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Ash-Shuara 192-227 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 210-220

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ability to shift languages, Rahim

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lesson number 195 sudo to sharara.

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Now in the following I add another claim of the machine of Makkah is being refuted that the machine genomica, they would say, that is called on. It comes to you from who from some gene from some shape on that some shade line comes to you and he puts all of these ideas and thoughts in your mind and then you verbalize them in the form of very eloquent speech. And then you say that this is from God and you claim to be a messenger. If you look at the theme of these ayat, what is it proving the truthfulness of the Quran?

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So going back to the same theme, Allah subhanaw taala says wilmoth and is that because Charlene and the devils they have not brought down this revelation, this

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woman has been the devil's they have not brought this person down. Then as that

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then has learned from Nunes Island, that they have not descended with this color. It is not a product of the devil's

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rather who brought the Quran down to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam a ruhul amin the angel gibreel who is the trustworthy spirit? He is the one who brought the hold on to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Why am I happy Charlene it's not a product of the devil's What am I am berlina home It is not even allowable for them. Why am I still to your own? nor would they be able young buddy bear line Yeah, Baba Baba is to see to desire and in Bihar is when something is appropriate for something. When something behooves someone

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so why am I mbalula when it does not even believe them? It is not even suit them. It is not even proper for the devil's to bring the Quran.

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And secondly, when I stop the room, and even if the devil's wanted, even if the shale thing wanted to bring the whole onto the profits out of artisan would they be able to they would never be able to Why? Because in order to produce something like the Koran what is needed,

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maybe was Shahada knowledge of the unseen as well as the scene, but the djinns their knowledge is limited. Similarly, along with complete and perfect knowledge, what else is needed to produce something like the Quran

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higher for mankind care for people wanting good for people. But what does shaitan want? He wants good for people, not at all.

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So when I am by the law home, when I stopped the room, two reasons have been given over here as to why the Quran cannot be the product of

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the Quran cannot be the inspiration of the devil's that the sheltering, they cannot be the carriers of the Quran, that first of all, may unbeliever home It does not suit them. Why? Because the nature of the devils. What is it? It's evil, it's corrupt.

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And this Quran, it contains words that enjoying what is right and forbid what is evil. The Quran has come for the purpose of Islam and the sheltering, what do they want?

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facade the exact opposite. So it does not suit the sheltering, that they should bring the

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like, for example, the speech of someone? What does it reflect

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their personality?

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Isn't it so?

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When you listen to the speech of someone, when you read the words of someone, you can have a very good idea about what kind of a person they are

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maytime psychologists, they analyze the speech of the person to figure out what kind of psychology he has, how he's thinking, what he's suffering from, what he thinks of himself, how we perceive the world. So the speech of a person reflects who he is now the Quran. When is that? And the devils What are they? There's no comparison between the two. How is it ever possible that this Quran will be the speech of the devils that it will be the inspiration of the devils it's not possible? Like for example, when you see steam somewhere, you know that something is boiling. If you see steam coming out of a pot, you know that something is boiling inside. If it's clear, it doesn't smell like

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anything you know that it's water.

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If it smells milky, creamy, you know that it's milk. If it smells like food, then you know that it's perhaps lentils or something like that.

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Depending on the type of the steam, you can tell what is boiling inside.

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Similarly the canal it shows the personality of the one who

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it tells you about the person.

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So, the shell team their nature is so corrupt and evil and the skull on it is full of goodness. It is full of clay.

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Both are far apart they're very, very different from one another. So how is it possible that this person could be Satanic Verses? How is it possible that chair clean are the ones who bring this this beautiful, this eloquent canal this beautiful speech this amazing speech, it is who's

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almost janitor.

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The second reason as to why it cannot be the speaker shall clean his room is still to your own they're never able to even if they wanted to produce something like the Quran, they would never be able to do so.

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We learn into Islam at the color image demo article into one gene new Allah and yet to be Miss Lee had the Quran layer to not be Miss Lee Hello, can I borrow the holy Berlin was a hero

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that say if mankind and the jinn, all people and all the jinn, if all of them were together together in order to produce something like the Quran, would they be able to not at all.

