Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P17 168D Tafsir Al-Hajj 30-32

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Surah three hedge we will begin from iron number 30 vaniqa. That meaning whatever has been mentioned so far is how it is meaning the commands, the injunctions related to hedge have been made clear over here. Now the word valleca Remember when it comes at the beginning of an idea, it is for the purpose of separating two sentences. Like for example, when you're writing when you have completed a statement and you want to transition to a new statement, then you need some words over there. So, for instance, you say things like however, right or Moreover, correct. So, similarly VALIC, that meaning that is that and now, well maybe you are a lymphoma Tila, he, and whoever does that Aleem

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have the hallmark of Allah for over 100 Allah then it is better for him. In the previous verses we learned about the various rituals of Hajj, for example, tawaf, likewise the state ethminer. Similarly, remembering Allah subhanaw taala, much during the days of Hajj, right, and then coming out of the State of Iran, also, Somalia, blue, taffeta home while you know the Euro home, right? And then also the ritual of sacrifice. So all of these rituals are mentioned. But then Allah says that whoever does star leave of the humanity of Allah, what is their Aleem your limb from Darlene Ryan law meme? Or llama? Or llama is greatness and our lien is to hold something in great respect meaning

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to show respect to something, to venerate, to exalt to think great of something. So whoever treats with respect, whoever thinks great, all of the hallmarks of Allah, what are the hallmarks of Allah Photomath is the plural of Homer and what is Homer? Homer? What comes to your mind when you hear the word Homer?

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What word comes to your mind? Haram? Right? What is haram? That which is forbidden, you're not allowed to do it. Right? This is one word that we learned so early on, right? This is haram. This is how long this is haram anyway, Homa is that object or that place? That must be respected? Meaning disrespecting it, violating its sanctity is something haram.

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Like for example, we learned about the Haram, the Kaaba, the area on the Cairo Monsieur haram, what is that it is of the houmas of Allah. Why? Because it sanctity is necessary. A person is not allowed to violate its sanctity and how is its sanctity violated when a person would cause bloodshed over there, right? Or he would commit sin over there. This is all part of violating the sanctity of a human right of a sacred place. Another example of this could be like, for example, shahada a sacred month, right in a sacred month. For instance, the month of the hijab, it's the month of hajj, it's a sacred month, certain things are not allowed Muharram, it's a sacred month, certain things are not

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allowed fighting is not permissible. And if a person goes on fighting, what is he doing, violating the sanctity of the sacred month? Similarly, if a person is in the State of Iran, you understand what the person is in the State of Iran, can you fight with him? Can you argue with him? No. law refers Well, I forsook Allah did Allah feel hudge right? Likewise, an a sacrificial animal. We learned about this earlier Paula it remember that the Arabs when they would take their sacrificial animals at Hajj to Mecca for sacrifice, they would mark those animals in order to separate them from the rest. So for instance, a sacrificial animal there would be a garland around its neck, so that

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from far people would know, these are Hajaj and these animals are for sacrifice. What does that mean that you don't mess with these people? Even if you want to attack them and confiscate their belongings, you don't do that. Why? Because they are sacred, they are the guests of Allah subhanaw taala. So you understand the concept of Photomath an object, a place a person, something that Allah subhanaw taala has informed us that it is sacred, it's respect is necessary. It could be a time it could be a day, it could be an action, it could be a place all right. Now the word Chromat also applies to the commands that Allah subhanaw taala has given why because opposing them is how

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you understand. So for example, a person goes for Hajj, what are of the hallmarks of Allah during Hajj, the various commands, right the various rituals that have to be performed.

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The word Halal math also applies to the prohibitions, things that are not allowed

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out. Why? Because doing them would be violating Allah's law, right going against it contradicting it. So whoever does that leave of the hieromartyr of Allah, whether it's the times or the places that Allah has deemed sacred, or it is an action that Allah subhanaw taala has commanded, or it is something that Allah has prohibited. In other words, Whoever abides by the laws that Allah has given, he observes them with respect with the fear of Allah subhanaw taala. Allah says for Hula, hula, then it is better for him in the rugby near his Lord.

