Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P08 084D Tafsir Al-Anam 120-122

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of leaving certain things in life to avoid regret and happiness, including regret and happiness related to sin. They stress the importance of avoiding sin and being aware of one's actions. The negative consequences of actions that result in negative consequences, including punishment and injuries, are discussed, as well as the importance of following guidance and avoiding certain activities. The speakers emphasize the need for everyone to be aware of their actions and do the right thing to achieve success in life.
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Allah says whether Whoa, and you all leave the room from the root letters, well then rock, whether a year the rope, what does it mean? To leave to abandon something? For example, you have, let's say, a water bottle. You don't want it. You drank whatever you wanted from it, and you don't want it anymore. So what do you do? You just leave it in the masjid. You just leave it? You know, wherever you are. So this is what? Leaving? All right. This is what the weather? Yeah. Likewise, a person has a habit, a habit of what, let's say saying certain words, and then make a promise, I'm going to stop saying these words, I'm going to leave them. So leaving that habit is what whether you, alright? So

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Allah tells us to leave something here to abandon something here, you know, just like you just abandon that water bottle and you walk away, you never think about it. And even if it comes to your mind, you're like, whatever, it was only your water bottle, and I got it for free anyway. And so what if there was water left in it, I can always get more water. So you're not sad about leaving that water bottle, right? You're not depressed about leaving that water bottle. So Allah wants us to leave certain things, abandoned certain things, and never regret leaving them. You know? Like, if you've left certain things in life previously, you may have regrets. You may have regrets. Is it

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true? Do you have regrets over leaving? Anything? For example, you begged your parents, I want to change my school. I want to change my school. I don't like this school. So you get them to switch you to a different school. You go to that different school. And it's even more weird,

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sir, like Bad idea. Bad choice, but you've left it. It's gone. Now you have regrets? Yeah, but what can you do?

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So Allah subhanaw taala wants us to leave certain things, and we should not have any regret over leaving it. Rather, we should be happy about leaving it. Are you ever happy about leaving certain things? Like what? So for example, if there's a school that you don't want to go to, and you finally leave it, you know, you've been in middle school for like, so many years, you're like, I hate this building. I don't like the VP. I don't like this person. I like that person you're waiting for that year, when you graduate to high school. When you leave it, you're like, God,

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done with it. Anything else?

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That you feel happy about leaving? Yeah.

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Okay, like, for example, a person who happened to be a friend, and they didn't turn out to be a good friend. And finally, you leave them and you're like, I'm so glad I'm not close to that person anymore. Because as long as I was with them, I was miserable. Or I was, you know, doing bad things or saying bad things because they were such a bad influence on me. So alhamdulillah they're out of my life and hamdulillah I've left them and I'm very happy as I am right now. What about like an object something? Has it ever happened that you hit a pair of shoes, or you hit certain clothes, or you hit a jacket? And I want to get rid of it? It's about time I've been wearing it for three years.

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And then one day you forget it someone you're like, happy inside, pretending that or I lost my jacket. But on the inside, you're like, finally I get rid of that. Yes.

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So she said a friend of hers, they lost their cat. So her husband was very sad that they lost their cat. But the wife was very happy, because she didn't want that cat anymore.

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So anyway, Allah subhanaw taala wants us to leave certain things. What is that? Allah says whether ru and leave wha his apparent isn't the sin, WA and bow cleaner who it's hidden, meaning leave all saints, whether they are la hip, or they are battling, what does it mean by law hit apparent visible

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that which people can see those things which are done publicly? And those things which are with the limbs, you know, like actions, and Battlin what is baffling that which is hidden? So what does it mean by hidden that which is hidden from the people meaning people don't see that you're doing that sin? Why? Because you're doing it in your house. You're doing it on your computer, you're doing it with the door closed, you're doing it somewhere where people cannot see you. And Battlin is also that which is hidden in the heart. For example, entertaining hatred for someone. He does it

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Hit this person, I hate them so much. But on the Behringer, like big smile

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on the apparent you show your concern in the heart You're boiling, you're angry, you're furious. This is what a sin that is that when hidden. Allah subhanaw taala tells us leave Alton's whether they're a parent, or they're hidden, whether done publicly, or they're done privately, just leave them, don't have anything to do with them. And once you leave them, be happy. Once you leave them, then you will relax, then you will be satisfied. And once you leave them, never have regrets over leaving them. Brother take that as an accomplishment that Alhamdulillah I left that sin. Why should you leave all sins? Why? Because in indeed a Levina, those people who Yuxi Boonah, they earn an Isma

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the sin those people who acquire sin, whether that sin is apparent or hidden, whether that's in his public or private, so you do Zona soon, they will be recompensed, they will be punished, be mad, because of that which can or they use to Yakata reform they used to commit meaning those who commit sins, they will definitely be punished for the wrongs that they are committing. In other words, every sin brings punishment, whether it is done publicly, or it is done privately,

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that Allah does not approve off any sin, whether people approve of it, or they don't approve of it. Whether you do it with your hands, or you do it in your heart, Allah doesn't approve of it. Every sin, you will have to suffer consequences for it. Therefore, believe all sins, therefore, it's not okay to commit any sin. It's not alright, to commit any sin at all. Now, let's discuss. Well, let's come up with examples of law. Iran is a parent since our word since manifests since since that others can see what are they? Yes. Okay. So for example, a person who's swearing, you know, they have the guts to like, say bad words in front of their mom in front of their dad. I don't care. And

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they go bleep bleep bleep. They keep going. Keep going. After every two, three words, and they're like, in their heart. I'm so cool. I'm so confident I can say whatever.

