ali said he's about to be thrown into the fire.

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He's about to be thrown into the fire. Well, what would we be thinking if we're about to be thrown into the fire? But he knows Allah has his back. And even when, when the angel came down to him and asked him, Do you know if he needed anything? You know what he said? Not from you.

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His tohave was so solid, that he knew that help would come from Allah. He didn't even ask for help from the angel.

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And then his his statement he's being thrown to be alone? Am I lucky? I mean, he's being thrown into the fire. And what does he say? Allah is sufficient for me. And he has the best of, of the worksheets, have the

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you know, these stories. Again, it's important to understand they're not just stories, this is the type of silicone that our profits pad peace be upon them all. And when we emulate them, and we try to emulate their lives, we can start to begin to understand even glimpsed the attributes of almost apana with Anna. And inshallah, I'll end with the story.

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Because I think it's,

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it really illustrates this concept of telecon. And the last panel kind of taken care of it.

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When you think about a baby, who's inside the womb of his mother, or her mother,

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that baby knows a certain reality there, the world is a certain way, right? There's, there's, you know, anytime that child needs, that baby needs food, never, maybe never has to feel hunger or thirst, or cold, or any of these things, has everything that that baby that that child needs. When that baby is born. Imagine what that baby's thinking.

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What happens when a baby's born, like, what's the first thing the child does?

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like, there's so I mean it to, to that child, he must think that he's, he's just died, because the world that he knew, is now completely gone. And now he's in a completely different world. And he screamed.

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And so that child is as though he's died. But we know that actually, that he's just entering a different world. And you know, it's fun, although we sometimes react to change in the same way when something is taken away from us. So that child, his whole world was taken away from him, right? Because he was in the womb, and now it's gone. When whenever something is taken away from us, or or, you know, we undergo change or loss or anything, something isn't the way we wanted. We figured that's the end, right? Our world is over. Now, our life is over now.

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But that child when a lot took away something from that child, he replaced it with something better.

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The nutrition that the child used to get through the umbilical cord is taken away now. Right? But it's replaced with milk.

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And the the walls of the womb, which the child thought was protection is taken away, but it's replaced by now the arms of the mother and the family.

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Now, Allah subhanaw taala does this with us too. Sometimes things are taken away things are not you know, as we as we're used to, or maybe something isn't working out the way we want. But we have to what cool is understanding that whenever a lot takes something away from you, he has your back and unless panatela will replace it with something better. Allah subhanaw taala says that anytime we

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if something happens or any kind of calamity the Prophet platinum, for example, taught us

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If any kind of calamity happens, and we respond in the right way, in Melilla, he were in LA Hiro. Joan Indeed, we belong to a law unto Allah is our return. And he taught this.

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This was this was a lesson that he talks to one of his wives before she became his wife. And, and he told her that if you say this, in Adelanto in LA he wrote your own Allahumma journey people see abati minha give me reward in this we'll see but in this in this calamity, and give me what is better than it then Allah will replace whatever was taken from you with something better. And what had happened to her was that her husband died.

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And she you know, her husband was actually one of them, oh my god, one of the best of the of the companions, she couldn't imagine how could love give her something better. And she ended up marrying the Prophet civilize them.

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So you know, we see from from these stories, what happens when you put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala Allah if he has your back laws protecting you anything that is taken, Allah subhanaw taala will replace it with something better I'll Cody and Cody, Heather, was the Fulani Allah come in our

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shed one day event in

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Santa Monica.