Taimiyyah Zubair – Indeed I am Near – Day 25 – Explanation of Dua Qunoot

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of the Bible and its implications for safety and well-being is emphasized, along with the need for guidance and protection for individuals against diseases of the heart. The success of Islam as a source of wealth and the success of the hereafter are highlighted. The importance of flexibility and a flexible approach to life is emphasized, along with protecting health and safety and returning to work with a return to a work culture. The need for flexibility and a flexible approach to work, along with protecting one's health and safety, is emphasized.
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as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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are other bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Hill Kareem will be shortly Saudi way a silly MD wash Lulu rock data Melissa melissani yokocho Kohli, Allahu Allahu Mahadeo. Kirby was a deadly Sunni was sleuths of Hema, the Calbee menial apply Lamine.

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In today's session of Caribbean wajib Insha Allah we will go over the meaning of dua Knut, or the drop off Witter, which we learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught some of his closest companions to recite in their with their prayer and the winter prayer. Remember, it is the last prayer of the night. And it is also the best prayer after the obligatory prayers, meaning the best Salah which a person can perform the most rewardable one are the five daily prayers and after that the best prayer which a person can perform is that the 100 prayer the night prayer, and the night prayer ends with Salatin Witter, and in winter, we make dua, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam taught this door to some of his closest companions that will do a lot more on home.

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So in Hadees, we learned that hasn't been early radula horn. He said that our lemony Rasulullah sallallahu are they he was sent lemma Kalimantan, Akula Hoonah, filled with that the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught me some words which I should say in the Witr Prayer. And in another narration, we learn that he said our lemoney jet de rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that my grandfather, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught me what to say, in polluted wicker. So this is not just Dora of Knuth, but specifically the Knut of Witr Prayer, meaning the DUA which we should make in the winter salah. And what is this Dora? He said it

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is Allahumma dini. Faiman Herdade that oh Allah guide me among those whom you have guided Where are funny female fates, and protect me among those whom you have protected what our Lennie female and our late and befriend me among those whom you have befriended, while directly female our plates and bless me in what you have granted me working, he shall run Mercado aid and save me from the evil that you have decreed. In Naka, taco de Walla, Yokota, or lake indeed you decree, and none can pass decree upon you. Were in Noho lair Ville Luma, were late and indeed he is not humiliated, whom you have befriended, while your resume and our date and the one whom you have shown animosity to cannot,

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cannot gain honor. about Dr. abana. With our late blessing, Are you our Lord and exalted and this there are slightly different versions of it have been reported in many books of Hadith, including a Buddha with a necessity as well as others. Now, first of all, we see in this hadith that Huson Radi Allahu anhu, the grandson of the prophets of Allah who are The SLM is the one who is narrating this hadith. And the prophets of Allah, who are they who ascend them taught him this torah. And this is, this shows us the importance of this, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught this door to his grandson, and you teach your family, those who are closest to you, especially your children,

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and especially your grandchildren, you will give them the best that you believe they are in need of. So these words are extremely precious. They are very, very beneficial for us. Because we can only imagine that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would teach the most beautiful, the most excellent Dora to his grandson for his protection for his well being for his safety, for his benefit of this world and in the Hereafter. And a lot of people when they're praying with it, they don't bother to make this thorough, or there are other laws which you know, people

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have memorized which okay in meaning they may be correct. But remember that the best way for us to worship Allah is to worship Allah in the way that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us, because what is that we come up with some with some way with some, you know, manners, you know some words and we can come up with the best that that you know, based on our knowledge, understanding comprehension, but of course, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his knowledge, his comprehension, his love for Allah, his fear of Allah is is way greater it way better than ours. So, the way that he worshipped Allah subhanaw taala that is the standard for us, that is an example for

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us and that is what we must emulate. And this thorough,

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unfortunately, many people are not aware of it. There are, you know, they have learned other DAWs which like I said it meaning they may be correct, but they're not necessarily authentic. This hadith is authentic, it is Dora which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught his grandson. So we should also make a point to memorize this torah. So we can say it in with a prayer. And especially when you go to the masjid, you know, in the month of Ramadan, you're praying Torah, we're behind the Imam you pray with it, and the Imam is making this door and we just say I mean, I mean, we should know what we are asking Allah for. So I hope that insha Allah today's session, will help you not

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only understand this door, but also memorize it. And then you are able to say it with your heart and your full attention.

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And in this Dora, we see that we are asking Allah subhanaw taala for very important matters, we are asking Allah for guidance for safety, for his friendship, for his blessings, for protection. And we also admit that all matters are entirely in the hands of Allah and everything is subjected to his command. So whatever Allah wills occurs, and whatever Allah does not will cannot occur. So in this era, we say first of all, Allahumma Dini FIM and headache, that oh Allah guide me among those whom you have guided. Here, we're asking Allah subhanaw taala for guidance, but guidance which is complete and beneficial, because that is real guidance. And complete and beneficial guidance is that

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a person the slave knows what the truth is, and then also acts according to it. Guidance is not merely that a person knows the truth and does not live by it. Knowing the truth alone is not guidance. Because if you think about it, Iblees shaitan also knows who Allah is IBLEES also knows that the Day of Judgment is coming in please also knows that, you know, people are required to pray five times a day, but his knowledge is of no benefit to him. So remember, that guidance is not just knowing the truth, knowing who Allah is, knowing what the Quran says, knowing what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught, knowing that there is such and such dua, which a person can say

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at such and such time, and this is the benefit or this is a vicar and that is the benefit. knowledge alone is not guidance. Remember that guidance is complete when a person also acts upon that knowledge. So for instance, in these classes at Hamdulillah, we're learning about many Dora's many Adcock and the benefits associated with these, you know acts of worship, how they bring about forgiveness, and so much reward. But if we do not act upon this knowledge, then we we have not obtained guidance, we have not obtained guidance. hedaya Complete hidayah is when in animal are combined in a person, when a person has knowledge of the truth and they're also able to act by it.

