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Ash-Shura 20-35 Tafsir 21-23

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I was a bit lame in a ship on your login Bismillahirrahmanirrahim

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lesson number 254 sudo to Shula

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am loving Shoraka or do they have other deities,

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other Cilacap meaning Shoraka whom they have associated with Allah soprano data. And these Shoraka sha Allah who Mina Dini, who have ordained for them or religion, what religion may allow me then be healer, do which Allah has not consented to which Allah has not given permission,

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under whom Shoraka who does them refer to primarily the mechanist believers, but after them, any person who has Shoraka and these Soraka Shanna oola, whom chateauroux Shin Lorraine what the center I mean, to set a law to fix a lot to ordain Allah prescribed Allah.

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So they have prescribed low home for them in a Dini of the deen. They have prescribed for them religious ways, religious rituals, acts of worship, or a religion itself. And this religion this Deen these acts of worship these rituals or ordaining this religion for them is something that mallam yet them behavior, something that Allah has not given permission.

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Meaning it is something that Allah has not allowed, let me let them be late then from the reflectors, Hamza, then noon from the word, even as to permit to allow.

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So this is something that Allah has not allowed. So they are introducing laws that contradict the law of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So if Allah has declared something as halal, they're shadowcat what do they do they declare them as how long when Allah has declared something as how long they're silica declare them as halal, and they follow them in that

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way alone. Can you imagine metal Firstly, and had it not been for the caliber of fossil the statement the word of decision, a decisive word? And what is the decisive word that recompense will be in the hereafter? Luckily abena whom surely it would have been decided between the meaning those people who follow their shoulder care in this regard, changing their religion of Allah inventing their religion, such people, they would have been punished immediately in this world. But because Allah subhanaw taala has decided that recompense will be in the hereafter. This is why such people are spared. What does it mean Allah whom are there when Aleem and indeed for the wrongdoers? There

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is a painful punishment? What do we see in this ayah

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that when it comes to religious acts, when it comes to rituals, when it comes to ways of worship, we have to submit to what Allah has legislated. And we do not have any authority with regards to making something up in their religion, altering their religion doing sharp right we do not have any authority to do that.

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And those who change the religion of Allah or who command that which contradicts the religion of Allah chateauroux Lumina Dini mme, yet them be Allah. Who are they?

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Aren't they?

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Because they are what is what? A rebellious force. So it could be shentong it could be any person, it could be a system, it could be anything that has ordained something that contravenes the law of Allah subhana wa Tada. And following the thoughts is forbidden. Allah subhanaw taala says when Medina gitana, Buddha Buddha and your Buddha will enable a llama.

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Those who avoid the hook from worshipping it, meaning they don't worship, they don't obey the tahu but rather, they return to the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. So for them is good news.

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Now, for example, the machine of Makkah, what had they done?

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With regards to holla and haram? What have they done? That one is something that allow me to Allah, and what ulimate how long, but they have made up their own laws, like for example, some animals they have declared them to be unlawful, simply because they had given birth to a particular number of animals or so on and so forth, such as the hero the cyber, right the harm. Similarly, they had permitted some unlawful things as well, where lawful things were made unlawful, unlawful things were ultimate lawful by them, such as the blood of animals, such as dead animals, such as gambling, and other kinds of misguidance ignorance Vol. Two, they had made all of these things lawful whereas in

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reality, Allah subhanaw taala had made them unlawful.

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So if a person

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follow someone in this regard. This is what should because Allah subhanaw taala says over here alone, Shura cat, those whom they follow in this regard. This is what schicke and we learn from this that the right to legislate anything in religion belongs to Allah alone and giving that right to anyone else. This is what should

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and we learned from a hadith that once the Prophet sallallahu Sallam recited the ayah it the hadoo

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Oberman dunlea that the whodunit Masada they have taken their monks and their priests, their rabbis as Lords besides Allah, so our de Leon or even had him he was previously a Christian, and he said that they did not worship them. The Jews and Christians don't worship their rabbis and their priests. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said yesterday, they prohibited the allowed for them, and allowed the prohibited and they obeyed them. This is how they worshiped.