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So the jinn, they are not even capable of saying something like the Quran.

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They cannot do so when I installed their own, even if they wanted to, they would not be able to. And on top of that, if you say that the genes are the ones the shell clean are the ones who bring the Quran to the prophets are a lot of setup. It's not the angel dubrio but instead it is the shell team. Then remember that in the home indeed the sheltering are in a summary from its hearing. They are Lamar Zulu, surely one two are far removed. my resume florala my resume and my resume is from I enzyme lab. We have read this route earlier as well for Desi luminesce filma hailed it as Allah to keep away to keep aloof to distance oneself to isolate, to seclude. This associate, so the gyms the

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shell team, they are from hearing the Quran, ones who are far removed.

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That even if they wanted to bring something like the Quran, if they wanted to bring the Quran down to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they will not be able to, because they are prevented from hearing that they're prevented from listening to the Quran.

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What do we learn

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that if a person feels that the shaitaan is bothering him, what should he do? Do the Kabbalah and the shaitaan will go away. So imagine if the Quran is used to chase a shell clean away, the shell clean are not even able to hear the Quran. They cannot even tolerate listening to the Quran, then how is it possible that they would bring the revelation of onto the Prophet satellizer?

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How is it possible? Impossible.

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And in particular, this is talking about the revelation of the Quran. That at the time of the revelation of the Quran, the shouting the jinn, they were not even allowed to come close to the heavens. And if they would try to come close and try to listen to the conversation of the angels. Then what would happen for tomorrow she have a movie, a shooting star would follow Him and it would burn the gene inside of her head is 17 to 18. We learn what half is Nahum in coalition Katana regime that we have protected the sky from, from every devil that is a cursed 11 instead of a summer for at Barrow, who she had a movie except for the one who steals the hearing, and is pursued by a clear

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burning flame

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and even the jinn who became Muslim. At the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam they said to the Prophet sallallahu Sena we learned instead of to Jin, eight to nine, there were analemma summer for dinner her Molly at Harrison shaden was shuba that we try to reach the heaven to touch the heaven. But we found it filled with powerful guards and burning flames.

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Now all of a sudden the scene has changed that since sometime when the revelation of the Quran began we go up to the sky and we find Oh, hello sunshine, even Russia, strong guards and also burning flames waiting that any one of us who tries to approach he is shocked by one of them. What an akuna Necro domain hammacher a daily summary for me as the Mary Anna yejide Allah who she habit was older. And before we used to sit there in in positions for hearing before all of this started, we used to go up to the sky and sit there and try to listen to the conversation of the angels. But now whoever tries to go and listen to you will find a burning flame line and wait for him.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says that in the home or in the summer in the marzu noon, the shelter in the can

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Not even hear the Quran, they cannot even hear when the Quran is being revealed. So how is it possible that this Quran could be Satanic Verses? How is it possible that this could be an inspiration of the champagne, that they're the ones who are bringing the Quran to the profits on a lot of sudden impossible

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falletta there Omar Allahu Allah Han Solo Prophet sallallahu Sallam do not invoke with Allah, another deity. Because if you do so, further Konami and more at the bean, then you would be among those who are punished. Why is this said all of a sudden, that right in the middle this has been said that this is the real message of this book.

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This is the real message of this book. that do not invoke with Allah another god. Because if you do so further Konami learn more I mean, you would be of those who are punished or the machine of Makkah. Why is it that made them arrogant towards the corner?

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It was because the Quran told them not to do *. This is the only thing that they did not like what would they say repeatedly? Just praise our idols once don't say anything negative about our idols will believe in you will accept you will listen to you will obey you.

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But going back to the same message Allah subhanaw taala says for that other rumor Allahu Allah and Aha, never ever invoke another deity with Allah. Because if you do so, for the Konami, then we're in total Isa is 39. We learn well at your alma Allahu Allah and Aha, if you do so, for total coffee, Johanna mama lumen mother hora, that you will be thrown into hell blamed and vanished.