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And if a person is doing a lot of actions, will you know where they think that they are worshipping Allah subhanaw taala but they're worshipping Allah without any knowledge, then that is also incomplete guidance. Because when a person does not have knowledge of the truth, and they're acting by their whim, or by their imagination, or or just according to their own logic, then they could be making serious errors. So, complete hedaya is when knowledge and action are combined.

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Ain't for a person and this happens with the dough feast of Allah. When Allah subhanaw taala gives a person the ability to learn the truth, to accept it and to follow it to live by it. So we ask Allah, Allah Houma, Houdini, FIM and Herdade that oh Allah guide me among those whom you have guided grant me complete guidance, grant me knowledge that is beneficial, and grant me the ability to do righteous action also, such action that you will be pleased with. And hidayah also includes Hidayat this beat the hedaya of consistency, that a person is able to remain firm on the truth on righteous action, because remember that the actions which Allah subhanaw taala loves are those which are

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consistent, even if there may be very little. So, in the month of Ramadan, for example, a lot of people, you know, they they begin doing certain ADKAR in the day, in the night, in the morning, in the evening, they make a habit to recite Quran every day, they make a habit to seek forgiveness, you know, multiple times a day they make a habit to, you know, pray chiamo, Lael, to recite Quran to give sadaqa And Alhamdulillah all of that is excellent, that we you know, are paying attention to increasing in good deeds, but to remember that after the month of Ramadan, we should not become such that days and weeks and months go by and we have not even recited any portion of the Quran or days

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and weeks go by and we have not done any ADKAR or we don't give sadaqa we have to have consistency also. And consistency in E this is also with the Tofik of Allah, of course, you cannot be for the rest of the year as you are in the month of Ramadan, right in the month of Ramadan Of course, you are excelling you are paying you are putting in extra effort to increase and improve on your good deeds. And the rest of the year is not Ramadan. That is understandable. But it shouldn't be that a person becomes a completely different individual after the month of Ramadan, there must be some effect of all of the good deeds that we have been doing in the month of Ramadan in the rest of the

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year. There should be some traces. So there should be the speed there should be consistency. So Allahumma Dini Freeman Herdade that oh Allah guide me among those whom you have guided meaning keep me consistent, grant me stability and firmness on the straight path on righteous actions. And we say over here, that oh Allah guide me, among those whom you have guided fee men had eight. And in when we say that guide me among those whom you have guided, we are asking Allah subhanaw taala to admit us into the group of those people who are rightly guided to count us among them to give us their companionship and make our destination and home where the guided will be those who are rightly

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guided will be and that is in Jana in paradise where her sunnah Allah eco feel calm, and how excellent are those as companions? So fi mon Herdade any counters among them, make us among them, grant us their company. So Allahumma Dini, Faiman Hadith. And we see that all of the prophets of Allah, any many in many of the doors of the prophets of Allah, in fact, in the Quran, we learned that the prayed for righteous companionship or al Hackney beside the hain, join me with the righteous keep me among the righteous and this was their dua for Jana, because Jana is the home of the righteous. So Allah Medina Freeman, Hadith and think about it in the world, any there are so

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many people at this very moment, but not everyone is guided. Not everyone is upon the truth. Not everyone is doing those things which are pleasing to Allah. Not everyone is counted among the believers, the pious, the righteous. So we're asking Allah, that Oh ALLAH count me among the guided the righteous, those who fear you, those whom you love Allahumma Dini Faiman Herdade. And this is a form of the West soul also, that Oh Allah, you have guided so many slaves among your creation, purely as a favor on them. So just as you have guided them, guide me to, just as you have bestowed Your favor on them, bestow it on me also Allahumma Dini Freeman, Herdade anything about

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on how Allah subhanaw taala guided the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the righteous people. So, you look at them, you read about their lives, you get so inspired by their, by their piety, by their worship, by their dedication by their sincerity. So here you're asking Allah, that you that Ya Allah, you favored them, you showed them the way you give them the ability. So give me the ability also Allahumma Dini Freeman, Hadith, you know, sometimes when we read about the lives of the righteous or the kind of, you know, great things that people before us have done, then, you know, we think that I am not worthy, no, you are worthy. They weren't, you

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know, superhuman, they were also human beings. And they were able to go so far, because Allah subhanaw taala gave them Tofik he enabled them, he showed them the way and if he showed them the way, then he can also show you the way. So Allahumma Houdini, fie men Herdade. And when we say Freeman Herdade and O Allah guide me among those whom you have guided, we are basically acknowledging the fact that you that Allah you are the source of guidance. So there is no one who is guided except that you have guided them. So guide me also those who are guided or guided because you gave them that guidance, Allah is the source of guidance. So yeah, Allah, you guide me to Allahumma

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Houdini Faiman had eight and look at how the DUA begins with the prayer for guidance because guidance as we learned earlier, is the most important thing that a person needs in this life. Guidance is more important than food, it is more important than sustenance. Why? Because when a person has hedaya Then they will become of the Motoki those who are righteous. They will have Taqwa when they have taqwa, then Allah subhanaw taala will provide them from where they cannot even imagine. And Allah subhana wa Tada will take care of their affairs. So this is why in every Salah we say a dinner Serato Mr. Team and the we end the night prayer by saying Allahumma Dini Freeman,