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Allah says, Leave it.

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Leave it. Even if you think it looks nice. Yeah. Even if people say it looks nice, yes. Even if people approve on it, yes. Because when do we commit sin openly, either when we don't care about people, right? Or people approve of it? Correct. For example, if a person is taking a grocery cart, out of the parking lot, five or six blocks away from the grocery store, to their house, and as they're rolling it, it's going to the whole world can hear it, and they're just confidently walking away. What does it show? They don't care about anybody. It's kind of theft. Right? Because you're taking the cart away from the grocery store, and the grocery store is gonna suffer. It's their

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property, you're taking it away without their permission. Correct. So in a way, it's kind of theft. And if it's not that, definitely it is Leanna. Definitely, you're breaking the rules, even if you pay 25 cents for it. Really. It's still a sin. Right? But when people lock with that grocery cart, what does it show that they're so confident about that sin? I mean, they don't care about people, even if people are looking at them, like strange, what are you doing? But still they don't care? Or in certain, let's say areas? It's not really a big deal. Why? Because everybody does it. Nobody's gonna call the cops nobody's gonna go tell the grocery store people that you stole their grocery

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cart? Correct. So others approve of it, your mom approves of it, or your sister approves of it. Still? Should we do it? Should we do it? No, we're still not allowed to do it. Why? Because when it's the same in the Ladino, the XE buena efma. So you rezone every Mac can we up to the phone? You might never be caught on camera. They might never come after you. However, will Allah hold you accountable?

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You know the answer.

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I just wanted to share that many years ago I worked at a store and these cards actually cost the store owner $500 each cart. So it is that and it was one of the biggest like losses that the store would get because everyone would just walk off with them and then at the end of the day there

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It's like three cards left. And they had to like, redesign the cards so that no one can walk home with them. Like in certain parking lots they have the trolley just freezes like you can't take it. Right? Why do they have to do that? Because people don't care. They're so confident about the wrong that they're doing. So well the Rue La Hill is other examples of apparent sins, public sense. Did you wanna say some

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gossip? You're talking about others, right? In a bad way. Not that nice way. And you're doing it just because everybody's doing it and they want to listen. Okay, tell me more. Okay, so what happened? And then what happened? What did you say? What did they say? And they're giving you so much attention. They're listening to you so eagerly, you're like, Yeah, and you start making things up.

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Even if you're being approved of talking in that manner, does Allah approve of it, he does not approve of it. So leave it stop that conversation. Barking in wrong places, people are doing it openly. Not a big deal. Okay. Other examples of law Halal ism are, for instance, a person committing Zina openly, right. For example, a person being a Muslim has had on relationship with someone and their parents know of it, their siblings know of it, their family knows of it, and they don't care. Or let's say the family approves of it, they're like, it's okay. Not a big deal. Still, even if your parents are okay with you doing something wrong, you know, because sometimes your family allows you

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to do something wrong. Like sometimes the husband tells the wife to do something wrong. He will allow her, the parents will allow the children to do something wrong. For example, a child, you know, steal somebody's phone, and the parents are like, my son is so clever.

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He's so smart, right? They're telling lies, they're making things up. And the mother is so proud of her child. Oh, my child, he just knows how to make up stories. So well.

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i They managed to deceive the teacher and say that, yeah, I was sick. So they bring the fake doctor's note. Right, so that they can get a retest or scheduled or something like that. And the parents are no, my child, my son, my daughter. They're so smart. They will get through life very easily. They will get their way always. That's always what I want for my children to be confident to be successful. And to have all the, you know, good qualities for that. Yes.

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Yeah, that many times lying over the phone, for example, the mother sitting right there and somebody calls and the daughter picks up the phone, my mom's in the shower.

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Because Mom tells her that

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so the mom is telling the daughter to lie. Okay, law Hill isn't.

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But Allah doesn't approve of it. You can tell her she's busy right now. May I take a message? She's not available right now, man. Take a message. Yes. Oh my god. Another example is like wearing a modest clothing. So one time I remember there was a sister and we were in the masjid parking lot. And we had to change seats in my car. And she didn't want to get out of the car in the parking lot because there were some people that she knew from high school and they're religious and she was like they're gonna see me right and I was thinking Allah seeing you right in what you're wearing and I can't believe she didn't get out of the car. She just change like within the car the seat so it's

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kind of funny. So law Hill ism. For example, you go to a certain place you're wearing certain clothes and you know that people are cool with it. They're okay with it. So you go around wearing clothes that Allah doesn't approve off but still you wear them because people approve of them. Allah subhanho doesn't want us to do that. Whether it'll wa Hera is what ballerina and hidden since secret since private since

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for example.