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Now primarily, it seems as though the profit side alone isn't as being addressed, but through him. Each and every one of us has been addressed. This message is for everyone. will envy rush erotica carabin and warn your closest Kindred warn your closest family members? Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was warning Who? The people he was told to warn everyone. But how do you start? Think about it if you have the responsibility to warn the entire world's alameen how do you start from where you need to start from somewhere. So the prophets are a lot of cinemas stole what ends in our shield article can be worn your closest family members are shielded from the roof letters are in

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Shinra. It's from the word shadow, what is our shadow me 10. And 10 is a good number. And our shield good as in a big, complete number. And Sheila is used for a sub clan or a sub tribe, a clan within the tribe. A tribe is basically of people who are related to one another by for example, you have the same great great grandfather,

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I imagine great great grandfather, he's going to have many children, we're going to have many children who are going to have many children.

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But all of them, they're related how with the same ancestor. This is a tribe. But our Sheila is used for the extended family of a person those who are closely related to him.

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So for example, your grandfather, all of his children, so that would include your uncle's, your aunts, their children, you. So this is our Sheila.

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This is why our show is used for the extended family as well. And it's basically from the word ratio. And the ratio is community living to live together. And typically, this is found that such people they live together close to one another, perhaps in the same town, perhaps in the same street. So what ends it are Sheila carabin Warren, your closest family members, and who are they?

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They're a sheet of the profits that alone isn't

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the crash was the tribe. We're talking about our Sheila Banu Hashim bonora.

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So what ended our Sheila taken a copy

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of the profits of the lotus and was told to warn his family in particular, because when a person begins with those who are closest to him, it's easier. You know them, they know you, you understand them, you know how to speak to them, you know what they would like, you know how to approach them. And on the other hand, a person who is distant from you, it's difficult, the way you can talk to your sister, the way you can talk to your mother, you can't talk to your neighbor like that. True. So this is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was told start with your family members. And the thing is that once you start with your family members, if they come on the same way as yours, and what

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happens, it is a means of great support for you.

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Like for example, if your parents allow you to do something, if they encourage you to do something, it's so much easier

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For you to do it.

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And if your parents don't allow you, but your friends tell you do it, is it easy? No, it's not the same. And if your parents tell you to do something with your friends or don't do it, still, it's easier to do it. Why? Because you have support from who, from your family. And remember, the system at that time, that a person, he was only able to do something with the assistance of who, who his tribe, his family members, his closest family members, if they supported him in something he was able to do with. And if they did not support him, he was never able to accomplish it. So ended our Sheila carabin, because they are the first ones who deserve to know. And secondly, when you warn

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them, then what's going to happen, you will gain support. And it's your responsibility to warn your family because instead of the team I number six, what do we learn?

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Who enforces circle alikum. Now that a person is not just responsible for himself, but he's also responsible for who,

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for who,

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for his family as well, who enforce upon what and legal narrow. So a person should begin with his family, the extended family, and then reach out to the entire world. This is how it should be. So ended our Sheila Kirby

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and then Warfield Jenna hacker luminita, Veronica Minnie Minnie and lower your wing to those who follow you, of the believers. Start with your family members. But they're not the only ones who you should want.

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They're not the only ones whom you should share this message with. Take it beyond them as well.

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And anyone who accepts anyone who believes whether from your family or otherwise, once they believe, then how should you be towards them? What if the front car felt bad and half is too low or something to bend? It's the opposite of rougher, rougher means to raise half yellow to law fair. The Day of Judgment half You're the one that brings down who bra for those that are raised.

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So while Phil Jenna haka, lower your wing and this is an expression for what to be kind and carry.

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So be kind and caring be affectionate towards who Lee Manitoba communal meaning towards those who follow you, after believers. And this is something very important, because typically a person would only show affection towards those who are related to him.

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But what do we learn over here, that one relationship is by blood. And the other relationship is by email.

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The just as you're very gentle, you're very protective, you're very caring towards your family members. Equally, you should be caring and protective of who those people who believe those people who follow the prophets of Allah, Allah,

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for inner Ahsoka, then if they disobeyed you who, your family members, the people of Makkah, those people whom you're supposed to warn, whether they're our shooter, or later or Sheila, that they don't respond to you, they don't believe in you. If they disobey you for call anybody on matamanoa then say that, indeed, I am absolved of what you do. I have nothing to do with the activities that you're engaged in.