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So you understand over here, that giving the right of legislation to other than Allah is Schick

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and this is such a huge crime, that such people deserve immediate punishment in the dunya. And if it was not for the decision that Allah subhanaw taala has made from before the punishment would have come upon these people now. But the punishment will be where in the hereafter and that punishment is, are there

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so in this is a lesson for us that following the leaders are following whoever is an authority into him of what Allah has allowed or tallied of what Allah has prohibited? Is this permissible? No. Similarly if someone has innovated something in their religion introduced something in their religion, it's a bitter it's an innovation he has introduced it in their religion, and it's become like a part of Sharia. And if a person follows them, then this is permissible. No way not at all.

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A we're not allowed to make any changes to the religion like this. And B we're not allowed to follow even those people who make such changes. Darryl Worley Mina, you will see the wrongdoers much 15 m Casa boo, fearful of what they have earned in the Hereafter, you will see all the wily mean fearful because of what they have acquired mushrikeen is the plural of mushfiq from the root letters, Shin Falco and Ashoka. It gives us two meanings to love and also to fear it's a combination of both love and fear.

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But when the word mushfiq Shaka is followed by men, then it gives the meaning of fear more than it gives the meaning of love. So much 15 min max possible meaning afraid, concerned, anxious, worried about what they had acquired fearful because of what they had done in the dunya fearful because what they had earned of their deeds in the world war who a welfare over him, yes, they'll be very afraid. However, the punishment will be welfare and be him What What does what refer to the punishment and welfare is one that descends one that falls one that is about to occur, when that is definitely going to occur, work are what is what caused me to occur. So why is there one that will occur? So

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the punishment it will definitely inevitably befall them when in the hereafter?

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Yes, they will be very afraid. But still the punishment is going to come

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compare this to the ayah we learned earlier into the Shura 18 that he has started you'll be heading Medina la you wanna be here. Valentina, Amano. mushfiq una minha that the believers in the state of dunya How are they fearful of the hour? This is why everything they do they do it with the author in mind. And a person who does not have this fear in the dunya. When will he have this fear in the hereafter. But will that fear do anything for him? No. Well, who will welfare over him? It will definitely be for them. Well, Ludhiana Avenue, where I met asylee head, and those who believe and do righteous deeds, where will they be? What stage will they be in fetal bottle Jan, in the metals in

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the gardens of Jenna.

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robot is the plural of Rosa. And Rosa is the lushest area of a garden, the most lush part of a garden.

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If you think about it, you go to a garden. You go to a field, it's beautiful. But the beauty varies from place to place.

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Some areas, some places, some spots, they're more lush, more green and hence more beautiful.

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They have more flowers. There's water over there. So

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It's more attractive. Like for instance, when we went to the picnic, the whole field, the whole park was beautiful, but the part that was closer to the water, why was everybody going there? Why

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is more attractive, more beautiful, because there isn't just greenery over there. There aren't just trees over there but there's also flowing water. So arroba is the most beautiful, luscious part of a garden, you understand?

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So those who believe in do righteous deeds, they will not be in a state of fear on the Day of Judgment. They were afraid in the dunya. This is why they fix their actions. Now in general, in the Hereafter, they will be relaxed, how that they will be enrolled author Jeanette in the luscious gardens in the best of the gardens of Paradise, best of gardens of Paradise. Instead of the room. I have 15 we learned from Aladdin Amanullah Amina suddenly had, for whom Pharaoh letting you have a rune. And as for those who believed and they did righteous deeds, they will be in a garden of Paradise delighted. They will be made happy they'll be made to enjoy. And think about when a person

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is in a garden. Does he feel worried? No, he doesn't want to go home. You tell them it's time to go. They don't want to leave.

