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Maryam 1-40 Translation 1-40

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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My mother who want

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to get him I'm about

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to shoot on over Jean Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim Allah He acidity away acidity MD, Washington. Dr. melissani. Ko holy poppin. So

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lesson number 157 pseudo medium. I am number one to 14

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Girl her Yeah, I'm sorry.

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girl. Her yeah I saw

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the crew report mentioned rush mighty Have mercy. Rob Baker of Europe, our Buddha who do his servant zecharia Zakaria

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is when Nether he called out robber who to disrupt NIDA and a supplication. Half a year one private caller. He said, Robbie O'Meara in me indeed I wahana it has become weak allows me the bones mainly from me. Well, and each Darla it has flared up a lot so the head Schaber with old age while I'm and never akun I am bidrar iica in supplicating you Robbie Oh my rub should be your one unhappy

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what in me and indeed I have to I feared Alma Worley. The successors of mine, men from worre II behind me what can and she was MIT my wife archelon one Baron for her. So grant, Lee for me, men from Loudoun County, near you Walia and air.

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Yeti Sunni, he will inherit from me wear the suit, and he will inherit men from early family, your coop of your coop.

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What's your Alou and make him rugby Oh my rub? Probably Yeah. One pleasing?

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Yeah. Oh, zecharia Zakaria, in indeed we know musharaka we give you good news. Below lamb and have a boy is Maru his name? Yeah, here is your hair. Lamb not natural. We make laahu for him. Men from a blue before semiya A namesake? semiya A namesake? honor? he said. Robbie. Oh my rub. Amna how Yoku he will be lead for me with them on a boy. What can and she was in LA it my wife archelon one Baron wakad. While in fact Bella two I have reached men from El Kiba the old age 80 year extremity

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color he said gallica thus likewise color he said rabuka Europe who it is our layer upon me heikkinen one easy wakad and in fact hola kapooka I created you men from a blue before welcome and not that you were shy? Anything

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further he said Robbie Oh my age are you make lead for me? I attend assign Allah He said I have to get your sign. Unless that not to calima usual speak a NASA to the people. The latter three late nights. So we Yeah. While being sound

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for her Roger. So he came out. Allah upon call me he was people, men from Alicia the prayer chamber

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for O'Hare. Then he signaled

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O'Hare, then he signal Li him to them. And that sub be Who? You all glorify book Ratan in mourning? Where is she here? And in evening?

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Yeah, you're here. Oh, you're here who? Take a look at the book. Because we're working with strength. What are they now who and we gave him a hookman the judgment, the wisdom sabia as a child.

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What Henan and affection mean from LaDonna near us

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was a Catherine and purity what can and he was the year one God fearing.

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What about one and beautiful BYD they do his two parents one um and not yakun he was Japan on a tyrant ously Yeah, one who is very disobedient

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was alone MPs are lay upon him yoma on day walidah he was born way oma and on day Yamato, he dies way oma and Andi ubar so he will be raised how Yeah, one ally

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what good and mentioned Phil kitabi in the book Maria Maria Maria Maria hustler

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is when interbedded she withdrew men from her family mccannon to a place shortly here of East factor her that then she took men from dooney him beside them, or other than them, he jobin a screen for Oksana, then we sent la her to her rule, Hannah, I will rule our Angel.

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Fatima thela then he represented Then he took form the hair for her by Sharon. Amen. So we Yeah, well proportion.

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So we Yeah, well proportion.

