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Juz’ 27: Az-Zariyat 31-60 – Al-Hadid



AI: Summary © The speakers discuss upcoming events, including the Day of Justice, the Day of War, and the war on the Earth. They discuss the selection of birds for breakfast, the importance of healthy eating, and the negative impact of "overcome." They stress the importance of being truthful in the creator's claim and planting trees in a gendered way to avoid wasting time and resources.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. Either way karate

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laser Li McCarty ha kariba hafizullah to raffia either jetty or boo raja babu. Sati lg balou Besa

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Besa Welcome to as virgin Salah.

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In the Name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, be Especially Merciful. When the occurrence occurs, there is at its occurrence, no denial, it will bring down some and raise up others, when the earth is shaken with convulsion, and the mountains are broken down crumbling and become dust dispersing, this is going to happen when the worker when the incident occurs, what is this incident, the day of judgment, if this is the state of the mountains and the earth, the Earth is shaken, and the mountains are crumbled? Then what do you think of yourself? Oh man, welcome to as virgin selasa. And you will become of three kinds people, humanity will be divided into three groups, all people, for

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us, Hubble, maimana, tema of Hubble maimana, then the companions of the right, what are the companions of the right, then the companions of the left, what are the companions of the left of Hubble Marsh Emma, and the third group was Serbia, una Serbia cone, and the foreigners, the foreigners, this is the third group, those who are ahead will be ahead on the Day of Judgment also, Ola equal macabre boon those are the ones brought near to Allah. So one group is of those who will be on the right and other group is of those who will be on the left. And the one group, the third group will be of those who will be in the front. Allah econo Cora Boone, who are these people, those

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who were ahead ahead in a man ahead in doing good in this world. So on the Day of Judgment, they will be brought near to Allah in the Gardens of Pleasure, a large company of the former peoples and a few of the later peoples, but still there will be some May Allah make us amongst those. In every era of the prophets of Allah, there will be salvia cone, those who will be ahead of others in good work in seeking good opportunities in awaiting those moments where they can do good. And there are certain deeds that make a person among the sabya cone. Once a companion he said to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that era sudama those who have property and wealth have surpassed us in reward,

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because they have money. They do the same deeds that we do, but in addition to what we do, they spend, they give in charity they spend in the way of Allah, but we do not do that because we don't have that money. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, shall I not tell you something which if you do, you will catch up with those who have surpassed you, and you will excel over those who come after you. Should I tell you about something which if you do, you will catch up with those who are ahead of you, you will join their ranks, you will be the same rank as them and those behind you will never ever be able to catch up with you. He said you should say Alhamdulillah after every prayer and

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Subhana Allah after every prayer and Allahu Akbar after every prayer 33 times each and Allahu Akbar 34 times each. If you say this, then what will happen? You will be on

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The Serbian spoon, but this is for who the one who regularly observed this, then why should we take further as a burden? Why is it that we rush when it comes to salah and we don't even pray this on Sabbath Cohn performed a waffle as well. What is the rush? is totally maluna they will be on thrones woven with ornament with deki Aina la Hamada carboline reclining on them facing each other most comfortable position completely relaxed, no tension, no worry, they will circulate among them. Young boys made eternal meaning these boys will be serving them with vessels, pictures and a cup of wine from a flowing spring. No headache will they have their from nor will they be intoxicated and fruit

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of what they select? They select because you see sometimes you are served food and you can't exactly selected yourself whatever is put on your plate you have to have it but fruit that they will select and the meat of fowl meaning of birds from whatever they desire, it's their choice when they wish they can have whatever they wish they can have. Once the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that certainly in general, there are birds that are like the size of camel next, right camel next imagine a candle like so huge, so huge birds and they will feed from the trees of Jenna Abubakar of the lower end who said Yasuda law then those birds will be very, you know, strong and beautiful, and

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they will be really good. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said those who eat them will be better than them.

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Don't just admire the birds. Those who will eat them will be better than those birds will hold on Noreen and for them are fair women with large beautiful eyes, the likenesses of pearls well protected as reward for what they used to do. And you see over here what is mentioned about the birds that they will select Lakshmi laden with mesh to whom they will select it. in Hades also, we learned that a person will see a bird all right and he will wish I wish I could eat it. He will just wish it and the end he will see everything prepared in front of him. What happens in this world that you're just picturing that hamburger or right or that sandwich or whatever it is because you're

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hungry and you're just picturing it in your head or that food you once upon a time near the Kaaba in Makkah that grilled meat or that grilled chicken and you're just remembering it and the flavors coming in your mouth and those wishes just remain wishes. But in general, all a person has to do is just imagine and wish he won't even have to say it that the food will be right in front of him. This is for who just American uyama known as reward for what they used to do. They will not hear they're in ill speech or any commission of sin. Only a saying these these peaceful words. The Companions have the right now the US hyperbole I mean, what are the companions of the right so this shows that

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the savvy acun their level is higher than it is the US hubballi amin Allah says they will be among low trees with thorns removed. We know thorny plants no thorny bushes, no thorny trees will tell him on booth and also banana trees layered with fruit Have you ever seen banana on tree How is it layered literally? And a banana tree? How is it it's got big leaves it's beautiful to look at. It's so delicate. It doesn't seem very overpowering. What little mmm dude and shade that is extended shade that is extended. in paradise. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said there is a tree under whose shade a rider could travel for 100 years and never leave it.