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Okay, so for example, somebody has a crush on someone. Okay? Remember, having a crush in the sense that having such feelings. You're not sinful for having those feelings. However, if you follow them up by looking by talking, talking in that way, you know what I'm talking about right? And sitting with them and talking about them and describing them to your friends and obsessing over them that is wrong. That is wrong. Because that feeling you don't have control over Do you? Do you force yourself to like somebody never. But it happens that you see somebody and you're like, mashallah, you know, wish I could marry

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That man mashallah he's going to the masjid Masha Allah, He gives such an amazing football. He's only in high school he's only in second year university, Masha Allah, Masha, Allah, I want a man like that. Okay, you have that feeling. However, if you follow that feeling with some kind of action, some kind of words, if you think about that person too much, right? And you're dreaming about, maybe I'll marry him one day. And maybe we'll go for a ride together, you know, maybe we'll go to movies together, and you just have this whole, you know, life built up in your head. That is wrong. Okay. And if a person is doing this, and their parents have no idea to them, yeah, yeah, Mom,

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I, he's in the MSA and we have a meeting, we have to discuss this event that's coming. And that's why I have to meet him over coffee over here. And that's why I'm late. And that's why I'm talking to him. Whereas the intention is completely different. Mama has no idea dad has no idea or to think yeah, my daughter is so good. She's so active in the MSA. And in reality, what's happening? It's hidden, but what does Allah say? Whether Allah Halal if me waterbath Lena leave those sins which are hidden as well, somebody raise their hand from you.

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Good point, many times it happens that people hide for example, their marital status or other details about them which are true,

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that are true, whether it is their name, or it is their last name, or it is their age, or it is their marital status, or it is the number of their children. They hide these facts, and they lie about them. Right. So for example, they say, I am single, I am divorced. I have no husband. And yes, I'm a Muslim. I come in hijab a baya every year with a new child, or every other year with another child. And yes, I believe that Muslims do not commit Zina. And I'm a very pious woman, I wear hijab, but every second year, I have a new child. But I'm divorced.

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And I'm single, and that's why I need more money from the government.

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So hiding your reality, your true facts, baffling, right,

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leave such things as well. It's not right to lie to others. You know, we learned about the sanctity of others wealth, the sanctity of other people's property, there's some money, even if it's $50, even if it's $100, you don't have right over it, don't lie, to get that money. Don't lie to get that money. Because when you will take that remember that somebody will suffer, you know who will suffer another person who genuinely needs money, but they will be refused, because people don't trust a certain community anymore. Who else will suffer people who have to pay the taxes? Right? They're working so hard. And at the end of the day, they have to give so much of their money as tax. They're

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suffering because of your lying. So you're committing that sin in a Battlin way, leave that sin as well. somebody raised their hand.

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Yes, that backbiting, talking bad about someone behind their back so you're bottling from them hidden from them. And even if you're lying before others, it's a double tin Baldwin, Angela hit. So leave that

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other exam example of Battlin is what people do with themselves in private, whether it is doing something online, for example, on some website, pretending that you're somebody else, right? And you are emailing someone or talking to them and lying to them about everything. This is what Battlin sin, because over the internet, people commit many sins, right? Sometimes in law headway as well. So for example, they'll post something online, they'll tweet something, something on their Facebook, they will put and everybody sees it. But for some reason people think that nobody's gonna see it,

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isn't it which is why people say the strangest things online, they will do the strangest things online as well. They will write comments which are not appropriate, they will write words which are not appropriate, they will post pictures of themselves which are not appropriate, they will like something or someone which is not appropriate, right, they will share a link which is not appropriate la hip or Battlin. Another example is for instance, why hip a person committing Zina openly and bouncing that a person doing something with their private parts which is not allowed, which is not allowed. We discussed earlier that having the feelings you're not sinful for that

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But you are supposed to control those feelings. But if a person touches a private part, to the point that they have sexual pleasure, and mom doesn't know, nobody knows, they're in bed. They're hidden under the blanket.

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Nobody knows about it. Allah knows. Allah knows. You cannot do with your private part what Allah doesn't allow you to do neither with someone, nor with yourself, you can't do that. And it's very important that we realize that it's wrong for me to do it. Even if I'm doing it with my own hands. It's still wrong.

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It is still something that Allah doesn't approve off. And yes, there may be differences of opinion out there. However, in the Quran very clearly Allah subhanaw taala says that those who guard their private parts Illa Allah as watching him, except their spouses. So you can only attain sexual pleasure with who with a spouse, not with your hands. And if we don't consider sin to be sin, then how can we stay away from it? Why do you think * is called a secret habit? Because it's a secret bad habit. And it gets worse and worse. Because once a person does it because of their thoughts, next time they have to see something graphic. Next time they have to imagine something

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really graphic. Why do you think people develop such pathetic habits? Whether it's *, or it is touching other people harming children in this way as well? Where does it come from? Battling sin? Right, battling sin does not remain Belton for long it becomes law hit.

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A person does it in their room once and then they do it publicly. They do it to somebody else. This is how evil begins. So whether Allah Harrell is me, we're about to leave all sins, whether it's protected by your password, or it is hidden behind a different name, or it is something that your parents don't have access to. Still, it's a sin. And yes, we are afraid of our parents, we're afraid of our peers. We are afraid of our teachers, maybe, but who should we be most afraid of? Allah subhanaw taala because at the end of the day, really, if somebody does something wrong, and their parents want to punish them, what can they do? Yeah, let them ground them for a week, take their

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phone away, take their iPad away, okay, what will happen after a year, things will be back to normal. Hopefully inshallah. All right. How much can people punish you? How much can they reprimand you? Not that much. But Allah subhanaw taala. If he if he punishes a servant for the wrongs that he has done, where can that servant go? Where can that person go?

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How can they save themselves? Imagine if a person ends up in hellfire because of the secret sins that he or she has been committing? Can he escape? Can he avoid that punishment?