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You see, many times it happens that we are doing something that is part of the deen. And we're doing it right. Why? Because that's how it's supposed to be done. And sometimes we'll do it right. Why? Because people are watching out of the fear of people.

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But what do we learn here, don't do this just out of fear of people do it, out of whose respect respect for Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So check your intention. And sometimes we are performing our rituals, but without any spirit, we are performing our salah, but without any love without any fear. You know, people are going for Hajj, they're going for Umrah, but they don't know what they're doing, why they're doing it. They're just following the crowd complaining, whining, constantly upset about why things are not going perfectly, there is no Talim over there. There's no respect over there, the heart is not involved over there. So the person who performs these rituals, with the right state of heart with respect for Allah subhanaw taala, that is better for him or in the rugby near his Lord. Because remember that the

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ritual it is very important. It is very important, but at the same time, what's the state of the heart that also determines the outcome of that ritual, the reward for that ritual? You know, like we learned yesterday, that sometimes we are more concerned about the lack of resources, whereas we should be more concerned about the lack of loss, the lack of sincerity.

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What we'll hit hill at law calm and it is made permissible to you, Al Anon the grazing livestock, meaning you're allowed to eat these animals in law, except my Youth Law Aleykum that which has been recited to you meaning. It's not that all grazing livestock are halal. There are some exceptions. What are those exceptions? You've already been informed about them? Like for example, in the Quran, we have learned that the meter dead animal, for example, a dead cow, can you eat it? No, you can't eat it. Likewise, if it has not been slaughtered properly, can you eat it? No, you cannot eat it. Some people might consider that all of the livestock are, for instance, pigs. But are they

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considered halal? No, they're not. So in that my Utila Aleikum, The exceptions are already informed to you. Why is this being mentioned over here? That what Allah has made lawful consider that to be lawful? What Allah has made halal, you should consider that to be halal. Because in Hajj there is also ritual sacrifice, right? That should be of which animal and animal that you wish to know an animal that Allah subhanaw taala has allowed Fujitani boo. So avoid meaning during Hajj, avoid a religious of the filth, which filth mineral Ozanne of the idols Oh, sign is a plural of weapon. And we have read different words for idols. One in particular is used for an idol that is made of

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something like wood. All right, or, for instance, the moose Shikun, what they will do is, you know, for instance, a tree would be considered sacred. All right, and what would people do, they would go and, you know, make their promises or their pledges seeking help from an idol. And they will tie a thread or something like that to that tree. Right, or a particular place would be considered sacred. So a flag would be put over there. All right, a landmark would be put over there and such sites were all around Makkah in Morocco and also around Morocco. So Allah subhanaw taala says, fetch the Niebo avoid a religious terminal Ozanne keep away from idolatry. Because you see right now when the SUTA

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was revealed, the Muslims were in Medina, but Makkah had not been conquered yet. So they were still idolatry in Makkah, but many Muslims were able to go for Hajj or Umrah All right, not everybody, but some of them were able to go. So these guidelines are given that when you go for Hajj, keep away from any form of idolatry. Avoid it. Why? Because it is something filthy, it is something dirty. You know, like, if you go somewhere. So for instance, if you're going to your home country, let's say you're from India, right and you're visiting India, what will people tell you when you go there, make sure you watch what you eat, right? Don't eat salads from outside. Don't eat dairy. Right?

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Don't drink tap water. Be very careful about what you eat. Why?

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Why do they tell you to be careful about what you eat? Is there any reason

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so that you don't get sick so that you don't get sick? Because if you get sick, then what will happen? You can't enjoy at all. I remember when I visited Pakistan a long time ago, after several years, there's this thing that we eat and focus on. It's called Golgotha. All right. It's like a, what is it? Like a savory treat? It's very delicious. Anyway, so in the best is that which you find outside on food stalls? All right, that is obviously covered with a million flies. So one of my friends, they said, you know, let's go, I'll take you like, Okay, fine. So I went, and when I sat in the car, looking at that cart, you know, where the goalposts were being sold. My husband goes, I'm

