Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 01 – L017C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the confusion surrounding Islam's language and language practices, including its meaning behind words and its relation to the Bible. The demands of the Prophet salallahu involve individuals making demands to see their success and finding out who they are going to benefit from. The importance of studying the Quran and finding out who is going to benefit from it is emphasized. The use of NACA and warning of punishment is also discussed, along with the use of red eyes for staring at people and the danger of punishment. The importance of being ahead of the situation and letting people take actions without guidance is emphasized.
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Michigan rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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al number 118

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for color Latina Li or Buddha, those who do not know they say what do they say? Lola you can live with Allah. Why does Allah not speak to us? Oh that Dena or there comes to us aside what color who says and Latina layer? Those people who do not know who are these people who do not have in these people who do not have knowledge. They're the people who do not have knowledge of the Scripture. So it is referring to the disbelievers of Mecca, the mashiki, the miyun, those who are ignorant. So it shows that an ignorant person is the one who does not know the book.

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So they say, Lola, why not? Lola is low. Meaning why or if and low meaning not Lola together gives a meaning of How come? Why not? What's the reason why Lola you can live with it, you can live on a is from the root letters cath lab mean, Kalam kalama word speech kalama you can do is to talk to have a conversation with someone. So you call him Allah, He converses with us. He has a conversation with us. How come who does not have a conversation with us alone? So in other words, they're objecting that how come Allah does not speak to us directly?

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And this was the objection of the people of Mecca. They would say this to the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah,

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that if the angel comes to you, if you say that the canal of Allah is delivered to you, then how come it is not delivered to us? How come? Allah doesn't talk to us directly?

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Or they said this, that How come a lot is not talk to us directly? to just tell us simply that you are indeed His messenger?

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Is it really difficult for Allah? Why does it tell us that you are indeed the Messenger of Allah?

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o or that Dina as an ayah comes to us that Athena is from the roof letters Hamza, that Yeah.

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What do they mean by Isaiah,

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a miracle. Assign. But which miracle, the miracle which they demanded the miracle which they're requested. Because if you think about it, miracles were given, for example, the Quran itself is a miracle.

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But they weren't just satisfied with this miracle. They wanted more miracles. So they said, How come every miracle that we demand, it is not shown to us, the sort that we demand?

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And why do they demand those particular miracles? Because they said, if we see these miracles, then we know that you're really truthful.

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Allah says karateka, likewise, meaning in the same manner, Allah He said, who said, underneath them in public him, those people before them,

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which people came before them,

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those people who did not know whether they were from among the People of the Book, or other nations, that whenever a messenger was sent to people, what was their demand that Allah should speak to us? Or that miracles that we demand should be shown to us?

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So Allah says gallica cada Latina will probably him mytho holding him, just like their code, just like their statement. So we see that the previous nations, they made the same demands, they said the same things. For example, the money is right you What did they say?

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arena, Lucha Jonathan? Show us Allah openly.

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And they went with musala salam upon the mantle. And Allah subhanaw taala spoke to Masada Sonam and the witness that but still What did they say? We want to see Allah

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for the people of Mecca, every now and then they will come up and make demands. For example, this has been mentioned in great detail and so that Bani Israel is 91 to 93.

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What are you learn? Nope. Mina laka. Hector Dora Elena. I'm in an RBM Booyah.

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And they say we will not believe in you. Until you break open for us from the ground a spring,

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though is that really something that you need to see in order to believe in someone

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and then they set out the corner like agenda item in the ceiling. we're interviewing for two federal and heterophylla had to

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Or until you have a garden have boundaries and grapes and make rivers gush forth within them enforce and abundance. And they went on saying, oh this past summer I come as Elena kisa find out that the ability will be equal to Kabila or you make the heaven fall upon us in fragments, as you have claimed, or you bring a lot and the angels before us, oh, you're cooler, laka beta mintoff Ruffin outer office summer, we're learning min a little pika had to know zerah, la Nikita Necro.

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Or you have a house of gold, or you ascend into the sky. And even then, we will not believe in your Ascension until you bring down to us a book that we may read,

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that they themselves could not read. But still they will demand a book that they could read.

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Now one thing that we must remember is that the messengers when they were sent, miracles were given just so that people know that yes, he is not an ordinary man. He is indeed a messenger of Allah.