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Because they're enjoying the beauty they relax, they're enjoying the scenery. So contrast this to the state of disbelievers. mushfiq own fearful or who are well their own behavior and the punishment will definitely befall them. And compare this to the state of believers in the hereafter relaxed, content, peaceful, enjoy Happy

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lahoma Sha owner in donabedian they will have whatever they wish with their Lord. As earlier we have learned what a comfy Am I attach the unphysical for a comfy hammock, their own danika who unfollowed cubby that is the great father. That is the greatest superiority follow his What? superiority right something that you have that the other doesn't have, or something extra you have compared to others.

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So that is the greatest superiority one could have above the other that a person is in general, a person isn't robotic, can create a superiority. And compared to this, everything else is insignificant.

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So those who strive with the author in mind, those who strive hoping for award in the hereafter that Allah He will give them the hereafter. And that is a fun little cubby

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that he can look at you bashira la horiba who is that of which Allah gives good news to his servants valleca What does Delica refer to this little cubby? This great achievement this great bounty, this huge plastic, this huge favorite This is what Allah gives good news off to who Rebbe who to his servants, with servants alladhina amanu or Amina sila heard those who believe and also do righteous deeds, this is a condition. This good news is only for who for who those who believe and also do good.

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This condition has to be met a man and our Masada both have to be there.

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And only then can a person aim for the

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end if a person is only striving for dunya without eema without our Masada, then his efforts, there will not be acknowledged. So then he can let the universe show love everybody who alladhina amanu where I made a sign.

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If Allah is giving us good news of this, what does it mean for us, we should strive for it, we should meet the conditions. Why is Allah giving the good news so that we do nothing and be happy? No, do something strive for this, this should become your goal. Because in linear no matter what a person does, can you truly relax? No, can he have everything that he desires? No, this is only and this is the good news that Allah is giving. But in order to get that you have to fulfill these conditions

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called say meaning all profits are a lot instead of say this just as every other profit set that led us lucam early. I do not ask you for it any reward meaning for delivering the message for this responsibility of conveying the message to you. I do not expect from you any kind of edges. Because when a person is working for the sake of Allah, when he's doing something for him, Who does he expect reward from? Allah subhanaw taala Can people ever pay him? Can people ever give him what he truly deserves for the effort that he's putting? No, they cannot see the profits on a lot of cinemas made to say let us Luca Murli Angela I do not ask you for it any kind of adjust the prophets of

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Allah other prophets. What it is

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Without Solukhumbu, even editing in Nigeria, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah me, I do not ask you for any edge of my edges from who, the Lord of the worlds, only he can pay me, you can't even pay me for it.

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And you see when a person has the author in mind when he expects reward from Allah alone that this makes his efforts sincere as well. This makes his efforts sincere as well as our data, Phil Korba, except for love, Phil Barber, in the relationship that we have meaning love for relatives.

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Now, this is understood in two ways. Remember, it sometimes is connected and other times it is disconnected.

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Over here it like gives a meaning of this connected, it doesn't mean that this is the reward that he expected from the people. But rather what it means is that the only thing I want from you, the only thing that I do remind you of the only thing that I asked you to do is this. And what is that, and my word data filter of goodwill through kinship, love through kitchen.

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mawatha is love from the root letters. Well then that love friendship, affection. It's a level above muhabba

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filter by uncover who they will corba close relatives, relatives through blood.

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So this has been understood in a number of ways. Some have said that what this means is that the only thing I ask from you is that you show affection for my kinship with you.

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You show affection for my kinship with you. I don't want you to pay me, I don't want you to praise me.

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Even if you don't support me don't but just show some affection from my kinship with you.

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You don't want to believe don't but treat me with consideration at least after all, I'm related to you.

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You see the Arabs in their tribal system, if someone was related to them, even if they were wrong, they were guilty, still they would support

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you understand. Still they will support him.

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You know that your brother is the murderer you know that he is the one who's guilty. But still, who will you support your brother.

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Even if the whole world is against him, you will hold on to your brother You will support him. This was one of the values that they had. And this is something that they held on to very strictly.