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not touching that thing with even a 10 foot pole. You know, I'm not going close to it. I'm not even going near it. And I was like, come on, I want it. He's like, No way, nobody's having this. Because if we have even one, we know what's going to happen if you got sick, you can't enjoy your time there. Right? Then all the time that you're spending over there, useless, all the money that you've spent useless because you can't have fun. So you have to keep away from certain things in order to enjoy other things. So just like that, Schick is dangerous. It destroys a person's good deeds. Even though it may seem very tempting. You know, just read that. You know, for instance, you have those

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horoscope or whatever. Alright, so just read it. This is fun. But you read it, and you don't even realize you believe in it.

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And your deeds are wasted. Right? If you go to a fortune teller, and you ask him, and you believe in what he says, What is that it's check. It's ruined everything for you, even though it was very tempting, but it ruined everything for you. So this is why Allah's parents Allah says Fujitani will read the seminal Ozanne it's dirty. It's sickening keep away from it. Watch attorney boo and avoid cola Zoo. The words which are a zoo, what is a zoo falsehood untrue. As soon as basically a lie, a false statement, a saying that is deviated from the truth, which is far from the truth zone literally, is used for a stone that is left apparent when digging a well. So imagine a person trying

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to dig a well, alright, and then there's a huge stone or a rock, and he's not able to break it, he's not able to pull it out. He's not able to get rid of it. So what does he do? He just leaves it there. Alright, and he continues with his digging. Now there is a big bump in the middle. You understand? It's not smooth. It's not a straight hole, there's a huge bump in the middle.

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So this is the literal meaning of the word zoo now from the zoo is used for a lie also. Why? Because it's not true. It's not smooth. It's not correct. It has an error in it. It is far from reality. So keep away from Ola zoo. What does it mean by this? Meaning when you go for hedge keep away from saying words which are not true. Words that contain shit.

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You know, for instance, the most Shikun when they would go for hedge they would say that that'll be what is there'll be a words of hydrate, Lubbock, Allahumma Lubbock. What does it mean? Here I am, oh Allah. Here I am at your service, the baker lamella Baker bake luxury Calaca, Lubbock, Lubbock here am Oh Allah, you have no partner. But you know what they would say? They would say lashari, Kolak inertia Rican who are like, except for the partner that you have, you have no partners, except for the partners that you have. So this was a false statement. This was a false statement. But people were saying it without even thinking. So the Muslims were told, when you go for Hajj, and you hear

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the whole world saying this slogan, you don't say because it is false, it is not true.

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Now, is there a lesson in this for us? What's the lesson?

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Just because everybody's saying something doesn't mean you have to say to.

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Right, and it's amazing. When you go for Hajj, you find people saying the most shocking things shocking statements, especially in Medina, right, how people are making dua to the Prophet salallahu. Salam are the words of Sheikh that are being said so openly, loudly, and the rest of the people are just following along. Because my group leader gave this book to me. I'm going to read everything which is in it. Well, what's the reference? What does the book say? Where did these words come from? You know, for instance,

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You will get a whole book on the different Salawat that you can send to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and they have no basis in the Sunnah. No basis. And okay, even if they have no basis in the Sunnah, when you analyze the words, they are full of shake. You know, sometimes we sing songs, or we sing nasheeds. All right. And because we heard a statement in the machine, we like how it sounds, we say it without even thinking that these are words of shit. These are words which are not true. These are words which are not appropriate. I'm not going to cite examples over here. But the lesson over here for us is, use your mind.

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Use your mind. Don't just say something because everybody's saying it. Think about it. What's the evidence? What's the source? Has it come from the Quran? Has it come from the Sunnah? What does it mean? Which turnable polar zoo because you see, a little bit of ship even is enough to destroy a person's good deeds,

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isn't it so? Even a little bit of shit can destroy a person's good deeds. So it's so important that we keep away from Shrek. And we have to be conscious about this matter. Because imagine the person spent so much time so much money going for Hutch and when he goes there, he does things which are incorrect, which are clear schicke deeds are wasted, which is not accepted. What was the point what was the benefit? Nothing.