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He could ride for 100 years and that shade would never end ladymum do extended Wilma Emma Scoob and water poured out and fruit abundant and varied, neither limited to season nor forbidden. And limited we can also understood as Makayla Dora that the supply would end No, no supplies will end, nor will it be forbidden because of them or they sent him when he went agenda there was a forbidden fruit over there. But now when people will go to Agenda no more forbidden fruit will follow shimmer for and upon beds raised hi indeed we have produced the women of Paradise in a new creation new body. So no woman needs to have body image issues and made them virgins devoted to their husbands and and of

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equal age for the companions of the right who are company of the former peoples and the company of the later peoples and the companions of the left. What are the companions of the left, they will be in scorching fire and scalding water and a shade of black smoke. Neither cool nor beneficial indeed they were before that indulging

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In effluence, this is so frightening. In the home khanewal cabela, the Polycom ultrafine, the people of the left in this world, they used to live in luxury. And they used to persist in the grid violation since they persisted in them. And they used to say, when we die and become dust and bones, are we indeed to be resurrected? And our forefathers as well say, oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Indeed, the former and the later peoples are to be gathered together for the appointment of a known day, then indeed you all those astray who are deniers will be eating from trees of the comb, and fiddling with it your bellies and drinking on top of it from scalding water, and will drink as

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the drinking of thirsty camels. That is their accommodation on the Day of Recompense. Nando Hanako nachum falola to Sadiq Khan, we have created you so why do you not believe a thought of a tomato noon? Have you seen what you emit? Meaning the note for that comes out of you? Is it you creates it? Or are we the creators? Do you make a child out of that, who makes the child out of that we have decreed death among you. And we are not to be outdone, meaning just as Allah created you, he will also cause you to die and you cannot escape a loss plan. We are not to be outdone, in that we will change your likenesses and produce you in that form, which you do not know. And you have already

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known the first creation. So will you not remember? And have you seen that seed which you saw? Is it you who makes it grow? Or are we the grower another sign of dry seed and from it fresh, colorful, flavorful, fragrant plants come forth? Who causes that to happen? If we will, we could make a dry debris. And you would remain in wonder, saying indeed we are now in debt, meaning your gardens, your farms, you put the seeds, what guarantee do you have that it will actually grow into something? If Allah once he could cause that entire plantation to be ruined? And when that would be ruined? What could you do? You will just remain in wonder saying indeed we are now in depth because for a farmer,

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he has invested everything in his farm. And if he gets nothing out of that he will certainly be in debt. Rather we have been deprived. Meaning what can you do if Allah inflicts you with harm? A photo a Toma and Lolita Shara Boone, and have you seen the water that you drink? Is it you who brought it down from the clouds? Or is it we who bring it down another sign is mentioned who sends this water down? And then this water is evaporated once upon a time and then it is sent down? Who does that? If we will, we could make it better. So why are you not grateful? Because think about it. Majority of the water on the planet is what it is salty seawater water in the seas and the oceans it is salty.

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You can't drink it. Imagine if water when it evaporated. The salts also evaporated with the water. would rain water be drinkable? What happens when there's acid rain? Because of air pollution? The water that falls causes more corruption. It causes devastation, things are ruined. If Allah wanted he could have made this rain water better. So why are you not grateful? And have you seen the fire that you ignite? Is it you who produced its tree? Or are we the producer? We have made it a reminder and a provision for the travelers facade Bismillah al Ali, so exalt the name of your Lord, the Most Great Again we are commanded to glorify Allah, how With the name of Allah, Allah alim, for Sabir

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Bismillah de calor alim. This is indeed a great name of Allah Allah alim. So we should make the wrong with it and glorify a luck with it morning and evening Subhana Allah He will be humbly use upon Allah here alim fella ecosim Obama welfare in no June then I swear by the setting of the stars, then I swear by the setting of the stars, and indeed it is an oath if you could know most great indeed it is a noble or on in a register well protected, non touch it except the purified meaning the angels, meaning the low homophone the original record of the Koran. No person can reach there Can any human being reached there, no one can unless telling us it's beyond your reach. Lama su Ll