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But when it came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, it was as though no ties existed between them and him. No ties,

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which is why they would oppose him. And not just that they call him a liar. They will turn people away from him. They will defame him, his own relatives, what would they do? Throw thorns in his way. And he would be praying in the harem and they would come and throw intestines on him. So the prophets are allowed his enemies made to say that tell them I don't want any work from you. The only thing I do want from you is that you just respect me. You treat me with consideration because of this kinship that we have. That's it. I don't want anything from you. All I ask is that you withhold your evil from me. You don't hurt me. You don't disturb me so that I can do my work properly. That's

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all I want from you.

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Secondly, it is said that Elon Musk Dr. Phil Korba What this means is that the only thing I want from you is my word. Love, Phil purba. And Korba gives meaning of corba gives meaning of

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and corruptible closeness to to Allah subhanaw taala.

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All I want is that you have love for core, meaning you have some interest in getting closer to them.

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You have some interest in getting closer to Allah. And if you think about it, why were the messengers sent? What was their goal? to call people to themselves? No other Oh, it Allah I call to Allah. They did not want anything for themselves or their relatives. They did not want any personal gain. All they wanted was that people should know who their Lord is. People should fear their Lord, they should respect their Lord. That's all they were sensitive. That was the main goal.

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Thirdly date has been said lol Nevada, Phil quarterback. What this means is that you show affection to me as you show affection to your other relatives.

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Others have said that what this means is that you have mawatha Phil korova meaning filterbuy amongst yourselves. So you have love for one another. You do sit at home, you show affection to your relatives. However, this is a very limited meaning.

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Some have even said that what

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means is that you show affection for Mayakoba. You understand that you show affection for my relatives? I don't want anything from you. But what I want is that you should show affection to my close relatives, referring to the

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the family of the prophets are allowed, etc. And by this, who do they mean? felt the metal did on her, or didn't lead on who and their children?

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However, this sorta is lucky. Were they married at that time? No. Did they have their children at that time? No, you understand? And if you think about it, does it make sense that the Prophet of Allah would not take anything for himself, but he says that you treat my children well, and you give reward to my children, I don't want anything from you, but you give reward to my children? No, it doesn't make sense.

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Those who are sincere in their efforts, don't take anything in return themselves. And they don't even allow their children to take anything in return. They prohibit reward from themselves. And they also prohibit the children from taking any benefits. And this is a sign of what sincerity. So it doesn't make sense of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would say that I don't want anything from you, but you should respect my children.

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So if you look at the context, what two meanings are the most relevant ones? The first two that I gave you

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that I don't want any reward from you, the only thing I want is that you should have consideration for me, treat me with consideration. Because after all, I'm your relative.

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don't support me. But at the same time, don't oppose me. Don't believe in me, but at the same time, don't hurt me. Let me do my work.

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And secondly, all I want from you is some love in court meaning love interest in getting closer to a loss of prank data, because that was the reason why the messengers have a lower set.

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Well, my alternative has an attorney, and whoever commits a goodness, a good deed yakata from the real platters of raw beef. course is to peel the bark of a tree bark is on the tree, it's coming off and off is what the to peel it off. When can you beat it off? When it's drying, isn't it

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similarly cough is also to peel the scab off a wound. We understand that the person has a wound it has a scab on top, that eventually what happens? The period off? Why gets itchy, it dries up. Children usually do that. So this is what corpus and from this Ecuador offer is to earn to acquire something. What does it mean to earn to acquire something whether it is good or is bad? But if you think about it in a photographer, is there effort? Is there? Is it easy to peel the scab off the wound? It's painful, isn't it? similarity to peel the bark of some wood is that easy? No, it takes time. You have to put in some effort. So it Cassanova is to do something whether good or bad to

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acquire something whether they're good or bad. But a person has put in some effort he has experienced some kind of pain, he has exerted some effort in acquiring

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so many other if hasn't gotten whoever commits an act of obedience, a good deed nezzie de la houfy hasna we will increase for him in IT person,

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meaning we will increase for him more good in it. What does it mean by this?

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That when a person performs a good deed, then Allah will increase for him its reward.