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So be careful which then he will bola Zoo. And even in general, keep away from false statements.

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Not just during Hajj, not just when it comes to worshipping Allah subhanaw taala but in general also keep away from false statements. In a hadith we learned the Prophet sallallahu sallam said Allah owner Bo Combi Akbar Al kabbah. Should I not tell you about the worst of major sins, the worst of major sins? The Sahaba said yes, you are Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he said, associating others with Allah shit.

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And disobeying one's parents,

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disobeying one's parents, this is also of the acquittal cover. The Prophet saw a lot of them was reclining at this time, when he said this. And then he sat up, he sat up and he said, and giving false statements or bearing false witness shahada to zoo or colo Zoo. Even this is from the UK bible cover, false statements lies, keep away from them in general, and also when it comes to the

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fonepaw Allah Allah He who Nefer inclining to Allah, meaning only to Allah, because heart is about a journey for whose sake for the sake of Allah, responding to Whose call the call of Allah, right? Love bake Allah Humala bake here I am or Allah here I am. Throughout heard you say this, here I am Here I am Allah at your service. I'm here to obey you. You called me I'm here to answer your call. Who naffaa Allah Allah He so when you go for Allah, then do this only for Allah. Keep your intention sincere. Rafa is the plural of Hanif, who is Hanif, the one who leaves everything,

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okay, and he inclines or he focuses on his purpose, just one.

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So for instance, honey for someone who is on his path, and then what happens the distractions, but he ignores those distractions and he keeps going on his path. This is honey. He avoids the obstacles that come in his way, the distractions that come in his way, and he is focused on his goal. This is honey, so you're gonna fall in love. Your focus in this journey should be only on who? Allah azza wa jal, if you're going for his pleasure, you will be patient for his sake. And it's so important to remember this at hajj and umrah because when you go on this journey, you will certainly be tested. Has anyone over here been for Hajj or Umrah? How was it the journey if you describe it? In a few

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It was tiring. Anybody else?

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There's a lot of different things that you need to adjust to. Right a lot of sudden changes, change of plans. Right and each person is tested in a unique way.

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Right. I remember when one of my friends who went for Hajj she said, you know your suburb tests are unique to you what you find most difficult. That is how you will be tested. That is what you will be tested with when you're at Hajj each person. I remember the last time when I went for Amara, I was expecting at that time it was summer it was a month of Ramadan. And I was obviously scared and I had a two year old with me and my mother said that just remember what you're going for

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If you remember that you're going for Allah subhanaw taala. Allah has given you the Tofik to go to his house and worship him over there, then you know what anything that comes in the way is worth it. Any difficulty, any hardship that comes in the way, it's worth it, don't worry about it, ignore it, let it go, don't dwell over it. Just be grateful for the very fact that Allah is giving you the opportunity to go there.

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And Alhamdulillah these words, I kept reminding myself of them, and with the many difficulties of the journey, I survived Alhamdulillah

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it was easy and hamdulillah why because the state of mind

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so here we need to accept your focus clear in front of you who NEFA Allah Allah, I'm going for the sake of Allah. So whether it's easy or it's difficult, whether I'm hungry or I'm tired, I'm sleep deprived or stuck in traffic. People that understand what I'm saying and I'm being treated unfairly. Ignore it, let it go, you're going for Allah sake.

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You got to go to the house of Allah. So what if you have to suffer a little bit in Allah's way sonofa Allah Allah, layer on machete Kena be right Leila,

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not mushy. kina associating partners be with him. You're going as a Hanif do not associate any partners with him. Why? Because well maybe you should act Billa whoever associates partners with Allah fucka Anoma then it is as if hora, he has fallen ha rah rah hood to fall down with Surah with speed. So imagine a person falling down from where Mina sama from the sky falling down from the sky? Not with a parachute? No just falling down from the sky. What will happen to him for the buffalo who played so the birds * him away? The Buffalo call thought fell hotfoot? It lemon hottie fell hot fighter to * something to grab something quickly. So the birds this natural temp they grab him

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quickly. Because you see many large birds where do they catch their prey? How mid air during flight.