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What were the people doing at that time? schilke.

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So say to them, that anybody Oh, my matamanoa whether somebody believes or not, you are to stay away from their beliefs and practices. Just as Luther has said, and what did he say? in nearly armonico minute, Pauline, I hate what you do. I don't agree with these actions at all.

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So similarly, if your people don't listen to you, tell them anybody alma mater, Malone, whatever call and trust Island or Aziza Rahim upon the Exalted in Might, the Merciful.

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If you think of it, we just discussed right now that if a person warrants his family members first, and they come on the same page as him, that is a means of support.

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But if they don't listen, if they're the ones who oppose you, then you feel very

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rejected and low and you feel that you're very alone lonely. But what is Allah say over here, whatever color either Aziza Rahim don't rely on your family members, who should you rely upon a law?

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What what color another Aziza Brahim

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as we learned earlier, that in the V datacolor area woman can act, meaning we're in a burqa law with our Z's

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so rely upon who the one who is mighty, the one who was merciful. Don't you see how he dealt with his mind with those people who refuse to believe? See how are these he is and see how we're him

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He is how he protected His servants how he helped his messengers. So if you trust upon Allah, if you leave all of your matters to him, if you do not associate anyone with him if you do not compromise in the work that you have been given, you keep doing your work. You trust upon Allah, Allah will aid you, just as he aided musasa just as he aided new Edison, just as he aided hood, early center, and silent her listener and loot artists 11 out of the profits, with our color Aziza Rahim

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if you think about it, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam from his family members, who was one of his main supports his uncle,

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but still he did not believe so trust upon your uncle, trust upon your family members know what the what gardener Aziza for him and Lydia aka the one who sees you Hina to whom when you arise, the one who sees you, when you stand, the omo from karma como What does it mean by this, that Allah The one who sees you at the time when you stand? This has been understood in a number of ways that first of all, when you stand in Sala when you stand in your clan, reciting the Quran, Allah sees you. Allah watches you. He's observing you trust upon him.

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And when you stand, and when you pray to Him, when you ask him for help, he's listening. He's there, unless he or aka he mahina Taku.

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And also, this is understood as that when you stand up to call people, when you stand up to warn people, then remember that your Lord is watching. We learned that when this ayah will ended our Sheila carabin when this ayah was revealed, what did you learn in Sierra that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he went on top of the mount Safa and he called all of his family members, one by one, his closest family members. And then he invited them, he warned them, he gave the message to them. But what was their response? They turned away.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says what the what color that is easy for him don't trust upon them. And Allah, when you stand to warn people, he watches you. He sees you. He knows what you're going through. He knows about your efforts. He knows about your struggles. He knows about how people oppose you. He knows about what kind of difficulties you face.

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And this is so encouraging, that sometimes when you're putting in so much effort, other people they don't even acknowledge but what you do remember, a lie is watching me, I'm doing it for him. He is listening. He is observing. Just as musar Listen, I was told in many markoma a smart

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go, Warren, I am with you. I am hearing an IMC. I'm listening to you and I'm watching you as well. So this is a great conservation with the prophets of Allah center that you have the support and protection of a law with you.

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What Upolu Baca and your movement, fis saggi, Dean among those who prostrate meaning he watches you at the time when you move about amongst those who prostrate the call lubega. Look, what does the color mean, to fluctuate to constantly turn about to move about. So you're the color meaning you're coming and going amongst you amongst society, amongst those people who prostrate to Allah, that when you're with them, when you go and meet them, when you leave them, when you're amongst them, whatever you say to them, whatever you listen from them, whatever you do along with them. A lot watches you at that time as well.

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When you're among the believers, a lot of watches you when you're among those people who are praying to Allah, Allah watches you what the professor Dean

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and the collar which shows how constantly the prophets Allah Mollison visited the believers, we see that a worker they learn how the Prophet sort of answer would visit him regularly every single day, he would visit him regularly. And at the beginning, all of the videos that would gather together were in that will occur.