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But people, they demanded one miracle after the other miracle, you see the list of demands that has been mentioned over here. It is as if the messenger is some magician who is supposed to perform this magic show so that you can believe in him. I mean, this is not why the messenger was sent. The truth should be recognized by the truth itself. Look at what the messenger is saying.

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And instead of believing in that, they would say, how come this doesn't happen? How come that doesn't happen?

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So we see over here, that they had associated truthfulness, to having a lot of money.

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Because if you look at the demands that they have made over here, that you should have a house of gold, you should have a garden, you should have this and you should have that. So many times people don't accept the truth. Why? Because it is coming from someone who is ordinary, or seemingly ordinary,

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somebody who doesn't have a high status in the dunya.

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And this is one of the reasons why the people denied Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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If you look at it, all of these arguments, all of these, you know, demands, they're useless. And it shows how arrogant they were.

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That we're not going to believe in the end you until and unless this happens, and that happens. The profits are allowed to sell in the stall over here, that this statement that they have made this demand that they have made it is nothing new. The people before them, said the exact same thing. So what is happening to you now, is not something new. This has always been the case of people.

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What is the reason? How come everybody's made the same demands? The Shabbat kulu their hearts resemble

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the word the Shabbat is from the ruthless Christian Baha. What we'll do, we'll begin with a shabbiha.

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What does it mean? When things resemble each other, when they're similar to one another? So the Shabbat it resembled it became similar, it is identical. What is identical kulu kulu was a plural of

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so whose hearts are identical, the hearts of the people who made these demands today, and the hearts of the people who made the demands before from their messengers, whether it was money slot you or it was another nation.

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So how are their hearts similar?

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Their hearts are similar in their rejection, in their objections, in their demand for science, in their stubbornness, upon their disbelief upon their coffee.

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And we think that if the thinking is the same, then the actions are the same. If people think alike, they do similar actions. If they think alike, they say similar things as well. So the thinking the mentality of the people back then was this, which is why they made these statements, which is why they made these claims. And if today the mentality is the same, despite 1000s of years having gone still they make the same demands,

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I must say says Cordoba Yunel is certainly in fact, we have clarified the miracles, the signs,

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meaning because you might just wonder, you know, it would be simple if the miracles were sending people who believe right away.

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The fact is, they wouldn't believe right away.

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Because they were shown miracles

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he saw when he went to the bunnies for you. He didn't perform just one miracle.

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He showed many, many miracles, but at the bunny is trying to believe in no musasa performed so many miracles, but what do they do? They worship because they said, we're not going to believe in you. Similarly, at the time of the Prophet salallahu, odd was the greatest miracle. And if a person would not believe, by witnessing the Quran, that he's not going to believe

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the moon was split. And this is a fact. The moon was split, they saw the moon split with their own eyes. But what did they say? This is magic. So Allah says, it's not that we're not going to send the IRS. It's not that we're not going to send the miracle we have sent the miracles or the by yandle is by Yama is run by a new band, what does that mean? To be clear?

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So by hymnal, if we have already made the signs the miracle so clear, there is no need to meet all of their demands. But who is going to benefit from all of these if that have been shown?

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live only, you know, for people who have been for people who have conviction,

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then what you can do is from the root fetters, yeah, off noon,

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we have done the word Euclidean earlier as well. And your pain is to be certain to be sure about something.

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It is that that your cane is such knowledge of something that is free from any doubt, knowledge about something that is free from any doubt.

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When a person is 100% sure, when a person is convinced,

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so only those people who have European who have yochanan, who, in Allah subhanaw taala, in the Messenger of Allah in the signs of Allah, they're the ones who see the eye and they're the ones who clearly benefit from the eye.

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And on the other hand, a person who does not have your thing, no matter how many signs are shown to him, he is not going to believe.

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For example, in sort of Eunice i a 101. We learn Polian thorough manner for summer work, you will have one or two openings at one noodle, and COVID. Now you may

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say, observe what is it the heavens and the earth? Look around you look at the heavens and the earth. These are all signs these are all miracles. I asked Tony, but have no avail will be signs or Warner's to people who do not believe.

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So a person who does not believe who has made up his mind that I'm not going to believe no matter how much you prove to them, no matter what you show to them, they're not going to be convinced.

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We see that many people, they read the Quran, they study the Quran, but it affects them all differently.

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How much does it affect a person? Because Quran is ultimate? If right? How much does the Quran affect a person depending on the level of his opinion,

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depending on the level of the certainty of a person,

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the more you feed a person has that yes, indeed this is true. Yes, indeed, this is best for me. Why? Because Allah has said that he is going to benefit.