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So photographer will tell you the bird * at him in the catch him and they eat him up? Or if that doesn't happen, then what will happen down will we be here the WHO ARE THE who the wind? What does it do that we be? It blows him off? That we have? Well, yeah. However, what is how our air? All right. So Dawie be he meaning the wind blows him off. The wind takes him away, carries him off where FEMA can answer hail to Emma can to a place that is safe. That is remote that is far off. So he seen how cough syrup syrup is to be distant to be remote to be very far away buried. So the one who does shake his reality is described over here. And what is that? That it is as if a person has fallen

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from the sky. And as he is falling? Birds * at him, meaning they catch him and they eat him up. Or if that doesn't happen, the wind carries him away. Where to a place that is very far. And when he will fall to the ground? What do you think will happen to him? If a person is falling from the sky straight to the ground? What is going to happen to him?

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In other words, what is being stated over here is that the person who does shirk, then there is no doubt about his destruction, about his complete and total loss. There is no doubt about his destruction, he is ruined, and the damage is irreversible. If a person dies doing shit, it's irreversible. Because any sin Allah subhanaw taala can forgive it if he wants to forgive it. However, when it comes to schicke, Allah who will not forgive it?

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What's the evidence for that?

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That Allah will not forgive schicke?

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What's the proof of this that Allah will not forgive Sheikh if a person comes on the Day of Judgment, having committed serious sins? If Allah wants Allah can forgive him.

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But if a person has done Sheikh then there is no forgiveness for him on the day of judgment. What's the proof for this?

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In Allaha Lail funeral au Chaka Bihi well funeral Medina Dalek, ALLAH does not forgive Schilke being done with him when partners are associate

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did with him? ALLAH does not forgive that.

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This is why if a person believes in Allah's oneness, and that belief is as small as a mustard seed in his heart, meaning he believes in the Oneness of Allah, He doesn't associate partners with Allah. And this belief is very, very minimal, but he has this belief, then what will happen? Even if he ends up in hellfire because of his many sins, eventually, he will be taken out. Eventually he will be removed from hellfire. But a person who has done schicke there is no forgiveness for him.

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And that is what is described over here.

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total ruin, TOEFL loss

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for the TOEFL will take you out to Hawaii be rehearsal fee. mccannon. Sahil, this is how dangerous shake is. It is if you're falling off a cliff. It's as if you're falling off a building.

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It's as if you're falling off Burj Khalifa.

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Imagine falling off from that building from the top of that building, what would remain of you?

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You know, when a person is falling off from a height, they say that person dies even before they hit the ground. They're dead even before they hit the ground.

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They're finished. And when a person hits the ground, then what happens? The body is just shattered completely. I remember I heard someone describing a scene. They had seen someone fallen off their building, and said that it was just like, a pool of blood. And in the middle of it, it was you couldn't even tell what it was. If it was a human being you couldn't tell what the head was, what the arm was, what the hand was, what the leg was, what the back was, everything was totally shattered.

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So vivid description is given over here to make us realize that ship is a destructive sin. Even a little bit of shit is enough to ruin a person. All the good deeds that a person has accumulated. shirk is enough to set them on fire. They're like that meaning that is so well mejor Azim and whoever does that Aleem, whoever honors SHA it Allah the symbols of Allah for in the Herman dako Kulu, then it is from the piety of the hearts. Notice over here SHA it Allah, earlier we learned how to mirth of Allah here SHA it we have done SHA it earlier SHA it is a plural of share euro and what is your you know, from Shri Narendra shuru is to perceive, right? To get to know and share evil is a

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So, for example, if you're going somewhere you're driving on the road, and you see a big signpost that tells you where a particular highway is, then what is that? It's a short Euro, right? Because it's telling you about the highway, right? This is sure you

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now shy it Allah what are they? They are places, things actions, words that symbolize the religion

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that remind us of Allah subhanahu

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Photomath are what sacred places or prohibitions or commands? What Ashara things places, objects, even people or actions, words, statements that represent that symbolize the religion, you know, for everything, there are certain symbols.