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pilot, she said in indeed. Urdu. I seek refuge the man with the Most Merciful, Minka from you in if you were the one who is God fearing

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Allah He said in them or indeed not. But I know I am rasuluh messenger Rob beaky of Europe, Leah Herbert so that I gave lucky to you volum and a boy zakia one who is pure

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Allah, she said, I'm not how you Hakuna he will be lead for me when I'm on a boy. When I'm and not m sassani he touches me by Sharon. Amen. While I'm and not a coup, I have been or I am baliya one who is unchaste

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honor, he said go there lucky. Thus likewise. God he said Rob buki Europe who it is our lay upon me, how you learn one easy while in ajala who and so we will make him a attend assign the nest for the people what Rama and immersi may know from us walk in and it was a moron a matter murkily Yeah, one that is already decreed

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for him Allah to so she conceived him

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fantabulous. Then she withdrew be with him mccannon to a place costlier one that is distant

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for her then it drove her for a her then it drove her alma horrible the pains of childbirth. Ella to get drunk enough of the day Palm Pilot she said yeah later knee or would that I I wish MIT to I had died albula before had this work on to and I was nicean in oblivion nicean in oblivion. Monsignor one who is forgotten

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Fernanda her then he called her men from that the her underneath her and learn that not that honey you grieve God in fact geralyn he made or buki Europe definitely beneath you. Sorry Yeah, a stream where huzi and shake a lake toward yourself digitary with drunk enough of the date bomb to circuit it will drop our Lake upon you. Robin the journey Yeah, fresh physically. So you eat wasabi and you drink walk away and cool rest einer eyes for a man then if there are human you definitely see men from a special demand a hidden anyone for coolly then you say in me indeed I need to I have out live man for the Most Merciful sallman a fast felon so never. Okay, Lima I shall speak Aloma today in

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Any man

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further than she can be with him or her to her people that made her who she was carrying him pilu they said yeah, or Maria Maria Nakata. Certainly JT you have come Shay and a thing 30 year unprecedented 30 year unprecedented are fabricated. Yeah. Oh, often sister, her own of her own man, not Ghana, he was a buki your father involvement. So in an evil woman and not Gannett she was omake your mother baliya unchaste for a show but then she pointed LA to him. Or Lou they said kafer how Luca Lima we speak manku Khanna he was fee in the cradle Serbia as a child, Allah He said in me indeed I are Buddha servant, Allah He of Allah. Attorney he gave me al Qaeda but the book was a

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journey and he made me never hear a prophet. What journey and he made me mobile can one bless it. A NEMA wherever going to I was what oh Swanee and he has enjoined me bisl allottee with the prayer was the Kathy and desica and the charity madam to as long as I remained, Madam, as long as I remained here, alive.

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About one and beautiful, be wildly dirty with my mother 1am and not your journey. He has made me Japan a tyrant sharqiya one who is Richard, one who is unlucky

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was saddam and the peace. Earlier upon me Yama on day Willie to I was born way oma and on day two, I will die. Why oma and on day, Obara, so I will be raised here alive danika that Risa, Risa ibnu son madhyama of Miriam, cola word and help of the truth alerting which fee in it em Tarun they dispute data out

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man not Ghana was Lila he for Allah and that yet the leader he takes men from wallet in any child Subhana who Glorified is He either when tada he decreed Omron a matter for in Noma than indeed not but the akula he says the who for it going to be fair cooler than it is what in and Indeed Allah Allah lobby is my wallet bukem and you're up for boo hoo. So you all worship Him. Heather this Serato upad Mr. Cream one straight first and then he deferred

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the factions the group's main from binding him between them for wailord So, Linda Dina for those who get through the disbelieved men from mesh had seen, site young of de Aleem tremendous

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a smear be him how clearly they will hear how good they will hear what upset and how seeing

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yoma Andi yet to Nana, they will come to us lacking but avoid the moon the wrongdoers Aloma today fee in Berlin error will be in one clear

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or unseen home and warn them yoma on the hustla the regret is when to the it was concluded. It was decreed the matter we're home and they feel in love letting heedlessness we're home and they learn not you know they believe

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in indeed we national we notice we will inherit the earth woman and whoever or lay her is upon it. What Elena and to us.

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They will be returned.

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Next, listen to this edition

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yeah carry

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Are we?

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he wants

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be mildly ama Ed.

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Not only

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Cooley wasabi, di una

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de Nina de julio.

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okay belly

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It was

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boo, boo,

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boo boo, boo boo.

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as near

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the moon and

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the Rumia woman has

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