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And if he says, Yeah, but but that what's going to happen? He's not going to benefit.

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The follicle keytab lithography, there is absolutely no doubt in it. When you study the Quran, study with the Hakim so that you can benefit.

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So that Muhammad is number 17. Allah says one Medina todo, Zed, Buddha, what I tell Dakota Home and those people who are guided, he increases them in guidance, and gives them their righteousness. When are they guided when they have your cane?

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So what do we learn from this verse? That those people who do not wish to believe? What do they do?

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They argue with falsehood. They argue with falsity. They say, how come Allah doesn't talk to us? I mean, who are you? You know only a person.

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They say, how come you know the miracles that we have demanded. They're not shown to us. This is all false it. It doesn't make any sense. Miracles have been shown. signs have been shown. But a person who does not believe he's not going to take a lesson. Similarly, we learn from this ayah that a person who does not accept the truth does not submit to the truth. Who is he? Who is he according to this ayah alladhina layer a level they're ignorant. They're ignorant. Also, another very important lesson that we learned from this ayah is from the part of the eye at the shadow

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Hurt boo boo. Their hearts resemble one another. Their hearts are alike. What does that show? What does that show,

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but they are saying the same thing. Because their hearts are the same. They think the same, they are similar. It shows that people cannot be united. Unless and until they think the same. They have the same goal. They have the same vision. And when we think differently, then we cannot come together on a platform.

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Also we see from the same part of the ayah that Allah says kundalika Allah La Vina layer la buena, mythically him what is being spoken about their code. This is how the previous people said, this is exactly what the previous people said. The Shabbat kulu boom. Their hearts resemble that their statements resemble one does that show that what is in the heart comes out. What is in the heart comes out. Their statement is mentioned. And then Allah says their hearts resemble not their statements resemble Why? Because if the heart thinks a particular way, then the words they come out and they represent what is in the heart. So what we say shows what is in our hearts, what we speak,

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shows what is in our hearts.

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In our neck of ill health. Indeed, we have sent you with the truth. We have sent who who does you refer to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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And the word also NACA is from the Tetris rock scene and the word soul wrestle. They're all from the same root. What does it mean, to send someone so also NACA we have sent you but in particular, it is to send someone with a message risala is to send with a message. So indeed, we have sent you will help with the truth.

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We have sent you or prophets or allow the seller with the truth.

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What does it mean by this? Meaning, we have sent you with that which is true. What you have brought to the people is indeed the truth. What you have brought to the people is indeed the truth. What you have been sent with is the truth in Nelson NACA will help

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and what is the profits are a lot insulin, what was he sent to it? What was he given to deliver to us?

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as well as the non Quranic way, the non Quranic way because remember, there are two types of Revelation. The first is that which you read in the Quran, that which is preserved in the Quran.

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And the second form is that which is not in the Quran, but it was also revealed to the Prophet sallallahu. Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would not speak out of his own desires, everything that he taught us came from who Allah subhanaw taala for example, in the Quran, you will not find how to persona right you will not find say Allahu Akbar first then say, you know, this, this V and then this thinner than sort of the fatty head and this know, where do we learn that from

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the sun. Similarly, we have been commanded to give this account, but on what exactly how much exactly these details are not given? Where do we learn that from, from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam just as he didn't make up the Quran himself. Similarly, he did not make up all of these teachings himself.

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So in that also NACA will help with the Koran as well as a non political way.

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Both of these are what the truth from who from Allah.

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And we have sent you as a Bashir on as a bearer of good news, but she is one who gives Bashar remember the word by ship, Bush law, good news. So but she is one who gives good news. We have sent you as someone who delivers good news to who today the people of what agenda of reward Why? So that they can believe so that they can increase in their obedience. And we have also sent you as one of you and as a warner Naveed is from the roof letters noon than

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noon than

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and what does this mean to warn and remember, it is warning that is

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Given before time, it's not given too late. It's given before time so that the person can do something to save himself.

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So we have sent you as an ad, meaning to warn the people so that they can do something to save themselves from the punishment of the hereafter. So what is the warning about? The warning is about the punishment of the hereafter. So we have sent you with the truth as a bearer of good news. And also as a Warder. Good news for those who do righteous deeds and warning for those who disobey Allah.