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You know how you said secret sin can come you know, open can be open. When we have some feeling for somebody we don't like them. We should be supposed to make dua to Allah subhanaw taala to make us like them because if we keep hating that person, it's going to come out yes, that hatred is going to come out. That jealousy is eventually going to show that pride is eventually going to come out. So whether Allah Hill is me, we're about to know why. Because in Alladhina, hexy Brunel Ismet so you disown me my kanwariya chloroform, they will be punished for the wrong that they are doing in total are off by a 33 Wheeler, pull in them. $100 bill for waggish Mellado minha. Wilma baton, say My Lord

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has forbidden in moralities. All in moralities. Whether it is a parent or it is concealed, whether it is done publicly or privately, whether it's with the limbs or with the heart, whether it's with the tongue, or just in the mind, every kind of sin, Allah subhanaw taala has forbidden why? Because those who commit sins, they will see the consequences. Nobody can get away with doing something wrong.

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Remember this, if I've done something wrong, I can never ever get away with it. Maybe I can deceive my family. I can deceive my husband, but I can never get away with it. Allah subhanaw taala knows and at the end of the day, he's the one who punishes and sometimes what happens is that when we look at other people and they're doing something wrong, we're like, look, they're perfectly fine. They're so happy in fact, right and

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Here I am making my life miserable, telling myself No, but I should stay away from this, and I should not do this, you know, I follow so many rules and look at how difficult my life is. Look at these people, they're doing every wrong action, and they're completely fine. So what's the big deal? If I do it, too, has this thought ever come to your mind.

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Everybody has, you know, a friend from the opposite gender, and sometimes the same gender, okay, like that kind of a friend. And nothing's happening to them. It's not that they're getting extremely sick, or they're getting bad marks in school, or they lied and their nose didn't get long. You know, everything's fine. They're normal. In fact, they're happy. Look how satisfied they are. Look how happy they are. The Court cited there every day, they come and hug their friend. And you know, they're just fine. And here I am a loner. And here I am being miserable. What's the big deal.

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And then we tell ourselves, ALLAH is forgiving, Allah is merciful. Or we tell ourselves, I don't care, I've had it done with it. I want to be free. I don't like all these rules. I want to relax, I want to have fun. I'm young, I'm supposed to have fun. It's my right. And we come up with excuses and reasons. But tell yourself remind yourself of that time, it's still not okay. Just because somebody's happy now, doesn't mean they will be happy in the hereafter. Because in the livina, xe bonell Isma. So you Zona be mechanical Yocto. Before they will be punished eventually, either now, or later, nobody's getting away with anything. Yes. So like, my friend's mom, she works at Metro.

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And she tells my friend and my friend tells me that all these young girls who work and mature with her, they're always complaining about how their boyfriend treats them, like how wrongly, and I'm like, Subhan Allah, like, we don't have to worry about any of that, right? Like life is already complicated as it is like, we don't have to worry about any of that. And you may think they're happy. But you know, with that comes a lot of downs too. So. And even if there is a lot of happiness attached to it, a lot of benefit attached to it. Remember that in the long run, it's not going to be beneficial. It's not going to be good. For example, a girl, she has a secret relationship, you know,

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friendship with a guy. Okay. And let's say they happen to be Muslim, both of them, and their parents don't know. And eventually they do want to get married, but their parents don't allow.

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Have you heard that story. Of course, of course, or they change their mind.

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I remember somebody telling me, but one of their very, very close friends, the how

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they and this other person, they were really good friends throughout university, and everybody knew that eventually these two are gonna get married. Okay, and these are Muslims, by the way. And then what happened all of a sudden, the girl, she got married to somebody else, just out of the blue, and the guy is just like, shocked what happened, everything was fine.

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I've been waiting all these years waiting for her to complete her degree, getting myself a good jobs that her parents would approve of it. And here she is getting married to somebody else. He was depressed. For so many years, he didn't want to get married. And eventually he did. So remember that every wrong action that Allah does not approve of, eventually, if you do it, eventually, you're going to suffer. So no matter how beautiful it seems, no matter how enjoyable and attractive it may seem, no matter how much people encourage you to do it, don't do it. Don't do it, because it's only going to bring you trouble.

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In history class, we were talking about discovering louder. We were doing this article, and it was talking about how people are able to do more sins because they feel distance from what they're doing. So like, when Hitler was telling people to kill like Jewish people, people could kill them, like upfront and like point a gun at people and shoot them. So they distance the people who are supposed to kill them, by putting them in a separate room from the other people. So they were able to do the wrong action. So people are able to do wrong actions when they're not actually seeing what the consequences are. Because when you see the consequences before you, then you can't do it.

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Because after all your human being right, when you see the consequences before you're not going to do it. And when the consequences are hidden from you, then you can do it. Like for example, here's a person just, you know, moving around certain control certain buttons. He doesn't hear the screams. He doesn't watch that child bleeding to death. He doesn't watch that mother screaming for her dead child. He doesn't see it. All he has to do is press a button.

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He can do it very easily, but when he will

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See the consequences? You know, his heart will tell him, there's something you don't do. So we should remember the consequences so that we can stop ourselves from saying, every time there's a temptation, remind yourself of fire.