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When a person does something for the sake of Allah with sincerity, hoping for a reward in the Hereafter, that Allah will increase for him the reward, he will not just give him one reward for the one good deed he's performed know as we have learned earlier and asila woofie healthy and what is that, that Allah will give him reward in the dunya and the occur in the dunya, you will get a bonus

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and the reward in the hereafter will be multiplied. And secondly nazara woofie herse. Now what this means is that we will increase for him in that good deed, another good deed.

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Meaning we will give him the field to do more.

00:24:33--> 00:24:39

When a person performs a good deed than Allah gives him the opportunity to do more.

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Because when a person does something good, if he does it with sincerity, then he finds a lot of pleasure in it. Even if it's extremely difficult, he enjoys it, isn't it and when he enjoys it naturally he is inclined to do more. So this desire to do more who gives it to him

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Allah soprano.

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And then the opportunity to do again, who gives that opportunity of La soprano.

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So when my yakata riff has certain nasbla houfy hasna, whoever does a good deed, Allah will increase for him in goodness, meaning you will give him more opportunity to good. And why is that? Because in the law of a photon shellcode Indeed, Allah is Forgiving, and he is most appreciated. He is Shaku, what does it mean by this, that he is very appreciative for the efforts of people.

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This is why when a person does one good deed, he doesn't just give one reward. No, he gives a reward many, many times more. When a person does good, in order to get the reward from Allah, he doesn't just keep the reward in the Hereafter, but he gives him in the dunya as well. So he multiplies the reward. And when a person does something good once Allah gives him the opportunity again and again, because Allah is very appreciated. Think about it, you ask someone to do something for you. They do it very heavily. They do it in a very good way. Will you ask them again? Will you? Yes. But if you ask someone to do something, and they show no interest, will you bother to even speak to them again?

00:26:15--> 00:26:20

No, you only give more to the one who has interest.

00:26:22--> 00:26:31

So Allah subhanaw taala is very appreciative, and how does he show his appreciation for the efforts of his servants by rewarding them and by giving them more opportunities.

00:26:33--> 00:27:18

This is why we learn that way is either Allahu la Vina Dido, who the that Allah increases, those who are guided in guidance with Miriam is 76. In total Islam 109 will have Luna lil cornea, bacuna, y, z, the Hong Kong Shura, that Allah increases them in horseshoe that even the quality of their deed, it increases, it improves, that a person does something for the sake of Allah, that's his intention. But Allah will bring quality to his deed, because his intention is sincere. Allah will put Baraka in it, and He will give him more and more opportunity until that person will grow. Because the believer, what is his example, like? sheduled gentiva. Right? And what do we learn about it? So his

00:27:18--> 00:27:49

avataan well for the summer, so the tree keeps growing, keeps growing, when, when a person himself wants to do good, when a person himself takes the initiative? Well, my Jaco turriff has another, whoever does good himself. And remember the meaning of the actor, if he's undergoing hardship, he's burying something. So when a person does that, Allah will give him more opportunity, he will not waste the reward of his efforts. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, what integral has written,

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if there is a good deed, he will multiply it, he will give him more.

00:27:56--> 00:27:59

And if you think about it, a person who wants the

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His goal is big. His desire is big, his vessel is big, you get it. A person who wants the alpha, His goal is big. dunia is what limited. Alpha is hydro abacha. So when a person has the alpha in mind, he comes with a big vessel. When it comes to the big vessel, can you put a lot in that vessel, you can. But if you come with a small container, you put one or two things, and that's it, it will get filled up.

00:28:31--> 00:28:38

So when a person wants the arrow, then what happens is vessel is big. Allah keeps giving him more and more and more trophies.

00:28:40--> 00:28:47

His actions improve in their quality. They grow in number, and they improve in their quality.

00:28:48--> 00:29:12

And a person who only wants to donate has come with a limited container, a limited vessel. And what is it that has limited him? What is it that has limited his vessel? The love of this world? Right? The heart is already occupied with the love of this dunya. So when it's already occupied, there is only a little bit of room. So how much can he do a little bit? He will do a little bit and he will think this is enough. This is sufficient, I don't need to do more.

00:29:13--> 00:29:18

So who does Allah give more opportunity to the one who wants to?