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Hadith, we ask Allah for guidance again. Then we say we're afine FEMA and our fate. N O Allah, grant me security among those whom You have granted security to our Fini, Grant ni Afia. Fi Mon, among those whom are a faith that you have granted raffia to and here we are asking Allah subhanaw taala for protection for safety of all kinds. And this includes protection from disbelief, from sin, from disobedience, from forgetfulness from heedlessness from disease, whether tangible or intangible sickness, tribulation, or doing what Allah subhanaw taala does not like or leaving what Allah subhanaw taala loves. In all of this, we're asking Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from that. And

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we're asking Allah for Allah raffia l McLaughlin, any absolute all kinds of safety and protection. And remember that true safety true well being is that a person is protected from the diseases of the body and the diseases of the heart. What harms us in our dunya and what harms us in our deen, what harms our body,

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our physical, external circumstances, and also what can harm our inner being our heart.

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And you see, Allah subhanaw taala is the one who truly guards and protect his slaves. And as human beings, we're always vulnerable, we're always in danger. And you think about it, we can fall ill any a person can end up in a coma just because of you know, inhaling something Subhanallah any imagine if a person gets sick, because of, you know, a cough, for instance, or a cold and because of that, you know, there's high fever and that high fever can can lead to so many complications in the body, it can literally lead a person to death. So,

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you know, physically we are very vulnerable. We are extremely weak, and otherwise also, in our circumstances, any anything can happen at any time. Allah subhanaw taala warns us that you feel sick

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Knowing that you know, the one, that that something can come down on you from above, or something can come and destroy you from beneath your feet. Or in your circumstances, slowly, gradually, you know, things can become really difficult for you. So, we are desperately in need of Allah subhanaw taala has protection and protection of all kinds, physical, financial, emotional, spiritual, mental, in our deen in our dunya you know, for ourselves, our children, so we're afine FEMA and our faith or Allah, protect me among those whom you have protected. And this shows us that no one is protected.

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unless Allah subhanaw taala grants them that protection, no one is safe unless Allah subhanaw taala saves them. So while I Fini, fame and our faith, and again, this is the lesson that Oh Allah, you have protected and saved and healed so many of your slaves, you have granted them wellbeing, against disease, against harm against danger. So just as you have protected them, protect me also, we're afine fame and our faith.

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Now, out of all the dangers that you know, we could fall into, remember that the most dangerous thing for a person is actually the diseases of the heart. The diseases of the heart are far more serious than diseases of the body. And we need protection against diseases of the heart, more than we need protection against the diseases of the body. Because the body is going to finish eventually the body is going to die. The soul lives on what we do, what we experience, what we keep in our heart, that will live on. And that is what our eternity our afterlife is based upon. So we ask Allah to protect us over here against especially diseases of the heart spiritual ailments. And this is why

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indoor all we learn while at the joy mostly but an FE D Nina, that oh Allah do not make our mostly but our calamity in our religion. Any when you test us do not test us through our religion, because that is the greatest trial. It's the most difficult one, the most dangerous one. And the diseases of the heart remember, they are of two kinds. The first type of diseases of the heart are those which are related to Shaohua desires, and they originate from a person's likes and dislikes and their untamed desire.

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And the other type of diseases of the heart are those which are related to Shewhart doubts and uncertainties which come about because of ignorance when a person is unaware what when they don't know the answers. So whare Feeny FEMA and our fate, your Allah protect me protect my heart, against sickness, against disease. You see, for example, the desire to backbite the desire for what someone else has, okay, greed. These are diseases of the heart has said envy, anger, all of these are diseases of the heart. So wherever you need human our fate, you see someone who has such good self control, who has such excellent you know, self discipline, or you know, when they're worshipping

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Allah subhanaw taala. You can see that they have so much for sure, they have so much determination and so much focus that they can you know, for example, you go to the masjid, you see someone praying all eight record all 20 record Masha Allah, or you see someone who is doing RT calf and you look at yourself that I don't even have the patience to sit after Salah and make vicar. You know, SubhanAllah 33 times at Hamdulillah 33 times Allahu Akbar 33 times I get tired of doing that. I don't have the willingness to do that. Because we have a problem. There's someone who Allah subhanaw taala has granted safety from the diseases of the heart. So here, we're asking Allah Ya Allah just

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as you have protected them protect me to just as you have given them the ability to worship you, give me the ability to worship you in an excellent way also. So raffia remember, this is one of the best things that we can ask Allah subhanaw taala for why, because when a person has Aafia safety, wellbeing protection, then they are guarded against every

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Will and everything that can lead to evil as well. So remember that Aafia is a very comprehensive word that includes the meaning of, you know, being safe and free from every kind of evil and its cause. We learned that a man said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the wrong Messenger of Allah, teach me a dua that I can benefit from. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Say, Allah humara Fini min Cherie summary, WA sorry, Wali Sani will call be women Sheree, moneykey, that, Oh, Allah, protect me, grant me raffia Ruffini protect me, from the evil of my ears, my hearing, and the evil of my eyes, my vision, the evil of my tongue, the evil of my heart, and the

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evil of my, my sperm. So here, honey, this door is so beautiful, that, Oh Allah protect me, from the evil of my ears, what is the evil of the ears, that a person listens to something that they're not supposed to, or they are tempted to listen to, for example, someone's private conversation. And then sometimes what happens is that you hear something you overhear something, and then you just form an assumption, you form a judgment. And then based on that assumption, you are getting angry, you are getting frustrated, you are boiling up from the inside, or you are filled with fear. So often it happens that because of what we hear, we put ourselves in so much difficulty, or sometimes you hear

