Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P01 010A Translation Al-Baqarah 49-59

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers a variety of topics, including Moqud, Rosa, and Lonnie. It is a mix of unrelated and disjointed phrases and sentences, making it difficult to summarize. The student struggles with writing letters and creating a resume, but the speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding the word to word meaning and practice writing letters and creating a resume.
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Madonna Salia louder Saudi Hill Kareem America bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish trochlea Saudi were Sidley Emery washed ruler of the tambuli Sani of Kahu Kohli Robin as in our email. Lesson number 10. So little Bacara number 49 to 59

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What is and when not J Now calm. We saved you all.

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Men from

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fit or ona off at her own.

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You're so Munna Khan

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they afflict you all. They impose on you all. Su evil Allah either the punishment

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you there be Hoonah

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they slaughter they massacre

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a banana ACOEM

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your sons

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what and yes the unit

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they seek to keep alive

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Nyssa ACOEM your women

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what and fi in the telecom that for you all built on a trial men from Rob become your lord or Lehman Great.

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Well and it when for apana we parted

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become with you all for you all. Al Baqarah the see

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for Angelina calm then we rescued you all.

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What and a lacuna. We drowned Ella people fit her owner of fit her own well while until you all tumble rune you are look

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what if and when were our dinner we promised Musa Musa alayhis salam

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on Marina 14 Leila 10 night and in brackets you can write us nights

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some then it the husband you all talk and Regina the calf men from

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bar the he after him

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what anthem while you all Lonnie Moon once who do wrong

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summer then our fauna we pardoned I'm come from you all men from birdie after that Lika that Lauren come in order that you all the school rune you all are grateful.

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What it is and when attina We give Musa Musa alayhis salam al Kitab the Book One four corner and the criterion la isla calm so that you that the dune you all are rightly guided. What if and when? Paula? He said Musa Musa alayhis salam Licchavi to his people.

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Yeah, or call me my people? Intercom indeed you voluntold you all wronged and forsaken yourselves. But the holiday come because of your taking a regular the calf for to boo so you altern in repentance Illa to bury EComm your Creator

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Felco true. So you all kill and foster Calm yourselves. Then we come that for you all. Chiron is best Laquan for you are in the near very equal your Creator

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forever. So he turned in mercy or LA come upon you

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in the who? Indeed he Hua he at the web, the greatest acceptor of repentance. Or Rahim the Especially Merciful

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what if and when Fulltone you said yeah Musa or Musa learn never. Nope Mina we will believe liquor for you had the until now

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Are we see? Hola Hola. Hola gehalten openly

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for alpha.com So it says do you are sorry your call to the Thunderbolt. What anthem while you all download rune you all look

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some then birth Nakhon we raised you men from body after multicam your death, Lauren Lacan so that you Dushku rune. You all are grateful.

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Well, Valentina, and we shaded our lake home upon you, Alana, the clouds were in zona, and we sent down our lake home upon you, alumina. The man was Sunwear and the Salwa Kulu you all eat men from by Uberti good things ma that which

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Rosa gonna come we provided you all

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woman and not Lala Munna they wronged Us while working but Kanu they were unforced the home themselves yielded the moon they do wrong

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what if and when? Cool now we said oh the Hulu you will enter healthy he this URL Korea to the town fuck Hulu then you all eat minha from it Hazel wherever shit dumb you all wished raw than less freely, abundantly. What the Hulu and you all enter Alibaba, the doors, the doors and put the s in a bracket.

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So Jada? Frustrating.

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Wilco Lou and you all say hello platoon, HIPAA.

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HIPAA tune HIPAA or forgiveness

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now we'll fit we will forgive lecan for you. Haha calm your sins, your mistakes, work and centers Edo we will soon increase l more sinning those who do utmost good.

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Ferber della then he changed Alladhina those who want to move they did wrong. Oh learn a saying a word or euro other than a lady which pillar it was said LA home do them for an Zona so we sent down Allah upon a Latina those who want to move they did wrong represent a severe punishment of filthy punishment. Men from a summer the sky Bheema because of what guy knew they were Yep, so cool. They cross limits.

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That's it.

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So inshallah next week, what do you have

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your test what's coming on your test.

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What will you be tested on?

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First of all, the word to word translation.

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Okay, the word to our translation. Secondly.

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Yes, root letters. Thirdly

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singulars as well. And fourthly

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words out of passage one more thing.

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Okay. Singular plural. Same thing. One more thing. Yes.

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Not word breakup. One more thing is you know how sometimes they give you the meaning of a word. Listen to these instructions very carefully, okay? Because you might regret later.

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Sometimes they give you the meaning of a word,

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the literal meaning, and then what the word actually means. Can you think of something?

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Exactly the word analysis, for example, about the word with the clean taco. What does it literally mean to take a shield? What is the core to take a shield to take protection against

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Allah's punishment how? By doing what He has commanded and staying away from what he has forbidden. So basically, the definitions that I give you, the literal meaning that I give you, such questions will also come. Okay. So what

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You're studying for your test make sure you have all these four things done. For all of the verses that are coming on the test. One more thing is that the verses that the word meanings will come in two ways. The word for translation will come in two ways. First is that a passage will be given. For example, two verses will be given three verses will be given. And you have to put the translation under the word to word just as there's translation in your job. Don't start translating the whole sentence. Okay, how will you translate it word to word right under the word you write its meaning. And please don't forget fun and work and URL and well known don't ignore them. Because if you ignore

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them you will lose marks wherever you have to say you all make sure you do that wherever you have to write the meaning of as in so what as an end, don't forget that lamb as in for don't forget that okay, pay attention to every single word every single letter. Secondly, the word meanings will also come as individual words okay. So for example,

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amino, so, you have to write the meaning of the word ave you all believe. Similarly a Lavina those who al Kitab the Book you understand, so verses will come and also words will come

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inshallah and I believe this one is your practice test, okay. This is not the actual test that you will be graded on. This will be a practice that so that you become familiar with how you will be tested. You become familiar with the study that how you're supposed to prepare, so that inshallah you do very well on your actual test. Yes, sister.

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How many verses will come on the test from which I do.

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Okay, so the Fatiha all the way through to Baqarah verse number 39. Okay, verse number 39. Until then,

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okay. Anything else?

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You can mention that. I said I'm already going from me.

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