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Remind yourself off fire. Literally, when you don't want to pray, go stand in front of a stove, or some fire lighter or something if you have an electric stove, but something, remind yourself of that heat. And ask yourself, can I tolerate this for even a minute? Can I tolerate this for even a minute? I cannot. So when I cannot tolerate this, I'm not going to do the sin.

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The thing is, we forgot Allah subhanaw taala watching us if we really know Allah subhanaw taala watching us just like a camera in front of us. We wouldn't see I remember once. The girls I teach them memorization class. They keep talking, I tell them don't talk don't have they don't want to listen. So what I did I put the phone I said, I'm recording your voice. None of them want talk almost half an hour. They're all silent. Subhanallah if we really we realize Allah watching us. Very true. If we realize that everything has been written down and recorded, even these words that I'm saying, We won't say them. I know one of my friend. They were like friends, when they were young.

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And finally they got married. But now their daughters are of that age. They said to me, like, please don't let my daughters and my sons know that. Me and my husband were friends before because I'm worried about my kids now, they find out that we were dating, then they will say we want to do it too. Why do you stop us? Alright, so whether Allah Hill is me, we're about to leave all sins because at the end of the day, even if people are watching, or even if people are, you know, they approve of it. And sometimes certain people may not be watching who is watching you, always Allah is who doesn't approve of that action. Allah doesn't. And at the end of the day, your matter is with who?

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Allah subhanaw taala not with the people.

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What Kulu and do not eat mimma from that which lamb not youth, God it was mentioned is smooth name Allah He of Allah or lay upon it. Do not eat of that meat, that animal over which the name of Allah was not mentioned. Why? Because we're in the hood, and indeed it lufisto Surely a sin. What's the same?

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What's the sin, eating of that meat of that animal? Over which Allah's name was not mentioned when it was slaughtered? Look at this ayah Allah says it is a fist It is a sin to eat such meat. So sometimes you may be with certain people who approve of eating. Let's say Nanda be Hamid. Okay, because they eat anything. They just say, say Bismillah and eat.

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But still, who's watching you? Allah is watching you. They're like, Yeah, my mom. Yes, she doesn't approve it, but she's not here. So if I take a burger from McDonald's, and my mom's never gonna find out, I'll eat it. What's the big deal? No, it's a sin. Even if it's baffling your parents don't find out what do you eat at school? What do you eat when you go to the mall with your friends, your parents don't know. But who knows? Allah knows.

00:33:31 --> 00:34:01

Sometimes we're not careful what we're eating. So for example, the ingredients were not that careful ingredients and fries, especially we think that it's just, you know, fries, their potatoes, we can eat it. But some of these restaurants they fried within the same oil that they fry the chicken. So it's not a lot, so it's best to ask. Now it's different but before they used to flash fry them in, you know, certain kinds of meat fat, and then preserve them. And then refi them later on. Now apparently, it's been changed. But before that was the way hola who are

00:34:02 --> 00:34:39

kind of related to what she and you were just saying. A lot of times it is just potatoes, but they're frying it in the oil that's not vegetable based. Yes. That happened to us recently. We were out with my parents and we were far away from home. So we decided to just go to a fish and chips shop because we're really hungry. Yes. And we're ready to order. But we thought at the last moment just to ask what kind of oil they used. And the man who saw that we were Muslim. He's like, Oh, if you're worried about it being vegetable oil, we don't use vegetable oil. It's animal based. Yes. And we think it's only fish. What's wrong with fish but many times the better is what? Beer you know

00:34:39 --> 00:34:46

that? I didn't know. Now be careful next time you eat fish from outside. From anonymous and restaurant make sure you ask them what's in the better.

00:34:51 --> 00:35:00

To you to go I was invited to me in a new Muslim sister were invited to attend a breakfast for new Muslims. And it was

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

held out a non Muslim restaurant. So I wasn't eating at the time. But she like I didn't order anything but she had ordered and she were with a whole bunch of new Muslims and Muslim. So the place was reserved for Muslims. And when she ordered her food, she's like, I can taste pork on my plate, even though just eggs and potatoes, and then after. So, I just looked at everybody around the Muslims, like we don't know what that tastes like. But she was able to know because she was a new Muslim. She said I disliked it when I was a non Muslim and I dislike it now. And I was like, everybody's enjoying their food and they don't know that it's I'm grilled on the same. Yeah. So

00:35:38 --> 00:36:23

always ask, and Hamdulillah you live in a country where you have the right to find out about what you're eating, you have the right to demand information, right, that is going to affect you. So when you have that liberty, take advantage of it. Walter khulumani Malamute charisma Allah Hara Lee, we're in the hula fists, if you remind yourself, it's a sin. It is a sin, then you won't want to eat that which is Harlem. And you wouldn't want to, you know, turn a blind eye to the ingredients list. Right? I personally example, if someone is allergic to a certain food product, what do they do? Or what do their family members they're always checking the ingredients, even if they know that certain

00:36:23 --> 00:37:08

cookies are okay. But every time they will purchase those cookies, they will still read. Why? Because what if the ingredients changed? You never know. I don't want to take a chance. So just like that you don't want to take a chance we're in a hula fist. We're in the end indeed. A shale clean the devil's lair you Hona surely they inspire Isla to Alia in him, their friends, the devils, they inspire their friends, meaning they put what's was on their hearts, they instigate them. They give them ideas why Leo jadie LUCAM so that they argue with you. So for example, it's from shaitan this thought that how come you don't eat of that animal which Allah killed? So remember that this is from

00:37:08 --> 00:37:18

shaitan were in authority to move on and if you were to obey them, who the people in what they tell you to eat in a coma indeed you law Moshe Kuhn,

00:37:19 --> 00:37:23

surely you would be associating partners with Allah.