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something, you know, unintentionally. And then what happens, you know, for example, the verse of a song, and then it just keeps repeating in your head non stop. So, oh Allah protect me from the evil of my hearing, the evil of my eyes, that I see something I'm not supposed to, I look at something that is sinful. And then when he Sani the evil of my tongue, the evil of the tongue is that a person talks about things that they should not be, they say things that they should not be saying, their words, their speech becomes a soldier against them, the evil of my heart, which shows the heart can also have evil, where a person has jealousy, or extreme anger, or hatred, or, you know, such bad

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feelings. So, protect me from the evil of that, and also protect me from the evil of my sperm and this is protection against the evil of the sexual organ, where a person is, you know, becoming extremely weak because of their desire. And sometimes people fall into sin. Sometimes, you know, people, even within a marriage, any there is abuse of some sort. Sometimes, you know, it's verbal even, or

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you know, of other kinds where people you know, husband and wife, for example, become extremely angry with one another or hurtful to one another. When when when they don't use their sexual organ in a permissible way or in a moderate weight, and things like that. So women shuddering my knee, so ya Allah protect me from the evil of all of these things.

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We also learn that once a man as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that, what should I say when I make dua? Any how should I call upon Allah and this is Hadith in Sahih Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Say Allah mo fiddly what how many? Were Affinia or zucchini? That Oh Allah, forgive me Have mercy on me and protect me or if you need grant me raffia what is zucchini and provide me sustenance and give me a raffia while I finish human RFA meeting protect me from all sorts of difficulties and trials and an hardships and problems whether they are in in my worldly matters or in my religious matters. And we also learn that the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam our best or the loved one who he asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam ones that are limini che and as an Allah Hubby, teach me something that I can ask Allah for meaning teach me a DUA, and the prophets of Allah who are new Salam said, Yeah, our best selling hola hola. raffia ask Allah for raffia for safety for wellbeing. So after some time, our best for the long run who came back and he said he repeated the same question I lemony che and as Lulu hubby. So the prophets of Allah who already said I'm saying here are our best Yama Rasulullah or Abbas or uncle of the messenger of allah sallallahu Lufia ask Allah for raffia for dunya will occur in the world

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Old and in the hereafter. So the Prophet sallallahu Urdu Salam taught his uncle to ask Allah for wellbeing in this world and in the hereafter safety and protection of every kind. And we learned that one of the doors of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam would say in the morning in the evening was Allahumma inni as a local RF Well, we laugh here. All right, that all I ask you for pardon and safety every morning, every evening, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam also said that all people, people are not given anything in the world that is better than conviction and safety, the attain and more often. So ask Allah for both. ask Allah to grant you conviction. And with conviction is safety

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of the heart, right safety of one's eternity, and more Ifat safety in the overall well being and safety against diseases of the heart diseases of the mind, diseases of the body. And sometimes safety means that you are safe from the harm of other people. Sometimes safety means that people are protected from your harm. Sometimes well being well raffia safety means that you are independent of people, right that you don't have to depend on them and that you are a means of bringing benefit to them and you are not suffering at their hands.

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So, when we ask Allah subhanaw taala, for for Aafia, we're asking Allah to protect us from anything that can make us sad, that can upset us that can anger us that can hurt us that can damage us that can you know, harm us now in this life, or in the Hereafter in our worldly matters, and also in our religious matters. So yeah, Allah protect me Allahumma so what are our funny fee men are our faith or Allah grant we protection among those whom You have granted protection to?

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Then we say what's our Lenny fee mentor? We're late and befriend me among those whom you have befriended. What uh, well Lenny, this is from Wilaya All right, and Wilaya is friendship. And it also means

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you need having charge over someone. So the well Lani befriend me and take charge of my affairs, fee mentor late among those whom you have befriended or make me among those whose affairs you have taken charge of especially, remember that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is the Wali and he is actually he is the friend he is the protector, he is a molar and he is the protector of the entire creation, right molar whom will help He is the true Guardian protector of his entire creation, but the Wilaya of Allah is of different levels. One level is the you know, the basic level is that Allah subhanaw taala you know, he owns the entire creation. So whenever they have is from Allah, whatever safety

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they have is from Allah, any of their matters, Allah subhanaw taala takes care of them. So for instance, no creature is there except that ALLAH subhanaw taala provides its US it provides it sustenance, all right. But then there is a higher level of Wilaya which is when a slave receives Allah subhanaw taala special friendship, special protection, where Allah subhanaw taala especially takes care of the affairs of that slave. So Allah does not abandon that slave. Allah does not let that slave suffer. And this is what we're asking Allah for. That and we're asking Allah for a tow allele Camen for complete absolute

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protection, safety, of friendship and help.