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And a person who wants the answer? He will not fit his hearts with grudges. Because then we have filled our hearts with graduates than what happens. The space is less to get it

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when we have filled our hearts with impatience with feelings of dislike, feelings of aversion, why this person why that person Why do I have to do it, this is not fair, then we cannot do much. But when we let go, then our vessel increases. When it increases we can do more when we can do more than there's more reward.

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And if you think about it, there is no end there is no limit to the size of this vessel. It's about how much you want it to be.

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Think about it the Prophet sallallahu wasallam? What was it all to say we'll call or visit and

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increase me in knowledge? Why? Why do you think so? There is no limit, there is no end, increasing in good deeds, is there a limit, there is no limit. So when a person takes interest, Allah gives him more opportunity. We learn about him, I'm humbled that he was in his 70s, he was extremely old. And whenever he heard that him or her This was visiting his town, he would grab his paper and pen and he would go do that. This is like a child would go somewhere running in the streets of the city, he will be found running hastening towards this is like a child is found running. So excited. And then people would ask him, no matter mean, Until when will you do this? And he would say that I'm alive,

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that I'm alive.

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And we see that he learned so much. And he taught so much he did so much. Why? Because when a person has the afra as his goal, that he can never be content with a little bit. He has a huge vessel. And when he has that huge vessel, Allah keeps giving you more and more and more because Allah is Allah food and sugar.

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Remember, one of the benefits or is the thought is that a person keeps receiving blessings. And are the greatest blessings is what knowledge opportunities do good and Shaku Allah is appreciative. You do one, Allah will give you more opportunity.

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Allah food, and he is shackled.

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Can we listen to the recitation and will continue?

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We're in.

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Fall in

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being in the

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army, the

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a john in that

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If we try to give the wages to the woman, being a housewife, how we can pay her. So finally they concluded we can't Why? Because she does so many house shows. She's a chef, then we have to pay her as a chef. She is what I should say like she does laundry right? Then we have to give her amount for that thing as well. Then she looks like a sanitizer. So to me the long story short, so many things she does. Ultimately, we can't pay her what she deserves. And I was thinking how fortunate we are being a woman Allah has already handed us a big lesson is in our hand, whether we fill it up with taking it as a bother, yes. Or we're just complaining all the time. Or saying it's unfair, yeah. Or

00:33:51--> 00:34:32

we fill up with our own hands by working are so much and we keep it empty as well. And we filled it up with so much work. And then we dump it at the end of the day, don't dump it. Allah has given you a big vessel, so many opportunities, so many things to do. You're doing it Don't waste the effort. Finally, at the end of the day, be grateful. And as you said that how Allah to Allah give us COVID because once my student she told me that my husband sent me with a question to you, because when I do house chores, and the same is had me go and ask you all the time have complained I couldn't do this. How she does. She is a woman. She's a mother of three, she's doing everything she's taking out

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time to teach you. And then she goes to a hotel as well. Of course, there's almost eight, nine hours she smelled dessert like cut off from the rest of the hours you have. And then she said how you manage it and I was thinking I'm doing nothing. I'm just trying my best whatever I can. So it means for someone This is a toughy what Allah gives you what the other women are doing the same thing but Allah gives you his blessing of Allah subhanaw taala that how he puts Baraka in your time definitely

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Because if you think about it, so many women, they are in their houses, so many young girls, they have no responsibility, no work to do. But you ask them, can you do this? I'm too busy. I don't have time I'm too tired. But at the same time, there are other people who are equally busy, perhaps more busy, perhaps with more responsibilities, but they're able to do more Why? It's the topic that Romania has nothing. Allah subhanaw taala gives him more opportunity.

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Isn't it weird? That we think in order to do good we have to cut off on some good

00:35:35--> 00:35:36

isn't it?

00:35:37--> 00:35:51

That's the only thing right? If I want to do this good deed and I have to cut off on this good deed. This is not how it works. Oh my yakata fascinated Zillow via Do you want to do good increase in your good Allah will give you more opportunity

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to listen to the recitation