Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 22 – L226A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of characters discussing a variety of topics, including war, religion, and culture. The speakers mention various topics such as the return of a woman, a woman who is killed, a woman who is killed, and the return of a woman who is killed. They also mention a woman who is killed and a woman who is killed.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Jean Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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Sidley mg Lola rock data melissani of Polly probenecid and

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lesson number 226. So utsava is number one to 14 Translation

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and handle all praise. Lila he for Allah

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and lady who law who for him man watch ever fee is in a semi wet the heavens warmer and whatever fee is in

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the earth whatever who and for him and him Do all praise fee in

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the hereafter.

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Wha hoo. And he is an Hakeem the always always and hobbies

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the always all aware

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yellow moon. He knows, man, whatever yearly do it enters, it penetrates, fee in and of the the earth warmer and whatever yahood you it comes out minha from it

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warmer and whatever yanzhou it descends men from a summer the sky warmer and whatever. Yeah, we'll do it a sense fee her in it. Were who were and he is a Rahim. The always All Merciful over food, the most forgiving will color and he said and livina those who kifaru they disbelieved? They're not that Dina it will come to us a sir to the our own say, Bella, why not? What? Bye, Robbie, my Rob lead surely that dn accom it will definitely come to you. I am nor one who knows. Allow you be the unseen lead not yours.

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it escapes. I knew from him. Miss ALU wait that watin have an atom fee in a semi wet the heavens weather and nor fee in

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the earth whether and nor us or smaller men from velyka that wanna and nor a Coverdell greater Illa except fee in keytab in a book will be in in one clear. Leah dizzier so that he may recommends albena those who Manu they believed were ami Lu and they did a solid the righteous deeds Allah aka those the home for them McFadden forgiveness what and this provision get even honorable generous

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one Medina and those who saw our they strove fee in IR Tina our versus more RG Xena as ones who make help us.

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Allah acre those the home for them? Are there been a punishment men from reducing Phil

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Lehman painful

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wire ah. And he sees a levina those who who do they were given an ailment, the knowledge under the that which unzila it was sent down alayka to you men from Rob Baker, your Rob who it is and help the truth where the ended guides Illa to Surat

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Al Aziz of the always Almighty and Hamid the always all praise worthy Wakanda and he said Allah Vina those who, careful they disbelieved. * shall not do lucam we

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Direct you, Allah upon Roger ulin mn unit b accom he informs you either when mazurka tone you all were broken to bits, color all mama zippin breaking up in the comb indeed you Luffy surely in helping a creation God then one new

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date if there are he fabricated Allah against Allah He Allah can even ally on or be here with him Jean Nutan madness Bal rather and Latina those who they're not human owner they believe they'll fly with the hereafter fee in an either the punishment what Berlin and the error and varied the fire

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did further than lamb not euro they see Illa towards ma what bainer is between ad him there hands wanna and what hold for home is behind them mean from a summer The sky was up and the earth in if Nasha we will not see if we cause to sink

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be him with them and the earth Oh or no spirit recalls to fall or lay him upon them to soften pieces

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men from a summer the sky in indeed fee in their Lika that is surely assigned legally for every other than a servant money when one returns repeatedly what are called uncertainly entertainer we gave their wood the wood or the hustler Midna from us. fabula grace

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Yeah. Or w mountains. A will be your return. Mara who with him? What Tyra and the birds were and and then we softened Lahu for him and headed the iron. And that eremo you make cellulite in

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complete armors complete courts of male

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war and but this measure balance

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fee in a Celt, the link,

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wire Malou. And you all do sila Han righteous in me indeed I be man with whatever Dharma Luna you will do your own all results in what and this will a man for Sulaiman or the hustler?

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As the * the wind for the water. It's moving straight in the morning,

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Sharon a month well, and broer who her it's moving straight in the evening, Sharon a month well and a Santa we calls to flow law who for him are in spring

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of the molten metal.

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Woman and from Elgin, the gin man who yamo he works bainer between the day he his two hands by in a day before him be it knee with permission or be he of his woman and whoever he has if he deviates men home from them on from a marina our command noodle crew we cause to taste him or we make him to taste

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mean from either punishment or serif of the blazing fire. Er maluna they make Lahu for him, man whatever your shirt He willed men from Maha Riba lofty buildings, war and the Methuselah images. What and Japan in huge basins,

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culture word, like the large reservoirs what we'll do then, and cooking pots was yet in one's fixed era Malou you will work

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Allah, family followers there would have their root,

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chakra with banks walk alone, and very few men from anybody, my servants are shackled, those who are very grateful

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fellow man, that then when kobina we decreed Our Lady upon him and moeder the depth ma not the law whom it indicated them. It directed them

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are the upon Moti he has depth in law except the creature

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of the earth. That could it eats mincer at the Who? his stick his staff,

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fellow man, so when he fell to the unit, it became clear Elgin the Djinn on that low if Kanno they were year on the moon, they know a labor the unseen man not love the zoo. They remained fee in an either the punishment the torment and the humiliating

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is one

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of the one

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of the one I have

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you will not be

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me Beamer

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young man

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Saba 1-14 Translation 1-14

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