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And when a slave has that, then they receive not only the help and assistance from Allah subhanaw taala but they also receive Tofik from Allah, the ability to do good and the ability to stay away from sin. And when they make a mistake, Allah subhanaw taala guides them Allah subhanaw taala correct them and Allah subhanaw taala distances them from everything that is harmful for them. So for instance, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada tells us the Quran, Allah who will lead you ladina Manu, you read your home in Abu rheumatic Illa note that Allah is the friend of those people who have believed so he brings them out

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darkness into light. Allah is their friend whose friend those who believe. So what happens then, when they fall into darkness, Allah brings them out of darkness he leads them to light. And this darkness can be the darkness of ignorance. So for example, when this person is in a situation where he he is unaware of something does not know something, Allah subhanaw taala teaches him, Allah subhanaw taala shows him the way this darkness can be of sadness. Allah subhanaw taala brings him out of that sadness gives him hope, the Light of Hope. This darkness is of guidance where a person sorry I've missed guidance where a person does not know what the right thing to do is, a person

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feels lost. That how should I please Allah what is the right thing to do? So Allah subhanaw taala gives them light of guidance. Allahu Allah, you Latina Amanu you heard your home Mina Gurumurthy Illa noon. We learned in the Quran. Well who were to when the salah Hain Allah befriends those who are righteous will Allahu Allah you will mean Allah is the friend of the believers will Allah Who were they you will clean Allah is the friend of those who are conscious of him so what uh well Lenny V mentor late or Allah befriend me and take charge of my affairs among those whom whom you have befriended he care for me

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you know the way that you have cared for others just as you have cared for you know, righteous slaves of yours and your friends yet Allah care for me also protect me befriend me what the well Lenny fee Minh to a late and when someone is a friend of Allah, Allahu Akbar. Then what happens we learned in the Quran that Allah in earlier Allah, La hopefully him Willa whom your husband, unquestionably the friends of Allah, they will be such that no fear will be on them, nor will they be sad nor will they grieve. So this is what we're asking for, that he or Allah, count me among your friends, make me among your special friends, what one many females who are late and when someone is

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a friend to Allah, then Allah will protect him. Allah will help him Allah will shield him against different types of harms and evils.

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And then we say in a hole in the version that I have right now, in the whole layer, the Luma valet, Wallah, you're assuming

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that indeed, none can you can layer the loo he is not humiliated who is not humiliated Manuel later the one whom you befriend, what are your is Xu and he cannot gain honor, who man our data, the one whom you are an enemy to, meaning, the one whom Allah befriends, then such a person is not humiliated, and the one whom Allah becomes an adversary to then such a person can never ever find honor. They can never succeed, they can never be safe, in the WHO lair the Luma valet layer, Villa de luz, from the villa humiliation, while later meaning the one whom you have taken charge of the one whom you have befriended. So, the one whom Allah subhanaw taala befriends then such a person is

00:38:51 --> 00:39:47

protected, such a person is helped such a person is protected against sin against harm in this world against harm in the next life. And such a person is granted success in their matters, such a person is granted honor and the one who is humiliated by Allah, then such a person any they can, they can never find honor in anything, they can try to find honor in wealth, they can try to find honor among people, but that honor is not going to last for long in the WHO layer the LUMO well, as well as resuming our date. We say robotically FEMA, Arclight Oh Allah, grant me blessing in what you have granted me Give me Baraka in the things that you have given to me. We're asking Allah subhanaw taala

00:39:47 --> 00:39:59

for Baraka over here, Baraka is a Lionel cathedra habit, it is such good, which is abundant, and it is permanent. All right.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:48

So, Baraka in something means that its goodness is abundant, not not a little bit, but it is abundant. It's a source of a lot, a lot of benefit for a person. And that that benefit is not short lived, it is permanent, and it continues to benefit a person. So we're asking Allah subhanaw taala, that Oh Allah, grant me blessing, FEMA are played in whatever that you have given me. Whether it is my wealth that you have given me, my children that you have given me, my home, anything that you have given me, Ya Allah, place Baraka in it, place Baraka in it, meaning increase it for me,

00:40:49 --> 00:41:40

make it a source of goodness for me, benefit me through it, and stabilize this this thing for me, and guard me and protect me against any any harm that may be associated with it. We see that among people are those who have wealth, but they're not necessarily able to benefit from their wealth they collected, they earn it, they save it, they try to protect it, but then they're not able to use it. And they're not able to benefit from it. Why? Because there is no Baraka in it. For example, the person saves a whole lot of money, and their bank account is Masha Allah for like a whole lot of money, but they're not able to use it. Why? Because they pass away, for example, or they're not able

00:41:40 --> 00:42:03

to use it, for instance, you know that their accounts get frozen, or the bank declares bankruptcy or something. So these things happen, a person purchases a house, they set it up in order to live in it, they start living in it, and what happens a fire or something because of which everything gets destroyed, ruined.

00:42:04 --> 00:42:53

We hear about these things where a person has wealth, but they're not able to benefit from it. at a smaller scale, for example, you earn money, all right, you go to the bank, you draw out some cash, you put it in your bag, and what happens you lose that bag, you lose all that money, you were not able to benefit from it, somebody stole it, you lost it, or you bought something from it, but then that got wasted. And sometimes it happens that, you know, for instance, you you you buy something to benefit yourself with it, but you're not able to use it. For example, you buy something to eat to you know, for example, a supplement, an expensive supplement. But then what happens as you have it,

00:42:53 --> 00:43:43

it doesn't suit you, you get you get more sick because of that you buy, you know, an ointment or cream or something, but when you put in it causes you to have a rash. So you think, you know this was a waste of my wealth, that I bought something and I'm not able to use it. So we ask Allah radically FEMA or a plate or Allah bless me in what you have given me that my wealth does not go waste. And the biggest waste is that a person is not able to benefit from what Allah subhanaw taala has given in a way that you know, on the Day of Judgment, these things are not a source of reward for a person because in the Quran, we learned that the day of judgment is such that yo Malayan

00:43:43 --> 00:44:26

Pharaoh man will ever known in lemon at Allah have you convinced believe that it is the day when wealth and children will not benefit? except the one who comes to Allah with the sound heart, then yes, their wealth will be a source of benefit for them. Why? Because they use their wealth in a good way. They use their wealth in a way that will bring them reward on the Day of Judgment. So for example, they spent it in the way of Allah, they earned it lawfully. They used it lawfully, they used it with gratitude, they spent it in ways that are pleasing to Allah, they weren't stingy, they weren't wasteful, they gave the cat they gave sadaqa. So their wealth will be of benefit to them on

00:44:26 --> 00:44:26

the Day of Judgment.