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Right? Like, for example, certain companies. Macintosh, what's the symbol? An Apple Macintosh is also an apple. Right? So anywhere you see that bitten apple, what does that represent? That particular company? Right? Nike, it has a big check, check mark. So anywhere you see that check mark, what does that remind you of? Nike, right? The other day, somebody showed me a marker. All right, and seemed as though it was a Sharpie marker. But when you looked at it carefully, it didn't say Sharpie on it. It was written in the exact same way. But it was actually with different letters. So anyway, when you see that it instantly reminds you of that particular brand, company object.

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Right. So are there some things that remind us of Islam immediately? What are they?

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Okay, hijab. The Kaaba, good. What else?

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The Quran. Right? What else? What else symbolizes Islam? masajid.

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The Crescent. Okay.

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Greek color. Okay.

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Well, there could be many things that have come up over time, that don't necessarily represent the deen but they have been made to represent religion. So for example, an act of terrorism instantly it's associated with Islam, but it doesn't represent

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Islam. Alright, certain groups of people there is instantly associated with Islam but it's not necessarily a correct representation of Islam. Right. So remember the chai and Allah are those which are rooted in the deen they actually have some basis. So when it comes to our hijab, yes, in the Quran, it's mentioned, we find it in the Salah. Correct Salah, the Kaaba, a masjid, the beard of a man. Right? Likewise, fasting going for Hajj, all the rituals of Hajj, the recitation of the Quran, the Quran of Allah subhanaw taala. Right, the prophets, the Sahaba All right, there's so many different things that represent the deen that remind you of Allah subhanaw taala. So, sha Allah,

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Allah says, Who ever respect them? So whoever respects the Quran, whoever respects the masjid, whoever respects the hijab, whoever takes care of the cleanliness of the Masjid. All of this is from what for in the Hammond taco polu. Then this is from the taqwa of the heart. Meaning this is an evidence that there is taqwa in the heart of that person. Where's the core? How Hoonah in the heart. Right. Now, can you see my heart?

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Even if you cut it open? Can you see the flower there? No, you can't. You can't see it, because it doesn't have any tangible form and any tangible appearance in the heart.

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But the Aqua How is it manifested through actions? Right. Now what are some of those actions that prove that yes, this person has fear of Allah. From this IO, what do we learn? What is that action?

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What is that action? Respecting the symbols of the deen?

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Respecting, loving?

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Treating with respect what? Anything that has to do with the deen anything at all.

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And this means not making fun of it.

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All right. This means when it is mentioned, a person you know he listens with attentiveness or he pays attention at least.

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It's very interesting. Every time people quote the Hadith, taqwa Hoonah, it's usually for the justification of not respecting the symbols of Allah. When Allah Subhana Allah says the same exact thing for respecting the symbols of Allah. So if you say like you have to wear hijab or something, no tacos in my heart. But then Allah says like in order to show that you have talked about you have to respect the symbols of Allah and sister use me metalheadz class she used the example of a mother that says, I love my child, but I don't feed them. And you'll say, well, there's something messed up about your love for that child because if you do love them, then you're going to show it exactly.

00:32:57 --> 00:33:09

And over here you see the word Darlene. If you truly respect it, then you will observe it. You will show that respect with your support with your acceptance with your submission.

00:33:10 --> 00:33:20

So well may you're out limb Shara it Allah for inner her Mintaka al Kulu. It is from the piety of the hearts. Let's listen to the recitation of these verses. Then he can

00:33:22 --> 00:33:22


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you for who off are you

00:33:28 --> 00:33:29

being what are

00:33:33 --> 00:33:33


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budget any more?

00:33:39 --> 00:33:43

Tangible boulders rule

00:33:48 --> 00:33:52

18 What are you shooting

00:33:55 --> 00:33:55


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powerful boy

00:34:03 --> 00:34:04

waffle point.

00:34:05 --> 00:34:08

We believe in female

00:34:10 --> 00:34:14

Saffy Valley come on a

00:34:15 --> 00:34:15

limb shall

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