00:37:24 --> 00:37:57

If you were to obey the people in what they command you in what they order you. They tell you 20 Fries, what's the big deal? I mean, how much animal fat would be on these fries anyway? How much and nobody dies? If they eat pork? Come on, it's not going to kill you. So what's the big deal? Eat it. Allah says we're in authority move on, if you obey them in a common law machico Then you would be doing shit with Allah. How? How would you be doing shit with Allah? Because you are preferring somebody else's command over the Command of Allah,

00:37:58 --> 00:38:22

the right of Allah, you're giving it to somebody else. You're obeying someone in disobedience to Allah and that is a kind of shake. Because Allah alone deserves to be obeyed. That is his unique, right? Right. And if you take somebody else's legislation, their command and you are disobeying Allah, then then you would be committing schicke

00:38:23 --> 00:38:26

let's listen to the recitation for Kulu

00:38:28 --> 00:38:29

Luquillo small long

00:38:36 --> 00:38:39

meaty, MIDI one

00:38:41 --> 00:38:42


00:38:44 --> 00:38:45

Lukianoff smooth on

00:38:47 --> 00:38:47

other false

00:38:49 --> 00:38:51

walk by the false false

00:38:52 --> 00:38:54

one out

00:38:55 --> 00:39:01

No, Baden Tong la vie. We're in

00:39:03 --> 00:39:04

Luna we

00:39:08 --> 00:39:08


00:39:10 --> 00:39:18

in Baca Hua our lemmo bill more 31 dot o volume

00:39:21 --> 00:39:22


00:39:24 --> 00:39:26

XC Moonalice measure you

00:39:28 --> 00:39:31

can weigh up all 34

00:39:33 --> 00:39:34

What I call

00:39:37 --> 00:39:38

carry small long

00:39:39 --> 00:39:41


00:39:43 --> 00:39:43


00:39:44 --> 00:39:45


00:39:55 --> 00:39:59

are in our power to move in motion

00:40:00 --> 00:40:00


00:40:04 --> 00:40:20

So some people, they get influenced by these, you know, ideas that come from shaitan. And they obey light Allah and others what happens, they remain firm, no matter who tells them no matter who tries to convince them, they don't listen, they only listen to Allah subhanaw taala

00:40:21 --> 00:40:42

that if a doctor tells you, you better change your eating habits, you better stop eating this particular food, you better stop smoking. Because if you continue, you're gonna die within one year, you're gonna die within five years, you're gonna get this and this cancer, you're gonna get this and this problem in your body. What happens people, they leave those habits immediately.

00:40:43 --> 00:41:19

Right, all of a sudden, they will change their diet completely. No matter how much they love those certain foods, they will leave them why because the doctor has said, If I continue, I'm gonna die. If I continue, I'm gonna get cancer, I'm gonna get heart problems, so I have to stop and believe them. And when Allah subhanaw taala told us to leave a sin. Then what happens? We contemplate and we think about it, we're like, Yeah, but it's fun. Everybody does it. It's harmless. Innocent. I'm only 18 not married yet. I'm still very young. I have a long life to do Orion Hajj and seek forgiveness from Allah.

00:41:21 --> 00:41:58

Sin I really go. Um, there was one sister that was traveling with her family. And her father was planning to take her to like this, basically, in America was like, the Wonderland here. If the sisters were planning to go swimming, and they were suggesting to her to just like, take her hijab off and just go swimming. And one person said to her, you know, the sky is not going to fall if you just do that, despite everyone going against her. She still ignored them and said, No, I'm not swimming. So that's the way because what you know, the sky is not going to fall over you, okay? Nobody's going to look at you strange, that, Hey, that girl, her head is not covered. Nobody's going

00:41:58 --> 00:42:19

to give you those looks. Right? But still, you're not going to do it because Allah doesn't approve of it. Right? You go swimming in a private pool where it's covered and where there's only sisters, but outside and public in the open where men can see you. You're not going to do it. Why? Because Allah doesn't approve of it. And such a person. Allah says, a woman

00:42:20 --> 00:43:15

is well and man who? The one who can he was made and dead. He was dead before. What happened for a year now who so we gave him life. How was he dead? He had no faith. He had no email. He was like a dead person. And Allah subhanaw taala gave him life how that he gave him me man, he gave him confidence to follow him to obey Him to worship Him. Allah gave him a new life, what your Allah and we made low for him nor on a light. We made for him a light, meaning we gave him guidance, young sheep, he walks from meat machine yet mushiya To walk, he walks, be with it, meaning with that light finesse amongst the people. He is living amongst the people. He has this light, this guidance that

00:43:15 --> 00:44:01

Allah subhanaw taala has given him and he doesn't keep that light hidden in his house, hidden in his private life, know that light is with him wherever he or she is meaning he follows the guidance of Allah the commands of Allah, wherever he or she is. He obeys Allah, wherever he is, because he knows Allah is watching him. He leaves sens wherever he is why? Because he knows that Allah is watching him. Such a person, with faith, with life with a man with this light with this guidance. And you know, living a very secret of life in the sense that nobody knows about your worship. Nobody knows about your hijab, nobody knows about your goodness, it's very easy. But being amongst people, that

00:44:01 --> 00:44:18

is difficult. You know, for example, one is that you didn't wear hijab before. Now you start wearing hijab, and you don't go to school anymore, you homeschool. Okay, there is no inshallah. All right, but imagine going back to that same school. And now you're weighing with a hijab on.