00:44:28 --> 00:44:59

So robotically females are applied, oh Allah bless me in whatever that you have given me. Sometimes you buy a car and that car is a constant source of problems. They breaks down or it needs one repair and then another repair and then one thing is broken then another thing is broken. Yeah, Allah bless me in whatever that you have given me. And if you find yourself in a situation like this, that whatever you purchase, or anything that you bring into your life, you know, it's it's causing more inconvenience than convenience. It could be a pet

00:45:00 --> 00:45:50

It could be a piece of furniture, it could be a gadget, it could be a computer, it could be, you know, some, some machine, anything that you get in your life, you you bring into your life and it becomes a source of problems for you inconvenience, then ask Allah Wilbury three female outplayed. Sometimes it's not the tangible things, but it is our relationships. It could be the people that Allah subhanaw taala has given us in our lives, our co workers, or employers or employees, or, you know, some sometimes spouse, sometimes children, sometimes neighbors, sometimes friends, they are a source of constant inconvenience for a person. So, remember that our life, Allah subhanaw taala has

00:45:50 --> 00:46:00

given this to us once. And this is our only chance at worshipping Allah and earning his approval. And if our life gets, you know, wasted in,

00:46:02 --> 00:46:16

you know, things which are constantly causing us inconvenience because of which we are not able to do any good, then we should ask Allah will radically FEMA outlines that your Allah bless me in whatever that you have given me.

00:46:17 --> 00:46:33

We see among people are those who have children, but their children do not benefit them at all. They're not a source of blessing for them. In fact, they're a source of constant pain, constant harm. And when they leave this world, their children don't even pray for them.

00:46:34 --> 00:47:19

They, in fact, destroy whatever the parents have built, whatever the parents have done, well, bad, ugly female, or a plate among people or those who have a lot of knowledge. But the impact of their knowledge is not visible in their Ibadah in their worship, or in their o'clock, their manners, or in their dealings with people. Their knowledge only brings them arrogance, it does not benefit them, they fail to remember their knowledge, they fail to act by it, and they fail to benefit others with it. They don't teach it to others, they don't guide others with it. And this is great deprivation. Because such knowledge will become an argument against a person, not for him, but against him. So

00:47:19 --> 00:48:00

we're badly female or have played or Allah bless me, grant me Baraka in whatever that you have given me. And you're asking Allah, that, yeah, Allah make it good for me make it beneficial for me, but also make it a source of, you know, make it such that that its goodness increases. So for example, badly female outlaid. For instance, you're asking Allah for a blessing in your wealth in your income, you could be earning a six figure salary, but that would not be enough for you.

00:48:01 --> 00:48:05

It's possible that a six figure salary is not enough for a person.

00:48:06 --> 00:48:40

And at the same time a person can find Baraka in very little income. Subhanallah remember, that our needs are fulfilled, and we have contentment and satisfaction, when Allah subhanaw taala grants it to us when Allah subhanaw taala places Baraka blessing in what He has given us. It's not by the quantity of what we have. But it is by the blessing which Allah subhanaw taala puts in the gifts that He gives us.

00:48:41 --> 00:49:26

So for example, a person can have hundreds and 1000s of dollars, yet their needs are unfulfilled, yet they are unhappy, they are angry, they are afraid, they are worried that they don't have enough and a person can have very little, and they could be extremely happy, very satisfied. There are people who earn a very good income, but all they can think of is their own needs, their own desires, that now I need to buy this and now I need to get a new car. Now I need to save for such and such. And they cannot think about spending on others spending on their relatives, or spending on those in need spending in the cars of Allah because they don't feel that they have enough. And then there is

00:49:26 --> 00:50:00

another person who has very little any in quantity compared to the other has very little but from that little they're able to spend in the way of Allah. They're able to help their relatives, they're able to, you know, fulfill their needs even why one has Baraka, the other does not have Baraka so we shouldn't just be asking Allah subhanaw taala for more wealth, for more sustenance for more life for more children, etcetera. We should be asking Allah for Baraka in whatever that he gives us. Because there

00:50:00 --> 00:50:07

And the little will also be more than enough, were badly FEMA or a plate. Oh Allah bless me,

00:50:09 --> 00:50:58

place Baraka in whatever that you have given me. And then we say we're cleaning sham Rommel called eight, or Allah save me from the evil witch you have decreed. Because all decrees remember, they come from Allah, whether it is something good or it is something evil, whatever that has been decreed the source is Allah azza wa jal And if Allah subhanaw taala decrees anything that is evil for a creation, then that is because of his perfect wisdom. All right, so what what Kenny shovel Amma called Light and Shadow evil occurs in the creation in the form of you know, different trials, hardships, problems, things like that. So we ask Allah to save us to protect us from any evil. And

00:50:58 --> 00:51:29

we see that the prophets of Allah who already the Sanlam would make many different doras in which he asked Allah subhanaw taala to protect from evil and this is a these are the laws that we should be also making. So for example, Allahumma inni es el camino Haley Coonley ideally, you will agilely Mara Lim to mean who am Alan Aragon? What are all the becoming a shattered equally IGE were agilely Merlin to mean who am Adam Arlo, that Oh Allah, I ask you for all good

00:51:31 --> 00:51:48

that which can come to me quickly and that which will come to me later, what I know of and also what I do not know of, and I seek refuge in You from all evil, that which comes quickly and that which comes later what I know often I do not know. So Will Allah protect me from all evil?