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One hour to Salou and you will not be questioned. This is from the roof letter seen Hamza lamb Sudan, and to Al Islam question. So let us I know you're not going to be questioned, meaning you or Prophet sallallahu wasallam are not going to be questioned about who I'm about us have Elijah he the people of the fire, the people of the Hellfire, meaning those people who are going to end up in the hellfire. You're not accountable for them. It's not your fault. Your duty is only to convey the message. And the duty of the people is to accept and follow. And if a person doesn't do that, and he ends up in Hellfire, it's not your fault. Your job is to convey

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the word of have is the plural of Sahib. And the word for him. Have you heard of this word before? What does it mean? Hellfire? jehane is from the roof letters. Jean has me. Jean her meme. Jab, jab.

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Jab means it is used for the staring off a lion when a lion stares at its prey. Have you ever seen it?

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When a lion stares at its prey? How does it do that? How does it do that? hidden behind something with its eyes fixed on the prey doesn't blink the eyes and just in that gaze in that stare? You know it's so scary. Even when you look at it, you get scared. Although it's not coming after you just look at it on TV or something. And just looking at it scares you. It frightens you and we learn about the Hellfire that imager hannema, Kenneth massada. Johanna, is lying in wait, as if it is staring at those people who are going to end up in it. Johanna is the staring of the lion.

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Also, it has been said that a child is used for a person who is red eyed. at your home is a person who is red.

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When do you have red eyes when you're angry. Similarly, when a person has a fever when they're very hot, what happens eyes go red when they're very tired when they're very sleepy. The eyes when they're red, they're also very hot. They're also very warm. So jehane is a place that is extremely hot, and fiercely burning.

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So you will not be questioned about the people who end up in the hellfire.

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It's like if there's a person if there's an animal, and a lion is staring at it. And if that person finds out if the animal finds out that the lion is staring at it, what is it going to do is going to run is going to do something to save itself. But if he doesn't, what's going to happen? He's going to be caught by the line.

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So similarly, these people, they have been given a warning. And if they don't do anything to save themselves, is it your fault? No. It's their fault.

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They're eventually going to be caught. Well, that is under us herbal jehane you will not be questioned about the people who end up in the hellfire. So what do we learn from the cya? What's the first lesson that we learned from this I know of some NACA will help.

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What do we learn from this part of the

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everything that the prophets are allowed, has taught us is indeed the truth. And truth means that which is not doubted in meaning you don't doubt it. It's not something doubtful. It's not something that is mixed with falsehood.

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It is the reality, it is the truth and avoiding it turning away from it is not going to help us. Also we learn that in the Quran, there is good news. And there is also warning there is encouragement, and there is also a threat of punishment. Why? Because these are the two things that we human beings need all the time. We need to be encouraged to something good. We need to see the benefit of what we're doing so that we can do it. And also we need to see what is the harm of not doing something

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If we don't do it, so there is warning, and there is good news.

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Also, we learn from the cya. That the job, the work of a diary of a person who calls people to Allah is to only convey the message. It is to only convey the message. We cannot force people to believe we cannot force people to accept. In the previous eye, we learned that people would demand one miracle after the other, how come there's an outcome? Not that? Why don't you show these miracles to us? So similarly, when a person is doing Dawa, when a person is calling others to the deen of Allah, what do people do, sometimes they don't accept and you can't force it upon them.

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In certain cases, either 56 Allah says to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in Nicoletti when you cannot guide the one whom you love,

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a person whom you really want to be guided, you cannot force guidance upon them. It is in the hands of Allah.

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Also, we learn that who receives good news, the person who accepts the help a person who follows the hack, and who is the warning for a person who does not accept the hug.

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There is a hadith that is mentioned in a ceremony in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Man, someone who has Allah to who was to say yes to further legal movement, the person whose good actions, making feel happy,

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a person whose good deeds, they make him happy, and his wrong actions, make him feel bad. Who is he?

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Then he is the mean. He is the believer

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who is a believer according to this Hadith,

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a person whose good deeds make him happy, and his bad deeds make him feel bad. They make him sad. Such a person is a believer.

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And when you become happy with the good deeds that you do, when you learn about the good news, the Wishaw

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and when you become sad about the bad deeds that you've done, when you learn about the warning,

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so a person who's good actions make him happy and is wrong actions make him feel bad. He is a believer and this is reported in a tenement.

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Kirby has Da Vinci

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to San Juan

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