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And over there the profits or losses and we would teach them, he would recite the Quran to them. So what the Kaluga said in all of your activities, how you're busy trying to teach the believers, trying to help them the fshd Allah is watching all of your efforts. Every time you come and go, Allah watches you.

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And the caliber of society has also been understood as that he watches you in the Saturday meaning as you pray along with them, that as you pray along with them and you move about in Salah from pm to record to sudduth so on and so forth, the lubok fshd Allah watches you when you pray along with them.

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So first of all, it is

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First to your activities amongst them. And secondly, it refers to what? How you pray along with them.

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And if you just think about it, if you go back to under the aloka, hanaa, the comb,

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just think about it. When you stand in prayer, Allah is watching you.

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Just think about it. When you stand in prayer, Allah is watching you paying special attention to you.

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That is the time when you can ask him, that is a time when you can gain his help, when you can gain his assistance, when you can gain so much. But unfortunately, if we look away, if we do not pay attention, if we are not concentrating in Sala, then who are we depriving ourselves

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think about when you're praying, and many Yasaka Hina Takumi is watching you is paying attention to you. That is the time that you can gain so much. But if you lose that opportunity, if you don't benefit from it, it's your loss. And la de la kahina Taku watarrka lucafriz said, Dean and when you're praying amongst those people who are praying at that time, also Allah watches you. So whether you're praying alone, or you're praying in congregation, if you put both of these together, whether you're praying alone, or you're praying in congregation, Allah is watching you, in who who is semi early. Indeed, he is the hearing the knowing he is a Sameer, do what you say, and he is a leave of

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what you think of how you feel. So what do we learn in these if basically,

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that the diary, when a person is calling people to Allah, he must have he must have a very, very strong connection with Allah. He must spend his time in Korea, he must spend his time among the cytidine. Why? To develop this conviction to develop a strong bond with Allah to be able to convey the message to the people?

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Because if a person does not have a strong connection himself, then how will he be able to convey? How will he be able to face the challenges? How will he be able to face the difficulties? It's very difficult to do this job. As you can see, from all of the previous prophets, what kind of opposition they face was our listener, who there is an all of the profits of so much opposition. So what do you need in order to do this job, you need inner strength,

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you need the strength in your heart, your heart needs to be strong. Because if you're not firm inside, you cannot bear the opposition.

00:27:45--> 00:27:51

Because when you're doing this work, you're going against the entire people, isn't it,

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you're going against the flow. And when you're going against the flow, you need to be very strong.

00:27:58--> 00:28:12

Many times what happens we think that we need a lot of knowledge and a lot of skills and a lot of this and a lot of that. But we see that along with that what is essential is the inner strength. Just as we learned early in the story of musasa, what is needed

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inner drive, when you have that, whatever you need externally, Allah will give that to you.

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And along with that drive, you alternate inner strength, you need conviction, you need confidence. And how do you develop that with a strong connection with the law so that when something happens, you turn to him? You pray to Him, you cry before him. You ask him to show you the way.

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This yesterday, somebody was telling me that they were talking to somebody they were telling them about Islam and they started yelling at them. They started calling them that Imagine you're talking to a person and they start yelling at you. What do you feel at that point? Many times you want to start crying at that moment, isn't it? You're talking to somebody, you're in public? And here is a person yelling at you, scolding you, how will you feel? you either want to go away from there, or you want to yell at them if you're strong. Or you'll just start crying? Or you'll just be quiet or you will think I'm never going to do this again. So what do you need? You need inner confidence?

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Where will you get that from? When you have a strong bond with Allah that at that time you speak to your Lord yeah Allah you're listening Yella, tell me what to do. Show me the best way to deal with the situation.

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So in the who was severely an evil all of these if they show that a person must have a very strong bond with Allah in order to convey this message to others.

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We don't insert Yunus is 61 that will methacholine official name one mattock lumen human Quran, one at Dharma Luna min Rama Lin Illa con la concha. Who then is to feel Bona Fie and you are not engaged in any matter. You're not busy doing anything or you do not recite any part of the Quran and you do not

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Do any deed except that we are witness over you when you are involved in.