00:51:49 --> 00:52:38

So, we should be asking Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from all types of evil, because truly it is Allah subhanaw taala who guards and protects his slaves for long Hiren Halophila Allah is the best guardian. He is the best protector. And we see that Allah subhanaw taala protects his friends, we see how use of Allah His Salam Allah subhanaw taala protected him Ibraheem Alehissalaam Allah subhanaw taala protected him when people threw him in the fire. Allah subhanaw taala protected Masada, his sunnah when his mother had to put him in the water Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala protected today man early his sunnah, right when he when there were so many Shayateen the jinn right

00:52:38 --> 00:52:51

who used to work for him, Allah subhanaw taala protected him Allah subhanaw taala protected resource a select from his enemies, so they tried to kill him, but they failed to do so. They did not kill him. They did not crucify him.

00:52:53 --> 00:53:18

So Allah is the true guardian. It is Allah who protect his slaves, and there is a no evil that we can be saved from. Unless and until Allah protects us. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran, la humara peba to Mumbai nia de he, women Kulfi Faloona, whom in amarilla, that Allah subhanaw taala has appointed for each person,

00:53:19 --> 00:54:16

angels who guard that person from before, from in front and from behind. Constantly, they guard that person at the command of Allah. And if these angels were not there at the command of Allah, then we would be in in great danger, we wouldn't be able to survive. And when something does reach us, it's because that protection was taken away from us. So Allah is the true guardian. And Allah subhanaw taala protects his slaves from all types of evil, evil in the world, evil in the Hereafter, evil in regard to their their personal lives, in their Deen in every matter, Allah is the One Who protects us from the evil of our mind, from the evil of our heart, from the evil of our wealth, our families

00:54:16 --> 00:54:59

even or the people around us. So seek safety from Allah workone Sharon mockolate and the thing is that when Allah subhanaw taala has decreed something my Polina then that will certainly happen, right? There is no avoiding it whatsoever. So it is only Allah subhanaw taala who can protect us against the evil which he has decreed. And if all of the people were together Together to protect us, they wouldn't be able to protect us. And if all of the people were together Together to harm us, they would not be able to harm us. Right? Except with what Allah has already decreed for us.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:07

So what cleaning Chevra Mercado, oh Allah you protect me from the evil of what you have decreed. Power is in your head.

00:55:08 --> 00:55:20

And then we say, in a critically What are you called our lake? Indeed, you are the one who decrees and decree is not made against you are on you. Ne.

00:55:21 --> 00:56:14

Allah is the One who decrees over everything against everything or for everything. Nothing happens without the decree of Allah. Because his judgment is absolute. His will is carried out his power, you know, prevails, his decree prevails. So, when Allah decrees something, it cannot be avoided in NACA, luckily, you are the one who decrees and then Wallah, you could are like none can decree against you, because Allah is the Creator, He alone is the creator, we are all his creation. So, when Allah decree something, none can repel it, his decree and no one can decree anything against Allah. So we are showing our entire our dependence on Allah or Zildjian in Nakata, Cody, Willa, yo

00:56:14 --> 00:56:15

Kudo are like

00:56:16 --> 00:56:40

and then we also say in the WHO liar, the lumen y la to Allah, your resume and our date, that the version that you see over here, that in the WHO liar the LUMO violate, that the one whom you befriend, none can then that that person cannot be humiliated, and the one whom you honor,

00:56:41 --> 00:57:32

sorry, the one whom you show animosity to, then that person can never ever gain any honor. So what this means is that honor cannot be sought except from Allah. and protection from humiliation cannot be sought except from Allah. Allah is the source of honor, and he is the one who gives humiliation to whom he wants. Only la Houma, Malakal, molk till milk Amantha Sha 110 zero will come in Manta SHA one to resume into SHA one to the lumen the sharp, be ethical, higher in the Kerala coalition in Cadiz, that Oh Allah, you are the owner of sovereignty, you give sovereignty you will give power ownership kingship, to whomever you will. And you take it away from whom from whomever you will. You

00:57:32 --> 00:58:11

give honor to whom you will, and you humiliate whom you will, in your hand is all good. Indeed you are over all things competent. So this shows us that when a person is humiliated, then none can raise him except Allah. And when one is high, none can bring him down except Allah. And this humiliation and an honor can be in worldly matters. And of course, this is in religious matters as well. And especially in the Hereafter, the one whom ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, protects and honors and befriends then such a person will never be humiliated.

00:58:13 --> 00:58:53

And the one whom Allah shows animosity to then such a person can never ever succeed. We learn that in Alladhina you had dune hola hola su level Hola. ecoffee other lien in the those people who who oppose Allah and His Messenger, then those people will be among the greatest losers, the most low the most abase those who will be humiliated. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, Khattab Allahu Allah of ribbon, Anna Rosalie in the law, are we gonna Aziz, Allah has decreed that I will meaning ALLAH will prevail, and his messengers will prevail.