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Mata Harun only the angels, the purified ones, they can reach it. Then Zillow, middle of berala mean it is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds of our behavior. How do you see under Modi known then is it to this statement that you are indifferent? This Koran you are indifferent to it, that you don't take time for it. You take it lightly. You don't reflect on it. You don't read it, really this Quran? Is this how you deal with it, and you make your provision that you deny the provider. That alone He is the one

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Who has provided you everything? And how do you thank him for this provision that you deny him? Is this what you have to offer in return for every blessing that he gives you, that you deny him, you reject Him, and He is the provider he gives you. He takes care of all of your needs. He has provided you with everything that you need, and yet his word, you don't take his message, his teachings you don't accept. If you think about it, any breath of air even that we take in, and we inhale, we exhale. This is also who's blessing, Allah blessing, constantly we are receiving receiving this call. And also Allah has said, How much is it that we receive of the Quran? Because if you think

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about it, Allah gives worldly blessings to everybody, those whom he likes, and also those whom he does not like. But the Quran he only gives to those whom he likes. A man he only gives to those whom he likes maturity level will be higher on you for pay who fit in? So how much of that is it that we're taking? Then? Why when the soul at death reaches the throat, and you are at that time looking on, and now we're angels are nearer to him than you, but you do not see? Then why do you not if you are not to be recompensed, bring it back if you should be truthful. Meaning, if you think there is no God, if you think there is no afterlife if you think no one is going to question you about what

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you're doing. If you think there is no one greater than you above you, then try to escape that, can you it's impossible for you to escape that. And once a soul leaves, can you bring that soul back? No way. So if you're truthful in this claim of yours, that you have all the power, it's your life. If you're truthful in this claim, that it's your life, then show it prove it that it's your life, can you avoid that you cannot, the reality is that yes, you are living, but Allah owns you, and he sent you here and to Him you will return bring it back if you should be truthful. And if the disease was of those brought near to Allah meaning the dying person, if he is of the macabre been and where the

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macabre been, who are those will be brought near to Allah, the Serbian cone, then for him is rest and bounty and a garden of pleasure, meaning when the soul of the righteous is taken, it is taken up to the sky gates are open and that soul is welcomed. How is that person welcomed? The angel said to him model haven't been offset by you, but he cannot feel just added to the holy hammy that and whatever *ty below him what I had in one of bin Laden Hopper, burn, welcome or pure soul that was in a pure in a clean body, good soul in a clean body, enter as you are praiseworthy, and rejoice with Roe and lay hand with rest, meaning the news of rest and bounty favors from Allah and Rehan

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rohilkhand is also fragrance rewards. And you see, you smell something before you see it. So at the time of death, the angels bring fragrance for a person they perfume the soul, the shroud that they bring, for the soul is also perfumed and come to a rub that is Lady holoband a Lord that is not angry with you, this is for who this is for who the savvy acun and if he was of the companions of their right, then Cena will come in US heavily on him. Then the angels will say these for you, you are from the companions of the right, then he is welcomed. But there isn't that red carpet service as there is for the one who is of the service cone. But if he was of the deniers who were astray the

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third category, then for him is accommodation of scalding water and burning and Hellfire in the Heather who will help polyethene Indeed, this is the true certainty. This is a reality have no doubt for Sabir Bismillah beaker alim. So exalt the name of your Lord, the Most Great because death is certain every one of us is going to die. And it's either going to be one of these three categories that we have to fall in either the cyber cone or the people of the right or male law protect from the people of the left for Sabir Bismillah buckler alim. Allah tells us that glorify your Lord. Don't delay. Don't delay this beer till after Ramadan. Don't delay this beer till that time of the

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day or until that time of the night when you are free. Because how do you know you might never get there Sabbath Punahou those who rush as soon as they learn, they start doing good. So remember the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Whoever says Subhana Allah healer Alimi will be handy. Whoever said

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Subhan Allah healer Alimi wabi Hamdi he than a dead palm tree is planted for him in Genoa. It is planted for him. So it's up to us how many trees we want to plant in a day. You see, sometimes you're waiting and you're getting so angry, my time is getting wasted. My children, my family, my husband, my whoever, they don't value my time. They don't realize that my minutes are also precious. So as you're waiting, don't wait angrily, invest that time and say Subhana Allah He will be harmed he and plant some trees in gender. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said if anyone says 100 times in the morning, so panela healer alemi will be handy and says likewise in the evening soprano la

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Hara limi will be handy, meaning 100 times then no one from the creation will bring anything like the one which he will bring. Then he is of the Sadiq Khan, he's of those who are at the top. No one will bring what he has brought Subhan Allah healer Alimi will be handy he and remember the name of Allah, Allah Elohim is such that when a person makes the call, With the name of Allah, Allah Aleem than Allah certainly response, Allah likes this be Allah likes glorification.