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So if a person remembers my lord is watching me, he knows what I'm doing. He knows the hardships that I'm facing, then he will have the confidence then he will have the resilience he will be able to continue

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to listen.

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Marina mountains

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So what did you think? What did you understand?

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Every time you read a surah Allah is there all the time, like, you know, he's there like, you know, he's never leaving you. So it gives you that strength, like, you know, just like what you said when someone was being yelled at and all that stuff, or that person has to do is to trust Allah to pan with Allah that He heard everything, that he'll fix everything like you know, you don't even have to do anything. Like Oh Allah fix it for me, like you know, you know what's happening, you know what's in the person's heart. And that's that and what people fail to realize is that Allah will be there it is never leaving.

00:32:18--> 00:32:22

This is so motivational, that Allah is always watching you

00:32:23--> 00:32:32

that no matter what people are saying, no matter how people are responding to you, or how people oppose you, no matter how they yell at you. Allah Hazzard, Allah hussy.

00:32:33--> 00:32:59

Sometimes you want to do something yourself, but the opposition comes from your family, they say No way, you can never do this. So forcefully, they oppose you. And at that time, if you start arguing with them, if you start yelling at them, if you show bad behavior to them, is it gonna lead anywhere, no. But at that time, if you turn to align your heart that your lie, you know, you know how badly you want to do this. And you know what they're saying to me.

00:33:00--> 00:33:17

So, if a person turns to Allah, only, then he will be able to continue only then he will be able to do anything. And if he turns to anything else, if he turns towards his own verbal strength, or he turns towards his physical strength, or something like that, and he will not be able to accomplish anything.

00:33:18--> 00:33:21

So these IR, they give a lot of strength to the dairy.

00:33:23--> 00:33:42

You know, it's like when you're doing something important, and you're doing it for the first time, and you find it difficult to find a challenging, you feel you cannot do it alone. If you know that your friend or your mother, or your father or your brother or whoever is just with you. They're just watching, you don't have so much more confidence.

00:33:43--> 00:33:55

Like for example, you're cooking something you've cooked it before. But you just want your mother to stand there to make sure you're doing it right. And just the fact that she's there, it keeps you so calm.

00:33:56--> 00:34:04

And if you're alone, all by yourself, even if you know what you have to do, you feel so worried and scared.

00:34:05--> 00:34:32

So the fact that Allah is watching you, no matter what you're doing, it gives you a lot of confidence. He is there, he is observing you. He is listening to you, he will aid you, he will assist you provided that you turn to him. You asked him that we need to start depending on Allah not on our families and not on our abilities and not on our skills. No, unless apprentice.

00:34:34--> 00:34:56

I was just thinking the importance of being sincere. Because Allah knows what are you doing. When you pray when you're standing everything that were these if they really motivate you, they also give great warning that Allah knows when you're standing with what intention where your mind is where your heart is, what you want, what you desire, he knows, so be careful.

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

And the two qualities that are the same, I think

00:35:00--> 00:35:10

highlight that this world is not that, that that the recompense will be in the hereafter. And a lot of times people say that, you know, this person is so unjust and they're getting so much and instead of being wrong, but here is not the place where

00:35:11--> 00:35:14

he'll punish those wrongdoers, and he's mighty, and he's gonna have mercy on those

00:35:18--> 00:35:48

arrogance get in the way of believing. And I just want to add to that point that we also shouldn't let other people unless they're bringing us closer to a lesson on $1, then they're really not worth it. But right now we see that we accept certainty or we believe in the truth, right, but we have certain people that we have to please right and we have to impress them. We have a certain set lifestyle that we have to lead, have a certain car, have a certain House have a certain type of wedding. And so all these trivial things, we shouldn't let them get in the way of us believing because in the end, I mean, we're only betraying ourselves.

00:35:50--> 00:35:51

Let's listen to the recitation.

00:35:58--> 00:36:00

Belly no one is

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a zoo.

00:36:16--> 00:36:20

I've been working with Jana Kelly, many,

00:36:21--> 00:36:23

many times

00:36:25--> 00:36:27

in the body.

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Good evening.