00:58:54 --> 00:59:45

Any honor belongs to Allah will Allah Hilary Zito while he was solely Well, I mean in all honor belongs to Allah and His messenger. And Allah gives it to the believers, but the hypocrites do not know that. So in a whole layer vindaloo, Manuel as the one whom you befriend or Allah, such a person can never be humiliated, while your resume and our date and the one who usual animosity to such a person can never gain honor. And this teaches us that honor can only be from Allah. So let us seek it in the right way. Some people think honor and fame and dignity is in disobeying Allah. That is foolishness. That a person thinks that by disobeying Allah, they can become great in the world, that

00:59:45 --> 00:59:59

by sinning they will become great in the world by by crossing the limits that Allah subhanaw taala has said, a person thinks that they can become great in this world. Not possible. Yes, they might enjoy

01:00:00 --> 01:00:57

Why some greatness but then forever there will be humiliation and disgrace. So real honor is the honor of the hereafter. It is the honor of the dean and humiliation disgrace is in, in the in the hereafter real disgrace is when a person is punished, a person is admitted in the fire in a command to the cylinder of zeta, that Oh Allah, whomever you admit into hellfire, then such a person you have truly humiliated him. So remember that honor is in the hands of Allah and He gives it to those who obey Him to his friends. And Allah subhanaw taala is the one who lowers and humiliates those slaves who oppose him who disobey Him who earn his wrath. May Allah protect us in the hula the LUMO

01:00:57 --> 01:01:54

valet will resume and validate. Then we said about Dr. banner with our eight double rocked up. Bless it. Are you our Lord, about Okta, any, you are truly great. So all greatness, perfect greatness is is yours and Barack Obama, you are abundantly perfectly good in all of your qualities, and in all of your actions, and in all of your favors. And he Allah subhanaw taala has attributes are great, his blessings, his gifts, his air, sand is much the baraka he is the source of goodness. When we say a lot about aka terracotta, Allah, the baraka is what the baraka that you are abundantly good, all good comes from you, you are the source of much good and what are later, that are later that you are

01:01:54 --> 01:02:42

exalted, you are high, in the absolute sense. So absolute loftiness is for Allah, in his being in his, in his power, in his status, in his position, in he is truly high. So he is high, such that he is above the entire creation, because Allah allows his tower and he is high in his other in his, in his worth, in the sense that in all of his attributes, he is perfect. So there is none who resembled him in any of his attributes, and he is high in his God, so he prevails over everything. All of the creatures are under his control.

01:02:44 --> 01:02:51

There are four locks are in his hand, so nothing can move nothing can become still except by His permission.

01:02:52 --> 01:03:39

So what about Dr. BENNER? What are an eight? This is how to do our ends. And after this, you know, we send salawat and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we can make any other era in which we can ask Allah subhanaw taala for goodness in this world, goodness in the Hereafter, protection against punishment of *, any any kind of dog you can make in Wicked. We also learn In another Hadith that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say at the end of Witter Allahumma in the URL, the video documents or hoppecke What are all there'll be more Athletica mineral Qubic what are all the becoming? Law or Sleeth and our lake and Takoma Earth Anita I learned up sick, that Oh

01:03:39 --> 01:04:04

Allah, I seek refuge in Your Pleasure against your wrath. I seek refuge in Your forgiveness from your punishment. I seek refuge in You from you. I cannot praise you enough. You are as you have praised yourself. So we can say this door all right after the drop of Pinot and we can also say this door after the with the prayer meaning on concluding it.

01:04:06 --> 01:04:12

And in this Dora, we are seeking safety protection with Allah.

01:04:13 --> 01:04:59

In our other video, Docker, or Allah, I seek refuge in Your Pleasure, meaning you will be pleased with me and do not be angry with me. Or the videoblog coming psychotic that if I have done anything to anger you, then Ya Allah, you pardon me. And you replace that anger that wrath with your approval. In the erodibility locker in psychotic will erode there'll be more athletic and robotic. I seek refuge in Your forgiveness from your punishment. Meaning if I have done anything to bring to bring about your punishment to deserve your punishment, then yeah, Allah I ask you to protect me from that. I asked you to save

01:05:00 --> 01:05:20

me from that, that you forgive me you pardon me so that I am not so so that you don't punish me. What are other be more athletic I mean are Kuba tick and the saves, that this shows us that no one can save us, no one can protect us from the anger from the displeasure of Allah from the punishment of Allah except Allah.

01:05:21 --> 01:06:01

Any, you see if for example, your father is upset with you, then you go to your mother, right and you ask you ask your mother to protect you from the anger of your father. So your mother will defend you, your mother will not let your father give you any consequences. Your mother will maybe, you know, seek forgiveness for you something like that. Any in the creation that happens, that when we are afraid of someone, then we go hide, or we go and seek protection from someone else. Right? That you saved me. You we ask Allah to protect us from the harm of the creation.

01:06:02 --> 01:07:00

But if Allah is angry with us, if we have upset Allah, if we have done something to bring about his punishment, then remember, none can protect us. None can save us from Allah except Allah. So we turn back to Allah, that your Allah you pardon me, you protect me, you save me. What are all they'll be coming and I seek refuge in You from you. Meaning against, you know your punishment, your wrath, your displeasure or your dislike yeah Allah you protect me. So you make me you count me among your friends. Law or Sleeth Anna and our lake. I cannot praise you enough. Because no matter how much I praise you, you deserve even more. You are al Hamid, the one who is perfectly always praise worthy.

01:07:00 --> 01:07:27

Under come at Anita Allah never sick you are as you have praised yourself. You are perfectly perfect as you have praised yourself, I am not able to praise you enough. So this door also we can say in the winter prayer in sha Allah we will conclude over here so practical love whom will be handing a shadow Allah Illa illa Anta as the Pharaoh Cava to a lake was salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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