00:44:19 --> 00:44:59

This is Yoshi finesse. This is being amongst the people with that know that Allah has given you this is much greater in the sense that this is more difficult. And in order to do that, you have to have more faith, you really have to be determined. Because many people, what happens is that once they leave the bad company, all right, they become very good. And as soon as they go back to that same company, they go back to those same friends, those same people that same school, what happens? All their goodness, they leave it behind. They switch back to how they used to be before no

00:45:00 --> 00:45:19

They didn't really get guidance then who is the true recipient of guidance, the one who changes his ways completely. And even when he's amongst people, he lives with that guidance that Allah subhanaw taala has granted, he lives those commands that Allah has given him.

00:45:20 --> 00:46:01

Yoshi finesse. Yes. So yeah, so that reminds me how some people think that Salah should be confined to prayer rooms and things like that. But there's that hadith that the whole earth is a masjid. So it doesn't really the point is that religion shouldn't be just confined to like a certain room. But it's, you know, a way of life. It's exactly, it's a way of life. It's supposed to be with you, in you, wherever you are, whether you're at the mall, or you're at school, at work with your friends, with your aunties with your mom's friends, whoever, wherever you are. If you've really accepted the node that Allah has given you, then it will show

00:46:02 --> 00:46:27

Yes, this one time, me and my friends were, we were at like the train station or something. And it was Juma that day and we had to prepare a sir. So they weren't that many people. But we decided to like pray there. And there was this one guy who was like watching us. And then eventually like he, he built his own jacket down, him start praying. And then he came up to us. And he was just like, Thank you for reminding me about my prayers.

00:46:28 --> 00:47:09

And if a person thinks that No, no, if I'm home, if I'm at school, and you know, close to a prayer room, yes, I'll pray there. But here, come on, how can I pray here? That means that the noon has not really been taken, it has not really been accepted. It's not really with you, wherever you are. It's only confined to certain places. And sometimes it happens at where we know, we'll be accepted the way we are. We remain like that, and where we fear that people are not going to accept us the way we are, then we change according to how people want us to be. Recently I was at a mall and walking in this woman goes to me, you're in Canada now. I'm like, Yes, I know. Thank you very much. And, you

00:47:09 --> 00:47:25

know, what happens is that when you hear such comments, you develop this fear, right? That people are going to say something to me, I can't do this anymore. I cannot go with this away anymore. You know, a jacket is okay, it's winter anyway. So if my jacket is knee length, okay, what's the big deal?

00:47:27 --> 00:48:04

Just so that I can fit in more with people, you know, I'll blend in with the people and if I wear this old stick out. So I don't want that I don't want to draw too much attention because it's going to be difficult. I can't tolerate that. But what happens is that when you remain firm, and you don't get affected by what people say to you, and Allah Subhana Allah gives you that confidence as well. So this morning, I happened to be entering a store. And as we're crossing the street, somebody honked at us. I didn't even look, I just went my way. And my husband's like, that was this woman that we know off. I'm like, Oh, I thought it was somebody honking because of, you know, so I didn't

00:48:04 --> 00:48:10

even bother looking at them. I just went my way, because I thought that perhaps you know, who would honk at you at random?

00:48:12 --> 00:48:28

A person who doesn't look like a Muslim, but you know, and they're not a Muslim, but my husband knew them through work. So anyway, I didn't think that was a good hunk. So I didn't pay attention. So what happens is that when you become firm about your wishes, then Allah gives you the confidence, and then you don't care about what people say.

00:48:29 --> 00:49:09

Then you get over it. You're confident about how you are right? You are okay with yourself. And once you are okay with yourself, then it doesn't matter what people say. It doesn't matter what they do. Yes, I know of many sisters who live in Middle East, and when they come back to Canada, they don't wear their hijab, and when you tell them they say, Come please make dua for me so that Allah may guide me. I mean, you're in such a beautiful country. You know, you have been living there people are wearing hijab, but then when you come here, you forget about it. Forget that Allah is watching you. Yes. So EMTB even nest remember, this is the test. It's very easy to practice the religion of

00:49:09 --> 00:49:52

Allah when you are alone. Or when you are within a closed circle when you are at a hola when you are at a masjid when you are at an Islamic conference, very easy to put on a hijab, to put on an Avaya to say good things to walk modestly, very easy to do that the real test is when you are amongst the rest of the people who don't think like you who don't like what you're doing, who don't approve of your choices. That is the real test. Sound like I actually have a couple of things to say the first one, it goes back to you know, kind of being confident in the fact that you're Muslim. And this actually happened to my sister a long time ago, she actually used to work at a store. And then she

00:49:52 --> 00:49:59

had her job on obviously and she was working at the class and this lady comes and she's like, oh, you know, why are you wearing that you're in Canada now.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:35

