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The transcript describes a conversation between a person named Dakhla and a woman named Amata Lila about the safety of going on a path filled with thorns. Dakhla advises Amata to guard herself with the stucco and not to act like a person walking in a path filled with thorns. The conversation also references a policy that Dakhla was supposed to read but was not followed.

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. So, one of the most vivid illustrations of what Taqwa is came from a conversation that happened between Ramadan hot lava De La Hoya and OBE MCAP, Ramana Mahatama. At the time was a middle meeting will be even niqab was one of the great scholars of the unsought and Amata Lila, and I asked him and he said to him, what is the what? And so obey while the Allahu Anhu asked him a question, he responded with a question. And he said to me, I mean, have you ever walked down a path that was filled with thorns? And he said to him, yes. He said, What did you do? He says, shamoto he had to I, I pulled my garments close to me, they would wear flowing

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garments, so he didn't want to get caught in the thorns. He says, I pulled them close to me, and I was careful where I stepped. And so they said to him, about the Allah and who that is. dukkha and so we learned from this conversation that Dakhla is to be careful where you step that you'd be picked by the thorns of life that you picked by the thorns of shaytaan and that this walk in a thorny path is really just a metaphor for our lives. That you make sure that you you guard yourself with the stucco. And so you know this was codified in poetry when one of the policy says there is no but can be a little how a silly little high Baca was not commercially out of the show. Kia Hello, my era

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that Khurana severe rotten ineligible demeanor Hustla he says

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taco is to leave Austin's the light in the severe and to act like a person who's walking in a path filled with thorns, cautious and with fear. Don't belittle small scents from pebbles mountains up here. We ask Allah azza wa jal to make us of the people of Taqwa and to teach us how to be of them.