And then, you know, that really bothered my sister. But then she didn't obviously say anything bad because she got so respect representative of the store. And then, you know, the lady was pretty loud. And she was sort of insulting to my sister, but she didn't say anything back. And then, as soon as the lady left, and she was about to cache the girl, the woman out, she just said, The woman said, you know, some people are just so ignorant, that kind of gave her fuel because she was a non Muslim. And it happened recently to, you know, to me, because I from the law, started wearing the baya, just try to be a little bit more modest. And, you know, a lot of the things we think about

00:50:35 --> 00:51:11

exist in our head, it's actually a sock, because people are not going to care what you do. And you know, I was very stingy. And then I'd thought about about it for about, I think, three days. And I was like, why am I doing this? Because people aren't gonna care. And I think recently, we did the eye on putting our trust in Allah. And I sort of used that to kind of push me forward. And, you know, I just walked out. And I felt like, I've been wearing this form of modesty for a really long time now, just really, really comfortable. And then once I got to, like, you know, work, and I was on the bus only want, like, someone looked at me, and they're just like, What is this? And I just

00:51:11 --> 00:51:50

ignored because I was so happy with the decision I made that I couldn't care less about what you said, or think or looked at me. Yes. And just lastly, I'm sorry, before you continue, what she said that many times the fears are just in our heads. That is very true. Half the time people don't even notice you. And if they do not assume they will be like, Yeah, okay, they don't really care much about you. And even if they are bothered, and they want to say something, majority of the time, they won't say it, which is why you don't hear every third person saying something negative to you. You only hear such remarks once every few months, maybe or once every few weeks, maybe. So when you have

00:51:50 --> 00:51:53

those thoughts, those thoughts are coming from who child lean

00:51:54 --> 00:52:32

because Chalon wants to weaken you a shaitana Yari Docomo fucker, he threatens you with poverty, he threatens you, you know, he puts these fears in your head. So don't fall for them. And just lastly, you know, as a Muslim, we have actually been honored with regards to showing our religion of, you know, the modesty and the humility we have and then the hijab. And then I guess, I think a lot of the times, when we associate, you know, the concept of that, well, we think of our tongue, but you have to remember that Allah isn't just your tongue. It's the way you act in public and the way you present in public and you never know you can indirectly be giving that when it goes back to I think

00:52:32 --> 00:53:08

one of the sisters was talking about, you know, how someone was playing solo, and then a brother in the back kind of saw what was happening. And even in our university, it's like, we have the multifaith room, but then we have a sisters prayer room, and a brother's prayer room. And you know, a lot of the brothers, there's a section in the library in the corner, they will just start praying. And even there's no sign there that says, like, you know, this is the area, they just do it because they know that's part of their faith. Yes. So Yum, she be evenness, when he's walking with that light amongst people. This light is a source of guidance for him and also for others, when he obeys

00:53:08 --> 00:53:56

Allah, amongst people, then he guess he does something good himself, but he's also a source of reminding other people, he also a source of Dawa. So, here is one person and on the other hand is a different person, Allah subhanaw taala says, This person can he be common like the one who method who is example meaning his description, the other person has description as what? That he is filled Lumad in the darknesses, he is in the darknesses Lazar, he is not behind origin at all, one who comes out minha from it, meaning he is covered with the veils of ignorance, desire, fear of people, he's in darkness, and he has no intention of changing his ways. He's not coming out of that

00:53:56 --> 00:54:42

darkness. So these two people are the same. No one has light wherever he is. He's obeying Allah wherever he is, on the other hand, is a person who is covered in his ignorance closed in his bias, closed in his following his desires. Laser Behati Jamin ha these two people are not the same. They're very different now and in the future, and in the Hereafter, because when the actions are different, the results will be different. One is a person obeying Allah, the other is a person disobeying Allah, their results are never going to be the same Gallica thus Xena, it is adorned lil Katherina for the disbelievers mare that which can who they use to Yamalube they do. Meaning for the

00:54:42 --> 00:54:59

disbelievers. They're wrong actions are beautified for them, meaning they think that what they're doing is so beautiful is so good. It's the right thing to do, which is why they're so confident about it. And they impose the same on you, which is why if you're obeying Allah, they find that very strange. So because

00:55:00 --> 00:55:44

Alakazoo unitil Katherina McCann Oyama don't, they're wrong actions are beautified for them and for you the reward that you expect from Allah that you hope from Allah, that should seem so beautiful to you that no matter what the people say, no matter how they make fun of you, you still obey Allah. Because at the end of the day, the two people that are mentioned over here they're never going to be the same. In total Mulk Ayah 22 FM am she McKibbon Allah wa G M am she is a wagon R la Salatu was the theme. One is a person who walks fallen on his face imagine a person walking like this doesn't have any idea doesn't have any idea what he should do what he should avoid. And the other is a

00:55:44 --> 00:56:30

person who is walking straight and he knows about his surroundings he sees what he should do. He sees what he should avoid they're not the same intuitive athlete i a 19 to 22 Allah says when is the will armor will mislead the person who can see the person was blind they're not the same what else Luna to well unknown darkness and light they're not equal well as Linda one at her wounds shed and Sons heat they're not the same woman is solar here will unwed the living and the dead even they're not the same. So ask yourself, Am I a person who is alive? Or my person who's walking dead like a zombie? You know, an alive person. He's aware of the circumstances, his surroundings where he's

00:56:30 --> 00:56:49

going, the choices that he's making, conscious decision, but what I say what I look at what I do with my hands and my fingers in my mouth and my eyes, consciously deciding every action, every word, and the other is a person who doesn't care, different consequences.

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